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3. Beatles Record Lyrics

Beatles Record Lyrics

I bought you that Beatles record And it had your favorite songs For the summer, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah We drove through the old canard And it was in your mother's car Spittin' cherry pits out

7. It's A Long Way Back Lyrics

It's A Long Way Back Lyrics

(two false starts) What am I doing? Let me just practice that for a second (some drum practice) Why does it sound so funny to me? OK (giggle)

19. All For You Lyrics

All For You Lyrics

I have perfume and candy A suit and a tie 3 roses 4 carnations Some chocolates, a drawing A card and a poem Flowers, and great expectations Too much, too soon? Well, maybe. But too much too soon came

20. UFO / IFO Lyrics

UFO / IFO Lyrics

The paper called it a UFO but I know it's an IFO They have it in a lab somewhere They know more than they're telling Why won't the government open its files? We have a right to know Hidden in a top s