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1. Melodic Death Metal Compilation From The Underground

  • Published: 2017-05-29T09:19:36Z
  • By husa8ooo6
Melodic Death Metal Compilation From The Underground

TRACKLIST: 00:00 - 04:55 | Meridian - Children Of Rust 04:56 - 08:27 | Anoreksi - Anorexia 08:28 - 13:04 | Rain Of Acid - Broken 13:05 - 17:01 | Ritual Of Rebirth - Of Tides And Desert 17:02 - 21:09 | Perpetual - Inner Messiah 21:10 - 24:46 | The Last Hangmen - Little Ease 24:47 - 28:59 | Soul Sacrifice - Torture My Soul 29:00 - 34:43 | Aetherial - One Of The Departed 34:44 - 38:02 | Construct - Dead Tomorrow 38:03 - 41:59 | The Cold Existence - Fractured 42:00 - 46:00 | In Dread Response - Cannons At Dawn 46:01 - 49:53 | Forgotten Tears - Inner Memories 49:54 - 54:46 | Wintersfear - Innate Fury 54:47 - 59:36 | Crystalic - Voiceless Army 59:37 - 1:03:57 | Nex Locus - Eye Upon The Cross 1:03:58 - 1:08:15 | All I Lost - Ember 1:08:16 - 1:12:14 | Deviant Tactics - Hollow Eyes 1:12:15 - 1:18:13 | Woccon - Behind The Clouds 1:18:14 - 1:23:00 | Suotana - Child Of Frost 1:23:01 - 1:27:16 | Ruin Of Remembrance - Birth Of An Atheist 1:27:17 - 1:32:12 | Archons - Wandering The Burning Land 1:32:13 - 1:36:42 | Burden Of Grief - No Way Out 1:36:43 - 1:42:25 | Deadly Curse - My Worst Enemy 1:42:26 - 1:46:10 | Pronostic - Pay To See The Day 1:46:11 - 1:50:43 | Sublime Eyes - Shellshocked 1:50:44 - 1:56:00 | Symbolic - Everlasting 1:56:01 - 1:59:45 | Lost Dreams - Wage Of Disgrace 1:59:46 - 2:03:30 | Frozen Infinity - The Shattered Image 2:03:31 - 2:08:38 | Zero Degree - Disease 2:08:39 - 2:12:53 | Deals Death - Concrete Conflict 2:12:54 - 2:17:37 | Human Error - City Of Ghosts 2:17:38 - 2:22:20 | Elysian - Sigma 2:22:21 - 2:27:12 | Aeveron - Cathartic Rain 2:27:13 - the end | To Dust - Chronos

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2. PROPHECY Chrome Feel It Like A Scientist

PROPHECY Chrome Feel It Like A Scientist

REVIEWS FOR ‘FEEL IT LIKE A SCIENTIST’ USA’s, Acoustic Music “One of their absolute best…maybe even #1.”\ USA's, The Big Take Over "Helios Creed has delivered an album under the Chrome moniker that…rises as a high point in his entire career as a solo artist". USA's, Stereo Embers "Feel It Like A Scientist' may well be Creed’s most vital work yet.” “Their [Damon Edge and Helios Creed’s] meeting in 1976 is the origin spark that’s still igniting near forty years later, making that fateful encounter just about as big a big bang moment as ‘rock’ music has known…combined with the band as it now stands – keyboard whizbang madman Tommy Grenas, protean drummer Aleph Omega, Lux Vibratus routinely moving mountains on bass, Lou Minatti (nee Keith Thompson) on second guitars and Anne Dromeda (or Monet Clark as her mom calls her) adding vocals – there seems an additional drive, resulting in a careeningness beyond the sum of its parts…” “Helios Creed doesn’t sound like a musician reborn here, he sounds like a musician being constantly born. A sense of constant emergence marks his career, an unceasing process that expresses its definition most exquisitely and, indeed, definitively, on this record.” --Dave Cantrell USA’s, Consequence of Sound live stream debut “Chrome demonstrate that even after nearly 40 years and countless lineup changes, their hunger and curiosity remain just as savage as when the project first began”. UK's, WIRE Magazine 2 page spread with photo (hard copy only) "Now into their fourth decade, Chrome are still chewing up rock 'n roll's past to regurgitate a dystopian future" UK's, Record Collector "Chrome never fades...This latest installment in the Chrome saga is remarkable...He’s replicated the spirit and feel of Chrome’s groundbreaking period....This Chrome hasn’t lost its shine". Italy’s, Rock Lab “One of the best works of the year.” UK's,The Quietus “…It's possibly the most welcome and fitting comeback album from a veteran avant garde artist since Celtic Frost's tumultuous Monotheist hit the racks in 2006…’Feel It Like A Scientist’ upon us, and blow us down if it isn't a tonic for the troops…[It] manages to pull off the neat trick of mainlining the bizarre Chrome magick of yore without coming across as some Pixies-esque pastiche of the band's greatest era. Decadent and deranged, yet possessed of a sleek, unearthly allure and refined for a still more confusing new age…”Jimmy Martin Germany's, Slam Magazine (hard copy only) “…To all the lovers of psychedelic music, here you can listen to a master of the genre. It shows how great Helios Creed still is…You'll get a full acid trip by Helios Creed and his bandmates...But there is more then long guitar riff distortions, much more music which sounds like actually songs. With the quality of the work, you get to understand why it took 2 years to make.” USA's, Relix Magazine “Nearly 40 years after joining seminal experimental-rock outfit Chrome, Helios Creed is still finding new ways to weird out your eardrums. ‘Feel It Like a Scientist’ …crams a decade’s worth of sprawling chaos into an hour-long avant-garde spectacle…Creed remains a potent noisemaker, leading a nimble band through their freak-show paces…” France's, No Compro Blogspot “As an aperitif, heralding this new Chrome album...the excellent “Half Machine from the Sun” [was released]...a superb compilation of “forgotten” songs from CHROME dated 1979 and 1980...After the revelation of this little masterpiece, the bar was placed...quite high. But the greatest satisfaction is that “Feel It Like A Scientist” succeeds handily the challenge...In short its a real gem, that I recommend you rush.” —Hans Cany USA's, The Vinyl District, Graded on a Curve “Given Creed’s extensive Chrome output what’s achieved on 'Feel it Like a Scientist' shouldn’t be especially surprising. However, the increased profile inspired by that highly impressive recovery project of last year [The Lost Chrome Tracks] has carried over and…raised the expectations somewhat; happily opener “Nephilims (Help Me!)” wastes no time in quashing disappointment…The cut immediately establishes the acid-punk model that’s made Chrome such an enduringly vaunted entity. It also features modulated vocals figuring prominently across the ensuing 15 tracks, these enhancements likely to remind many of similar treatments by the Butthole Surfers, notably from around their ’88 LP Hairway to Steven…But of course the Texas crew, like various others in ‘80s u-ground rock, was to some extent actually absorbing the impact of Chrome’s prime work…The first 20 years of Chrome securely belonged to its founder, but the last two decades of the group’s tale have been defined by Helios Creed; Feel it Like a Scientist emphasizes this circumstance with aplomb”. A- France's, Le Canal Auditif "A very successful album" USA’s, Magnet Magazine (hard copy only) “ …‘Feel It Like A Scientist’ represents Helios Creed and Co. crafting fresh material in new-millenium mode. So, what does the guy who has influenced space rock, psychedelia, shoe gaze and sonic WTFism for the past four decades bring to the present tense? Plenty, as it turns out. Creed and the freshly buffed Chrome still churn out Stooges smacked raw power mixed with dark wave synth drone, informed by an unbridled sense of possibility and a willingness to allow anything and everything to happen…few of Creed's peers pursue songs and sounds this blazingly epic and weirdly experimental. It's all the in the title; like science's best acolytes, Chrome will always operate most effectively at the intersection of the soul’s passion and the brain's desire to explore the mapless unknown.” —Brian Baker Germany's, "This album has real class!...'Feel It Like A Scientist' shows once again how psychedelic rock sounded in its original form, why many industrial rock bands rely on this force, and why KILLING JOKE without the indirect influence of Californians might not exist.",24475.html Portland, OR, USA’s, experimental music blog Foreign Accents: "In a way, because they have strained so aggressively for such profound, bizarre symbolism, with little thought given to aesthetic pleasantness or even to having a clear-cut ideological “point”, Chrome are one of the most “punk” bands to ever exist. Moreover, their experiments with technology certainly prefigured the transition of sampling into mainstream music…Just as they did decades ago, the feverish punk energy and the alien madness come together to create something really damn cool. This is a reunion album to be reckoned with." --Mathew Sweeney USA’s, All Music Noise Album Highlights and Noise Artists Highlights “Striking return to form for these industrial/cyberpunk pioneers, who have maintained an impressive level of bracing weirdness". - Mark Deming USA's, Dangerous Minds 8/5/14 Interview and review "It’s really goddamn good, good enough to completely torpedo my belief that a Chrome album needs Creed and Edge to be top-shelf stuff." Sweden’s, Face Outward Blog “…an excellent presentation of everything that made Chrome so good, and what continues to make Chrome good" USA’s, Under the Radar (hard copy) "With primary member Helios Creed at the helm, ‘Scientist’ is a collection of linear songs though Chromed through and through. Had MC5 embraced a goth flair, with buzzing guitars and charging drums dizzyingly swarmed by electronic instruments, effects, and feedback, they might have produced something as maniacally rewarding as this in 2014." USA’s, Baby Sue Review “Sixteen cool tracks that prove Chrome is just as relevant today, if not more so, than ever before." USA’s, Thugbrarian Review “Chrome are as hungry as the newest band out there, and as relevant as ever!...[It] is most definitely the next level in terms of dynamics, production, and sound...I am here to tell you that this is the Chrome that we have loved for years…contain[ing] that Psychedelic Spacepunk…trademark…Anne Dromeda adds an extra dimension to the songs, as she has a beautiful voice when she is singing, as well as a sinister edge when she brings the darkness...I believe 'Feel it Like a Scientist' will be THE Chrome album that will finally break through to…the masses...There is essentially no one making music like this today. No One" USA's, Paraphilia Magazine: "It’s a challenging and exhilarating work. Longstanding fans won’t be disappointed by the high standard that’s maintained throughout, or the mania that drives the album, and for those unacquainted with the band (where have you been?), it’s a most appealing port of entry – as long as you’re up for getting your brain bent a little". France’s, Adopte un Disque “Its demanding and complex, damn hard, but its richness and interest however are not to be questioned: a disk recommended for those who like to be jostled and travel to uncharted musical regions.” Switzerland's, Der Bund Newspaper "Feel It Like a Scientist" it is hot, and it sounds somewhat disturbing. There it is again, the unpredictable Verdrogtheit old days, the guitar effects are exzessivst used, and once again Chrome are probably a bit too radical to win a flower pot". Fan, Nick Gadman “Great album. Easily one of the best by Chrome. A new classic.” USA's, Heavy Metal Time Machine Blogspot "Forgive me father for I have sinned. I've gone and sold my soul to Chrome. Not that I had much choice. All it took was one play of the group's long-overdo new album…and I was done for! One play. Just one play. That's the power of "Feel It Like A Scientist” close to greatness as one can come!" USA's, Dangerous Minds Live stream of the single Prophecy and review. 6/14 "Having heard Feel it Like a Scientist', I have to agree—this feels music like 'the next level'...this stuff is worthy". UK’s, Uncut Magazine review 8/10 “The nth coming of San Francisco Art Punks. Four decades once they were first formed by the late Damon Edge, Chrome’s sulphuric take on rock ’n’ roll still sounds like they beamed down from a rarer, more caustic atmosphere than our own. Their head conceptualist is now guitarist Helios Creed, who’s kept the vision tight, true to the corroded metal, viscous electronics and Burroughsian collages of their signal albums, 1977’s ‘Alien Soundtracks’ and 1979’s ‘Half Machine Lip Moves’. There’s more thuggish rock action on ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’ but songs like ‘Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic’ are scabrous and overloaded as ever: psychedelia as torched landscapes and industrial accidents” —John Dale UK’s, Uncut Magazine special insert in the review section “REVALATIONS, Helios Creed has been ReChromed…For anyone deep into the world of Chrome, the original San Francisco sci-fi psych-pink-rock- gang, the group’s myth has much to do with their outsider status- this was the group, after all, whose debut album was rejected by a major label in 1976 for sounding like ‘messed-up Doors.’ For Helios Creed, who joined soon after, and has led the group since the passing of founding member Damon Edge sine 1995, marginal life was where it was at: “San Francisco a the time was in this post-’60s mellow burned out hippy phase,” he recalls. ‘I wasn’t into it and neither was Damon. We both loved psychedelia, heavy rock, new free punk like The Stooges. Bumping in a truckload of whacked-out sci-fi electronics, the Chrome vibe was set: ‘When we’d record we’d both get what we called ‘the chill factor’ at the same time from certain parts of our recorded sessions.” That’s carried through to the approach on their newest album, ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’. ‘It’s got the rock and the rhythm section that rips your head off and the the weirdest shit you ever heard in rock on the top tracks. It’s a process. I call it being Chromed.” —John Dale Austrialia's, I-94 Bar "You need [Feel It Like A Scientist] in your ears, in your gut, in your cells, parasites and in your fucking dna”. Robert Brokenmouth USA, All Music Review by Mark Deming: "Like the sci-fi warriors they always wanted to be, Chrome were a band that never seemed to fit in with the times...Almost 40 years after they released their first album, Chrome thankfully still sound like interstellar oddballs armed with electric guitars and malfunctioning electronics, and 2014's ‘Feel It Like a Scientist’ is a remarkably effective evocation of the sound and style of Chrome's late-'70s albums Alien Soundtracks and Half Machine Lip Moves. This new edition of Chrome does have an aural fingerprint of its own -- drummer Aleph Omega has a more organic sound than the late Damon Edge, and D.I.Y. technology has improved enough to give this album much cleaner surfaces and crisper production than the sometimes clanky tone of the band's early generates a palpable excitement that's a powerful reminder that, in an increasingly eccentric world, Chrome is still as bracingly weird as ever...Creed's commitment to Chrome's vision is as strong as ever, and the results will put a demented grin on the face of longtime fans. Judging from this music, Chrome are still lost in space, and who would want it any other way?" Germany’s, Musik Express (Hard copy only) "The first album from experimental rockers CHROME after twelve years of absence discloses an unbroken desire for confrontation in their heavy crash-test space lab ." Holland’s, New Underground Music Blogspot “ ‘Feel It LIke A Scientist' stands full of delicious spacerock songs and is thus a must for every devotee of this genre." UK's, Shindig Spacerock Special (hard copy only) “Prophecy' is the first single from the album [Feel It Like A Scientist] & to call it a monster would be an understatement. The spirit of classic Chrome is intact, without being a retro rehash of days gone by. The song ROCKS hard… sporting a catchy riff, killer blazing dual guitars, & haunting keys & backing vocals....If the rest of the album is as good as 'Prophecy', this edition of Chrome is sure to make a splash in the post-millennium spacerock world’. —Jerry Kranitz San Francisco, USA’s, SF Weekly "Prophecy" is...satisfying enough to remind you what you liked about industrial music in the first place". —Ian S.Port Fan, David Warner "This new track (Prophecy) has just blown me away...Holy Shit guys, you're fucking AWESOME! You have just made me VERY happy with your BLINDING, AMAZING song... You have captured the original CHROME sound PERFECTLY and reinstated yourselves as a truly legendary, unstoppable force of cyber rock warriors! I LOVE you!" Fan, Tim Harper "Usually when bands are reactivated 35 years after their heyday it's either crap or a total disappointment as a bunch of old farts lumber through their greatest hits. But this is Chrome... " UK's, Soft Bodies Blogspot "This is Chrome. Chrome never sat still, never rested on their laurels. They kept going, kept evolving. That's what they've done since year zero and that's what they're doing now. And the result is the strongest album they've done in years. 'Feel It Like A Scientist' kicks off with 'Nephlims (Help Me!)', which sets the scene for the first part of the album. Sci-fi lunatic rock. 'Something In The Cloud' is a definite highlight, that could have dropped off 'Half Machine From The Sun'. They're sounding more focused than they have in a long time, there's little waste here. They get in, do their damage and get out again…Helios Creed might be directing the ship, but this feels like a group effort. A band rather than just a would be visionary and some hired hands. As I said, best thing they've done in years". Sweden's, Artorarsedistro Blogspot "Yeah, we know what you think; 'old bands that were great, recording stuff 30 years later, must be horrible'. We were skeptical as well, but even though it sounds way more modern it's a actually a great CHROME album, well worth checking out". UK's, Toby Mearing Radio Show Blog "With Damon Edge dead I didn't dare hope..but this is fantastic!" Germany’s, Stage and Reptiles “Conclusion…This album proves that Chrome’s new and veteran comrades to Helios Creed, harmonize so perfectly with each other that the new album truly need not fear comparison with the old battleships of the Creed/Edge era. A great album!” USA’s CVLT Nation reposts Ari Wilson’s review from the Holy Grail "Helios Creed delivers the most thrilling brand of Chrome's music since the passing of Damon Edge...The re-formed ensemble captures the core of Chrome's sound as old-school, genuine, and with all its rawness and experimentality - it's all there with a touch of fresh ideas, like female background vocals..." USA’s, Seattle PI “…best Chrome album I have heard in is a welcome event to hear the group still sounding so fresh and majestically strange today. 'Feel It Like a Scientist' feels like classic Chrome." Fan, Nightwrath: “Unexpected greatness from this most recent incarnation of Chrome, directed by legendary axeman Helios Creed…one of his best albums in years…” Italy's, Sentirecoltair "Creed has achieved the goal of evolving the mythological sound of the early albums of this Californian group, making the new work current and listenable in the present, but at the same time true to the style of mutant creature that was the band...The initial 'Nephilims (Help Me!)’ has a riff that attacks stoogesiano, with icy synth inserts and a voice shouted in a new metal style. 'Prophecy' switches to ominously stellar dark metal tones...with 'Lady Feline' we find a grunge android between a crazy wah-wah riff and a swirl of distorted background vocals, and 'Big Brats' is hard rock from cyberspace, with a lot of electronic beats (and text by Damon Edge)…Solid guitar riffs are the basis of the experimental 'Unbreakable Flouride Lithium Plastic', a sort of nervous breakdown-style free jazz from space around a single metal riff…’Captain Boson', led by drum and bass funk / punk with dub guitar solos in hyperspace… ’Cyberchondria' a visionary psychedelic trip between hieroglyphics and foley in which the rhythm section to always holds the reins…electronic effects for 'Slave Planet Institution', the simple hypnotic force 'Lipstick' and a two-minute song that could be called almost pop 'Six’…This is a good overview on the sound of Chrome, which does not sound like a cover band of themselves, which is already a good result". Holland’s, 3Voor12 Zuid “With their raw mix of primitive punk, sci-fi, kraut and industrial rock, the band in the 80s gained a cult status…Recently Chrome released ‘Feel it Like A Scientist’ (2014). And album that proved that Chrome is far from depreciated. The expectations for the show in Rotter dam are high.” USA's, Rocktober Reviews Blogspot "The crunching, crushing guitar-fueled journey through hyperspace is post-futuristic. It also manages to be savage, funny, beautiful and wildly weird." USA’s, The Helios Chrome Tribute Site "Killer record from start to finish" —Brent Marley Finland's, Psychotropiczone Blogspot "This album is really strong throughout and just as good as Chrome was in the early daze...The songs are well crafted and after the first amazement you start to notice some pretty clever, catchy melodies as well…I feel that Helios Creed has laid down some of his best riffs ever." Sweden's, Interview and review: "I like it I must say. It really sounds like Chrome...if you like their classic titles you will love this one". USA’s, Head-Fi Forums 150+ albums to hear “…this new album manages to capture the dystopian futuro essence of what made Chrome so great in the 70s" Spain’s, Usonica To ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’, Creed recruited a new lineup of musicians, including singer Anne Dromeda, guitarist Keith Thompson, drummer Aleph Omega, bassists Vibratus Lux and Steve "Trash" Fishman and synthesist Tommy Greñas who additionally wrote all the lyrics on the album. Creed also included several lines originally written by the late Edge. In a statement, Creed said, "I have the best band together at last. It's the way I've always wanted to Chrome rings. It's what I always imagined that Chrome could be after Damon. I have been able to take it to the next level.” The resulting 16 tracks album is a kind of master class on all things Chrome that are good, as the band experiments deftly melodic sounds and intense hues. However, Chrome shows that even after nearly 40 years and countless lineup changes, their hunger and curiosity are still as wild as when the project began.“ USA's, Jersery Beat "The heavy use of synth gives it a real 80s feel, in a German new wave minimalist way. Yet it also still feels modern in structure. Some of it gets downright delightfully weird, like “Slave Planet Institution,”...a lot of the album has a...psychedelic distorted sci-fi soundtrack sound. “Lipstick,”...sounds like a disco track for drunken robots. And I mean that in a good way... “Unbreakable Fluoride Lithium Plastic” is a pretty awesome one..."" Italy's, Le Pelle Muta Blogspot "This disc is at the head of my top 10 of 2014". Fan, Myke Adaptiv: "This is my favorite release this year!" USA's, Vintage Vinyl News ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’ makes the top ten list of new releases by a veteran artist USA’s, Punk News STAFF PICKS List album under best new music USA’s, Razoncake "...I’m gonna safely bet this’ll make it onto several “best of” lists come the end of the year, including any such list culled by this writer. Highly recommended. –Jimmy Alvarado Spain's, Ruta66 (hard copy only) “The repertoire of this San Francisco group is one of the sharpest inventories of psychedelia, minimalist noise, and high energy…known as the alien bastion of American punk. This record brings back a new sheen to the sulphuric guitarist Helios Chrome and definitely fits into the heroic cultural Chrome saga. ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’ is not indigent of the accolades of Julian Cope who wrote regarding the fire at the beginning of their 1979 classic ‘Half Machine Lip Moves’ that it surpassed the beginning of even Iggy Pop’s ‘Raw Power’. Tracks ‘Six’ and ‘Prophecy’ renovate the minimalism of Iggy. After rescuing and editing the Lost Chrome Tracks and releasing ‘Half Machine from the Sun’ last year Creed and rose beyond the risk of falling into pastiche, but instead recaptured the essence of the Chrome sound.” New Jersey, USA’s WFMU Radio “The Sci-Fi Stooges" Belgium’s, Music in Belgium ”Imagine, simply put, the psychedelic Space Rock of Hawkwind and Cold Wave / Dark Wave / Postpunk minimalism…” Poland’s, Screenagers.PL “post-punk charm of the old Chrome” USA'S, BCN posts the single ‘Prophecy’ “LEGENDARY LEGENDS, Chrome, the mythical avant-acid-experimental outfit recently relaunched by guitarist Helios Creed, drift off into the inner vibrations of soundgasm sorcery on ‘Feel It Like a Scientist." USA’s, Dunce Magazine Full feature interview “Chrome manages to create a rock n’ roll sound that embodies both the sensory filled paranoia in the apocalyptic visions of Phillip K. Dick, as well as the post-modern, “I do what I want, and pay the price” situationism of hardcore punk bands like The Germs. They synthesize a digital world in which purpose and feeling seem to fluidly trade off dominant roles. Though the stream-of-consciousness beatnik elements of the sound are quite present, Damon & Helios play an actively experiential role in shaping it. Their every tape splice and sudden change of tempo parallels the stoner who sits before his Tumblr account, clicking from link to link on the basis of first sight…From their debut album ‘Alien Soundtracks’ to…their current post-Edge double album reformation ‘Feel Like A Scientist’, Chrome reconstructs a lens for psychedelia that rejects a policy of absolute metaphysical surrender and injects the notion that no matter what the presented circumstance may entail, the listener or artist chooses his own adventure.” USA’s, Broadway World posts live stream debut and 4 recently published review/articles and one of their own: “The name catches it: Chrome, fast as quicksilver, curved in anticipation of the future, a redux reading of chromosome that feels more machine than man. ‘Half Machine Lip Moves’, the title of the third Chrome album from 1979, sets the blueprint for their crude cyberpunk take on rock 'n' roll. Thomas Wisse changed his name to Damon Edge and founded Chrome in 1975, but it wasn't until he met Helios Creed, a vocalist and guitarist with a name that made him sound like a solar phallic evangelist, that Chrome really came together, with a sound beamed from a dystopian vision of the future made by two guys with names like theoretical people.” USA’s, Punk News 8/6/14 Full feature interview and review: “This album is one of your darkest, meanest releases to date. Why have you gotten darker and wilder as you've aged, while most artists get calmer?” USA’s, Punk News 8/8/14 Review “Feel It like a Scientist is something of a contradiction. Without a doubt, it's one of Creed's darkest works. The entire album seems to be set in the shadows, suddenly flashing futuristic sounds before drenching them in Creed's notes. But, despite the pontifications found herein, such as being destroyed by giants, sex droids, cat women, and tales of slave planets, the band stops to have fun here and there. "Brady the Chicken Boy" is a minute diversion packed with ridiculously funny clucking…Scientist is an excellent showcase of everything that made Chrome great, and continues to make Chrome great. Long time fans will eat this up. With 35 years to come around and finally understand this galactic trip, maybe the rest of society will catch up on this release as well.” Paris, France's, The New NOISE Magazine July-August issue full 3 page feature interview, photos and review (hard copy only) “Chrome, self-proclaimed acid punk, rock group, was formed in the mid 70 in California. After the death of its co-leader Damon Edge in 1995, Chrome continued. Helios Creed, the other thinking head and genial guitarist of the group, decided to keep it going with the help of Tommy Grenas on the keys and Aleph Omega on the drums ( cf our biographical article in the New Noise #18) Today, in the wake of the compilation The Lost Chrome Tracks from 79-80, the new album ‘Feel like a Scientist’, reconnects with the original post punk, punk, synthesizer and industrial sounds. Its all here: the distorted vocals, the lines of the synthesizer, the collages in the Cabaret Voltaire style, and very evidently the riffs of the inventive and psychedelic guitar of Creed…’MOST OF MY LYRICS ARE ABOVE ALL FREESTYLE AND YOU CAN COMPARE THEM TO DREAMS, IN THE SENCE THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO TELL WHERE THEY COME FROM’. Argentina's, Ergo Felix Culpa Blogspot "Chrome overwhelming returns with a new album 'Feel It Like A Scientist'...This album is a masterful handling of Chrome's iconoclastic acidity...a manifesto of the permanence of the Underground" Croatia’s KLFM Radio Reviews “After nearly forty years... [Chrome] still have not lost their freshness and originality." Spain's, Ruta Rock Magazine "The 16-track album is kind of master class on all things Chrome, as the band is experimenting with melodies and deftly nuanced compositions, intense sounds and disharmonies... industrial "Big Brats", racy romp garage rock "Six", and density of goth-punk ballads. No matter the influences, however, Chrome shows that even after almost 40 years and countless lineup changes, their hunger and curiosity are still as wild as when the project began.” Oakland, USA's, East Bay Express Full feature interview & coverage of Chrome's L.A. show “And while Chrome's latest album [Feel It Like A Scientist] is garnering the sort of accolades once denied to its early material, Creed aims to eclipse his past legacy with a new incarnation…Referring to Chrome's 1979 classic, Creed said, ‘I knew I had to top 'Half Machine Lip Moves' to make a comeback. Not many people have said it does, because that would be bold, but most say it's as good’…Indeed, Chrome's latest album, along with a recent archival release of unreleased recordings from the late 1970s, have yielded some of the most positive critical feedback of Creed's career”. LIVE SHOW REVIEWS 2014 UK's, The Quietus Live Show Review June 21st, 2014 A black hole in the noise: Joe Banks reports from Electrowerkz in London for Chrome's first show there in 25 years. "Chrome live are a blast. With his panama hat, beach shirt and tache, singer and guitarist Helios Creed might look like he's just walked out of The Big Lebowsk…Chrome are absolutely their own thing. Creed's dense, compressed guitar sound mimics the squalling innards of the data networks crushing the breath out of the world, while the muffled clatter of Aleph Omega's drums is relentless, a dubby electronic snare occasionally cutting through the sonic haze. (Special mention too for second guitarist Lou Minatti, who manages to look both puppyish and cool in trapper hat, leather jacket and aviator shades)…“’TV As Eyes', 'Zombie Warfare', 'March Of The Chrome Police' and 'Chromosome Damage' all get an airing along with the heavy trance rock of new single 'Prophecy'. It's also great to hear 'Something Rhythmic (I Can't Wait)' – with its catchy chorus of, anthem, "I need you tied to my bedposts" – from the excellent "lost tracks" album Half Machine From The Sun released last year. As Creed explains from the stage, it was one of a number of songs that Chrome considered "too commercial" to release at the time….it's great that we now have an operational version of the band…a band that is capable of slipping it to the android once again.” UK’s, Freq Live Show Review June 21st, 2014 “Just as we arrive, Chrome take to the stage. The band look young, lean and tight: second guitarist, bass player, sample master and drummer. Both the sample master and the drummer trigger tape loops and assorted sound effects, and instruments are run through complex series of chains and micro-processors. And there at the front is Helios Creed, resplendent in an Our Man in Havana Panama hat…Creed announces that “This is a new one” and there are no issues around inferior later material here. Whatever it is (and unfortunately the PA doesn’t exactly lend itself to clarity for Creed’s between-song explanations), it’s a massive sonic cudgel with which Chrome proceed to smack us repeatedly round the head. It feels like having your brain bashed out with the sleeve of “3rd From the Sun” wrapped round a house brick. Clive returns, battered and elated, and I lean over and bellow into his ear: “I could listen to this for another four hours.”…tonight feels like a massive party of old school London weirdos, drawn together in celebration of a band that always felt like the ultimate expression of outsider weirdohood…The atmosphere is really something special, something to be cherished.” UK’s, Shindig! Magazine Editors Blog, live show review “…Creed’s musical muscle always was, and still is, Chrome. Lanky, slithery, spiny, blessed with an ability to churn out monotone three-chord demi-Asheton riffs, armed with voice effects from the dankest depths of twisted hell, and possessed of the demeanor of a cynical Bay Area morgue attendant. He remains the very personification of, and also the very antithesis of rock ’n’ roll, wrapped up in one man…Guitars are attacked (with band encouragement) by audience members with beer cans, the assorted tribes – punk, hippie, rocker, crustie, scene-kid (80s meaning) garage-head (both meanings) the (very) odd Mod, plus the assorted pre-industrialists that always populate this venue – dance like lunatics, and even Glen Matlock, crammed into a corner with the rest of us, manages a smile. Just enough space clears to view the onstage chaos, the wizardly bandleader’s Gibson rammed ceiling-wards. Pan-seared with white noise, and in heat which could vaporize, your scribe is beyond caring. Like the song says, “This is the New Age”. Always was, always will be.” Helsinki, Finland, Inferno Music Magazine Full feature review of the show Fight the Night 2 - Nightmare City, Helsinki, 13.-14.06.2014 "We do not need video projections and light show. Helios Creed melting and dripping face is the most psychedelic thing that you will ever see” USA’s, Black2com Blogspot, Review of bootleg live CD of Chrome playing Spain’s Prima Vera Festival “This one rocks just as good as if ol’ Edge was still alive and inflicting his demonic influence on the solar mess. Hot flare in the Siren tradition as the old faves are given new rewordings and sound just as feral as they did back when only a few of us fanables were in on the massive push courtesy BOMB! and a handful worthy fanzines…” Germany’s, Stage and Reptiles 5/21/14 Munich show review, mention of ‘Feel It Like A Scientist’ and tour plug and photos of the show “They played ‘Prophecy’ from the 2014 album ‘Feel it like A Scientist’…which do not shrink from the comparison with the old songs.” Holland’s, 3Voor12 Zuid “Chrome is an incredible live band, and they played a thundering show tonight. Whoever was not here, really missed something!” Germany’s, Rockstage Riot Rhenimain “If ever there were a list of ‘100 bands to see before you die’ Chrome belongs on this list…As an opener they played the track "New Age" from their fourth album, which immediately turned the concert hall into a space tunnel that led directly into another universe CHROME played consequently only songs from the era of 1977-82, with the exception of two songs from the upcoming album "Feel it Like a Scientist ", but these pasted seamlessly into the set…” PROPHECY: Lead vocal, lead guitar Helios Creed; background vocals Anne Dromeda: guitar Lou Minatti: Bass Lux Vibratus: Drums Aleph Omega: Keys Tommy Grenas. Lyrics and music written by CHROME. Seminal Bay Area-based avant-punk psychedelic outfit Chrome have completed a new studio, double album of original material, titled Feel It Like A Scientist. It is being released in Europe June 1st and August 5th 2014 in America, on the King of Spades Records label. The new album was recorded at The Compound Studio, Half Machine Studios and Sub Machine Studios all in Santa Cruz, CA, produced by band mainstay Helios Creed and engineered by Keith Thompson, Chrome's second guitar player. The first single from the album, “Prophecy,” was remixed and partially recorded at the historic Capitol Studios C, in Hollywood, CA, with additional vocals by Anne Dromeda and guitar work by Helios Creed, all engineered by Michael Glines and produced by Brian Ross. The music for Feel It Like A Scientist is composed by Creed and the whole band, with lyrics by Creed, Anne Dromeda and Tommy Grenas, and features one track with lyrics by the late Damon Edge. The current Chrome line-up is led by guitarist/vocalist Helios Creed. The band originated with drummer and vocalist Damon Edge in 1975 who took inspiration from influences as divergent as proto-Punk pioneers such as The Stooges, to sound art experimentation like the work of John Cage and Allan Kaprow. Heavy Rock guitarist and vocalist Creed joined the band in 1976. “It took guitarist Helios Creed joining up in ’76 for Chrome to really find their groove, a coruscating, face-peeling take on rock form that’s surprisingly hard to pin down”. Jon Dale, Uncut Magazine 9/13. He came it to cut their commercial and artistic breakthrough album Alien Soundtracks, in 1977 and their signature sound emerged. It was comprised of new songs, some with Gary Spain, as well as previously recorded tracks with member John Lambdin, made during the sessions for Chrome’s first release 1976’s The Visitation. The two former members left the band soon after Creed joined, which left Edge and Creed at the helm, splicing and editing the material. Alien Soundtracks and Chrome’s next album,1979’s Half Machine Lip Moves, remain underground classics. “Nobody ever started an album with as much fire as Chrome did with the opening of Half Machine Lip Moves” proclaims Julian Cope. “[it] remains my favorite beginning to any rock n’ roll record, surpassing even Iggy and the Stooges’ Raw Power.” -Head Heritage 2012 Helios Creed and Damon Edge developed a unique methodology within Chrome, bringing art into sound, splicing in a Sci-Fi collage of sound bites, combining searing rock with noise, weirdness, pile driver rhythms (including scrap metal percussion), heavy rhythm-guitar riffs, effects-laden vocals and Psychedelic guitar leads, and mind-bending audio manipulations. They came up during a fertile era of experimentation for music in San Francisco, from the break of Punk to the advent of Art Rock and Industrial musical projects. Chrome was groundbreaking and their de/re-construction of Rock ‘n Roll created a sound that defied categorization. They influenced a wide range of musical genres as well as generations of bands from the avant-rock of Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips to Industrial rockers like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry. They “exploded the possibilities of what Punk, Psychedelic, New Wave and Industrial Rock could sound like”, claims’s Andrew Stecz 3/12. The prolific duo produced several more albums and EPs through 1983, Including two on the UK’s Beggar’s Banquet label. On several tracks they added vocals by French rock star Fabienne Shine and for their last three releases they added John and Hillary Stench to their rhythm section. In the mid-80’s, Chrome continued as a Damon Edge solo project. He released numerous albums while stationed in France. Helios Creed also further developed his sound as a solo artist and released albums prolifically, first from the post-Punk late 80’s creative milieu of San Francisco on Subterranean Records, then a brief stint on Sub Pop Records, relocating to Seattle before the then burgeoning Grunge scene had broke. However, Creed found his sonic home within the harder NOISE Rock scene of the mid-West on Amphetamine Reptile Records. He toured stateside and in Europe for years, sharing stages with many of the great indie acts of the late 80’s and 90’s. He toured in Nik Turner’s (Hawkwind) band Space Ritual, along with current Chrome keyboardist Tommy Grenas, for their 1994 US tour. Creed has churned out 21 solo albums and singles from 1985-2011. After Edge’s passing in 1995 Helios Creed took back the helm of Chrome; enter madman of Pressurehead and Farflung fame Tommy Grenas on keys, and heavy, San Francisco-based drummer Aleph Omega a year later. Both were long time appreciators of Chrome and both are still part of the current line up. Under the direction of Helios Creed they began working within the sometimes spontaneous, always dynamic methods that he and Damon Edge had developed years before and with other musicians released 4 more Chrome albums including 2002’s Angel of the Clouds a posthumous collaboration with Damon Edge’s work that he left behind when he died (recently rereleased on the band’s King of Spades Label in 2013). The band also toured. In 2007, enter Lux Vibratus joining the group on bass, forming a foursome; with Creed, Grenas and Omega that lasted 5 years. This included a tour and also the release of a Helios Creed solo album in 2011 Galactic Octopi. In 2012 commencement of recording sessions for Feel It Like A Scientist began with the addition of guitarist Lou Minatti (aka Keith Thompson) & vocalist Anne Dromeda (aka Monet Clark who is also a noted conceptual & performance/video artist & who designed this & the last Chrome album covers While making Feel It Like A Scientist, previously unreleased lost tracks from Creed’s and Edge’s classic period of ’79-’80 had surfaced, and Creed and company launched a campaign with fans to raise the funds to buy back, mix, and release the works. The resultant Half Machine from the Sun, the Lost Tracks from ’79-’80 received a flood of favorable press, garnering a resurgence of interest in Chrome’s cultural significance. Infused with the avidity of that sonic trip down memory lane and with one final switch in the lineup to Steve Fishman on bass who’s worked with Paul McCarney, Rob Orbison, Elton John, members of Blondie, the Sex Pistols, the Dammed and the Stranglers, the final recording sessions for Feel It Like A Scientist were completed late in 2013. “Time does only favors to Chrome: the music …could still theoretically start a new movement". Ben Ratliff, Sunday New York Times 10/13 In Helios Creed’s own words from 2014 interviews: “I have the best band put together, finally.”  “The album is coming out…it’s how I’ve always wanted Chrome to sound. It’s what I always imagined Chrome could be post Damon, ya know. I’ve been able to take it to the next level.”  PRESS CONTACT AND KING OF SPADES LABEL: [email protected]

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