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1. Isidor


SchnΓ©i am Kapp by Nicole Paulus

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2. Isidor


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3. Isidor


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4. Isidor - Touch The Sky (Synthwave)

Isidor - Touch The Sky (Synthwave)

Beautiful and deep Synthwave track.

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5. Isidor - The Last Geisha (80s Synthwave)

Isidor - The Last Geisha (80s Synthwave)

80s electro, featuring high quality synthetic synth sounds. Inspired by Japanese cyberpunk science fiction. I dedicate this track to princes leia! May the Force be with you! Official video:

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7. Isidor - Wave Rider (Dark Synthwave)

Isidor - Wave Rider (Dark Synthwave)

Synthwave track by Isidor Bobinec You Tube:

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8. Isidor - Soldier Of Fortune (Synthwave)

Isidor - Soldier Of Fortune (Synthwave)

Synthwave track inspired by "Saber Rider" tv show. Artwork: This track is featured on New Retro Wave YouTube Channel:

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9. Isidor - Solaris Rising - (Synthwave)

Isidor - Solaris Rising - (Synthwave)

The Braxes, a civilization old as time, had begun the preparation of its strongest weapon in order to use it against their archenemies The Movas who are planing on destroying the peace that The Braxes have maintained for so long but what both civilizations fail to understand is that his level of warfare will make the Androbot Solaris rise again.

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10. Isidor - Timeline (Synthwave)

Isidor - Timeline (Synthwave)

Melodic and epic Synthwave track. Artwork:

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11. Isidor - Star Sheriff - Synthwave

Isidor - Star Sheriff - Synthwave

Uplifting synthwave track Artwork by:

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12. Wice & Isidor - Cataclysm

  • Published: 2018-04-03T13:50:41Z
  • By Wice
Wice & Isidor - Cataclysm

Full throttle. -> support

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14. Isidor - Neon Skeleton (Dark Synthwave)

Isidor - Neon Skeleton (Dark Synthwave)

Hardcore synthwave/electronica fusion. I dedicate this track to all metalheads \m/

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15. Isidor - Burning Saber

Isidor - Burning Saber

Magnatron is back, but this time with a darker and powerful vision. Boasting high quality compositions and more harder hitting Retrowave beats, Magnatron 2.0 is the new emerging sound. Intricate Retrosynth with progressive electronic experimentation. Audiophiles are in for another treat to add to their collections. Magnatron 2.0 strays from the norm, and delves into new synth frontiers. Support Isidor: @cyborglaw Witness the Rebirth of Magnatron and the rise of .... GodWave. credits releases July 7, 2017 [Team Magnatron] @cyborglaw Album Art by Sam Todhunter and Signalnoise All album artwork done by Sam Todhunter and Signalnoise. All initial mixing/ mastering done by each own artist respectively. Final mastering by Tonebox Distributed by NRW Records Β©β„—2017 NewRetroWave Records. NRW Records is under exclusive license to NewRetroWave, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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16. Isidor - Synth Army (Motivational Synthwave)

Isidor - Synth Army (Motivational Synthwave)

Motivational synthwave track. First part of the Synth Army trilogy

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17. Isidor & Ultraboss - Nitronaut (Synthwave)

Isidor & Ultraboss - Nitronaut (Synthwave)

Isidor teams up with his favorite shredder, the powerful and majestic Lord of the strings, ULTRABOSS, to create yet another masterpiece of synthwave, a song called NITRONAUT Listen on YouTube Listen on Spotify Listen on iTunes Ultraboss

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18. Isidor - Apollo [Synthwave]

Isidor - Apollo [Synthwave]

Inspired by NASA space program. This track is from the "3218" spacewave album.

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19. Isidor - Power Fighter 3000

Isidor - Power Fighter 3000

I am so exited to announce that "Lord of Synth" is officially fully streaming on Bandcamp and all digital stores. You can buy the full discography at Bandcamp 30% off as part of the promo campaign. Which means you will be buying it for €17.50 instead of €25!!!

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