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1. TaraDevlin's 2 Minute Tirade no.140 The Fascist Age of POST-TRUTH Trump

TaraDevlin's 2 Minute Tirade no.140 The Fascist Age of POST-TRUTH Trump

Tara Devlin ‘s “Two-Minute Tirade” number 140 Topic: The Fascist age of POST-TRUTH TRUMP This is Tara Devlin, AKA Taradacktyl from on The Progressive Voices Channel on TuneIn. And this is a Two-Minute Tirade. PolitiFact calculated that 53 percent of Trump's statements are entirely false and only 4 percent are entirely true. The rest of his statements are worse... a little bit of truth wrapped in a whole lotta lies that come faster than we can detract. Democracy doesn't exist without a free press... in other words, We're in trouble here, folks. The corporate media helped create this monster by giving it billions in free advertising. Now it will work to convince us that a reality-tv bigoted bully who ran a campaign pleasing only to neo-nazis, Ayn Rand sycophants and suckers is normal. It's not. media is eager to report the stock market is rising. Wonderful! Markets THRIVE in fascism... people? Not so much. Which is why Trump wants to get the press in line. Because fascists like Trump think the press exists to flatter them and to repeat his propaganda... but just in case some of the truth accidentally penetrates the right wing bubble, Trump's instructed his dupes that if they happen to run across media coverage that counters their positions, they are to reject it is as “biased.” So much easier to control the people when you teach them to distrust all who try to inform them of their predicament. Alexis de Tocqueville said, "Grant me thirty years of equal division of inheritances and a free press, and I will provide you with a republic." Which makes our current predicament as the most economically unequal industrialized nation even more alarming. When the founders warned the price of freedom was eternal vigilance, this is precisely the moment they were talking about – the fascist age of post-truth Trump. This is Tara Devlin from Go there find links to my Facebook Twitter and Instagram communities and keep listening for Two-Minute Tirades on Demand on the progressive voices app or on on The Progressive Voices Channel on TuneIn. We Stick together, we win. _______________________________ Listen to the best Progressive Talk 24/7: Tara is proud to be an FYI Nation affiliate: Check out Tara's website at: Join the RDT Facebook Community: Follow me on Twitter: and Instagram:

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