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1. Texas Values 2018-05-12

Texas Values 2018-05-12

Pastor Dave Welch, President of the Texas Pastor Council, joins the program to discuss the the upcoming elections and how Christ affects every aspect of our lives including politics

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2. TVR 021018 Travis Weber/David Bereit

TVR 021018 Travis Weber/David Bereit

Travis Weber, Director of the Center for Religious Liberty at the Family Research Council, runs down an impressive list of recent religious freedom victories, and David Bereit, founder of 40 Days for Life, gives some background on this extraordinary effort to defend the life of the unborn through prayer and activism. Life and Liberty, plus co-host Nicole Hudgens: what's not to love about this episode of "The Texas Values Report with Jonathan Saenz?"

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3. Free Voters Guide 2018 Announcement 2

Free Voters Guide 2018 Announcement 2

As heard on Austin's Spirit 105.3 FM.

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4. TVR 101417 Franklin Graham

TVR 101417 Franklin Graham

We're honored to catch a moment of Franklin Graham's time on the phone between stops on the Decision Texas Tour! Franklin lays out the critical work going on with Hurricane Harvey recovery, in addition to the hope found in Jesus Christ. Host Jonathan Saenz interviews Franklin direct from Washington D.C., along with Texas Values Policy Analyst Nicole Hudgens, who gives us a report from the 2017 Voter Values Summit!

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5. TVR011818 Glenn Hegar

TVR011818 Glenn Hegar

Texas Comptroller Glenn Hegar and host Jonathan Saenz discuss the strength of the Texas economy -- which is in no small part driven by strong Judeo-Christian values. ALSO: joining us from Washington D.C. is Nicole Hudgens, Texas Values Policy Analyst, with a report from March for Life 2018.

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6. TVR032517 Dave Welch

TVR032517 Dave Welch

Pastor Dave Welch lays out some legislative goals to defend religious liberty in the 85th Texas Legislature.

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7. TVR061017 JoAnn Fleming

TVR061017 JoAnn Fleming

JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America/We the People Tea Party and Jonathan Saenz discuss what went in to keeping faith and freedom issues on the forefront of the 85th Texas Legislature and what conservative Christian activists should fight for in the special session beginning July 18. We're also joined by Nicole Hudgens, policy analyst for Texas Values, with a look at what's ahead in the special.

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8. TVR072917 Emily Horne

TVR072917 Emily Horne

Emily Horne of Texas Right to Life gives a rundown of quite a successful week on the pro-life front in both chambers of the Texas Legislature, along with Nicole Hudgens, policy Analyst for Texas Values.

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9. TVR011318 #Winning Edition

TVR011318 #Winning Edition

Did we actually win the "War on Christmas?" And are we winning in the war on the unborn? Or college campus free speech? Or religious liberty? Texas Values Policy Analyst Nicole Hudgens and Communications Director Andy Hogue take stock of a few key victories for Christian conservatives in recent months, and present a look ahead at some major battles before the courts, PLUS a sneak preview at Texas Values Action's latest round of candidate endorsements for 2018. If you're in the trenches for faith and family in Texas take a moment and be encouraged!

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10. TVR 020318 Naomi Narvaiz

TVR 020318 Naomi Narvaiz

The Republican Party of Texas voted to censure outgoing Texas House Speaker Joe Straus. What went on behind the scenes to help the measure pass? Naomi Narvaiz, member of the Texas State Republican Executive Committee and herself a candidate for Texas House District 45, gives us the inside scoop on this rare event. PLUS host Jonathan Saenz gives a summary of the Collin and Denton county candidate forums co-hosted by Prestonwood Baptist Church and Texas Values, featuring over 60 contenders for elected office!

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11. TVR111117 Gary Ledbetter

TVR111117 Gary Ledbetter

After returning from a press conference in Sutherland Springs, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Director of Communications Gary Ledbetter shares his perspective on what's next for not only this small church in a small Texas town but also for security in churches across the nation.

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12. TVR062417 Kolkhorst

TVR062417 Kolkhorst

Jonathan Saenz goes one-on-one with Texas Sen. Lois Kolkhorst on what lies ahead in the special session of the 85th Texas Legislature.

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13. TVR 022418 2018 Primary Ballot Preview

TVR 022418 2018 Primary Ballot Preview

Host Jonathan Saenz talks with Texas Values Vice President David Walls about who and what is appearing on the Texas Primary ballot and what voters can do to make sure our values are represented at the voting booth. Early voting ends March 2 with Primary Election day March 6.

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14. 052518 TVR Frank Pomeroy

052518 TVR Frank Pomeroy

First Baptist Sutherland Springs pastor Frank Pomeroy joins the program to discuss the tragedy that struck his church when a shooting claimed twenty six lives, including his own daughter. Pastor Frank and Texas Values Policy Analyst Nicole speak about prayer and faith in the midst of hard times as well as how his church has recovered.

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15. TVR120217 Lois Kolkhorst

TVR120217 Lois Kolkhorst

Sen. Lois Kolkhorst is back, with some insights on the 2018 campaign season as well as what's ahead for the next Legislature.

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16. TVR121617 Kelly Shackelford

TVR121617 Kelly Shackelford

Kelly Shackelford, President of First Liberty, joins guest host Nicole Hudgens, Policy Analyst for Texas Values, this weekend as they discuss the Colorado Cake Baker Supreme Court case, recent Fifth Circuit Appeals Court appointments, and the impact the Trump Administration is having on the next few decades. Shackelford also gives an update on several pending religious freedom cases of which First Liberty is involved.

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17. TVR092317 Kelly Shackelford

TVR092317 Kelly Shackelford

Did you know attacks on people of faith have increased by 133 percent over the last five years? You could write a book about it: And today's guest has done just that. Kelly Shackelford, President and CEO of First Liberty Institute, talks with host Jonathan Saenz of what can be done to stem the tide of religious discrimination.

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18. TVR 110417 Kevin Sorbo

TVR 110417 Kevin Sorbo

Kevin Sorbo. 'Nuff said! We're excited to have the director of the new film release "Let There Be Light" as our guest. Learn more about this faith-affirming major motion picture on this week's episode of "The Texas Values Report."

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19. TVR123017 Year-in-Review

TVR123017 Year-in-Review

Man, what a year! From saving the Texas foster care system to protecting privacy, from the Speaker's race to the primary election, 2017 was a busy year for Texas Values and Texas Values Action. Host Jonathan Saenz reviews the highlights of the 85th Legislature and the beginning of the 2018 election cycle in this power-packed episode to cap off the year.

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20. TVR 033118 Allen West

TVR 033118 Allen West

Allen West, retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, and former Congressman, is our special guest. Lt. Col. West and host Jonathan Saenz discuss the importance of education freedom, the injustice of the abortion industry in America, and why we must get back to the vision set forth by (in Col. West's own words) "the old school Patriots." Listen for free!

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