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1. Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit)

  • Published: 2013-03-31T15:20:32Z
  • By L'ordre
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories (Vanderway Edit)

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2. 009 Chan Chan_Buena Vista Social Club (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Edit)

009 Chan Chan_Buena Vista Social Club (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Edit)

Reaching ten millions of clicks on Soundcloud & Youtube, Vijay & Sofia Zlatko attain massive stats for an underground artist. It must say that the Belgium duet didn't steal this success! From the recent remix of John Newman – Love Me Again to the first appearance on Sleazy Deep, the duet sail between a deep-house dance-floor oriented to a melancholic house music, as a journey. Like this summer in Ibiza where Vijay & Sofia decided to create this duo. As a couple, in life and behind the decks, Vijay & Sofia, they lead the discussion on social network and on the dance-floors since 2 years, but the career of Vijay started well before, with collaborations as the like of Nico Pusch or Rodriguez Jr. Without forgetting the past, Vijay open the doors to the duet at the end of 2012. An artist can share his life only with another artist, and that's why the duo works so well. Sofia has the soul of an artist that sticks to the skin. A well-chosen word for a tattoo artist. This graphic artist with a strong universe is also a huge fan of music and dance (More than 12 years as dancer) and Vijay led him to be with him behind the decks and software productions.

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3. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 001_Coquillages by Maracuyá

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 001_Coquillages by Maracuyá

@Maracuyacita To live in an old shack by the sea And breathe the sweet salt air To live with the dawn and the dusk The new moon and the full moon The tides the wind and the rain... To surf and comb the beach And gather sea shells and drift-wood And know the thrill of loneliness And lose all sense of time And be free To hike over the island to the village And visit the marketplace And enjoy the music and the food and the people And do a little trading And see the great ships come and go And, man, have me a ball And in the evening When the sky is on fire Heaven and earth become my great open cathedral Where all men are brothers Where all things are bound by law And crowned with love Poor, alone and happy I walk by the surf and make a fire on the beach And as darkness covers the face of the deep Lie down in the wild grass And dream the dream that the dreamers dream I am the wind, the sea, the evening star I am everyone anyone no one. Eden Ahbez

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4. Chak.Ra Feat.Tripura - Falling Down (Steffen Kirchhoff Revision) [Random Collective]

Chak.Ra Feat.Tripura - Falling Down (Steffen Kirchhoff Revision) [Random Collective]

Release date: November 29th Release Label: CHAK.RA Contact: Vocals by Tripura: Contact : Flow EP After being diagnosed with cancer in 2015 I realized that in order to heal I needed to change and balance all areas of my life, including the type of music I would make, and perform. After spending years of making music that was focused on seeking out success in the scene I was in the States, I decided that to be totally free i had to let go of what others thought about me and my music. The result is that I am now creating from a place that is aligned with my spirit. I chose to name my first EP Flow because this has been my very intention for the last couple of years, as I strove to balance myself and let go of rigid ways of being, no longer identifying with some of the boxes I use to, my health journey has helped me open up, and truly let life happen in the exact way that it is flowing. “Falling Down,” was written by my best friend when we were in a rock band together. it was my favorite song that he had written and I told him that I wanted to make an electronic music track out of it. Unfortunately, Dave will not be able to hear this song because he passed away two years ago. But his memory lives on and Falling Down is my tribute to my friend and his work and my deep gratitude for a friendship that was based off of unconditional love, respect and honor. Credits. “Falling Down.” - Written by David Nelson, performed by Tripura, produced by CHAK.RA Revision by: Steffen Kirchhoff: Artwork by Gloria Stern - Gloria’s work is truly extraordinary, you can check out her work and how she creates her beautiful pieces. Artwork text by Tate Vick - Below you can find the great work impressions of Tate. Mastering Work 2. Tilmann G. Irwin Jr. “Falling Down”

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5. Landhouse & Raddantze - Back From The Black Forest

Landhouse & Raddantze - Back From The Black Forest

Written and Produced by Landhouse & Raddantze (@landhouse-raddantze) Remixes: Nathan Hall (@nathanhall-1) San Miguel (@san-miguel-berlin) Mastering: Haunted Water (@haunted_water) Cover Art: Nillo (@nillocr)

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6. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 005 ∞ Warm Embrace by Alma Omega

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 005 ∞ Warm Embrace by Alma Omega

@melissa-honeybee Alma Omega reminds us that a warm embrace in no way needs to be physical. Music can provide that and many other things necessary for us beings of complexity. This journey is far-reaching and draws on sounds and rhythms from across the globe. The overwhelming feeling is one of light, and positivity and union. Alma ∞ Omega is a devoted disciple to the Deva-of-dopest-beat, humble slave to the rhythm, and dedicatedly obsessed in serving & perving the wide spectrum of SOUL-MEDICINE music: from organic-shamanic, hip-hop-heaven, dirty-disco, womb-tech-magic, and for music of which there are no genres…if it moves your loins and hips, opens your heart, tickles your toes, and takes you on a journey unexpected, well, this is the buffet of beats you may feast upon… Alma ∞ Omega is the co-founder of Berlin-based-new-paradigm-gatherings such as Lucid and Cacaophany, and has been passionately opening portals of magic since her first house-party in 1997, coinciding with her life-purpose for creating alchemical spaces of transformation, celebration, healing and releasing…She is an avid believer in the power of DANCE and MUSIC to elevate & connect the spirit of humanity: allowing us to get back to the basics, our roots, our hips, our hearts, our oneness…no dogma on the dancefloor…just a dream within a dream, and a dream we dream together. Deep deep deep love for music, life, the awakening of the human spirit during these pivotal times on planet earth. Tracklist: Björk Interview on Charlie Rose 2001 Flako ∞ Payaso Ɣսle ∞ Toque de Lolukod El Búho ∞ Manana Tepotzlan Earthrise SoundSystem ∞ Rama BéTé ∞ Asouf Kraut ∞ Sin Fronteras Liniker ∞ Zero (Dandara Edit) Federico Estevez ∞ Hologramas RLHBSLCN ∞ Pershki MoP MOp ∞ LET I GO (Heronymuz Tribute to Bargibanti Special Acid edit) BirdzZie & Helena9999 ∞ Tchori Tchori Santi ∞ En Las Alturas Zélia Barbosa ∞ Funeral Do Lavrador (M.RUX EDIT) BéTé ∞ Manin Guzz ∞ 藏龙 Stella Rambisai Chiweshe ∞ Chigamba Iorie ∞ Love Ulmos ∞ INTICHE Björk ∞ Headphones Artwork by Lan-Yao

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7. SO RANDOM - Bruka

  • Published: 2016-01-08T18:06:05Z
  • By STORM

Free Download ➤ Play on Spotify ➤ Follow STORM playlist on Spotify ➤ Other channels you might like ▶ @mild-network -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ➤ Connect with So Random: @sorandomsound | ➤ Connect with Storm Network: | Alternative Free Download: Download for free on The Artist Union

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8. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 009 _ Temple live at "Slowmotor"

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 009 _ Temple live at

@tmplsound "The set is a record of my show at the last "Slowmotor“ hosted by Urban Cosmonaut Radio / Lotte Ahoi at Crack Bellmer in Berlin. Playtime was from 1 – 4 am. I did a kind of ableton dj mashup mix with some live elements." Temple is a music weirdo currently based in germany. Starting about 15 years ago as vocalist and instrumentalist in bands, he is now producing experimental electronic music for 4 years. You can find his music on labels like akumandra, drossel, casa caos and serafin audio imprint. Be excited for several releases and shows around the globe for the upcoming season. Artwork by Lan-Yao

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9. Spirit Blong Ol Bubu - NILLO

Spirit Blong Ol Bubu - NILLO

FÉKUTAI means "morning star" in the native language of Tanna, one of the Islands of Vanuatu, a lost archipelago suspended in the Pacific Ocean... The Random Collective shares their soft electronic version of traditional sounds from Vanuatu. This EP is inspired by the memories of our member @maracuyacita who used to live there, and is based on field recordings from the 60's by Raymond Clausen as well as on the Vanuatu Women's Water Music recording from Wantok Music. Music by: MARACUYÁ @maracuyacita NATHAN HALL @nathanhall-1 FUNKA @funka NILLO @nillocr Bonus track by New Caledonian born, Sydney based artist/producer GOHS @gohs-music All songs mastered by Haunted Water @haunted_water Cover picture by Vanuatu Ecotours / artwork by Mostros

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10. Premiere: GOHS - Star // Random Collective

  • Published: 2017-06-13T09:33:34Z
  • By Deepist
Premiere: GOHS - Star // Random Collective

"Compelled to A Blue Moon's aim is to remind us how fragile life can be. We as humans and all our surroundings are made of star dust, visible or invisible. Mother Earth and this Universe are here to provide for you. Let’s nurture it. " Ep will be "pay as you like" and available June 14th, 2017. Composed and mastered by @gohs-music Find Random Collective on SC: album on Bandcamp:

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11. Johnny Posh - Small Pipes (Nathan Hall Remix)

Johnny Posh - Small Pipes (Nathan Hall Remix)

Small Pipes is a dark and cinematic single from Canadian producer @johnny-posh. The scene, a haunting ritual taking place in the clearing of a jungle far from civilization. The pounding pulse of drums break the silence of the night, and only glimpses of figures appear by the flicker of firelight. Two very different but equally impressive remixes round out the release. A laid back guitar groover full of @haunted_water unique beats and soundscape. And finally, @nathanhall-1 drives the energy to the dance floor with a dark and melodic journey full of twists and turns.

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12. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 020 _ Caminante No Hay Camino by Marcelo Berges

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 020 _ Caminante No Hay Camino by Marcelo Berges

@prizma-9 Born in Colombia, raised between Andean sounds, malambo, milongas and techno from the 80's. Marcelo toured multiple cities of his native land in which he nourished his culture and learned his instruments. Currently in Costa Rica where he meets the modern sounds of techno. Hes is always in the constant search for light and sound. In his words: " This is a story teller .. reviving the old emotions and feelings behind this sounds, remembering old friends and old places I loved trough this human experience. Honoring my family and all those who somehow have influenced and modified me to become what I am . From the cold wind of the Andes , the hot humid smell of the west Colombian prairies, to the rainy Costa Rican jungles. Music is the sound-track of our lives." Artwork by @funka

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13. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 003_Trip by Nathan Hall

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 003_Trip by Nathan Hall

Welcome to this journey proposed by the new member of the gang! Nathan Hall @nathanhall-1 This mixtape is also the starting point for a series of dj sets made by friends with very unique perspectives of music! artwork: Tracklist:

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14. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 025_AIWAA

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 025_AIWAA

@aiwaamusic AIWAA is a cult that tries to connect the mystical, the spiritual, the earth, the arts and the love. As a lover of organic and electronic music, AIWAA produces fusions of electronic, ethnic and mystical sounds that are influenced by the Oriental, Indian & Andean culture. With its seducing electronic textures he creates music not only for dancing but also for healing. Enjoy this colourful journey :)

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15. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 017_ Échos de Toi by Maracuyá

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 017_ Échos de Toi by Maracuyá

@Maracuyacita "I had a little boat, I called it “Life”. Once I went out, and never came back. All of a sudden, there was a big wind, And waves like mountains. Many things raced through my mind, And in the lonely chanting of the sea, I heard the echoes of eternity. And in the fantasy of cloud and sky, I saw the one who lives, while all things die. And I was swallowed by the sea, And lost in the deep, And washed up on the shore... When I awakened, the storm was over, and the sea was calm. It was strange and wonderful, Like seeing the World, and seeing through the World, And when I told the people in the village That I went out and never came back, They all laughed, and called me The Wanderer And I laughed with them, They didn’t know, they were The Wanderers, And so I found my way, and found my home, on Eden’s Island, Where the wind has been telling the truth, For ever and ever and ever... "

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16. 001 - Gaita De Mi Tierra - Marcelo Berges

001 - Gaita De Mi Tierra - Marcelo Berges

@prizma-9 A orillas de la fría laguna , del sol picante y la majestuosa inmensidad, entusiasmado por el pronto descubrimiento ,bajo la presión q la altura ejercía sobre mi frágil pero bien aventurado cuerpo,rodeado de tierras ancestrales que revelaban ante mi, mi propia esencia. Tras años de obligarme a adoptar una realidad a la cual no le debía pertenencia , sumergido en visiones artificiales , proyectadas desde el ojo externo de la ignorancia. Después de despertar del profundo sueño que el soñador ignora. Se derraman las hermosas melodías que de las entrañas brotan, que se identifican con las raíces caladas en las tierras de donde un día floreció mi existencia. Reactivando memorias , emociones , lecciones que desde la infancia suprimidas yacían en silencio , recuperando así mi ser, mi sonido , mi nombre . Chibcha, el ritmo constante que resuena en cada palpitar de este templo , que conecta con la infancia y los caminos recorridos a lo largo de la experiencia humana que llamo vida , camino largo ,escabroso , de terrenos rocosos , agitados, llenos de emoción y vida. Un homenaje a los viejos sonidos y viejos maestros , a los amigos , los compañeros , a los que hoy no están , y los que aun no han llegado.. a los que a través del tiempo creen , crean , crían manteniendo costumbres, danzas , ritmos, que respetan la madre tierra , que aman su mas profunda pureza y se mantiene fuertes ante cualquier amenaza. Chibcha, un homenaje a la gran familia . gracias. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the banks of the cold lagoon, the spicy sun and the majestic immensity, happy about this discovery, under the pressure that the height exerted on my fragile but well-adventurous body, surrounded by ancestral lands that revealed before me: my own essence. After years of forcing myself to adopt a reality to which I did not belong, submerged in artificial visions, projected from the outer eye of ignorance. I awoke from the deep dream that the dreamer ignores. The beautiful melodies that flow from the gut, which relate to the roots of the lands where one day my life flourished. Reactivating memories, emotions, lessons that were suppressed ever since childhood, lay in silence, thus recovering my being, my sound, my name. Chibcha, the constant rhythm that resonates in every heartbeat of this temple, which connects to the paths traveled along the human experience that I call life, long, rugged, rocky terrain, hectic, full of emotions… A tribute to the old sounds and old masters, to the friends, the companions, to those who are no longer here, and to those who have not yet arrived ... to those who, through time, believe, create, keep traditions alive, dances, rhythms, which respect mother earth and its deepest purity and remain strong in the face of any threat. Chibcha, a tribute to the great family. Thank you. All songs mastered by Haunted Water Original samples by: Gaita de mi tierra: Totó la momposina > la verdolaga. A viento suelto, Víctor Yepes, gaitero de San Jacinto, Bolívar, Colombia. Tambor alegre, sas producciones Nativo: Comunidad Indigena Wounan Laurel Deep Playground : Virgin Stars in Africa Ceremony > Siempre he de adorarte: Yacopi (cover de kjarkas) Atamasha: Nativos Emberá y los Wounaan La danza de la Madre Tierra > Rodrigo Balaguer Ananbraa River: Anambra River >LP Spirit Of Africa (1983) OZO Cover image by Funka With love from RANDOM COLLECTIVE in Costa Rica.

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17. Undersound Mixtapes Vol 002_Échappée belle by Maracuyá

Undersound Mixtapes Vol 002_Échappée belle by Maracuyá

@maracuyacita Endless naked moonlight swims in the green sensational sea. Beauty lives within an eye of jade. The mystery of music can melt into black and white and dissolve into grey. The Zodiac

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18. Landhouse & Raddantze - Welcome To The Sun

Landhouse & Raddantze - Welcome To The Sun

Written and Produced by Landhouse & Raddantze (@landhouse-raddantze) Remixes: Nathan Hall (@nathanhall-1) San Miguel (@san-miguel-berlin) Mastering: Haunted Water (@haunted_water) Cover Art: Nillo (@nillocr)

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19. Acclimation


Out NOW on Shango Records Compilation "Iguanas over Martinique"

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20. 011 Darp_Tavâsin

011 Darp_Tavâsin

ozan Yalçin is an 18 year old student from istambul turkey, in his own words: "I make Instrumental HipHop belong Raphavend Label(fb/Raphavend) and Snatchers(fb/snatcheers) I like Ethnic / Psychedelic / Anatolian / Arabic Sounds" in our words: an amazing artist, amazing and underground artist, we got hypnotized with his sound, the balance between beats and traditional melodies is a beautiful example of his passion and respect for his cultural background!

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