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1. Moonbootica - "My Hot Dope" (Don Rimini Skate Park Mix) // FREE DOWNLOAD

Moonbootica -

OUT NOW iTunes Beatport About.... Moonbootica "My Hot Dope" / Moonbootica & Reset! "Party Life" EP Those scintillating, gyrating, irritating Moonbootica boys are back to slap you into action with a sizzling EP and this time they’ve brought some new friends with them. Easing you in with “My Hot Dope” in its unadulterated original album form, the party really starts with the manic Milano party guests Reset! A collective of DJs, composers, producers and promoters and now a fully-fledged live act, the guys have played legendary parties as far afield as LA and Australia and, of course, in Milan’s finest establishments such as Parco Sempione and Magazzini Generali. Having remixed the likes of Fatboy Slim, Audio Bullys and Cassius (more than once) and released a string of EPs on Cheap Thrills, Reset! have teamed up with Moonbootica to add their unique blend of huge basslines and epic breakdowns – they like to call it Turbofunk – to the Moonbootylicious mayhem we already know and love. “Party Life” does what it says on the can. Staccato tomatoes for your bloody marys. “Wild Life” is a mesmeric moto guzzi workout for our favourite moped gang. Hanseatic Acrobatics and Latin Funk in the trunk. There’s more. Variations on the “My Hot Dope” theme come courtesy of: Purple Disco Machine from OFF Recordings, PDM dig a little deeper into the foundations of house and comes up with another dope diamond. PDM stands for Purple Disco Machine but it could also stand for Proper Dance Music. Don Rimini (DIM MAK, Southern Fried) claims to have spent one third of his life in clubs. Judging by the historical flavour of his tunes, he spent the other two thirds listening to house and techno from Chicago to Detroit. This guy knows his stuff. Either that or he’s been playing tennis and skating those pipes. Funkin Matt (Fool's Gold, DIM MAK) needs no introduction but he gets one anyway. Suffice to say he’s released on Sidney Samson’s Samsobeats, Dim Mak and Fool’s Gold as well as on his own Fjordin imprint. His rather more technoid sound rewrites the Dutch blueprint without compromising the standards of excellence we have come to expect from the Netherlands. Last but not least, Tagteam Terror (Top Billin, Moonbootique) are not as scary as they sound, in fact their jackin’ house with a nod to old school and French house make ya feel all warm inside and get you on the dancefloor when the bell rings. Show some love...

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2. Andrew Jackson Jihad 'Skate Park'

Andrew Jackson Jihad 'Skate Park'

Just some songs i always seem to come back to when im working on any designs or anything for class. =]

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3. Skate-Park-Boarding?


//So this is another script request made to me by sansfullart on tumblr! I had a great time voicing this one since I got to cry...and crying is good for the soul! I ended up improvising some of the lies especially with the panicking. So get a kick out of it!

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4. Divine Sound - What People Do For Money - (Petko Turner Edit - Disco Roller Rap Skate Park Funk)

Divine Sound - What People Do For Money - (Petko Turner Edit - Disco Roller Rap Skate Park Funk)

What People Do For Money - Petko Turner Edit NON STOP MIXING More Info: Please don't forget that this podcast is only a way to promote our world as DJs. Songs mixed on this set is to discover music. If you're an artist or copyright holder and if you want remove something because you don't want to be a part of it send an e-mail. If you're happy that we don't forget you, send an e-mail too! If you love a track inside the mix; buy it! "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use."

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5. Live Like Goose

Live Like Goose

Gooses's Skate Park - In memory of Gabe 'Goose'

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6. Creflo


Short song I made in E Major. Bouncy I-IV-V-IV chord progression for most of it, which builds up to a rocking guitar solo for the last minute or so.

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7. Juice


mono stereo live

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8. jim


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9. 555>3=1


ableton live

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10. My Spot: San Francisco's SoMa West Skate Park

My Spot: San Francisco's SoMa West Skate Park

We present another in our occasional series "My Spot," celebrating personal experiences with special places in California. Today, reporter Justin Richmond talked to a social media manager for a skateboard company whose "spot" helps keep his passion alive for the sport. Reporter: Justin Richmond

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11. bano island>live

bano island>live

the bigfoot & mango boy's live ableton akai apc40 contoller & bano sponsor bano soda

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12. cover


ableton live mono

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13. Zzz



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14. funky space

funky space

ableton live therapy

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15. live


mono stereo live

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16. lll


2013 life no edit divagando

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17. Discover


mono stereo live in the bano

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18. 113



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19. raw rambling

raw rambling

ableton live

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20. Atr dyslexia 33

Atr dyslexia 33


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