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1. Guti Legatto, Samu Rodriguez - Luna Menguante (Giuseppe Cennamo Madrugada Remix)

Guti Legatto, Samu Rodriguez - Luna Menguante (Giuseppe Cennamo Madrugada Remix)

Next up on MindBlown Music we preset at five track EP with two original dark grooves from Spain natives Guti Legatto & Samu Rodriguez. Accompanied by three remixes from the Italian native Giuseppe Cennamo, New York's own LaRosa, and Spain's Pedro Silva. Guaranteed to pop on your dance floor!

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2. Samu Rodriguez - Laugh It Up (Ben Grunnell Remix)

Samu Rodriguez - Laugh It Up (Ben Grunnell Remix)

Getting near to this upcoming end of year, we put together one of our best of the best compilations of this 2014. These carefully selected tracks are the ones that step up from the rest of our catalog and have been played by many great DJs and producers around the world this year like Marco Carola, Richie Hawtin, Paco Osuna, Marc Antona, Stacey Pullen, Steve Lawler, Phillip Bader and many others. We are more than proud and happy to bring you all these greatest hits and give you another chance to get them if you missed any during the year. Most of all we wanted to thank all our followers for the continuous support and love we have received from you all during this great 2014, by putting together this fantastic compilation and celebrating another very successful year. Getting into a promising 2015, we are also very proud of all the producers involved that made such a great work during this great 2014 and promise them and the music fans, that we will continue our work harder to make our family grow further. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to from Pild Records team. Support by: 3Friends, A++, ADM, AJ Christou, Alberto Casallo, Alejandro Fernandez, Alessan Main, Alex AQ, Alex Piccini, Alexander Necaa, Alexis Cabrera, Ali Nasser, Anderson Noise, Andreas Henneberg, Anil Chawla, Anthony Pappa, Arado, Ari El, Ariel Rodz, Arjun Vagale, Atapy, Brothers In Progress, Butch, Carlo Lio, Chad Andrew, Chaim, Chris-T & Matu, Collective Machine, Cristian Olivera, Cristian Varela, Dalbe, Daniel Mehlhart, Danilo Vigorito, Darkrow, David Cabeza, David Herrero, David Keno, Dela, Deleted Draftz, Deltano, DePandis, Diego Acciarresi, Diego Infanzon, Dirty Culture, Dubfire, Eddy Romero, Edgar De Ramon, Ellroy, Emil de Moreu, Erik Hagleton, Fabier, Fabio Ferro, Fabrizio Sala, Federico Locchi, Fer BR, Fog, Frank Leicher, Frink, Gaetano C, Gel Abril, Gennaro Mastrantonio, Gery Otis, Gianluca Caldarelli, Gianni Firmaio, Giuseppe Rizzuto, Griffo, Guido Durante, Guido Nemola, Hector Couto, Hermanez, Hitch, Hollen, Horatio, John Lagora, Jonas Wahrlich, Jorge Savoretti, Juan Zolbaran, Kaiq, Khaan, Leon, Leonardo Gonnelli, Lightem, London Fm, LondonGround, Luca Agnelli, Luca Bear, Luca Doobie, Luca Fabiani, Luca Lento, Luca M, Luca Morris, Luciano, Maceo Plex, Macromism, Marcex, Marco Carola, Marco Duranti - UGLH, Marco Faraone, Markomas, Markus Homm, Massimo Cassini, Mauro Alpha, Max Graham, Maximiljan, Medu, Mennie, Michel De Hey, Miguel Bastida, Mihai Popoviciu, Mike Rosse, Mirco Violi, Mon, Nacho Casco, Namito, Nexus DJ, NiCe7, Nicky Malone, Nicole Moudaber, Nima Gorji, Nino Santos, Nonyas, Nuria Ghia, Olderic, Oliver Moldan, Omar Salgado, One D, Oru, Pablo Rez, Paco Maroto, Paco Osuna, Paul C, Pedro Silva, Philip Bader, Philipp Ort, Playane, Radu F, Ramiro Lopez, Rampa, Re Us, Renato Lopez, Reset Robot, Rhadow, Richie Hawtin, Rick Maia, Rods Novaes, Ronan Portela, Ruben Mandolini, Sabb, Sami Wentz, Sante, Sasch BBC, Sascha Sonido, Sasha Carassi, Schamain Alcazar, Sebastian Ledher, Sergio Parrado, Simbad Segui, Simone Burrini, Simone Liberali, Simone Tavazzi, SIS, Someone Else, Son Tec, Stacey Pullen, Steve Lawler, Tato Ruiz, Thomas T, Toby Holguin, Toni Vives, Tony Dee, UGLH, Urss, Wade, Wally Stryk, Wender A., WestBoy, White Brothers, Yaya, Youcef Elaid, Yvel & Tristan, Zoe Xenia and many more !!

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3. Snap! - The Power (Samu Rodriguez Bootleg) [Free Download]

Snap! - The Power (Samu Rodriguez Bootleg) [Free Download]

A fresh new talent from mainland Spain, seems to have that pretty well wrapped up around his fingers. His continued efforts both in the studio and on stage are gradually becoming a gospel on everyone's lips. His infectious Tech House sounds have become touched by artists like Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati, Super Flu, Stefano Noferini, Tapesh, Collective Machine, Horatio and beyond. Determined to carve his own path, Samu has been brought to the attention of some of the best Minimal and Tech House labels such as Serkal, Elrow Music, Local29 Records, Mindblown Music, Be One Records, The Room, Tulipe Records, Rats, Tip Tap Records, Ole Music, Pild Records. It is normal to see their tracks located in the top 100 of Beatport, having placed until reaching the top 10 of the top 100 even number 2. A shared poster and booth with artists of the stature of Basti Grub, Miguel Bastida, Reelow, Sam Paganini, Butch, Cesar Merveille, Francisco Allendes, Gel Abril, Marco Bailey, Ramon Tapia, Popof, Wade and many more ... Reaching tap the Tox Hall of known destination Ibiza. A restless child of the Underground, Samu is constantly looking into "joining the dots" and coloring the spaces in between, he continues to take a stand and his own aesthetic approach in his productions while maintaining a personal and unmistakable groove. Booking, contact & remix: [email protected] · Fan page Facebook: · Personal Facebook: · Beatport: · Twitter: @DjSamuRodriguez · Soundcloud:

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18. Samu Rodriguez - Beginnins EP [RATS LAB #008]

Samu Rodriguez - Beginnins EP [RATS LAB #008]

Beginnins EP RATS LAB #007 1. Samu Rodriugez - Beginnins (Original Mix) 2. Samu Rodriguez - No Options (Original Mix) On sale 13 October!

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