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  • Published: 2012-06-16T00:27:06Z
  • By Kiersi

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4. Twister -Kingdom Mix-

Twister -Kingdom Mix-

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6. TWISTER -KINGDOM MIX- [Kingdom Hearts 3D OST]


Reprint to SoundCloud. Song: Twister -Kingdom Mix- OST: Kingdom Hearts 3D OST Game: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance World: The World Ends With You Please support Square Enix, Disney, The World Ends With You, and Kingdom Hearts by buying the OST album when it becomes available in your country. All rights reserved for Square Enix and Disney.

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9. 01 Twister (Kingdom Mix) [feat. Step

01 Twister (Kingdom Mix) [feat. Step

not mine, all rights to Square Enix and Takeharu Ishimoto

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  • Published: 2012-08-02T04:50:36Z
  • By VanDecout

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12. #19 Twister Alert KINGDOM101 23 Sept 2015

#19 Twister Alert KINGDOM101 23 Sept 2015

What was the second temptation of Jesus in Matt 4:5-7 all about? And what does it mean for believers today? Serving as a Twister Warning System, Henson highlights dangers and deceptions as the Word of God continues to be twisted and perverted. Truly, the old serpent has no new tricks. Be warned and be alert!

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13. Twister EngJapLiveRapKingdom Remix

Twister EngJapLiveRapKingdom Remix

Oh god. I promised myself I would never upload this, oh GOD. Well, do not listen unless you can take your ears blood vessels bursting. To clarfiy what this is, it's a mix containing the 5 versions of the song Twister from The World Ends With You. The versions are: English, Japanese, Live Performance, Rap, and the Kingdom Hearts remix of the song. Please don't ask me to pay for your ears.

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14. John Gregory - Twister [Fuzzy Recordings]

John Gregory - Twister [Fuzzy Recordings]

Don't forget to hit the [↻Repost] button, if you liked the tune! Subscribe to Youtube Channel: --- ▼ Follow Fuzzy Recordings: » Facebook: » YouTube: » Twitter: » Google+: » SoundCloud: @fuzzyrecordings --- ▼ Follow John Gregory: United Kingdom's prophetic progressive producer John Gregory debuts on Fuzzy Recordings with a massive global underground, club-oriented EP. ⇘Let's Get It Right⇙ Without "delay", Gregory gets it right with a profound progressive production. Wander endlessly through a labyrinth of twisting tunnels, deep within a hypnotic state of mind. Delay effects, minimal leads, and a pulsating groove, weave euphoria through perpetual twilight. ⇘Twister⇙ Another smooth ride on a slow tempo train along the edges of progressive tracks. Minimal elements, plenty of reverb, and dynamic grooves allow this to be a seductive dance floor conductor. All aboard! ⇘Underground⇙ Enshrouded by subterranean darkness, peruse London's underground club scene vicariously through the subconscious hypnosis of this production. Minimal elements, reverb, and bouncy grooves define this atmosphere. Post Production: Artwork: Nelson Jiminez Release Description: EJ Mortensen

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15. Metal Bakesale Twister

Metal Bakesale Twister

Songs Used: Twister - Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance Metal Crusher, Spider Dance, it's Raining somewhere else, His theme - Undertale Fair Use

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16. Pierre Deutschmann - Soul Twister (Alexander Weinstein RMX)

Pierre Deutschmann - Soul Twister (Alexander Weinstein RMX)

For Pierre Techno is more than just electronic dance music. Since its early beginnings, numerous successful productions left his studio. However, Pierre Deutschmann originally has begun with hip-hop and Acid House in the late 80s. After the fall of the Berlin Wall he was infected with Techno. The first release "Are U Ready ...?" of the artist based in Berlin was under his own name, which appeared on the label "Electric Kingdom" of the scene old hand "Westbam". He was working on many joint projects in the studio with "Gunjah" from Dresden and his mentor "Westbam". Later he worked together with "Holgi Star (today: Holger Nielson)" - the owner of the famous label "". In 2011 they recorded the mix-compilation "Back 2 Back 2". Meanwhile, Pierre is increasingly working on his solo career. 2013 his debut album “Betroit” was released. He started his own label "XLR1507" and had numerous collaborations with artists like "DJ Emerson" or "Torsten Kanzler". The title of the EP "Soul Twister" fits perfectly to the tracks. “Mindstrip” reflects the current dark trend, while “Soul Twister” is focused on minimal sounds. It is a very controversial EP. As a bonus there is the interpretation of “Soul Twister” by our resident "Alexander Weinstein". Brian Sanhaji, who completed our first release, mastered the EP. The cover comes from the artist Laureen Ulok (stilbruch) who already made the Artwork for our debut release "Alexander Weinstein & Chris Kleinmann - Shuffle Panic".

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17. Episode 3: Revenge of the FGC Memes

Episode 3: Revenge of the FGC Memes

Wherein the gang reviews the best fighting game you've never heard of. Our opening and closing theme is "Moist Mechas" by Sim Gretina Used music: "Time to Change History" "Arashi No Saxophone" Various tracks from the Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack "Twister -Kingdom Mix-"

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Read the accompanying article in Cluster Magazines NOT-MEN issue where I sit down with #KUNQ fam Brian Friedberg and LOOSE participant Micah Domingo to talk about LOOSE, “daps from dudes,” gendered DJ styles, and why the cyborg as a theoretical construct is wack. Loose Video soundtrack: Unknown – The Claw 目線 Juke – GEN Black – Ginger Does’em All Raisin (False Witness Remix) – Jean Nipon Super Twister – DJ Mike Q Hydra – Fatima Al Qadiri PNP – Rizzla & Blk.Adonis Bankhead – Kingdom Loose Participants: Charley Kai Kortney Micah Oscar Tre’Andre

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19. Sugur Shane Guest Mix NTS - From Old Way to New Way; The Ultimate Vogue Set

Sugur Shane Guest Mix NTS - From Old Way to New Way; The Ultimate Vogue Set

My Guest Mix On NTS Radio Kevin Aviance - Cunty 2002 (Twisted Dee Basement Mix) Kevin Aviance - Cunty (Wave Edit) Vjuan Allure -The En-Na-Er-Gi Bounce (Rebounce) DJ Deelish - No Games [UP] (Part I) Ynfynyt Scroll - Butch Queen 4B - Bomboclat House Heroes - Magic Orgasm (Club 69 Future Mix) Twisted Jack (Javier Sanchez Boot Up) Peter Rauhofer - Real Bitch (Original Mix) x Jay Karan – Walk For Me Bust 'Em Up (French Fries Remix) Sugur Shane - Spinnin N Dippin ( Dub Mix) Junior Vasquez - X'99 (Club 69 Remix) Richelle - Circular Motions 2025 Buck That Bxtch (Rizzla's Cunty Refix) VIP DJ MikeQ Feat. Miss Jay - Let It All Out Sugur Shane & Buddah - Buddah Vs. Sugur VIP Dj Hook - MikeQ Ha Dub Jersey Club Remix Sugur Shane - MOVE! Snippet Derb Ha Mashup! Supraman - Misdemeanor Ha Baauer - Harlem Shake (MikeQ & Jay r Neutron QB RMX) Jay R Neutron - In Tha Trap Divoli S’vere - Classy Gurl (Leggo's Anthem) Divoli S'vere DJ MikeQ - Super Twister Ft. Charles The DJs & Franklin Fuentes present - Xcuse Me (Sunglasses) HYSTERICS x DIVOLI S'VERE - CODE CLACK (MIKE G RUBDOWN) Dj Problem - Aly Us (Follow Me) Like a Pro 2 Kingdom - FEMME LITRE Dark Clark - If U Want Me [Airmale Remix] Beek - Pulse (Feel Me) Divoli S’vere - Serving You MikeQ x Divoli S'vere - She Wants

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20. Video Game Medley

Video Game Medley

A little side project from this summer. Not really sure why I did this, but it was fun. Songs used: 00:00 Overworld (Super Mario Bros.) 00:39 Underworld (Super Mario Bros.) 00:44 25m (Donkey Kong) 00:50 Chocobo Theme (Final Fantasy II) 01:16 Extra Life (SMB), Whistle (LoZ), Coin (SMB), Hammer (Donkey Kong), Extra Life (Kirby) 01:26 Intro (Banjo-Kazooie) 01:32 Stage Begin (Mega Man), Secret (Legend of Zelda) 01:41 Level Clear, Overworld (Super Mario Bros.) 01:56 Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee) 02:59 Theme A (Tetris) 03:33 Intro (Pokemon Red/Blue) 03:45 Cut Man's Stage (Mega Man) 04:38 Dark World (The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) 05:58 The Mansion (Luigi's Mansion), Grasswalk (Plants vs. Zombies) 06:33 Jungle Swing (Donkey Kong Country) 07:26 Trainer Battle (Pokemon Red/Blue) 08:37 Battle (Final Fantasy VI) 09:26 Casino Night (Sonic the Hedgehog 2) 10:26 Still Alive (Portal) 10:53 Delfino Plaza (Super Mario Sunshine) 11:02 Bob-omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64) 11:46 Forest Maze (Super Mario RPG) 12:21 Title Screen (The Secret of Monkey Island) 12:56 Mortal Kombat Theme (Mortal Kombat) 13:20 Fight (Punch-Out!!) 13:36 Dr. Wily's Castle (Mega Man 2) 14:22 Together We Ride (Fire Emblem) 15:21 Title Screen (Metroid Prime) 15:28 Dohvakiin (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim) 17:04 Twister (The World Ends With You) 17:38 Smiles and Tears (Earthbound) 17:54 Frog's Theme (Chrono Trigger) 18:42 Halo Theme (Halo) 19:17 Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) 20:41 Venus Lighthouse (Golden Sun) 21:25 Hikari (Kingdom Hearts) 21:40 Golden Sun Theme (Golden Sun) 21:57 Metal Gear Solid Theme (Metal Gear Solid) 22:26 Green Greens (Kirby's Dream Land) 23:01 The Sky (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) 23:35 One-Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII) 24:27 End Credits (Super Mario Galaxy) 26:03 Overworld (The Legend of Zelda) 26:45 Overworld [Reprise] (Super Mario Bros.) 27:07 Ending (Super Mario Bros.) 27:16 Prelude (Final Fantasy) Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own any songs used in this medley.

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