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8. Penelope - Drive Like I Do (the 1975)

Penelope - Drive Like I Do (the 1975)

This is one of the best oldies from the 1975's "Drive Like I Do" days. Best line: "Telling you your new boyfriend's gay"

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9. The 1975 Somebody else [ Ebony Day Cover ] [Remix Add Drum]

  • Published: 2018-03-21T19:01:49Z
  • By SapaanLoi
The 1975 Somebody else [ Ebony Day Cover ] [Remix Add Drum]

Remix by Opalls original song The1975 Somebody else cover song by Ebony DayEbony Day Pic by_graffit Thx.

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10. The Sound - the 1975 (Cover by Celonded)

  • Published: 2016-03-27T08:37:07Z
  • By Celonded
The Sound - the 1975 (Cover by Celonded)

Changing Pitch~! This instrumental music, from "Welsam'z Skyline"'s Youtube channel. I really really love 'the 1975' And, always thx. :)

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11. ME

  • Published: 2014-12-08T04:02:32Z
  • By babe975

THE 1975 PT 3 ps excuse shitty ass singing in background thx

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12. The O 'Jays - I Love Music (Simon Fava Edit)

The O 'Jays - I Love Music (Simon Fava Edit)

The O 'Jays - I Love Music (Simon Fava Edit) The Original was published @ Philadelphia International Records in year 1975. This is an unreleased edit of this great song. Please support the original artists. THX. Simon

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13. Hey Mama X Style (mechximus Mashup)

  • Published: 2015-06-20T14:02:36Z
  • By Mechximus
Hey Mama X Style (mechximus Mashup)

(i dont own the songs that i used) Follow me on instagram @mechximus , offical account @je_rxmy My facebook page : Mechximus

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14. [DREX013] Matthias Springer - Gletscher Remixes (Mattias Fridell - Byron Bogues - Lars Leonhard)

[DREX013] Matthias Springer - Gletscher Remixes (Mattias Fridell - Byron Bogues - Lars Leonhard)

It just took a long time on Matthias Springers "Gletscher" project for hooking up some of his close friendly producers around, thats why we have to release the DREX013 when the DREX014 was already on stock... Sum up for the whole spectrum in deep electronic sounds Matthias invited some really great deep artists to remix the original. Mattias Fridell starts with great techno vibes on dry kicks and soft pads. Byron Bogues and Lars Leonhard got in touch with that epic styled deephouse and laidback synth-loops flying around. Matteo Pitton did a fusion of downtempo breaks and minimal dubhouse just as intro for the techhouse sounds on a discreet Model 1975 remix, closing up with the lush original and that cold, glassy pling-plong hookling that got all remixes as basic hook. credits released 04 October 2012 Diametral Express (DREX013) Brendon Moeller / Echologist "original, mattias fridell and model 1975 mixes sounding nice." Allan Blomquist (Logism / Toffler) "ace package!" Joel Mull (Hybrid Productions) "Nice tracks for my warm up sets" Xpansul "Nice package. Speacially diggin original. Thx" Noah Pred (Thoughtless Music) "Some really nice mixes in here!" Orde Meikle (Slam / Soma) "nice package - will spin thanx" UGLH (8bit Records) "Matteo Pitton and Model 1975 rmx for us thanks" Patrick Bateman (TicTacToe) "Fridell is on a roll these days... love his remix!" DJ Shiva "Suuuuuper deepness. I really dig this. Lots of different takes on the original, but I have to say the Matteo Pitton remix is the standout for me. Really takes things in a super wonky direction that always gets my attention. :)" Jose Castillo (Vicious Mag) "Love it the Byron Bogues remix of “Gletscher“ amazing atmospheric pad with greats samples voices... cheers!"

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15. Farced Radio Show with guest Arnau Sala Saez (Dublab) 02.15.17

  • Published: 2017-02-17T20:13:31Z
  • By anòmia
Farced Radio Show with guest Arnau Sala Saez (Dublab)  02.15.17

Albert Ayler - Message From Albert - New Grass - New Grass (Impulse!, 1969) Strategy - Sines Of Intelligent Life - Pods of Punishment (Entr'acte, 2015) 林良憲 ‎– 札の死骸 - 終端イーピ (Going Good, 2015) Gunnar Haslam ‎– Nonservo - Lebesgue Measures (L.I.E.S., 2016) Robert Ashley - She Was a Visitor - Automatic Writing (Lovely Music, Ltd. 1979) Marcus Schmickler, Julian Rohrhuber ‎– Numbers and Negativity - Politiken Der Frequenz (Tochnit Aleph, editions Mego, 2014) Afrikan Sciences ‎– Ways and Means - Means And Ways (Deepblak, 2011) Bim Sherman ‎– Danger Dub - Ghetto Dub (RDL Records, 1988) Tommy Wright III ‎– Skit - Memphis Massacre (T.W. Productions, 1992) Heldon - Moebius - Heldon II "Allez-Téia" (Disjuncta, 1975) DJ Paypal - Shake - Why (Sewage Tapes, 2012) Eric Lanham ‎– Liminalimit - The Sincere Interruption (Spectrum Spools, 2012) Lalo Schifrin - Torture Sequence / Prison Talk Sequence – THX 1138 (Warner Bros. Inc, 1970) Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita ‎– コズミック・サーフィン - Pacific (CBS/Sony, 1978) Cumbia Soledeña ‎– Once de Noviembre - Pa' Goza El Carnava - Vol.II (Polydor, 1968) Konrad Schnitzler - Wild Space - Blau (Not On Label, 1974) Dale Cornish ‎– Ulex Pattern 3 - Ulex (Entr'acte, 2015) John Roberts - Pruned – Glass Eights (Dial, 2010) NoinoNoinoNoino - Army of Love - 8 (Caoutchou, 2017) Ariel Kalma - Ariel Kalma (Astral Muse, 1975) Seiji Shimoda - Tearing A Chinese Cabbage - なまこじょしこおせえ (Pinakotheca, 1982) Anima-Sound - How to Dream - You - Stürmischer Himmel (Ohr, 1971) Tolerance - Tiez Rekcuz - Divin (Vanity Records, 1981) The Blue Öyster Cult ‎– Wings Wetted Down - Tyranny And Mutation (Columbia, 1973) Raymond Scott ‎– Nescafé - Manhattan Research Inc. (Basta, 2000) Normal Brain ‎– M-U-S-I-C - Lady Maid (Vanity Records, 1981) G. I. Gurdjieff, Thomas de Hartmann, Elan Sicroff ‎– The Initiation Of The Priestess- Journey To Inaccessible Places And Other Music (Editions EG, 1987) Alvin Lucier ‎– I Am Sitting In A Room Pt. II - I Am Sitting In A Room (Lovely Music, Ltd. 1981) Arthur Doyle, Hamid Drake ‎– Noah Black Ark - Your Spirit Is Calling (Qbico, 2004) Toshi Ichiyanagi - Music For Living Process - Music For Living Process / Cho-Etsu (Edition RZ, 1991) Friendsound ‎– Love Sketch - Joyride (RCA Victor, 1969) Joji Yuasa ‎– My Blue Sky (No.1) - Aoi No Ue (Edition Omega Point, 2004) Goodiepal ‎– Havet (Part 2) - Havet (Alku, 2013) Bitstream ‎– Decontamination Room - Departure Lounge (Modern Love, 2004) Max Eilbacher ‎– abdeslam - Subtle Scatter (Fogged Records, 2015) Hieroglyphic Being ‎– The Way Of The Tree Of Life - The Disco's Of Imhotep (Technicolour, 2016) Zanagoria ‎– Diorama E Recitativo - Insight Modulation (Gemelli, 1972) Jah Shaka ‎– Conquering Dub - Brimstone & Fire (Jah Shaka Music, 1983) J Dilla ‎– Last Donut Of The Night - Donuts (Stones Throw Records, 2005)

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16. OMMA CONTRAPUNCTUS PROJECT (DRAFT VERSION - variations over a theme by Oldfield)

OMMA CONTRAPUNCTUS PROJECT (DRAFT VERSION - variations over a theme by Oldfield)

VARIATIONS OVER A THEME BY M. OLDFIELD ["OMMADAWN"]. DRAFT VERSION (TO BE COMPLETED 2017). INSTRUMENTS: classical guitar and two 6-stringed steel guitars, electric guitar, and keyboards (= organ, bass, kalimba, flute, VST voices; drums played by hitting muted guitars & drum pad). The classical composers did this all the time: taking a melody by someone else, and composing something new out of it - Variations by a theme by X. E.g., Johannes Brahms made a wonderful 25-part piano-suite based on a theme by Handel (…_Theme_by_Handel), ending with an amazingly complex contrapunctal passage. A stunning piece, well worth seeking on Youtube (or whereever). My uploaded track is an attempt to create some variations on a theme by Oldfield. For reasons explained below, it is only a first draft and it is clearly a bit unpolished. I plan to make it considerably longer. Wouldn't it be better to focus my efforts on my own material entirely, you may ask? Rather than fiddeling around with old ideas? Well, that is not always how inspiration works! Due to recently having bought a new guitar, I wanted to soundcheck it, investigating it's scope and limitations together with other instruments. So, (perhaps inspired by the soon release of R.T.O. by Mr. Oldfield, scedueled for the 20th January), I started to improvise over the OMMADAWN theme... Initially, that allowed me to focus on the guitar playing, rather than composing... One thing gave another, the recording became longer ... I never planned to release this - but the challenge is here now: the mountain is in front of me, and for that reason only I must climb it. As simple as that - it keeps me inspired! In my view, no progressive instrumental record is more remarkable than the original 1975 OMMADAWN; absolutely stunning in all possible ways, and it has shaped my own way of approaching music. [Obviously, no comparison intended -any such would immediately result in a RED CARD]. The original OMMADAWN is an artefact. With its unearthly motifs, harmonics, continuous flowing, superior playing on a multitude of instruments (including some tremendously advanced guitar solos), it is incomparable to all other music. Did I not know better, I could have counted it as a success of the SETI project: finally, a message from the Overlords! Inserted here on Earth by a vastly superior civilisation, with an intruiging hidden message ... :) Damn it that we can't grasp what it has to say to us - but for sure, something deeply profound. The only thing we intuitively feel is that it can't have been composed by any human - right? Finally, a really wonderful conspiratory theory! Alan Turing still alive, working secretly in Area 51 using super Quantum Computers on decrypting the inner meaning of the 1975 OMMADAWN signal... ;) Regardless of what you may think of my draft, it was respectfully meant, and in the unlikely event that you liked some of it: make sure to fully credit the original composer for that. First draft recorded 14-15 January 2017. (Uploaded 18th - wanted it partially out-of-my-system before the 20th). Thx for listening //DS

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17. Dan Noel - Gare Au Loop EP - HYPGRV008

Dan Noel - Gare Au Loop EP - HYPGRV008

Dan Noel - Gare au Loop EP // HYPERGROOVE [HYPGRV008] Genre: Tech-House,Deep House, Release Date: Oct 18 2013 Beatport: Label: HYPERGROOVE 1 Dan Noel - Gare au Loop 2 Dan Noel - La Lune Sombre 3 Dan Noel - Miles & John HYPGRV008 it's Dan's Turn with 3 tech-house groovy and useful tracks // Enjoy Dan Noel was born in Switzerland in 1975. Growing up in an artists family, he was always involved with music and as a child he followed his dad for all his hippy gigs. During his teenage years, Dan fell in love with electronic sounds, and covering the Acid house phenomenon and listening to acts like Prodigy, The Shamen and Depeche Mode. After a first trip to Ibiza in 1999, he became totally addicted to all kind of house music and never went back. Formerly know under his Dan Welton moniker (Noir Music and Rawthentic Music to name but a few), as his style became more personal and defined, he decided to "drop the mask" in 2012 and let his authentic musical identity shine.His latest releases and remixes on Little Helpers, Baile Musik, Hummingbird, Alboratory, Tip Tap, Material or Konzentrisch already got big feedbacks by international headliners such as Marco Carola, Raresh, Robert Dietz, Nima Gorji, Stacey Pullen, Noir, Ramon Tapia, Tini, Jessica Diaz, Mihai Popoviciu, Patrick Zigon, Someone Else, Chaim, Scott Kemp, Luca Doobie, Ittetsu or Leon. Busy working on new projects including his debut release on Noir Music sub label Klimaks Records, Dan is focused on bringing his great passion to music to the rest of the world. Reactions ILARIO LIBURNI Nice EP brosky! Support! Hermanez (LittleHelpers, Trapez, Aella ) great ep, tnx Luciano Esse (Safari Electronique, Material Series) Gare au Loop sounds nice! Fabrizio Sala (Goa Club,Nozoo) Miles & John for me! Fabio Giannelli (Get Physical) nice release, Miles & John is my fav. thanks UGLH (Marco Duranti) Nice tracks thanks Dan Noel (Baile Musik, Klimaks Rec., Little Helpers) Really happy to join the Hpyergroove family. Jessica Diaz (Earlydub, Deep Tech, In Records) Another great work of Dan, full support! thanks :) Chad Andrew (Dissonant, Karton, Draft, Dorcas) Great EP thanks! Shake Beat Miles & John for me! Someone Else (foundsound, little helpers, get physical, fantasitc friends) nice ep Thomas Dieckmann (Gartenhaus, Back&forth, Exotic Refreshment etc.) Miles & john for me! Atimpuri (Kina music) Miles & John for me! Support Hypergroove Paco Osuna (Plus 8) la lune sombre for me Deltano (Rawthentic, Suara, Aella) what a f*cking great ep! full support Manuel "de" Lorenzi Great Ep from my friend Dan!!! Full support. Thanks!!! Bolumar (Luna/Novus/ Draft) Miles & john is great!! Dope! Thanks a lot! Stefano Testa well done! downloading Sollmy (Little Helpers, Tzinah Records) great EP, support Leon (Cecille / Viva Music / Saved) support Massimo Cassini Miles & John is nice. Niki B - Sonartek (Little Helpers , Baile Muzik ,SonoVivo,Sun Generation Records) great Ep , Dan is amazing, full support ,thanks Dejvid Great EP, Miles & John fr me, definetely will play this one :) Petar Cvetkovic (Happy People) great job Dan Angelo Draetta la lune sombre for me ! thanks Sleepover Great Ep...Thx ;-) Stefan Nolic Miles & John is my pick here! good job Dan Fred Siera (JETT, Harthouse) Miles & john for me ! thanks Nicco (N.D) (Recline,Bla Bla,Resopal,Revox) support! thx 3 Big Tracks! Thanks. Support. Luca Doobie (spades - amnesia milano) sounds ok! miles&john my fave here.. thnx MAYS (Mutex Rec) miles & john, nice track Gion ((nervous, lapsus, i records, dutchie)) gare au loop is cool!

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