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4. Banging the bang - classy soul for crazed babes

Banging the bang - classy soul for crazed babes

promotional use only WARNING: NOT FOR MINERS C-D-B-a-b-y have for some years now been allowing all those small independent modern soul artists a path to promotion through their CD and download promotions. Here are some of the finest pieces of output from those artists. No-one on this album is over 5ft 3 inches - GUARANTEED! We bring you the no holds barred BEST OF C-D-B-A-B-Y VOLUME ONE! "The Vibrations are with us. Who shall hit this up on the ones and zeros shall forevermore be rewarded, for ble-ssed are the me-ssed (up)" (Isiaiaiyah 10:4) As the lazer beams down onto the opening track of this 12-track musical menagerie, be prepared to be stunned... and shocked. Shocked and stunned at the sensitive Philly Soul opening acapellas of 'Roses' from the mysterious, other-wordly soul man SWIPY. You will be drawn into his sensuous funk love nest ladies, this man is the REAL DEAL Fo'Sho! After that initial breathtaking rush of emotion we are thrust literally straight into the carnal Stevie Wonder-meets-Sly Stone world of JAYE MITCHELL's 'Banging The Bang' - a mixture of old-school funk and new school hip-hop beats straight outta Los Angeles and the listener is already lost in the stars. More from this cat later. Next up is Michael Jackson soundalike DARIEN with 'You Must Be An Angel'. These players have invested in a stereo mixing desk and got someone else to press the button on the instrument for this one, and the quality comes across big time. Beautiful old school tune with great vocals and ambience. Just lovely. But WAIT! whats that urban drama unfolding from your speakers - yup it's some super sounds on 'Baby You Know' from the pen of the legendary SWIPY, backatcha on the upbeat. Swirling strings and luscious beats make this a contender for the charts for sure. No room for these modern soul grooves to fit into a formula though as JAYE MITCHELL is back with the moving 'Classy Lady'. Jaye got a few nibbles from the record companies back in the 70's and it's obvious why. Check it out ladies, and keep those knickers ON honeys! Talking of da ladies, it's time for one to come to the fore next with the inimitable KELLY MARIE's 'Heat Of The Sun'. Kelly informs us she's written this number 'about two lovers planning to get together at the end of time. The actual sun may turn into a red giant - therefore that is the end of time for us earth dwellers'. Heavy. Coming 'atcha from the real side, PHIL JOHNSON's 'If God Wanted' is a slice of inspirational Gospel gold which is so inspirational it's almost indescribably indescribable. Phil's stellar songwriting encapsulates a new and exciting sound, consisting of social commentary, enjoyable boogie tunes and laced with a sensual and romantic ballet. Phil's describes his tunes as not fitting into any current genre, and I think you, the listener, would agree with that statement wholeheartedly. God, however may disagree, but God's never had a hit record so what does he know about tha bizniss, geddouttahere! SWIPY's up again next with 'When I Touch You' as 'Mr. Showbiziniz himself' takes the listener off on a classic dirty Prince groove with an infectious chorus that will be reverberating in every listeners minds for years to come, quite an unforgettable piece of music - and also dog friendly he informs us, so even if you don't like this one, one of your pets, or one of your friends pets, if it's got 4 legs and woofs, might do. If not, try it on the budgie, they have been known to be fairly open-minded. Give him a break, let him outta tha cage ffs! The style of a touch of classical/blend of contemporary gospel with instumental (sic) jazz, with mind-blowing backup vocals, is how 'MINISTER MARY W. JORDAN feat BROTHER BYRON JORDAN's 'All On The Altar' describes this next recording and we think you'll agree that might be an accurate description of this modern day religious masterpiece. Certainly the backing vocals are about as mind-blowing as anything else you may have chanced across recently or even in the distant past. Marvin Gaye's classic 'Let's Get It On' isn't a new piece of material as far as cover versions go, and JAYE MITCHELL makes a stellar modern day transformation that's both unique and memorable. That this contemporary recording is available to the general public is indeed a miracle in it's own right. Along with this cover version, Jaye's take on the modern soul sound meant we simply couldn't round off this first complimation without including his self-penned and played classic g-funk tale of lost love 'Anna Donna' and the sexy, sweat-drenched p-funk monster 'Crazy Babes', both b-funk tales of a simple urban gangsta making his way through the e-funk ghetto in the 21st century. Long may he continue to be able to offer us his personal hustle on life on the front line, for our lives are more enriched through Jaye's personal sacrifices than if they weren't even there at all, or hadn't even been invented. So there we have it, simply 12 modern pieces of inspirational music for the 21st century to simply inspire you, the listener, with wonder, disbelief and simple amazement, not just that this material truly simply inspires, but that it is simply able to EXIST in a world where the lost sheep in the soul wilderness are simply left to fend for themselves and live in hope that they are simply inspired by it too, along with their pets and their friends pets. Peace. We out.

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5. fly away

fly away

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6. Jiggy - You Gone (prod.SoulCitizen)

Jiggy - You Gone (prod.SoulCitizen)

listin to my cousin jiggy! one of my favorite tracks i produced for him so enjoy

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7. SoulCitizen -Being Real

SoulCitizen -Being Real

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18. 01 two of a kind

01 two of a kind

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20. Barak never ending song

Barak never ending song

lil louis 2009 with barack sauce

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