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1. Rico Puestel - A1 - Volute (Original Mix) - PIMPRINELLA009

Rico Puestel - A1 - Volute (Original Mix) - PIMPRINELLA009

»Volute / Cotillo« by Rico Puestel PIMPRINELLA009 A1 - Volute (Original Mix) A2 - Volute (Marcel Sterling Remix) B1 - Cotillo (Original Mix) VINYL release: December 11th, 2013 DIGITAL release: January 13th, 2014

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2. Rico Puestel - "Volute" (Pimprinella)

Rico Puestel -

BEATPORT: PIMPRINELLA 009 Rico Puestel - "Volute" You may ask yourself why you find this track inside my artist account. Well, Pimprinella was my former music label which stopped in production in 2014. This track was one of the labels catalogue which isn´t online anywhere else. Vinyl is out of order and will not be repressed but feel free to save your digital copy. Marc Rico Puestel on facebook:

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4. Rico Puestel - Volute (2015 Album Version) [from the album "Savanguard" | SOSO #27 | OUT NOW!]

Rico Puestel - Volute (2015 Album Version) [from the album

New album "Savanguard" is out now! CD + Digital on Amazon, Beatport, iTunes, Spotify and many more. Amazon (CD) » Beatport » iTunes » Spotify » A desert consists of totally diverse particles - not one is equal and all are changing constantly. “Savanguard“ is like a desert, inspired by the difference of sounds. The first long-player of Rico Puestel stands for his early experience in music and his versatile taste which grew over the years. Jazz elements in “You Were Here“, winding synths in “Van Ferry“ which remind us of the golden 80’s and a pop attitude in “Volute“ - the whole album is one large-scale sound research and all particles are matching within completely different tracks. Vocals are used sparely and there's no rigid focus on the club scene. “Savanguard“ is an adventure, it tells a story with many breaks and changes in its plot while some tracks remind you of the good old times, when electronic music was built in a small studio with equipment stacked up to the ceiling. These songs like “Ubiquitous Ropes“ and “The Third Part Of The Moon“ are build organically and analogically with details so clear and genuine. A desert can be warm and cold, it can be dusty and clear - there are small elements building one big thing and “Savanguard“ is exactly like this: Entirely changing with every replay.

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5. Volute


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