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1. Ed Sheeran Perfect Cover By Zafe

Ed Sheeran Perfect Cover By Zafe

I don't own any part of the song. Original song by Ed Sheeran. Hope you'll like.

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5. Inspirational (Beat by Zafri Ahmed) (King's Never Die remake)

  • Published: 2015-09-28T22:40:38Z
  • By Big Yoda
Inspirational (Beat by Zafri Ahmed) (King's Never Die remake)

Eminem's Kings Never Die recreated by Zafri Ahmed - This is the first song I tried to rap really fast on. Had to redo it though because it came out horrible. This is the result. Had to slow down quite a bit and it still doesn't flow right. But oh well. I love a lot of these lyrics.

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6. Motion (part 1)

Motion (part 1)

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7. RIP (demo)

RIP (demo)

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8. Motion (part 2)

Motion (part 2)

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9. Kings Never Die - Cover by Jude Anson

Kings Never Die - Cover by Jude Anson

Lyrics: Eminem and The New Royales Performed originally by: Eminem and Gwen Stefani Original instrumental: The New Royales Instrumental remake: Zafri Ahmed Guitar and cover vocals: Jude Anson

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10. Drive Time Podcast 08-06-2018

Drive Time Podcast 08-06-2018

Join Mubasher Zafri and Abdul Haleem for Friday's show where we will be discussing: Marriage: By force? ‘He it is Who has created you from a single soul, and made therefrom its mate, that he might find comfort in her’ – Holy Quran (7:190) Marriage is meant for the attainment of peace of mind and mutual love and affection. No marriage can be arranged and entered into without the consent of both man and woman. It can never be forced on anyone. This show will delve deep into the topic of forced marriages, including: what they are, how we can help victims and what we can do to prevent them. With a recent decline in marriages, we will also look at the Islamic perspective of marriage and how it helps keep society chaste. Religion: Shared similarities Today’s show focuses on similarities between Islam, Christianity and Judaism and how this similarity is ground for peaceful cohesion among all the religions and their adherents. These three faiths share a common belief in a living, self-sufficient, and ever-present God that maintains and regulates each and every individual’s lifestyle and conduct. These beliefs formed the cement for the foundation that was common to all faiths which originated from Abraham. Further, we discuss the coming of the Messiah and how this has been mentioned across the major religions Guests include: Maliha Hayat Berridge (Retired police specialist) Dr Christina Julios (Research Fellow at Birkbeck, University of London and author of 'Forced Marriage and Honour Killings in Britain') Sabeena Piroz (Director of the Sky Project) REV Alastair May (Minister of the Stonelaw Church) Lee Weissman (A long time Jewish educator and interfaith activist) Ahmed Owusu Konadu (Qaid and Faith outreach coordinator for Scotland Ahmadiyya Muslim Community) Sara (Journalist, Editor of the Loopand and a Christian) Produced by: Amtul Waheed Rafiq and Amathul Rafi)

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