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1. Joe bonamassa Sloe gin duo Pianotouche & C 3 11

  • Duration: 212
  • Channel: music
Joe bonamassa Sloe gin duo Pianotouche & C 3 11

Une petite impro en duo sur un superbe morceau de Joe Bonamassa avec mon poto Bruno Alias Pianotouche En espérant que cela vous plaise Bonne écoute

3. JOE BONAMASSA...09 - Sloe Gin

  • Duration: 432
  • Channel: music
JOE BONAMASSA...09 - Sloe Gin

From Album - 2013 - An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House CD 2...By STUDIO DELTA

4. Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin

  • Duration: 581
  • Channel: music
Joe Bonamassa Sloe Gin

...mayday, mayday I been shot down over stormy seas

7. JOE BONAMASSA...10.Slow Gin

  • Duration: 502
  • Channel: music

From Album - 2010 - Live From The Royal Albert Hall CD1...By STUDIO DELTA

8. Joe Bonamassa - Bridge To Better Days

  • Duration: 313
  • Channel: music
Joe Bonamassa - Bridge To Better Days

Performing at the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Oregon for his 2007 Tour. I managed to catch quite a few songs on tape.

9. Mountain - Mississippi Queen - guitar lesson - solo - lick-by-lick demo and tablature

  • Duration: 425
  • Channel: music
Mountain - Mississippi Queen - guitar lesson - solo - lick-by-lick demo and tablature

Leslie West's solo from Mountain's "Mississippi Queen" - guitar lesson - the full solo played first, followed by a lick-by-lick demonstration and link to the tablature that can be downloaded free:

10. [ PREVIEW + DOWNLOAD ] Joe Bonamassa - No Hits, No Hype, Just The Best 2012 [ NO SURVEY ]

  • Duration: 360
  • Channel: music
[ PREVIEW + DOWNLOAD ] Joe Bonamassa - No Hits, No Hype, Just The Best 2012 [ NO SURVEY ]

*Note: Link have 5 SECONDS ADVERTISEMENT, click SKIP AD after that DOWNLOAD here [ ] Joe Bonamassa - No Hits, No Hype, Just The Best 2012 Free Full Album MP3 320kbps Tracklist 01 - Blue & Evil 02 - Dust Bowl 03 - The Balled Of John Henry 04 - Sloe Gin ( live ) 05 - Miss You, Hate You 06 - Black Lung Heartache 07 - The Battle For Hadrians Wall 08 - One Last Soul 09 - Sinner's Prayer 10 - Woke Up Dreaming 11 - Palm Trees, Helicopters & Gasoline 12 - Asking Around For You

11. 7 Artistas de Blues Contemporâneos!

  • Duration: 448
  • Channel: music
7 Artistas de Blues Contemporâneos!

O blues ainda continua bem vivo e produtivo, seja nos Estados Unidos ou no Brasil. Assista e confira alguns artistas de blues atuais que mantém o estilo aceso! Página do Facebook: ====================================================== Bandas, discos e artistas citados: Gary Clark Jr - The Bright Lights EP Gary Clark Jr - Blak And Blu Gary Clark Jr - Live Gary Clark Jr - The Story Of Sonny Boy Slim Bloodline (primeira banda do Joe Bonamassa) Joe Bonamassa - Sloe Gin Joe Bonamassa - The Ballad Of John Henry Joe Bonamassa - Live At Albert Hall Joe Bonamassa - Black Rock Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl Igor Prado Band - Upside Down Igor Prado Band - Way Down South Prince - Dirty Mind Xavier - The X-Factor (primeiro disco do Fantastic Negrito) Fantastic Negrito - Fantastic Negrito Fantastic Negrito - The Last Days Of Oakland Robert Cray - Who's Been Talking Robert Cray - Strong Persuader Robert Cray - Shame + Sin Robert Cray - In My Soul Lurrie Bell - Mercurial Son Lurrie Bell - Blues In My Soul Lurrie Bell - Can't Shake This Feeling Cedric Burnside Project - Descendants of Hill Country

12. Genius Monkey Can do this properly

  • Duration: 9
  • Channel: fun
Genius Monkey Can do this properly

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13. Six String Theory | Sizzle Reel

  • Duration: 85
  • Channel: music
Six String Theory | Sizzle Reel

Picture yourself in Henson Recording, once known as A&M Studios, the hallowed Hollywood tracking room in which Lee Ritenour is recording songs for the album you now hold in your hands. It’s mid-session, the red light is on, and British rock/fusion phenomenon Guthrie Govan is performing his odd meter tour de force, “Fives.” With the tubes in his amp scorching hot, and his fingers even hotter, the young guitar hero is melding every progressive shred guitar approach you can name—pick sweeping, string tapping, pinch harmonics, and more—into unified sheets of sound that magically seem to channel Coltrane, Paganini, and Zappa all at once. Ritenour looks pleased. Meanwhile, another person has just entered the control room, and he, too, is watching Govan’s guitar pyrotechnics: American blues/rock wunderkind Joe Bonamassa. Fresh off his most successful year yet—a year that found him headlining and selling out London’s Royal Albert Hall, no less—Bonamassa is up next to record for Ritenour. “Man,” he jokes when he meets Govan a few minutes later, “I didn’t play that many notes all last year.” “Yeah,” replies Govan, “but you played the right ones.” Few things encapsulate the spirit of 6 String Theory more succinctly than this friendly little exchange—two immensely successful but utterly disparate musicians checking their egos at the door to take part in a world-class celebration of the guitar; a celebration put on by one of the most versatile and successful performers, composers, session players, producers, and solo artists the instrument has ever known. If guitarists sometimes live up to any reputation they may have for being a competitive, high-maintenance, even back-stabbing bunch, they certainly didn’t do so on the 6 String sessions. The camaraderie throughout was genuine, and it arose in large part from one thing: the immense respect every corner of the music industry pays Lee Ritenour. One obvious measure of this respect is the album’s astonishingly high headcount of world-famous guest guitarists—a whopping ...

14. Chantel McGregor Band 'Sloe Gin' Boom Boom Club 25.4.10

  • Duration: 504
  • Channel: music
Chantel McGregor Band 'Sloe Gin' Boom Boom Club 25.4.10

Chantel McGregor Band 'Sloe Gin' Boom Boom Club 25.4.10

15. Dean Bottomley - Autumn

  • Duration: 55
  • Channel: music
Dean Bottomley - Autumn

Wan tired sun on dozing fields; Leaves spiraling down to fall asleep; The calm that follows summers flush: The earth has given birth. Blooded bushes to feed the birds: Black sloes to spice the gin. The corn gathered for bread and beer; The earth can now relax. In country church the harvest Hymn The thank the earth for plenty. The warmth has gone, freeze yet to come Limbo is in the air. Speedos away, dig out the scarf, Sun Cream gives way to flu jab. Bangs flash whizzers, children shriek Bonfire burns down low. Halloween gone, bonfire over; And Christmas still awaited. Coats and gloves are now essential: The earth at last can sleep. Dean Bottomley

16. JOE BONAMASSA...03.Seagull

  • Duration: 243
  • Channel: music
JOE BONAMASSA...03.Seagull

From Album - 2007 - Sloe Gin...By STUDIO DELTA

17. JOE BONAMASSA...02.One Of These Days

  • Duration: 351
  • Channel: music
JOE BONAMASSA...02.One Of These Days

From Album - 2007 - Sloe Gin...By STUDIO DELTA

18. Sylvia’s Slender, Pale Hand

  • Duration: 218
  • Channel: music
Sylvia’s Slender, Pale Hand

Sylvia Plath (1931-1963) American poet, published her first poem at the age of eight. Suicidal from a young age, she endured, at various times, electroshock and psychotherapy. She married the poet Ted Hughes, who went on to become England’s poet laureate. The marriage lasted seven years, but failed when Hughes left her for another woman. Months later, Plath killed herself with cooking gas. In a macabre twist of irony, the woman for whom Hughes left Plath also gassed herself to death. Another poet-suicide, Anne Sexton, wrote of frequent drinking dates at the Ritz with Plath: “Often, very often, Sylvia and I would talk at length about our first suicides; at length, in detail, and in depth between the free potato chips. Suicide is, after all, the opposite of a poem.” Sylvia’s Slender, Pale Hand (Doyle/Kelley 2016) Verse 1 You drop to the floor from the very source of the pounding words, a door, an odd course, you feel so poor, a weak sloe gin journey to the foreign shore of mortality. Chorus Sylvia, come join the fight, find there is no wrong from right, you know how to find the light. Verse 2 Or perhaps it was immortality, so difficult to see such formality when dealing with the sharp edges of words, sometimes finding heroes within the fords. Chorus Sylvia, come join the fight, find there is no wrong from right, you know how to find the light. Bridge Words sailing down the brown river of Time, your mind follows and clasps the perfect rhyme, you are not a poet, you are a mime, you are not a poet, you are a mime. Verse 3 This is what stops your breath, not the sloe gin, you raise a slender, pale hand, subtle sin, and realize you can easily turn around and speak to us, and we can learn. Chorus Sylvia, come join the fight, find there is no wrong from right, you know how to find the light. Sylvia’s Slender, Pale Hand Song by Jessie Doyle of Joan in the Fires Lyrics by Ward Kelley - Website: Facebook: Reverbnation: Jamendo: Slideshow by Disclosure: This video is a Tribute to Sylvia Plath and pictures used in this video (slide show) were found on the Internet. There is no intention of abusing copyright law, but please only share our song titled “Sylvia’s Pale, Slender Hand” to honor a life cut too short. Song and lyrics are copyrighted by WardCO.

19. Sloe Gin performed by Chantel McGregor

  • Duration: 477
  • Channel: music
Sloe Gin performed by Chantel McGregor

Sloe Gin performed by Chantel McGregor

20. [PDF] Sloe Gin Fizz Popular Online

  • Duration: 28
  • Channel: news
[PDF] Sloe Gin Fizz Popular Online

Visit Here Reading Sloe Gin Fizz Popular The Best Sellers