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1. OPENING SET @ *Shpongle Masquerade Tour w/ Phutureprimitive* 2012 (FREE D/L)

OPENING SET @ *Shpongle Masquerade Tour w/ Phutureprimitive* 2012 (FREE D/L)

My opening set at the Wilma Theatre for "Shpongle presents: The Masquerade Tour w/ Phutureprimitive" in Missoula, MT, Fall 2012. TRACKLIST: Rip Cord - Tipper Hole In My Sitar - Kuba Pagan Dream Machine (Vibrasphere Remix) - Entheogenic The Unexpected Visitor - Shulman The Missing Quanta - Globular Makyen Ghrir Allah (Desert Dwellers Remix) - Earthrise Soundsystem Splitting an Atom - Ott An Echo is the Shadow of a Sound - Radioactive Sandwich Colours of the Brainbow - Globular Synesthesiasia - Globular A Shower of Sparks - Ott WANT MORE? CHECK OUT MY OPENING SET FROM SHPONGLE 2014 TOUR!! LINK:

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2. OPENING SET @ "Shpongle Museum Of Consciousness Tour w/ Desert Dwellers" 2014 (FREE DOWNLOAD)


My opening DJ set from the Shpongle 2014 tour with Desert Dwellers in Missoula, MT, March 18th. TRACKLIST: Algae Bloom in Seven - Tipper Synchronicity City 3.0 - Globular Infinity Inside - Globular Desert Nomad (remix) - Androcell Speak for the Trees - Soulular & Spoken Bird Crystalight - Laughing Buddha Neon Tetra - Umberloid (aka Ott) Hip Squatch (Kalya Scintilla Remix) - Mr. Squatch Zwartkop (feat. The We're Home Family Drum Brigade) - Kilowatts Sensiverse - Quanta Smoked Glass and Chrome - Ott Drifting - Phutureprimitive

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3. Stargazing 2016 (Free Download)

Stargazing 2016 (Free Download)

The 7th installment of my ambient/chillout mix series: "Stargazing". The Stargazing mix series focuses on organic and spacey chillout vibes meant for listening to while laying out under the stars. Enjoy! TRACKLIST: Erothyme - Beam Through the Crystalline Lens Abakus - White Wash Ryanosaurus - Major Minors (w/ Itsu & Angela Rose) Kaya Project - Majesty of Nature Tipper - Ambergris BioLuMigen - Starshadowz Radiate - Witchkraft Phaeleh - Ghosts of Memories Tycho - Plains Sepia - Shakra Einaudi, Ludovico - Walk (Phaeleh remix) Congi - Pieces Of Kaya Project - Flicker Random Rab - Absolution Seb Taylor - Tin Man (Atmospheric Mix) Erothyme - Lead Us to the Sound (Instrumental) Seb Taylor - Rezonance (Ambient Mix) Erothyme - Sunshine Through Speakers (ft. Madelion Moondrop) Kaya Project - Tears Fall Like Ash Tor - Nomad Kaya Project - Slow Koto Asher Fulero - Intrinsic Evolution Irina Mikhailov & Kaya Project - Oj Kaline, Oj Malina Hibernation - The Virtual Spirit WANT MORE? Check out all 7 Stargazing mixes in this playlist:

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4. Live @ Shambhala Music Festival 2013, Nebula Stage (FREE D/L)

Live @ Shambhala Music Festival 2013, Nebula Stage (FREE D/L)

My set from the Nebula Stage at Shambhala Music Festival 2013, in Salmo, BC, Canada. I played Friday night between 3am and 5am (technically Sat morning). PHOTO BY Z&L MEDIA ( TRACKLIST Cauldron of Changes (Smoke Sign Remix) - Lindie Lila Truth and Grace - Temple Step Project First Melt (Smoke Sign's Slow Melt rmx) - Woodland First Step (Kaminanda Remix) - Bird of Prey Knowledge and Spirit - Hibernation Distant Temple - Temple Step Project New Evolutionary Paradigm (Dub Re-growth) - Whitebear Atrium (Quanta Remix) - Bird of Prey Create Culture - Quanta From Day to Night and Back Again - Kalya Scintilla Radhe Govinda feat. Chaytanya - Dub Kirtan Allstars Brujo's Drift - Brujo's Bowl Pathfinder (Desert Dwellers Remix) - Bird of Prey Rises In the East (The Human Experience Remix) - Kalya Scintilla Desert Dub (Desert Dwellers Remix) - Adham Shaikh Open Channel - Kalya Scintilla Speak for the Trees - Soulular & Spoken Bird Desert Nomad (remix) - Androcell Empty Space - Somatoast Break Belief Bounce (Whitebear Remix) - Kalya Scintilla Kung Fu Genius (Desert Dwellers Remix) - Smoke Sign Solar Prayers (Bird of Prey Remix) - Desert Dwellers Primal Stomp - Whitebear Abundance - Kalya Scintilla Bumble (Lub Dub Remix) - Pollen Scent Auric Sight - Whitebear Blush (Kalya Scintilla Remix) - Mr.Bill Coupe Decale (Drumspyder Remix) - Adham Shaikh What's Around You - CloZee Algae Bloom In Seven - Tipper ~WANT MORE? CHECK OUT MY SET FROM SHAMBHALA 2012 ;)

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5. Live @ Shambhala Music Festival 2013, Labyrinth Stage (FREE D/L)

Live @ Shambhala Music Festival 2013, Labyrinth Stage (FREE D/L)

My set from the Labyrinth stage at Shambhala Music Festival 2013 in Salmo, B.C.!!! I played Sunday evening, 5:30-7:00pm, right before The Human Experience. TRACKLIST: Dooset Daram - Bahramji & Mashti Tune In - Vertex Aranyanyara (Abakus remix) - Entheogenic Summer - Solar Fields Deja Vu - Lunar Sound & Michele Adamson Electric Cafe - C-Jay Far View - Vertex New Era - Abakus Na,Na,Na - Stratil Ensueno (Morning Mix) - Vibrasphere Electric Sunrise (Even 11 Remix) - Jaia The Light (Lish Edit) - Ace Ventura & Lish Jai Tegang (Ran Salman Radio Remix) - Nirinjan Kaur Analog Obsession - Stratil Broken Up - Abakus Weekender - Synesthetic 8 Miles High - Querox & Phaxe Supersonic - Stratil The Return of Raveheart - Flowjob There is More Inside - Erotic Dream Twist N Spin - Phaxe Shadow of a Smile (Interactive Noise Remix) - Day.Din & Klopfgeister Unforgotten - Phaxe Dubsicle - Desert Dwellers

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6. DREAM DRAGONS (Compiled by Zafira, Mixed by Logisticalone) *FREE DOWNLOAD*

DREAM DRAGONS (Compiled by Zafira, Mixed by Logisticalone) *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Collaborative mix compiled by Zafira, mixed by Logisticalone. Zafira's Soundcloud: TRACKLIST: Bonteka - Ayla Nereo Live Inside a Dream (SaQi Remix) - Wildlight A Dream Nuclei - Auditory Canvas feat. Kyrstyn Pixton Only Light - eO (Eric Oberthaler) Wish Upon a Dream - Auditory Canvas Twirl Me (Pumpkin Remix) - Wildlight Thread That Binds - Auditory Canvas & Shawni Dusted Compass - The Human Experience Dusk to Dawn - Emancipator Library of Dreams - Auditory Canvas Dive into the Core (feat. Ixchel Prisma) - Desert Dwellers Enter The Seed - Plantrae Lilt (Smiling Flowers Mix) - eO Echoes feat. Ilya Goldberg - Rena Jones Dawn to Flight (The Human Experience Remix) - Wildlight Dragonfly Across an Ancient Sky - Helios Through the Cracks - Ayla Nereo

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7. Swing-Hop Mix 2 - Opening set for Defunk, 11/22/13 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Swing-Hop Mix 2 - Opening set for Defunk, 11/22/13 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

My opening set for *Defunk Welcome to Groove City Tour* at Crush Lounge, Whitefish, MT, November 22nd, 2013. TRACKLIST: Amelie - CloZee Stompy Jones - Love & Light Swing Ya Beard Ft. Beardyman - JFB What I'd Say (Bobby C Sound TV Remix) - Ray Charles Social Know-How - JFB Black n Tan - Timothy Wisdom Swing Bum - JFB Nelipot - Joel Jakub Jelly Belly - Bobby C Sound TV Good Thymes (Opiou Remix) - Ray Charles Rocker's Rock (JFB & Mr. Dero Remix) - Augustus Pablo Do You Feel Like We Do (Psymbionic Remix) - Peter Frampton Dance Across The Bass - Slynk Fizzle Tickler - Opiuo Catskillz (JPOD Remix) - Beats Antique Devil in the Dark (Opiuo Remix) - The Nomad You'll Miss Me Honey (Band Version) - The After Hours Quintet Born Ready - Gramatik Raag To Ragga (Biotone Remix) - Kaya Project Welcome To The Hotel - Bellhop Blow My Horn - Ticon Goldfinger - Bellhop Dirty Piano - Fusi & Johnson Jinxed (Christian Smith Remix) - Ticon Balkan Tourist (Paul Thomas & Myke Smith Remix) - Ticon Color Seed (Filth & Splendour Remix) - Elmute Keeping the Beat - Khainz

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8. Live @ Astral Harvest 2015, Angelica's Basket

Live @ Astral Harvest 2015, Angelica's Basket

My DJ set from Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival 2015, Angelica's Basket stage. 1:15-3:00am Sat night/Sun morning slot. TRACKLIST: Inevitable Thought - Eastern Winds Luke Mandala - Dancers of the Dawn of Now (Beautiful Existence remix) Animatronix - Shadow of a Thousand Lives David Starfire - Reflection (ft. Irina Mikhailova) David Starfire - Soma Dreams (CloZee remix) Mumukshu - Abstract Systems Sixis & Shwex - Continuity Field CloZee - Dream Big kLL sMTH - Transcendent Delusion Sixis - Synergy Wolfen Technologies - Observance Subaqueous - Dusk's Dawning (Anchor Hill remix) Halfred - Magnetik Pisaq Aligning Minds - A Noble Truth (Resonant Language remix) Mumukshu - Source Code ft. Operating By Source Hedflux - Diggin the Grid Bwoy de Bhajan - Mubar Camel Liquor Kalya Scintilla - Yatram Akasha aka Akasha Experience - Liquid Grip Halfred - Vehicle of Light Kaya Project - One Hundred Lights (Grouch remix) Kalya Scintilla - The Calling Kalya Scintilla - Ver La Luz (David Starfire remix) Duffrey - Deeper David Starfire - Tuvan Dream Grouch - Exile Re:Flex - The Aquarian Age Aligning Minds - A Noble Truth

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9. DAWN DRAGONS (Compiled by Zafira, Mixed by Logisticalone) *FREE DOWNLOAD*

DAWN DRAGONS (Compiled by Zafira, Mixed by Logisticalone) *FREE DOWNLOAD*

2nd mix in the Dragon Series, featuring organic and vocal ambient/chillout tracks compiled by Zafira and mixed by Logisticalone, enjoy! (Link to Dream Dragons below) ~TRACKLIST~ Quixotic & The Human Experience - From the Outside Looking In Einaudi, Ludovico - Walk (Phaeleh remix) Auditory Canvas - When The Rain Comes Erothyme - Thousand Hands of God (ft. Entheo) Yuna - Here Comes The Sun Phaeleh - Afterglow (ft. Soundmouse) ODESZA - Kusanagi Ayla Nereo - Eastern Sun (Ryan Herr remix) Sun:Monx - Run OTT - The Aubergine of the Sun Dawn Golden - All I Want (Manila Killa remix) Emancipator - Smoke Signals Buddha Bar (Arno Elias) - Epic and Dream Kyrstyn Pixton - Beads on the Wind (The Human Experience) Ed Sheeran - I See Fire (Kygo remix) One Republic - Counting Stars (Thomas Jack edit) J.Viewz - Come Back Down Tor - Lux Random Rab - Requiem Entheo - Wings The Muppets - Mna Mna (Pumpkin remix) WANT MORE? CHECK OUT DREAM DRAGONS MIX:

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10. Stargazing 2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Stargazing 2015  [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The 6th installment of my ambient/chill mix series: "Stargazing". The Stargazing series always focuses on organic and spacey vibes meant for laying out under the stars. TRACKLIST: Return to the Universal Mother - Kalya Scintilla Woodwind - Citta Flow The Road To Yegan - Kuba Midnight - Damnesia-Vu Distractions - Nights Peaceful Heart - Reasonandu & Adrian Enescu Ascension - Tycho SpaceCave - Outro-Pheno Awaken - Auditory Canvas Air Song - Solar Fields But Your Dreams May Not (Breathe Mix) - Kuba Lost In Thought - KOAN Sound Chasing Antares - Yaima Life Raft For a Death Trip - Tipper Into The Desert - Radioactive Sandwich Reverse Dross Maneuver - Tipper Three Cheers for Existence - Deru Time Slide - Solar Fields Time Dilation - Eukarya Dusty Rose (instrumental) - The Human Experience Resevoir - Yaima Sailing the Solar Flares - Dirtwire Black Beach (tape version) - Deru WANT MORE? Check out all the previous years Stargazing mixes here:

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11. Live @ Astral Harvest 2014, Interstellevator

Live @ Astral Harvest 2014, Interstellevator

My set from the Interstellevator (mainstage) at Astral Harvest Music Festival 2014 in Alberta, Canada. I played Thursday night 2:30-4:00am. TRACKLIST: Cacophony - Day.Din Essense - Fatali Prog Effect - Tezla Rastafari - Synesthetic Gimme A Break - Day.Din Speed of Sound - Ranji Keep On Practicing - Naturalize Neo Genesis - Elfo Anymore - Tezla & Arnox For Your Legs - Kularis Acid Test - Avshi Psychological Effects - Symbolic & Zen Mechanics Come Out & Play (Vanbastik Remix) - Smoke Sign Pressure - Vice & Morten Granau Midnight Sheriff - Copycat & Groovaholik Architect - Nitrodrop Keep Walking - Phaxe & Querox Global Pulse (Krama Remix) - Kingpink

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12. Live @ SHIFT Monthly, Jan2015 [Free Download]

Live @ SHIFT Monthly, Jan2015 [Free Download]

My set from the first SHIFT Monthly Dance Party at Monk's Bar, Missoula, presented by Paradigm Productions on January 30, 2015. TRACKLIST: Play - Kronfeld Flipswitch - Loonytune I Miss You - Benzoo Miracle - Tezla Polynomial (Ranji Remix) - Morten Granau Are You Here to Move - Fabio & Moon, Interactive Noise Hit & Run (Interactive Noise Remix) - Symphonix Let It Be - Geomag Chainsaw (Interactive Noise Remix) - Neelix Feel Good Inc. (Ganesh Remix) - Gorillaz Not The One (Tezla Remix) - Neelix Prime - Doubler Sail (Quantum Zero Remix) - Awolnation Call Me - Neelix Cloudburn (Tezla Remix) - Feed Me

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13. Contest Entry For Pulse SF Presents Ace Ventura (CONTEST WINNER)

Contest Entry For Pulse SF Presents Ace Ventura (CONTEST WINNER)

My entry for the "Pulse SF presents Ace Ventura" national DJ contest. Thank you so much to everyone who voted, I won the contest and will be flown to California to play the show on November 7th!!! TRACKLIST: Staga Dish - What Would You Do Suntree - High Vibration Effective - To Get Some Suntree - 528hz Delirius - Beat Conductor (Grimez & Synch remix) Gaudium - Laws of Nature Vini Vici - Namaste Neelix - People

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14. Live @ Mount Olympus III, 2015 - [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Live @ Mount Olympus III, 2015 - [FREE DOWNLOAD]

My set from "Mount Olympus 3" presented by Shadow Productions, Lolo Hot Springs, MT, May 8-9, 2015. TRACKLIST: Gorillaz - Dare (Shapeless vs Golden Leaf remix) Coming Soon! - Fear (Audiomatic & Vaishiyas remix) Ghost Rider - Deep Season Tezla & Arnox - Truth & Lies Durs - Superstition Ghost Rider - 30 Minutes Till Sunrise Elfo - Lets Go Interactive Noise - We Can Smoke A Joint Ghost Rider - Ask Me Why Ranji & Epic - Like A Disease Dj Fabio & Moon - Zero Gravity Vini Vici - The Tribe Neelix - People (Dragon Edit) Gnarls Barkley - Going Crazy (Krafty Kuts remix)

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15. Logisticalone - Shambhala 2013 iBroStep Exclusive Promo Mix [Free Download in Description]

  • Published: 2013-05-02T23:37:56Z
  • By iBrostep
Logisticalone - Shambhala 2013 iBroStep Exclusive Promo Mix [Free Download in Description]

We have an exclusive Shambhala Promo Mix from Logisticalone! Check out the full article and interview here: Free Download Here: Full tracklist here: Blasted - Robotic Pirate Monkey Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom - Grizmatik Gettin' Live - GRiZ Positive Vibes - Knight Riderz Porn Funk (w/Mr.Bill) - Stickybuds Banja "Goosebumpz' Swing" - Goosebumpz Swing Bum - JFB I Just Want to Celebrate (Stickybuds Remix) - Rare Earth Happiness is What I'm Talking About - Love & Light Fizzle Tickler - Opiuo It's My Mouse Trap Thing (Stickybuds edit) - Opiuo/Gramatik Heatsink - VibeSquad Rokkit Snot - SunMonx Yeah (Stanton Warriors ReBUMP) - Boyz Noise Lighter Man (Krafty Kuts ReKut v2) - Partysquad Bluestep - Gramatik Sir Duke (JPod Remix) - Stevie Wonder

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16. Live @ Phantom Forest: "EarthHeart Tour feat. Desert Dwellers & Kalya Scintilla", Halloween 2015

Live @ Phantom Forest:

My set from "Phantom Forest / EarthHeart Tour" October 31, 2015 in Kalispell MT. I played after Kalya Scintilla with some deep, dark, tribal psybreaks and techy trance, enjoy! TRACKLIST: Hypnagog - Scratching the Itch Ryanosaurus - Code For An Era Drumspyder - The Mirror Grouch - Chinese Cheese Balls Smilk - MJBootleg Split & Jaxta - Pandora Nanuk (aka Whitebear) - DreaMTemple Tetrameth - The Mother Tongue (Smoke Sign remix) Brujo's Bowl ft. Alice Hazel Thomas - Earth Healer Captain Hook - Mr. Gold Grouch - Solid Sound Ryanosaurus - Spewage Staga Dish - What Would You Do

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17. Live @ "JPOD the BeatChef in Missoula" March 28, 2014 (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Live @

My set opening for JPod in Missoula at Monks Bar, March 28, 2014. TRACKLIST: Done Wrong (Opiuo remix) - Pretty Lights Total Fascination (Defunk remix, instrumental) - Pretty Lights Fly Like An Eagle (Psymbionic remix) - Steve Miller Band DTW to DIA (travels of Mr. B) - GRiZ Take The Power Back (Staunch remix) - RageAgainstTheMachine Snorkle - Opiuo More Bounce to the Ounce (jOBOT remix) - Zapp & Roger 80s Fitness - KOAN Sound People (Slynk Remix) - Horndogz Bahahamas Trip (ft Robotic Pirate Monkey) - Freddy Todd Misty Digit - Opiuo Feel Like Jumpin' (Krafty Kuts/Ed Solo breaks remix) - Krafty Kuts Clean Air ft Burro Banton (JFB remix) - Stickybuds vs. Mista Savona Austin Powers 'Soul Bossa Nova' Theme (Flavours Remix) - Quincy Jones

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18. NEURONAUTICS - Live @ Motion Notion Festival 2015

NEURONAUTICS - Live @ Motion Notion Festival 2015

Neuronautics (Kundalini Rising & Logisticalone) dj set from Motion Notion Festival 2015, Golden, BC, Canada, 6:30-8:30am Sunday sunrise set on the Temple stage. Neuronautics profile: Kundalini Rising profile: TRACKLIST: Interactive Noise - Gonna Walk (Durs remix) Metronome - Karma Train Alex Carroll - The Uni-Verse Drop the Pain - Inner Touch Tezla - Miracle Alex Carroll - You Tell Me Tezla & Arnox - Truth & Lies Tezla - Prog Effect (Re Edit) Flash Gordon - Quantum Harmonics 4i20 vs Mandragora - Together Everyday Synesthetic - Resonance DJ Fabio - Vibrations Lightsphere - Let It Go Gravitech - We Are The Sun Fabio & Moon - Set the Tone Metronome - The Choice Dj Fabio, Moon - Hooked Synesthetic & Mr. Suite - If I Stay Kronfeld - Talk To Me Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau - Changes (Kularis rmx) Authentic - Hangover Mono - Nitrous Oxide Lightsphere - Alive Lightsphere - Time to Groove Morten Granau - Polynomial Gorillaz - Dare (Shapeless vs Golden Leaf) Aligning Minds - Ether Perfect (ft. Robert Manos)

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19. Mount Olympus 2016 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Mount Olympus 2016 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Dj set from Mount Olympus 2016 at Lolo Hot Springs, MT. TRACKLIST: Durs - Forever DJ Fabio & Moon - Byte the Dust Neelix - Makeup feat. Caroline Harrison Nikelodeon - Till The End Durs - Just A Shade Grimez & Tezla - Teardrops Tezla - Mexico Lightsphere & Beat Herren - Beat & Light Querox & Ghost Rider - Solution Durs - Wizard Interactive Noise - Way to the Moon Naturalize - Hard Like A Drum

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20. Live @ "PulseSF Presents Ace Ventura", Nov. 7, 2015 [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Live @

My opening set for the legend, Ace Ventura, at the Pulse SF show on November 7th, 2015 in Oakland, California. Photo by: Taguro Izumo. TRACKLIST: Staga Dish - Special Juice Filthy Noise - Another Song Astrix & Pixel - Roll Over Durs - Desert of Real Suntree - Breathe In Breathe Out Flowjob - They Do Exist Smoke Sign - Come Out & Play (Vanbastik remix) Ranji & Replay - Raumklang Neelix - Call Me (Morten Granau remix) Flash Gordon - Quantum Harmonics Ranji & Tezla - New Ways (Royal Flush remix) Budgee Smuggler - Didn't See That (Purple Hayes remix)

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