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7. Look At Me Gwisun - DLite

Look At Me Gwisun - DLite

My first trot song. My parents love trot so I grew up listening to it. This was released in 2008 in Korea. At that time, I used to work in various variety shows so it suited my bright, delightful character; many people had the image of D-Lite = trot singer. I sang this during the tour last year in Korean and the fans sang and danced along, but this time I wanted to express how funny the song is so we decided to make a Japanese version. The Japanese lyrics are written by Hyadain-san (famous composer in Japan) and I have met him before on TV shows, so he knows about my personality and ended up with lyrics like this (laughs). I really want people to take a look at the lyrics. The tempo if the song is very fast and there’s so many words and the key is high so I had to work on it a lot, but it was very fun, especially the rap part! If you sing it a a party or karaoke, I believe everyone will bond and be able to get along. Rather than explaining too much, I think it’s good to just have fun as you feel. Lyrics by G-DRAGON, Kenichi Maeyamada Composed by G-DRAGON, KUSH Arranged by Jung Mook Kim

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8. Rainy Rainy - DLite

Rainy Rainy - DLite

This song was in the final list of songs that I chose from, and the moment I listened to it, I felt something. I immediately was able to imagine how to sing it. There were temporary lyrics at first, but it was already good, so I tried not to break that atmosphere and just added my colors. It’s about a love that already came to an end, and the main character can’t get over his past love, and it really hurt my heart. I personally experienced a 6-year unrequited love from 3rd grade in elementary until the the 3rd year of middle school. I’m not really good at confessing and I had no confidence, so I couldn’t tell her. Then I found out that she had a boyfriend and I thought I had to clear out my feelings. However, I couldn’t let go of the feelings I had for her for so long, so I ended up not getting over her for 2 years. I don’t really mind when you’ll listen to this song, but I prefer you listen to it on a rainy day to get more soaked in that feeling. If you have anyone that you can’t get over, you should listen to this song and wait for that person until you’re satisfied because time will come when that person will just be part of the past!” Lyrics by D-LITE, Amon Hayashi Composed by Mitsu.J Arranged by Mitsu.J for Digz, Inc. Group

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nothing at of , which is

12. Awaken, Sleep (醒めて、眠れ) - DLite

Awaken, Sleep (醒めて、眠れ) - DLite

As your feelings deepen towards someone, you get more disappointed when you get betrayed. I sang this song with so much power/dynamics to show the feeling of rather than hanging on to that person, trying to let go is very gracious. If you are heartbroken, please listen to this song and transform that damage into a positive power. Lyrics by D-LITE, Kenn Kato Composed by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang, AiRPLAY, Sung Hwak Cho Arranged by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang, AiRPLAY

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15. Shut Up -DLite

Shut Up -DLite

While I was training at 12 noon at YGE, YG called me and said, “Where are you? Come to the 3rd floor recording room right now.” I was worried there was something wrong, but he suddenly said, “Sing this song.” I recorded it and he said, “Awesome. Let’s add it to the list.” So we decided to add this song last minute. The lyrics are written by G-Dragon so I love it. Because we have different personalities, the mood is very different compared to what I write. I think this broadens the charm of the album, and my voice, melody, and the pitch all matched, so I was able to sing it smoothly. More than anything, I can’t use the phrase “shut up” in real life, but I say it so many times in the song so it feels very good… I am satisfied (laughs) It relieves your stress and it’s simply a fun song, so I want everyone to have fun with it too. If you have some troubles that you can’t say out loud, stare at the wall and listen to this song and yell “shut up!” Don’t say it to a person but say it to the wall. Lyrics by G-DRAGON, Kenn Kato Composed by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang, BIGTONE Arranged by Seung Cheon Ham, Uk Jin Kang

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18. Feelings Deepened ( 想い募って )- DLite

Feelings Deepened ( 想い募って )- DLite

We weren’t planning to put this song in the album. YG said, “Something is lacking. I don’t know how to express it, but something is lacking,” so it was put on hold. But I really love this song and wanted it on my album, so I tried many things and ended up bringing the key a half level up and recorded it. YG said, “Now there are emotions in that song,” and we added it to the track list. I wrote the lyrics with a YG producer so it went very smooth because we know each other. It is about a character who keeps his feelings towards someone, comparing the loneliness to the cold winter season. When winter passes and spring comes, the piled snow melts as you touch it with your warm hands, but he won’t touch it so his memories don’t melt (fade). Why is my heart still in the cold winter season… So painful. Please listen to this song and deepen your feelings towards the one you love. Lyrics by D-LITE, Sung Hwak Cho, Shoko Fujibayashi Composed by DEE.P, Sung Hwak Cho Arranged by DEE.P

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19. This Ain't It_TaeYang

This Ain't It_TaeYang

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