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1. Way Down Inside

Way Down Inside

When you love her and she's gone, sometimes its easier said than done getting over her!... Written by Dave Bull from the Tonekats - this tune took 18 years to complete...honestly

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2. I Would Do Anything

I Would Do Anything

Demo - solo tune written by Dave Bull for new project - playing all instruments (Alesis SR18 drums programmed manually) - Fender Jazz Bass, Gibson SG (crunch), Strat (clean) with Digitech CleanX sound. 2014 copyright SOCAN

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3. I'm Vespertine

I'm Vespertine

ZZ top Texas blues style tune about the rock n roll studio lifestyle - night hawks and vampires

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4. I Don't Know

I Don't Know

Music and words by Dave Bull and John Sedgwick - John Sedgwick bass, vocals - Dave Bull - guitars, keyboards - Chris Melanson -drums Recorded, produced and mixed at Stay-in-Track Studio, Kingston, ON.

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5. Do You Believe (in Love)

Do You Believe (in Love)

Submitted to Elton John whose secretary responded that Elton only co-writes with Mr. Taupin. How diplomatic! LOL Upodated and restructured and a pre-chorus added and new lyrics . Originally written as "Believing in Love" by Joe and Al (1995)

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6. World Turns Around

World Turns Around

World Turns Around has been described as having all the elements of the perfect rock song

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7. Ill Get Over This Feeling by Dave Bull

Ill Get Over This Feeling by Dave Bull

I wanted to make a track of a song I wrote in 1985 with my new Gretsch 6121. This song has only this guitar on it for all sounds. You will hear me playing all instruments and the Gretsch in clean and crunch mode (no pedals just a 1954 Fender Tremolux amp.

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8. GRAVITY - Theme music

GRAVITY - Theme music

Gravity is about keeping yourself grounded to the planet - Finding a purpose in the sea of temptation and staying in your own being as an artist. Written and performed by Dave Bull as theme music for video

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9. Time to Move on

Time to Move on

She got that look in her eye, I feel it comin' on I shoulda listened when she was talkin' - She knows it's Time to Move on I know I caused it and there's nothing I can do Lyrics and music by The ToneKats - Dave Bull - Vocals, guitar, John Sedgwick (pictured here) Bass, Dan Killen - drums Copyright SOCAN/ASCAP 2013

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10. Crossed The Line

Crossed The Line

The accident happens, the driver unable to process or accept his fate continues in denial. He eventually convinces himself that it was an insignificant "accident" and that no one was seriously hurt. While mulling over his options and deciding the ethical issues, the police car rolls up in the driveway. Words and music by Dave Bull. arrangement and bass by John Sedgwick. Paul Koktan -keyboards. Dan Killen - drums. copyright the ToneKats SOCAN

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11. Get Your Way

Get Your Way

Tonekats blues style - this tune was originbally called Step aside and was originally written in 2000 and revised ten years later

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12. Nobody But Me

Nobody But Me

A friend of mine challenged me to go a day without complaining. It made me feel better. My daughter inspired me to write this when she was having realizations of the same thing. We all gain wisdom through living and Nobody but me can make me happy!

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13. It Ain't Love

It Ain't Love

I watched an episode of a TV show and I realized it must have been the basis of my dream. I wrote a song about a dream. It Ain't Love is a fictional account of an affair on a movie set. It's a metaphor about acting out life and finding oneself in reality. Complicated by moments of weaknesses and attraction.

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14. Fake It

Fake It

Alice Cooper meets Pearl jam

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15. Life Goes On

Life Goes On

(Sedgwick-Bull) Vocals and Bass - John Sedgwick, guitars, backing vocals - Dave Bull - Paul Koktan -keyboards, Dan Killen - drums. From an idea by John Sedgwick about a former bandmate back in the day.

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16. I Miss You Tonight

I Miss You Tonight

I Miss you Tonight is a song written by Dave Bull. Someone close to me was experiencing a bad breakup. She was ignored and left alone by someone who told her to move far away from home to be with him. He then found someone else and left her alone. Show compassion to the ones you love and help them when the people they thought loved them show none. I miss you tonight is the innocent cry of a jilted lover with whom a heartless partner has been unable to be honest. It still hurts remembering how badly we can treat each other when we forget to be human. Breaking up doesn't have to mean being heartless to the one you no longer want to be with. Produced in Smiths Falls at Little Chicago Studios by Tim Greencorn engineer/producer

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17. Ya Didn't Come Home

Ya Didn't Come Home

Blues rock - early tonekats - Straight up but a typical blues lifestyle story

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18. I Won't Compromise

I Won't Compromise

Words and music by Dave Bull. A song about the meaning of commitment.

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19. The River Runs Red

The River Runs Red

Sometimes the sombre parts of life build up and you need a friend who can handle that you need to be morose, sanguine and maybe even a little angry and crazy at the same time. Seeing red - being pushed to the limit. Music and lyrics by Dave Bull, Vocals, guitars, bass by Dave Bull. Drums by Dan Killen. Recorded, engineered and produced at Stay in Track Studio, Kingston, ON. Mixed at Village Works Canada, Bowmanville, ON.

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20. Easy Road

Easy Road

Blue Rodeo Eagles Cold Play Matchbox 20

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