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1. Thomas & The Were-Engine (Narration)

Thomas & The Were-Engine (Narration)

Here's the first of five of my original stories that I will be putting up here on Soundcloud. Thomas & The Were-Engine: Thomas has to work with Lucian, the engine who works on the Scenic Branch Line, one halloween night. However, he may end up encountering a monster when Lucian is allegedly a were-engine. COME BACK SOON FOR MY OTHER STORIES: - The Sad Story of Glynn - Don't Loo About - Back Engine - Gordon & Bear Special thanks to Flouncing Fiddlesticks, invisiblemario17, The14XXFreak, Mr. Cool Blue, and TheTurnTable1985 for allowing use of their music for this! Thomas & Friends is owned by HiT Entertainment and Mattel. I own nothing but the character of Lucian.

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