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2. This Dj Is So Funky Man

  • Published: 2014-11-13T19:59:32Z
  • By _Shunter
This Dj Is So Funky Man

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4. Portugal. The Man - "So American" (Woodkid Remix)

Portugal. The Man -

Woodkid's remix of Portugal. The Man's track "So American" off the album "In The Mountain In The Cloud"

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5. If So (Magic Man Remix)

If So (Magic Man Remix)

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10. So American

So American

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  • Published: 2016-01-05T15:15:29Z
  • By y.hurn


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12. So Young

So Young

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19. Profit - So Positive (Prod. by Medicine Man)

Profit - So Positive (Prod. by Medicine Man)

Vocals By: Profit ( Produced By: Medicine Man ( Mixed By: Juku ( [Verse 1] Most of these niggas just dunno Rolling or packing I pack cigarillo Doing my job make it look like it simple If you fuck up put a gun to your temple Banging on a niggas leave you lookin mental Shout to my gang yeah the ones that I put in fo Working all night still waiting for a check Constantly lifted we rolling up jets Can't wait for the day that I see some respect Fucking with me then your seeing a threat Skinny ass nigga not breaking a sweat This is as real as it gets Flexing on niggas Hope you see my reps And I don't give a fuck I don't see no regrets Bitches talk shit but just wait for the day That I make it no faking She bringing the cake in [Hook] Got yo bitch up on my dick Errbody know my name Errbody know my name Errbody know my name x2 [Verse 2] I got nothing but respect for the people that grind and make it Looking at myself so many dreams that I'm chasing Got yo bish up on my line and she be loving all my fuckin flow Told her drop it down pop that ass and then just move it slow Feeling kinda dizzy off the liquor and damn patrone Girl up in the booty shorts Damn I really wanna bone Yeah she coming straight from the mutha fuckin west side California mother fucker bringing out the best pride Flow is explicit You already know I just woke up morning sniff a line of the snow Feeling hella energized in charge of the enterprise Addicted to all the drugs and girls that's just finna ride Hol up Betta watch your fuckin mouth Oh you got guns nigga betta bring em out Haha you know I'm about SWNG GVNG Lemme hear you fuckin shout Got the world in my hands right now Throw a couple bandz right now Feeling like the man right now Drop it down low bring it back right now Only 17 and kill shit House stay bumping to my music Got the blunt rolled up and I'm coolin So glad that I'm in the fuckin movement Got yo bish on my dick and she grooving Everyday is like a mother fucking movie nigga

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20. F-Man - So Addicted [OUT NOW]

F-Man - So Addicted [OUT NOW]

More of this on Spotify: It's good to have this man back on the mothership. F-Man brings you a brand new solid track filled with groovy basslines, catchy melodies and beats that will definitely get your feet shuffling all night long! Get ready to be addicted to this one! Follow CYFI @canyoufeelitrecords

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