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1. Paul Mercer, Nathaniel Johstone, Jon Silpayamanant - taqsim/improv

Paul Mercer, Nathaniel Johstone, Jon Silpayamanant - taqsim/improv

A group taqsim improv I did with the wonderful Paul Mercer (of the Ghosts Project) and Nathaniel Johnstone during a workshop I taught in St. Louis. The workshop was given by Celeste and me (we perform as Secondhand) during Angels and Absinthe 2013. March 9, 2013 at Amore Dance Studio. Nathaniel Johstone - violin Paul Mercer - viola Jon Silpayamanant - cello thanks to Saideh for recording this!

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2. Misha Feigin, Gregory Acker, Jon Silpayamanant - Flamenco Fusion Improv

Misha Feigin, Gregory Acker, Jon Silpayamanant - Flamenco Fusion Improv

Here's the last improv of a 50 minute set that Misha, Greg, and I did at Modern Cult Records in Louisville, Kentucky. This is the last part of a longer improv that started as a completely free atonal session which morphed into a flamenco fusion improv. The whole show was unlanned/unstructured. Misha Feigin - guitar Gregory Acker - flute Jon Silpayamanant - cello June 28, 2015 Modern Cult Records 2001 Frankfurt Avenue Louisville, KY Image credit: Mstyslav Chernov used per license described here:'_traditional_costumes,_Spain-2-2.jpg

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3. "Ten Steps To Heaven" (excerpt) w/ Holger Czukay

Here's an excerpt from an audio collab I did with Holger Czukay (of the Krautrock band, Can) that he released on his album "Linear City" (Dignose -- re-released on SPV GmbH/Revisited Records (2)). Originally released in 2001, the re-release was in 2006. This is track three of the album and is roughly 23 minutes long. Vocals by U-She (Ursula Kloss). Other collaborators include: 1605 Munro, Michel Banabila*, Beatsystem, Dane Johnson, Dreamfluid, James Webb, Noiseman433, Panoptic (2), Tom Hamlyn I'm listed as Noiseman433 in the credits which is my experimental noise act stage name. Sleeve notes state: "It happened that the BBC world service sent me a recording of Sudanese Zar ceremonies and asked for a remix. Oh no, not again of those tourist ethno excursions I thought and I layed off the tape. After 1,5 years I found it again, listened and started to work on fictional Sudan scape. When it was finished I wanted to know how other peoples creativity would flow into such a ceremony. On my website I installed a collaboration platform and invited visitors to participate in this idea and thus "Africana" was initiated. Only 4 samples of the original tape were given for the start. 2 more collaborations followed in a similar way in which the participants had access to a data account where they could up- and download the results of the team. These were finally edited and mixed. This Internet collaboration proved how nice and effective it can be working together with people you never have seen nor met before. The Internet made it possible."

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4. Misha Feigin, Jon Silpayamanant - "Tribal Diaries" Opening

Misha Feigin, Jon Silpayamanant -

Opening improv at Misha Feigin's "Tribal Diaries" Book release show at Dreamland. Misha Feigin - guitar, Jon Silpayamanant - cello February 7, 2015 Dreamland 810 East Market Street Louisville, KY 40206 MIsha was born and raised in Moscow and known as one of Russia’s premier guitarists. He released two albums on the state label Melodiya. Since moving to the U.S. in 1990, Misha has been featured on National Public Radio and BBC. He has toured throughout North America and Europe releasing ten CDs in America and Germany, and two in Great Britain on Leo Records. Misha shared the stage, and has recorded with Elliot Sharp, Eugene Chadbourne, Ken Vandermark, Peter Kowald, LaDonna Smith, and Davey Williams to name a few. He lives in Louisville, Kentucky. Misha also won the Thomas Merton Prize for Poetry and was awarded the Al Smith Fellowship for Creative Nonfiction. His latest book,"Tribal Diaries", is out now. "Once uprooted, you become an outsider everywhere you go, and being an outsider relieves you from the compulsion to take sides or subscribe to any particular ideology. It is an auspicious point in time to begin Tribal Diaries." — Misha Feigin

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5. "Hegh rur'a' ghopwIj?" for "A Klingon Christmas Carol"

an early draft of music for the 'soundtrack' of Commedia Beauregard's production of "A Klingon Christmas Carol" that will be recorded by my band, the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project" The finished version my be significantly different. For more info about the production visit this link: or their facebook page:

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6. Inferno: Canto XIV "Capaneus"

Inferno: Canto XIV

This is the premiere performance of my for cello, voice, and electronics at Dreamland on July 11, 2014. Capeneus is the arrogant Classical Greek Hero in Canto XIV of Dante’s “Inferno” whose story is told in Aeschylus’ Seven of Thebes, Euripides’ Phoenician Women, and Statius’ Thebiad. Violent The violent are condemned to the seventh circle.Capeneus‘ sin is blasphemy (violence against God) the hero stands outside Thebes during the siege he openly boasts that even Zeus himself cannot stop him from invading the city. As he ascends a ladder, he is struck dead by a thunderbolt form Zeus.Capeneus, as all blasphemers, is condemned to lie on a plain of burning sand while fire rains down on him. He continues to curse the Zeus so that the deity won’t have “Glad Vengeance.” The text for the piece reflects this portion of the Canto. Capeneus opens and closes with a violently frenetic instrumental cello line depicting the desert of flaming snad and fiery rain which recalls thematic material from the flaming river, Phlegethon (from the outer ring of the seventh circle in Canto XII). Première Performance: Dreamland, July 11, 2014 More info about the epic cycle may be found here:

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7. Suruf al dahr (excerpt 1997)

Suruf al dahr (excerpt 1997)

Excerpt of "Suruf al dahr" (the changes wrought by time) recorded in real time with a Jamman looper in 1997. Cello, Jamman looper - Jon Silpayamanant "The course of events was believed to be determined by dahr or time, so that suruf al-dahr (the changes wrought by time) was a most frequent expression used by the Arabs and their poets for the vicissitudes of human life."

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8. The Battle Against Bacteria

The Battle Against Bacteria

"The Battle Against Bacteria" is a collaborative track I did for a CD compilation titled "The Health Program" which was released in 2001. My sounds recorded in 1999/2000. Jon Silpayamanant (credited as Noiseman433) - cello, electronics, samples John Caldwell - percussion Released by Boyarm (2001) reviews:

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9. R Keenan Lawler and Jon Silpayamanant (live excerpt)

R Keenan Lawler and Jon Silpayamanant (live excerpt)

R Keenan Lawler (guitar, ebow/bow, effects) and Jon Silpayamanant (cello) in a live experimental improv at the Haymarket Whiskey Bar in Louisville, KY (May 8, 2013). Other acts performing: Sweatermeat, Martin Bisi, and Ulan Bator.

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10. "be' joy' Lukasa" live @ ConNooga 2010

Live audio from ConNooga 2010 in Chattanooga, Tennessee of an il Troubadore performance of my Klingon Opera tune, "be' joy' Lukasa." Centennial Theatre, Chattanooga Choo Choo, 2010 February 20. Music & lyrics (in Klingon) composed by Jon Silpayamanant Designed as a Klingon Bellydance song for Taletha il Troubadore is: Robert Bruce Scott - vocals, mandolin Jon Silpayamanant - cello, vocals Paul Radecki - percussion, vocals Wendi Wampler - clarinet

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11. Ani Mori Nuse (Albanian folk)

Ani Mori Nuse (Albanian folk)

a live performance of me singing and playing the cello with il Troubadore, my world music ensemble based in Indianapolis. An Albanian Folk tune called "Ani Mori Nuse" ("My Mother Said").

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12. Klingon Party Scene music (excerpt) for "A Klingon Christmas Carol"

Klingon Party Scene music (excerpt) for

This is an excerpt of music I composed and recorded for the party scene in Commedia Beauregard's production "Klingon Christmas Carol" The Klingon Christmas Carol will run from December 1 to December 30 at the Raven Theater in Chicago with music composed by me and recorded by me and il Troubadore Klingon Music Project. More info may be found here: or visit their facebook page:

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13. Live excerpt (3) from "CORE: A Live Art Show"

Live excerpt (3) from

Camera Lucida (Roxell Karr Video, Electronics; Jon Silpayamanant - Cello, Electronics) performs with Christine Olson during the second night of CORE: A Live Art Show. Commonwealth Gallery, Madison (WI). 2012 November 10

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14. Kor Ərəbin Mahnısı ("Kor Arab") excerpt

Kor Ərəbin Mahnısı (

Ever since I found the lyrics for this song back in 2007, I've loved singing it. This is an excerpt of the Azeri tune, "Kor Arab" (Kor Ərəbin Mahnısı) which seems to be a traditional tune though an interesting setting of it was composed by Fikret Amirov sometime in the early 20th century. I've sung/played this with Secondhand and il Troubadore on numerous occasions. I'll be making this a regular repertoire piece for my Central Asian dance/music group, Raks Makam! I was just playing round with my iphone to see how well it records, this is the result. cello, vocals, and daf all played by Jon Silpayamanant. lyrics may be found here:

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15. Cello Improv with Jamman Looper (1996)

Cello Improv with Jamman Looper (1996)

A real-time cello improv with a Jamman Looper in 1996. This was the first time I used a looper and I thought it turned out well enough.

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16. Survivor's Theme from "Monstruos en el closet, Ogros bajo la cama"

Survivor's Theme from

This is the Survivor's Theme from the score I wrote for Teatro Tercera Llamada's production of Gustavo Ott's "Monstruos en el closet, Ogros bajo la Cama." It's a recurring theme for scenes of reminiscence of loved ones during the tragic twin towers bombing. The love theme is directly related to this theme as well. This audio is from a live performance I did at the Carnegie Center for Art and History with Camera Lucida ( at the "Performing Cultural Sustainability: An Evening of Music & Poetry" on March 20, 2015 for the "Held from Beneath: An Exploration of Cultural Sustainability" exhibit which ran from January 23 to April 4, 2015. The actual play ran during November (20, 21, 22, 28, 29, 30) 2014 and was directed by Jay Maria Padilla, and the two actresses were Jomaris DeJesus and Haydee Canovas. I performed the score live for all the performances.

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17. Kaliwood (excerpt)

Kaliwood (excerpt)

A track celebrating gods and goddesses for Celeste and our duo, Secondhand. We'll be performing to this in Cincinnati for a show that will feature Ariellah hosted by Zahara's Tangled Web. Jon Silpayamanant - cello, percussion, effects Samples from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, both soundtrack and movie

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18. Wookiee Cellist performing "Princess Leia's Theme" (excerpt)

Wookiee Cellist performing

"Princess Leia's Theme" (excerpt) by John Williams (arr. by Bill Galliford, Ethan Neuburg and Tod Edmondson) and performed live (with backing audio) by the Wookiee Cellist, Jon Silpayamanant. Audio was extracted from this youtube video: This is some audio from a live performance I did as the Wookiee Cellist with Secondhand at the Steampunk Empire Symposium 2014 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Saturday, April 26, 2014. Photo of the Wookiee Cellist and Celeste as steampunk Leia by Greta Biderman. Originally posted here: The arrangement is from "Star Wars: A Musical Journey (Music From Episodes I - Vi)" by Alfred Publishing. The sheet music included a CD with two sets of audio for each tune--one of which omits the cello part for cellists to play along with. I used those tracks at the Steampunk Convention. #Wookiee #WookieeCellist #Chewbacca #StarWars #JohnWilliams #LeiasTheme #Cello

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19. Noiseman433 - Live Performance (03/20/2004)

Noiseman433 - Live Performance (03/20/2004)

This is from a live performance from one of my noise sets (as Noiseman433) at the "experiMENTAL" show in Bloomington, IN. The performance was at the Bloomington Playwright's Project on 20 March 2004. Instruments included a chain of roughly a dozen effects pedals and rackmount effects.

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20. Ne Yalan Söyleyeyim

Ne Yalan Söyleyeyim

Turkish tune, "Ne Yalan Söyleyeyim," also called simply "Leyla" played by Ahel El Nagam. A short excerpt from a live show at Zorba's Greek and Middle Eastern Restaurant in Zionsville, IN from December 19, 2009. Oud - Denise Flute - Taletha Cello - Jon Silpayamanant Tabla - Melina

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