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1. KJ Sawka feat. LaMeduza - "There Is A Limit"

KJ Sawka feat. LaMeduza -

The influential EDM blog,, calls producer KJ Sawka, “the master of drum and bass drumming”. He truly is a master of dnb drumming and an acknowledged leader in the global EDM movement. Sawka recently finished an intensive two-year world tour with the platinum-selling Australian electronic rock band, Pendulum. Since then, KJ has been on tour with Canadian bass master, Excision and DJ/Producer, Downlink, and created the world’s first live dubstep supergroup, Destroid. Touring since 2013, Destoid is a part of the first ever touring bass music festival of its caliber, Safe in Sound, which is set to launch this fall. “My new single, ‘There Is A Limit’ for London Tone Music combines acoustic and electronic drums, tasty electric guitar and stunning female vocals by LaMeduza. In the beginning, the song started with a mid tempo live beat, an 80’s style melody idea and chord progression. In one day I created the entire structure and vibe of the tune. I sent it off to LaMeduza, (LaMeduza is a mind blowing talented Swedish vocalist) and she shined high above all the rest. She’s well established, with dozens of releases and fit the breathy and dynamic styles I was looking for. She quickly sent back some amazing vocals. Once I layered the vocals over the track, the song had new life and character. I envisioned clean strumming guitar, like Death Cab for Cutie. So I called my brother, Keith Sawka, who added the guitar and bass guitar that it needed. He nailed it. It took me several months trying to get it more dance-oriented before I finally settled on the original electronic/rock hybrid version for London Tone Music’s, 52x52 launch. 
I’m really happy with how it all turned out.” KJ went on to say, “I’m deeply devoted to London Bridge Studio for all my drum recording and countless collaboration projects over the years. I didn’t know what to do with this song, as it is quite a bit different from my current heavy, dance floor EDM styles. I heard London Bridge started a label, London Tone Music, so naturally, I was excited to put this tune out with them. Being a part of the Seattle community and reaching a wider demographic is very important to me.”

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2. KJ SAWKA Lil studio SAMPLER

  • Published: 2012-06-26T18:23:02Z
  • By KJ Sawka

KJ SAWKA lil studio SAMPLER mix track listing 1. Doc Israel - Ganstas n Police - KJ SAWKA REMIX 2. Celldweller - Gift for you - KJ SAWKA REMIX 3. KJ Sawka Repeating Cycles Feat. LaMeduza Dnb Vip 4. Doc Israel - Identity - KJ SAWKA REMIX 5. Matt Lange - Dark Don't Matter Feat. Kirsty Hawkshaw - KJ SAWKA REMIX 6. KJ Sawka - There is a limit - Feat. LaMeduza 7. KJ Sawka - 1am Fantasy - Feat. Miss Krystle - Sawka Moomba remix 8. KJ Sawka - Monster - Feat. Emilia Sosa 9. Aaron Daniel - Disappear - KJ SAWKA REMIX 10. KJ Sawka - Rise of an Ancient Alien - Feat. Khadafi

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