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1. Mth Lyrics

Mth Lyrics

you've got a way to make things happen you've got a way to make things change and i'm living up in the world cause i can't get through and i'm giving up all the things that i'd used to do you've got

2. Josephine Lyrics

Josephine Lyrics

I was walking to the record shop I'm on my way You had gone so far away I was heading out, I was settlin' down to keep myself from a parted way, got eyes around my head () oh josephine, oh lonely me

3. The Shore Lyrics

The Shore Lyrics

Out of bed in the morning light The sun is rising closing out the night Off the coast making our way out of the harbor The land is shrinking there's mist in my face the course is smooth with a steady

4. Dakota Lyrics

Dakota Lyrics

You're feeling trapped here Lost the fight You're burning out dear In the city lights I think it's time now To take what's left and go Get on the road Clear your head The scene behind you All but dea

5. Tinyhearts Lyrics

Tinyhearts Lyrics

I was dreaming on the night before A breeze was blowing through the bedroom door The lights were out and the bells began to sound. I started walking through the falling rain Tried to run but couldn't

6. Broken Foot Lyrics

Broken Foot Lyrics

i was getting wrong you were getting right i was making time for you to go your own way you better act your age hope you see the light and i know in time you're gonna get there honey gonna make a st

7. Tonight Lyrics

Tonight Lyrics

I've been around I've never seen you before you got the sign hanging out your door any minute now I'll see it in your eyes tonight no one can tell me about the way i feel I've got eyes of Sutton stee

8. Make Up Lyrics

Make Up Lyrics

I've been talking about, and then words came in and hit me you've been running around with a glare building inside You know that you've got me wrong, you know you took it wrong do you recall all thos

9. Summercity Lyrics

Summercity Lyrics

Summercity it's your last train you're insane you try and take it easy all the signs in the road pointing in your face hip hop, try to stop make your place anyway pick your head up, it's summer in the

10. Whirl Lyrics

Whirl Lyrics

time tries to get away from you all the things that you used to do getting further from you days going in and out of your mind happens mostly all of the time going in and out of your mind I'm giving a

11. Don't Need It Lyrics

Don't Need It Lyrics

i swim in waters hot and cold i don't feel it i walk on trails some have nails i don't see it you walk on by and fill my eyes, you know how much time can fly, can't you feel, can't you feel it, can't

12. Notion Lyrics

Notion Lyrics

I've got a notion as big as an ocean you never know where you've been until you're already gone you don't know where i've been i've been living in sin you never know how to live until you already grow

13. Dragon Cigarette Lyrics

Dragon Cigarette Lyrics

Was an autumn day your pulling me way like a dragon cigarette taking every final cent you tell me all I want you wish for all they want mom keeps it to herself on top of every shelf you've got to scre

14. Feel Me Lyrics

Feel Me Lyrics

you love me you need me All the stars in the sky are gonna kill me. you feel it you know it all the worlds gonna see what you do to me () you crush me you fool me all moons and the suns are gonna f

15. Secret Law Lyrics

Secret Law Lyrics

you never try to get in with the secret law your walking tall, two feet small there's stars going up inside your head. you see the dead there deep in bed you're fallin apart inside your brain you fe

16. Travelin' On Lyrics

Travelin' On Lyrics

I was traveling on, the wind was fast and her eyes were cold. can you get me there, can you get me fast I have miles to go. (instrument) I was making plans I was giving demands with an air assault

17. Take Us Away Lyrics

Take Us Away Lyrics

i don’t know what you’re gonna be don’t what I’m gonna see all i know is i hope you’ll take it from me walk around the same old town i see your head is down and bound don’t you see

18. Doctor Lyrics

Doctor Lyrics

he was going to the doctor been trying to make some time didn’t know what he’d gonna find on the other side then he’d left in her direction a force began to take his weary mind So he pull

19. Out of My Mind Lyrics

Out of My Mind Lyrics

everybody get by don't you know i'll keep my eye on you i don't know why ...gonna find out but i don't have a clue don't let them in in a foreign town, they'll walk, walk over you hope y

20. When You Were Young Lyrics

When You Were Young Lyrics

When you were young there’s something inside of you When you were young There’s nothing that you can’t do keep me awake keep me from falling back down I hope you'll still, give it to me