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1. Vaughn Benjamin from Midnite Interview 2013-08-22

Vaughn Benjamin from Midnite Interview 2013-08-22

Keep Good Relations: It was a real joy and an honor to welcome Vaughn Benjamin, Ras L and Edward of Midnite into the studio in the flesh with InI. Even after a full day of travel including multiple airports, Midnite landed in Eugene only an hour and a half before InI went live on the air. Vaughn did not even make it into the hotel before making it to the studio and InI Give nuff thanks. But I did not come soft with the questions and we see iron sharpen iron as Vaughn weaves together the deepest realms of the mystic into concrete, relatable and relevant truths. RasTafari Lives and Rules and Reigns. "Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio" hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local - WORLDWIDE follow the movement: Instagram: RootsnKulchaRadio Soundcloud: Inification-Movement Transcript: King Toby: Yo, words that are relevant even in this time still. We Give Thanks. Really and Truly. Yo, like We told you at the top of the program, through the grace of the Most High, we have some blessed guests in the studio with InI tonight. We do give more ‘pon more thanks for the I-ration, you know the movement speed we in right now. Still. Yo! I’m more an architecture man than a statistics man, but we talkin’ about artists here dealing with like a 20 year career [sic: 1989 Ron & Vaughn, 1994 Midnite] 15 or more since the first album dropped (Unpolished: 1997 Namibia; 1998 US limited; 2001 US widespread) maybe 40ish albums, or something like that[sic: 51 including compilations and the live album] one of the most prolific, prolific artist. A meditation of lyrics, of vibes, through and through. If you’ve ever been to one of these shows you know the meditation and reasoning doesn’t even stop when the show stops still, so We’re giving thanks to have this opportunity today really to have that meditation here in the studio. To build a vibe and raise awareness and consciousness for the massive worldwide right now and we’re getting ready for that show tomorrow night down there at the Eugene Celebration still. But without any further ado, we want to give Thanks and Praise. We want to welcome the I them to the station. BLESSED LOVE Vaughn Benjamin and Midnite. Vaughn Benjamin: Yes InI Blessed. King Ras Tafari. KT: Lives and Rules and Reigns. Give Thanks. Yes King, and you know what I mean, coming off the music thing and to ease the transition for the ones and ones… talking about music. I want to talk a little bit with the I them about how the I deals with music particularly. Because, Midnite deals with music differently and I’m not even talking about like a“VI” type of thing necessarily, but the tempo is slower and the way that the bass resonates is different and the way that the reasoning and the meditation and the music sits is different. So I was wondering if the I could reason with InI how the I deals with music in that way. VB: Well, first, ya know. Greetings to all of the people already, you done know, in Eugene, in Virgin Islands, all over the world and Caribbean. But now, concerning this music now, you know the heart beat, it stays at a median pace to be healthy. If it goes below that median pace, it’s called heart aberration, or so forth. If it goes above that median pace it’s called palpatations. So, none of these two situations are healthy. The human body can’t really sustain nothing high above its median pace for any long period of time. So, it’s just concerning the actual biochemistry of the people – how you want to affect the spirit of the people and the waters, in the bodies, that make the music come down like this. We don’t want to make the pace in the body erratic – above, nor below. So we just hold a median heart beat you know. KT: True, and we even see in the Nyahbinghi heartbeat that’s the tempo we move at in the 40-60bpm range rather than some of the 80 & 90 we see in the pop music so we Give Thanks still. VB: Yes Iyah. KT: I heard the I them maybe deal with some – and we even got the music man them in the studio sameway – the I them maybe deal with some frequencies on a level that maybe touches chakras or touches different elements of the body. Is that true? Do the I them consciously put together music that addresses, again, the biochemistry of the body in a particular way? VB: I mean, it’s real, it’s real. People are real. And you can see that if you just appraise a human in the spirit that the creator put them here in just to be a human, you will really, you will find the good, you know. You can find it. Just like Bob said, “in everyman’s chest….” (KT: True) “…there beats a heart.” You know it’s a seeking spirit to find that place that make a more level humanity. It’s like his majesty said, it is International Morality, you know, that is at stake. We see what is happening to the world. So right now it’s just a prayer still. KT: Fullness, fullness. And on them levels, you know what I mean, we just played “‘Mongst InI” for the people and that’s a tune that I think encapsulates a lot of the last couple years of music that we’ve been catching from the I because there’s, it’s calling attention to certain frequencies and certain cycles and movements on the Earth, but still the hook is, you know what I mean, “Keep good relations amongst InI” it’s not necessarily go bruk down this and go bruk down that, it’s… How do we build peace and love on this Earth? VB: Because Unity is cohesion, togetherness is automatic cohesion. It’s one more hand to help. So little by little you know. Precept and precept and line upon line. We can’t have overestimated sense of ourselves. We have to move in Jah time and pace. You know. So, more time it may not be as flashy as the world would like, you see, but InI know that it is a patient thing to develop the mind and soul and refine the spirit and so forth. A patient thing. KT: Truly truly. It’s a question that I think a lot of RasTafari in the West deal with right now is the amount of injustice that InI see. So a lot of ones who are called to RasTafari in the West are also called to certain political activism and called to deal with certain aspects and want to get their hands in all of that, but that’s not necessarily the message that InI are dealing with. So for ones that are impatient, and are trying to seek patience perhaps, what kind of message do you have for InI that want to solve the injustice that we see and you know, make a move. VB: Working on one youthman or one youthdaughter spirit is social activism you know. Really working with one youth. Because if you see a ghetto youthman mind in order, many things just disappear you know, by themselves. Things that are out of order just go away, by themselves. I’ve seen it from my eyes. So, I know that things like loitering and things like defacement of property and things that cause a society not to be on its best keel. Right? These things, if you can make a youthdaughter or youthson to see, you automatically clean up many different strata in one soul. You know how generation is, that’s the word, generate, you know? And they have their circle of friends. So it may look like a big uphill mountainous climb and so forth. And social activism is also valid in terms of making changes you know within reason and balance and rationale. No one can say it isn’t so. His Majesty sits as technocratic, theocratic, beuarocratic, autocratic, legistlative, you know… and the church. So, you know if you use His Majesty for an example we can’t put such a heavy weight on the populous concerning these things, ‘cause the people have to move on the situations that they see surrounding them to make betterment. You just have to. KT: Fully, fully. You know I raise the issue because I see a lot of bredren sitting back and not really doing too much about even their own situations that they dealing with and uplifting the standard by which they hold themselves to. You know, everytime you know: “Yo, bredren” you know what I mean, “Jah will see, Jah will see [me through].” And, you know, to me, even when the house of Jacob was out in the wilderness, you know what I mean, it wasn’t, Joshua didn’t just stand by and let them fall, they went into battle. And Gideon against the Mideanites, he went out there and he lead the army to go prevail, he didn’t sit back and do [no]thing about it. And so, that’s kind of what brings me to those levels you know, of… And I wonder if the I has that message to in part of this “keep good relations” but get out there and participate in life. VB: The word is the power you know. His Majesty draw all the scenarios that you see before you. You know. Your “dreams of lasting peace, and world citizenship will remain but a fleeting illusion to be pursed but never obtained… there will be war.” (Speech by His Majesty at League of Nations as quoted by Bob Marley in “War.”) Unless you fulfill some conditions. So, right within the word, all social activism still must live within the most defined standard. The highest word and this is what we see unfolding upon Earth right now. Is that people are not ready to make changes that have to be societally made. “Until there is no longer first and second class citizens of any nation.” “Until the color of a man’s skin is of more significance than the color of his eyes.” You know. These are the words upon which all other things which develop or build, because you can’t go over it nor around it and many won’t address it. And we know it’s a standing undercurrent in most of the societal war. Separations based on these inequities. So, the Majesty is there at all time. Haile Selassie the First. Because he address these things in specificity. And now all that we know as social activisim is only now trying to agitate for these causes – to bring these visions to a better place on Earth. So. This is why Haile Selassie. Haile Selassie the First, and again. Because if we look at all of the world’s situations and look at what has been addressed specifically and now we see what we are faced with. I think it’s very specific. I think there is still hope always. As long as there is life. I’m not pessimistic for the world, no matter what you see happen. Creation so beautiful anywhere. High. You know. KT: Seen. Yo and I was just reading today online. This bredren was talking about how DNA is not actually the storage of the knowledge our ancient being that it’s actually consciousness and they’ve got all these examples of genetically modified organisms that through several generations were able to reclaim, you what I mean… If they didn’t keep imposing the genetic engineering on it that it keeps coming back to that natural order, to that natural form. And that its actually consciousness more than the DNA that holds that. So we are seeing those levels that through faith and works we’re going to see the most high deeds enacted. VB: But the birds can show you know. Birds circumnavigate the whole Earth, thousands of miles, to go back to this place everytime. Badder than GPS. And, what makes them to particularly choose this land? The conscious of the bird, ya seen? Because there are many places that they could you know, go. But this is the place. You know. Pink Flamingos all the way in the west, and still in Africa and all the way down in Virgin Islands too, from years ago. So, it’s amazing, you know. Consciousness. That’s what we’re talking about here. And then again it can be tapped. What is the source of that overstanding in the bird. Those who have the laws written without the tablets. The “Thou shalt not” laws that govern nature. Who wrote them down? The laws of clans and families and wars and strife… who wrote them down for the animals? Because they have them. KT: All of it. And, yo that’s real. And the next level is that InI have them too. VB: Yes KT: And, so how… I see the I reference Ancient Africa a lot. And InI have even reasoned about I Anacalypsis before, in deep deep ancient times, but how does the I see that connection to ancient times as far as, you know what I mean, that rememberence of the way… the knowledge that InI had before and still have the possibility to have. VB: Well, I’ll tell you. You hear me sing in a song and say, “Ancient Amharic called English” Right? Where in ancient Egypt “Tot” is “Thought.” Now, “Maat” is “Math,” “Luxor” is “Luxury”, “Cushion” is what we are sitting on, “Cush”. You know what I am saying. So, I’m saying what we have come to understand as the English language has been existent with the same names form an ancient position. Even “Neter” and “Nature.” “Metu Neter” and “Method of Nature” So, all of these words are very very ancient. Long before we know them as English. There is a polarity in the English language that is unbelieve. Something like how the zero reconciles all direction. It’s right in the words. I can give you examples. Like K-E-E-L is “Keel” and L-E-E-K is “leak” and the keel is at the bottom of the boat to make sure it doesn’t leak. L-O-O-T is “loot”, T-O-O-L is “tool” that’s what they use to get the loot. M-E-E-T is “meet” and T-E-E-M… just the inverse. Like inverse square law in word. Team must meet. And it gets much worse, you know. You know the examples like “origin” O-R-G-I-N and N-I-G-I-R-O, and “organ” … So, what I’ve found is that there is an actual method in the language. So Word, Sound and Power, for I, is not just some logo and slogan, it’s what I see before me for real. That to overstand the polarities right within the sound is to overstand what is present at all. KT: Right. You know I mean, a lot of linguists and ones who study words would say that it’s pure coincidence that all these words line up so… VB: Well let me shoot for you many more. Let me shoot for you many more. KT: Rather than watching the number of coincidence I’m curious if the I has a next reasoning on the syncrhonicities we see in time and life sameway. ‘Cause, even sameway so, I was listening to a bredren today that was talking about how syncronicities in measurement and the time thing too. [Red Ice Radio:] So, like he was saying that the speed of light is 29… whatever, meters per second [299,792,458 m/s] and the latitude that the pyramids are at is that exact same number [Great Pyramid of Giza 29.9792 deg. N] he was finding hundreds if not thousands of these same synchronicities. And we find that whether its in numbers or in language or in other places we’re finding these syncronicities throughout time and I wonder what the relevance is, or what the lesson is for InI. VB: When the doctors approached the genome and found that everybody, everything, has pretty much the same basic cell structure, it was shocking to them. From very complex organisms to very simple organisms like amoebas. It was very shocking to them. That was the true find out. You know. When they sequenced the genome and got to understand that what they are calling junk DNA, dark matter, unexplored. They found out that this is something really unknown, but tangible, visible still. You see it by its weight, by its gravity, but you can’t tell how its bending the space fabric. So I liken it to the same consciousness. It’s not subject to materiality. At all. It goes through any material. So, its in all of us. And, the same InI, which is very different from subjective and objective… we, them, those, others and so forth. Same I one, same I man, yes I man, same I man. This is a technology to making a better way for us still you know. To overstand. ‘Cause if you still hear me saying the “us” and so forth, this is our common overstanding here, but we have to work with our people so that they can overstand what we’re really talking about at all. Why this InI. ‘Cause, them, themselves, others, they, those and these – that’s a lot of people. (laugh) You know. So it brings the picture small to what must be done about good relations. [20:44] KT: True. True. So, on the levels of that same synchronicity still… Does the I see it that these are just inherent reflections of creation? Are the synchronicities there because we are just reflecting what is? Or… VB: We are shocked right now. The whole world is shocked. When the Ethiopians show you the six pointed star and then we found out that even crystalline form is hexagonal and tetrahedral in natural form. Then we found out the significance of names like tetragrammaton [ie YHWH] then we found out that the root of the quantum physics and nano technology that has now overtaken E=MC2. Right ? The root of it all is that is that hexagonal tetrahedral power into infintesimals below zero – quanta. KT: And we see it in the circle sameway. If you take the circle and draw its own radius on itself you get the hexagon once again. VB: So, we come again to the root and the thrown. Ya know? And, even among many of the ancient nations of the area, you will see in the architecture and the layout of buildings that this was a pervasive knowledge all throughout the east. Not just in Ethiopia proper. There were times when Ethiopians in Syria and it was being called Ethiopia. Different names at different points of the movement. You find cities older than Sumer. Right now. With all of the new technology that is available. You still find the same motifs. The same tetrahedral hexagonals. Even in our skin and eyes and everything crystalline. So, its shocking you know, to know that it is really true, it’s not philosophical about the oneness. It is an actual proven from science. KT: On the levels of science, you know, a reasoning that I check with a lot of bredren when we blackin’ a sound is that conflict for certain ones between the Ible and the scriptures the Most High and the science. For me the more depths and knowledge I learn about science, the more it reinforces the oneness in the Most High and that there is not a conflict creation store in the Bible and the way that even, you know, most of the evolution story is being told. And, I hear the man talking about science and even comparing humans to an amoeba and thing like that. And, more ones that read scriptures daily would have a lot of issue with that, to say that there is even a possibility of a relationship there. How does the I address that issue of science and scriptures and ancient knowledge? VB: Well, you see, like H2O, like water and like the air you breathe and the fact that hydrogen is the predominant element everywhere and then the people learn how to make hydrogen bomb, from how to make ripple effect in what is natural and everywhere. Which was not in the bomb itself. So these are actualities which take place. So, the highest of what can take place is what takes place. Now, His Majesty speaks specifically to lay all our doubts to rest. “Technology must be used solely for the well being of man.” And that covers it. Because if you should use it solely for the wellbeing of man, it will be utility for the uses to make life better and work easier. There was no discord within His Majesty’s speech concerning this. So, as he is the head, that is where I stay focused. KT: And we saw His Majesty build up hospitals and, you know what I mean, education, all over Ethiopia, and sending students internationally to learn about technology and all these things. So, we Give Thanks. On the levels of where we started talking about vibes and good relations to, you know what I mean, technology now, we see ones caught up in this social media, Facebook, and just like drawing away from the humanistic aspect of being, you know, being InI. How does the I see technology playing that role in terms of InI relations now? [26:10] VB: Well, it gives people a deeper place to hide, and still there’s not anywhere to hide when you have intrusion and… you have spiritual dishonesty and spiritual honest. And, the east have different ways to say it, you have Karmic law and so forth. So, in this time, where you see all these things, there is no where to get away. There is more information and less knowledge. People used to go to the encyclopedia and then this is what was agreed in all nations. Now, there is far more information and less ways of ascertaining what is true. You see? So, nature and the cycles of nature will tell you what is true. You know. As we can see how many upheavals and changes we’re seeing right now. Right. This is what is true. So, its not even up to a politician or an activist whether we agree or disagree, but… the more we are become exposed to information and then it gives us deeper place to go under. People text the things that they could never say to someone’s face. The whole nation have a new added aspect of what’s possible quickly and it can feed many different kind of emotions. So, it’s a more, like I say, it’s a more proliferate time of information and less knowledge, so you will have to stick to the things which the Almighty put which is known as culture. Because culture is every… the juice and the water and the food and the green and… don’t care how high technology goes, they can’t go any higher than what is necessary and needed and provided for by creation even as raw material. KT: Real talk. Could the I elaborate on culture? What is culture for the I and for ones really trying to overs what culture is? VB: You will see a man brush his teeth and them say, “you brush your teeth religiously.” Religiously, it meant the repetition of. Now when our old people knew certain herbs that chased away mucus and sickness and… we forgot what it was. And it was growing wild everywhere. That is the condition of us right now. The Earth. It was right there present, to help you. So, culture is many things, many things, even among technology there is culture. And, it’s viable, you know, to be respected – all the different changes of a human. Culture is a thing which come down through lines and its proven sustenance like a three stone. You know. The pot is made from the dirt and the fire is coming up from the dirt and the wood came from the dirt and the food came from the dirt and its organic fully fully fully. And, it works until forever even when there’s power outage. Ya see it? KT: The three stone can always cook the food even when there’s a power outage, that’s for real. [29:51] VB: But that’s a fact. When there’s hurricane, nuff people deh to the Rastaman them gates, because the Rasta bubblin’ as usual, its not a power outage to him. He bubble at all time. KT: Yo and that’s the lesson, that’s real. So, you know, and maybe there is the culture in the technology sameway, but even kinda steppin’ forward into that reasoning a little earlier about that ancient knowledge. ‘Cause the culture really stems all the way from that deepest root all the way through to InI. The soil as the I was showing I. How do InI reclaim that knowledge? VB: Well, I will tell you. I even accidentally find out these things when I a go to Washington DC like in the early 90s and I would go among all the different African nation. And, you say, “yes I, awhoa!” And the man say “yes, awhoa, that’s in our language, that means ‘so it is’” We didn’t know that in the Caribbean. We think its Rastaman say “it is.” So then, it cause inquiry into many words that we say. And we found say that we have the word them from the ancient time until now, in real life. You seen? Because even if you go into like Gilgamesh and early Sumerian tale and so and you see the primordial waters is Nun and Nu Nu, from Anacalypsis, and the male generated power is Tele, and became Stelae. And in the Caribbean, all the children speak still like this today today. All of them know what that is. You know now, when I find these things out by accident, just through reading these man, I say yeah, “so this is what you say, this is what was said from the thousands?” And then our people still know these words now and still speak it. It’s a vernacular and its considered to be outside the brackets of good etiquitte and so forth “Nun” and “Noon” “Nu Nu”, “Tele” and “Telae” and “Stele”, but these words are there from the thousands. And then you find out your whole people speak these words now. All the children, like for real, know it. So its kinda shocking you know. Yeah. KT: Yeah man, so, like even, the next step in all of that – I don’t know if the I has read any of Schwaller de Lubicz writings about Egypt. InI was reasoning with Kabaka Pyramid recently about these levels and one thing that becomes very prevalent in his writings and his study of how the architecture in the temples is a map for the human body and you know greater ascension to a higher being. For them, they always had the band around the forehead and that the third eye became important with the pineal gland and all of that, but really it was cutting off the rational side of the mind and that InI for them was to really reach that spiritual side. It wasn’t really about the rational thinking and so much the… So, to reach that realm for them it was to let go of the sorta Earthly material, vane aspect of life and to really touch that emotional, spiritual side. Is that a part of culture that we’re trying to forward to still? [33:41] VB: If you see, that’s what happened to the whole world as we know it, as industry is everything, that’s what happened. They had to leave a linear form alone. You know E=MC… linear form. They had to leave it alone and work with the curved space that we exist in. It’s very real you know. You go far East, you end West. You go far West, you end East. And directions even reconcile in zero. Which is signifying nothing, as a place holder, but going up by integers of 10. So, if you see, from Egypt to Ethiopia, to India, cause Esta say from India to Ethiopia, Isaiah say from Egypt and Ethiopia. So the whole Indus valley, the Mesopotamian plane, as well as, the… the… the Indus Valley which is among the early Indian, among the… the Bible address them all is what I am trying to get at here, you seen? Address them all as being within the same realm of people. Thank you [addressed to Ras L who shut the door due to janitorial noise outside the studio]. The Bible address them all as being within the same realms of rulership if you hear it say, Ahasuerus, which ruled even from India and unto Ithiopia, one hundred and twenty and seven provinces of the Earth, [Ester 1:1] that’s you know, even from a biblical perspective these are visitable, you know, checkable. KT: And so, you know, that’s an interesting topic there because a lot of that part of the world is the part of the world that we describe as Babylon in the Bible sameway, and you know a lot of InI Rastafari deal with Babylon in a more Mystical, present day, kind of a way. So, what is that reconciliation in that war of the Israelites versus the Babylonians in that ancient knowledge of… VB: Well, in the definition of the word itself is a situation you know. Babel. You know. Babel Tower, create, the confusion is by the tongue. And right today, the confusion is rampant on the ground in the world today by the tongue. You see. So, it may not be as allegorical as the confounding of languages, because even in the same language you have multiple religions saying the same God and cannot see eye to eye. Spirit say when the spirit of JAH is among, Man will see eye to eye. John also say, “I will send you a comforter, and when he the comforter shall come, he shall not speak of himself, he shall speak of me. His father who send him.” [John 15:26] So, even all the things which concerning His Majesty. It visitable to see what was said, you know, and from how long, it was said. You know. “When I send you a next comforter, and when the comforter come he shall not speak of himself, but he shall tell you of I, his father who send him.” And this is what I see, in I Majesty. He is seen as a comforter. And your… the question was very… very deep and insightful, truly, because we need to get away from linear, material forms, to see spirit, eh? then we won’t so, judge man by the outer garment of his flesh. Yeah… and… Part of architecture is just that, it kind of creates a mental way of seeing things also, you know. ? is created by architecture and so forth. That linear straight line ahead… take for instance the horizon. Which if you see it from a higher vantage point, and if you see if from the ground, because your eyes are able to see the distance you see a straight line. But in reality it isn’t a straight line. Pretty much what’s happened to the whole thing. Science, technology, everything, they had to realize it isn’t a straight line, you know. From Columbus they were fighting with this flat line and fall off of it (laughs) KT: See that, see that. Yeah man. That’s whats up. Yo and as the I talking about His Majesty coming as a comforter and that relationship, I think that’s a mysticism in RasTari that ones have challenge with too, is trying to put their finger on, again, InI, trying to put their finger on InI relationship with the Most High. Because, certain ones come from a very Christian perspective that, you know, God is in the sky and InI here [are] his people and rae rae rae. And certain RasTafari come on a different mystic, of, you know what I mean, because His Majesty came in the flesh, and because InI are created in His image therefore that image is the, you know what I mean, flesh manifestation of the Most High. So, how does the I shape that in the conception in this time. VB: In this time, right now, remember, not even science has a place to run away to go to. Science say that matter is never created or destroyed, and the element of change is fire… okay from between the stages which is solid, liquid, gas. So, even science know that matter is never created nor destroyed, its existant and changing form. So, even the things that we know to be center of the road and accepted by all society, and so forth, even them have to make the whole public aware that this is not being created and this is not being destroyed. Then I hear technology say a word like morph. Which means, constantly changing. Now, the very breath you breath changes every cell in your body on a daily basis. And where is that breath coming from in the cosmic dust when there is billions of miles above your head? I mean… KT: Right here VB: It’s amazing. What we are. So there is no… even to go away from religion and ideology and go to pure secularism and science, even they have no place fe go. They must acknowledge that this is everyliving spirit. Yes I KT: Yo I think that’s powerful level that they have nowhere to go. Because InI have no where to go on every level, you know what I mean, InI are stuck here to deal with this thing. And we can… you know what I mean, the societies and illumnati and all them ones can try to fight their little fight and deal with their thing and InI humanity can try to make our moves still, but until InI keep good relations we’re not going to see that forward progress and really see that unity on Earth. What is that… the Most High controls all things and the Most High is going to show InI the path to righteousness and we’re going to see it through, I believe, through Revelation time and Armeggedon, and we’re watching that thing happen right now and unfold before InI, but what are the… the I said earlier that you had hope, and so what are the things in this time that you are seeing that give you that hope beyond just faith. VB: Well you know, between moving from place to place with this particular works, music, you see the people everywhere. They tell you roots music, the genre has fallen away, all kinds of things you hear, but everytime you come forward, the people are there. And when the people come, they are all doers, like yourself. They are people upon who many people depend. They are not just fans anymore. The whole crowd, a lot of doers. You overstand? And that is the hope. Because in what generality has this been the rule before? It’s a new thing, really, to see so many dealers in everything – textiles… and different works. Everyone of them is a works of the Lord still. As long as it is right spirit and you make a garment that give a good rememberence to the heart and you make a drink and you make a thing that sustain. Sustenance is what it’s about. And… people will not want to learn who is who in the heart of confusion. That won’t be the time to know who… to learn. So the people who have learned how to pull together before confusion will have each other. So, this is a thing which you can start implement from right now. Anyone and everyone from listening periphery, you know because there won’t be a time to figure out who is who if confusion should ensue. So, we should try to live lovingly right now that we have each other to help each other through all our different situation. Yeah. KT: That’s powerful word sound. And I think that’s a good level to seal the vibe with. I think that’s a good way to take ones and ones to the road and on the journey and to make them know that that message of InI seeking be unity and doing and building and trying to reflect natural divine living is a positive way to move forward. So that’s hope, that’s the same hope that I see you know. As I travel and see and reason and link with ones, I see that vibe. And, ones are out there and making that move. Even in the confusion that we see now and all the badmindedness that ones and ones have to deal with… the glory of the love and the reflection of the Most High through certain ones is just so powerful that it gives InI same hope. Does the I have any final comments for the listeners, words for the listeners you wanted to share that we didn’t get to. VB: Well, you know, I give thanks for the offering, the Bible say, “Consider not what you shall say.” You know. When we get there, just out of our heart and our fullness now. So, I give thanks. Respect still. Come forward and hear the sound. Yeah, Eugene.

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2. Vaughn Benjamin -- Akae Beka (Midnite) ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: October 27th, 2016

Vaughn Benjamin -- Akae Beka (Midnite) ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: October 27th, 2016

Vaughn Benjamin - Akae Beka (formerly Midnite) joins InI on the wire to reason about the new album "Livicated," the book of Enoch and and lessons about living righteously in this time. Typical of Vaughn's reasoning, he is able to pull together seemingly disparate aspects into one cohesive, crystal message. A message of strength, of love and of healing. Roots'n'Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm Pacfic Time KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement:

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3. Nigerian Dancehall Practice Rinse 4-30-14

Nigerian Dancehall Practice Rinse 4-30-14

Just rinsing a bunch of Nigerian music I hadn't really listened to much before. Picking out some tracks for the real crates. Little effort put into mixes, just fast chops to keep the tracks coming for listening too later. Still some nice, upbeat vibes for sure. Nigeria coming strong. playlist: Half Face ft. Chymney Crane - Too Much (Azonto Songz) P-Square ft. Tiwa Savage & May D - Do As I Do Ovido - Dance Bracket ft. Wizkid - Girl Sound Sultan ft. Duncan Mighty - Luv Language (rmx) B'Red - Long Time Lola Rae ft. Iyanya - Fi Mi Le Kofi Kinaata ft. Castro - Al-Qaeda Moelogo - Pangolo Sarz ft. Wizkid - Beat of Life (Samba) Sean Tizzle - Boogie Down Tutulapato ft. pope Skinny - New King Ay.Com - No Sleeping D'Banj - Oliver D'Prince - Birthday Dammy Krane - Really Love You Davido - Dami Duro Davido - One Of A Kind Duncan Mighty - Lift Him Up E-Gnyte ft. LKT - KokoTi Koko EOne - Triogo Dance Flavour - Shake Fuse ODG ft Tiffany - Azonto Liupink - Bolanle Mo May D ft. Davido - Ur Eyes

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4. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio - Coronation Day Musical I-ses

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio - Coronation Day Musical I-ses

This is a live one turntable mix. No vanity, just pure meditation and Ises. The reasoning with RasTafari Incient Bongo Isaac can be found at: Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1 FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement: facebook: inificationmovement instagram: rootsnkulcharadio soundcloud: inification-movement Playlist: Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio Intro ft. Mikey Dread Willi Williams - Give Jah Praise Abyssinians - I and I Dezarie - Jah Throne Lutan Fyah - Crown Him Anthony B - Throne of Selassie Sizzla - Praise Ye Jah Black Uhuru - I Love King Selassie Wailing Souls - Jah Jah Give Us Life Queen Ifrica - TTPNC Garnet Silk, Charlie Chaplin & Cocoa Tea - Every Knee Shall Bow Munga - Coronation Day Chronixx - Alpha and Omega Jah9 - Reverence Midnite - Rasta Crown Aim

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5. Hempress Sativa (Jamaican Reggae) Interview 2014-07-15

Hempress Sativa (Jamaican Reggae) Interview 2014-07-15

Hempress Sativa joins us on the wire on her own Earthstrong as InI I-lebrate the 122nd Earthstrong of His Imperial Majesty Qadamawi Haile Selassie for a reasoning about her life, her music, RasTafari and much more. "Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio" hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement live on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local ::: worldwide Every Thursday 8-10pm Pacific archived at: follow the movement:

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6. Jah9 (Jamaican Reggae/Jazz on Dub) Interview 2014-07-22 :: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio

Jah9 (Jamaican Reggae/Jazz on Dub) Interview 2014-07-22 :: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio

The royal sistren Jah9 joins InI for the 2nd time on the program for a candid reasoning about her tour, His Majesty Haile Selassie's Earthstrong, RasTafari holistic culture and much more. Find the first innaview with the foundational biographical information and more about her first album "New Name" at Connect with Jah9 through: The "For the Love of Kush" mixtape by Gabre Selassie mentioned in the innaview can be found at: "Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio" hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm Pacific Time on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local :: worldwide archives at: follow the movement at

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7. Incient Bongo Isaac Reasoning/Testimony/Interview 2013-10-31

Incient Bongo Isaac Reasoning/Testimony/Interview 2013-10-31

The testimony of Incient Bongo Isaac was recorded by Elder Ras Flako Tafari approximately one strong before Coronation Day 2013 gregorian. The questions were written by King Toby, but actually asked to Bongo Isaac by Ras Flako. The way it was recorded did not really fully capture Ras Flako Tafari's voice, so the questions themselves were re-recorded by King Toby and laced together to make this semi live interview. InI chose this format because while it did not allow for as in depth and natural questions and reasoning, it preserved Bongo Isaac's testimony and voice with the greatest quality and that is a crucial part of this mission as many of InI Incients transition. This reasoning first aired publicly on October 31st, 2013 on Roots'n'Kulcha Radio on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon during InI two hour Coronation Iwah radio broadcast. King Toby's part was recorded in one live pass, having not yet heard Incient Bongo Isaac's answers. RasTafari Lives and Rules and Reigns. MORE LIFE. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1 FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement: facebook: inificationmovement instagram: rootsnkulcharadio soundcloud: inification-movement

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8. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio 2011-08-18 - Marcus Garvey Special

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio 2011-08-18 - Marcus Garvey Special

"Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio" hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local - WORLDWIDE follow the movement: Instagram: RootsnKulchaRadio Soundcloud: Inification-Movement 8-18-2011 Playlist: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio Intro Marcus Garvey reasoning Rastafari Elder Ras Headful - Testimony Nereus Jospeh - Africa For Africans U Roy - Africa For Africans Burning Spear - Jah No Dead Midnite - Mighty Race Dub Midnite - Mighty Race Mutabaruka - Garvey Burning Spear - Old Marcus Garvey Reggae Reggular - The Black Star Liner The Gladiators - Marcus Garvey Time Culture - Garvey Yabby You - Let Us Repatriate Mighty Diamonds - I Need A Roof Anthony B ft. Culture - Two Sevens Clash Culture - Black Starliner Tarrus Riley - Love Created I (Marcus Teaching) Daweh Congo - Study Garvey Johnny Clarke - Poor Marcus Glen Brown - Marcus Garvey Words Naptali - Seven Miles (Of Black Star Liner) The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari - Hero Is He Michael Rose & Sly and Robbie - Marcus Garvey Peter Tosh - African Multi Symptom - The Black Star Liner Steel Pulse - Worth His Weight In Gold (Rally Round) Steel Pulse - Dub Marcus Say Freddie McGregor - Oh Marcus Capleton - Dis The Trinity Mikey General - Confidence In Self Prince Malachi - Garvey Teach Them Perfect - Talk Black Marcus Rastafari Elders - 400 Years

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9. Brooklyn Nyahbinghi House I-ses - date unknown

Brooklyn Nyahbinghi House I-ses - date unknown

Recording of Nyahbinghi I-ses from the Brooklyn Nyahbinghi House. I was given this recording on CD in 2010, but I do not know anything more about it than that. The date, reason for the I-lebration, person who recorded it, etc. are unknown. Chant order: Neither You Gold Nor Silver Oh What A Glory No Night In Zion Little Children > I, I, I Jah Got the Whole World Everyone Should Know Jah RasTafari Is I Shepherd I am Here RasTafari (In Mount Zion) Trodding Over Land and Sea I, I, I

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10. Nyahbinghi RasTafari Elder Ras Flako interview ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: November 5th, 2015

Nyahbinghi RasTafari Elder Ras Flako interview ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: November 5th, 2015

RasTafari Elder and Nyahbinghi Secretary Incient Ras Flako joins InI on the wire only days after the 85th anniversary of the Coronation of HIS Emperor Haile Selassie the First and HRH Empress Menen. Tune in as InI reason about the Coronation, the RasTafari Global Secretariat, fullfilling the creed, protecting the Elders and much more. Find numerous publications by Ras Flako of his own works as well as the testimony of many of the Iriginal Incients of RasTafari at Once who would like to make a I-tribution to the Incients (100% goes directly to the elders with no middle people taking their cut) ones can link at Find other I-tributions from Ras Flako here on the page. Follow the movement at or

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11. Jah Mason Interview ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: April 13th, 2017

Jah Mason Interview ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: April 13th, 2017

Jah Mason joins InI on the wire for an interview about his music past, present and future as well as a reasoning on farming, self-reliance and community. Roots'n'Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement every Thursday 8-10pm PDT KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local ::: worldwide Follow the Movement:

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12. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio - His Majesty Haile Selassie 122nd Earthstrong Musical I-ses

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio - His Majesty Haile Selassie 122nd Earthstrong Musical I-ses

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1 FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement: facebook: inificationmovement instagram: rootsnkulcharadio soundcloud: inification-movement The full 30minute Hempress Sativa innaview can be found at: Playlist: Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio intro featuring Mikey Dread Hempress Sativa - Children of the Emperor Hempress Sativa innaview segment Hempress Sativa - RasTafari Rise Ras Ivi & the Family of Rastafari - Centenary Chant (Ark of the Covenant) New Name - Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus (Glory to God) New Name - Jah9 (New Name) The Gladiators - Let Jah Be Praised (Sweet So Til) Abyssinians - Mightiest of All (Arise) Abyssinians - Yi Mas Gan (Satta Dub) Abyssinians - Yi Mas Gan (Satta Massagana) Althea & Donna - Jah Rastafari (Uptown Top Ranking) Ijahman Levi - Praises In Strange Places (Haile I Hymn) Burning Spear - The Force (Resistance) Midnite - True King (Ainshant Maps) Midnite - True King Dub (Intense Pressure) Freddie McGregor - Give Jah Glory (Rastafari Lives) Peter Broggs - Rastafari Liveth (RAS Portraits) The Congos - Rastafari Is His Name (Cock Mouth Kill Cock) Perfect - Happy Birthday (Columbian Drop Riddim) Natural Black - Exalt His Name (single)

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13. Roots'n'Kulcha Radio :: New Music Mix :: July 3rd, 2014

Roots'n'Kulcha Radio :: New Music Mix :: July 3rd, 2014

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement broadcast live on: KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local :: and TuneIn app worldwide every Thursday 8-10pm Pacific Time archived at: @inification-movement follow the movement: Playlist: Lutan Fyah - Naw Pull It (No More Slaving Riddim) Jah Bouks - No Slave (No More Slaving Riddim) Spectacular - We Can Do It (No More Slaving Riddim) Capleton - Too Much Man a Dead (No More Slaving Riddim) Chezidek - Build Me Up (No More Slaving Riddim) Iba Mahr - Bless My Soul Jah (Running Times Riddim) Exile Di Brave - Give a Little Get More (Running Times Riddim) Misshigh - To Be Free (Running Times Riddim) Kelissa - Wake Up (Maxfield Avenue Riddim) Maikal X - Real Friend (Maxfield Avenue Riddim) Koxx - Believer (Maxfield Avenue Riddim) Ras Batch - Win (Jump For Joy Riddim) Army - Long Long Road (Jump For Joy Riddim) Danny I - Gathering of Lion (Jump For Joy Riddim) Pressure - When A Door Is Close (Jump For Joy Riddim) Reemah - Be Free (Jump For Joy Riddim) Lutan Fyah - Rasta Won't Fail (Jump For Joy Riddim) Edge Michael - Worse Than Obeah (C Major Riddim) Jah Mason - Tell Me Why (C Major Riddim) Keith Porter (Itals) - Know Jah (C Major Riddim) Sizzla - Care for the People (C Major Riddim) Lt. Stitchie & Million Styles - Emergency (Pretty Looks Riddim) Lukie D - Reggae (Pretty Looks Riddim) Bushman - Toy Sound (Pretty Looks Riddim) Mr Vegas - Ready Long Time (My Answer Riddim) Famous Face - Plan (My Answer Riddim) Queen Omega - It Serious (Pitaya Riddim) Deliman - World Crisis (Pitaya Riddim) Leah Rosier - Enough Is Enough (Pitaya Riddim) Demarco - Stay In My Lane (My Voice Riddim) Demarco - Guide My Step (Set Straight Riddim) Midnite - Same Boat We (Beauty For Ashes)

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14. All Gold Everything Mixtape :: I-nification Movement :: April 2015

All Gold Everything Mixtape :: I-nification Movement :: April 2015


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15. Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: Roots and dub music mix ::: May 19th, 2016

Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: Roots and dub music mix ::: May 19th, 2016

Roots'n'Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm Pacific TIme on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement at: Playlist: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio Intro (ft. Mikey Dread) Midnite - Love Right (Ras Mek Peace) Dennis Brown - Africa We Waan Go Home Hugh Mundell - Africa Must Be Free (Africa Must Be Free LP) Hugh Mundell - Africa Dub (Africa Must Be Free Dub LP) Errol Holt - Gimme + Dub (Silver & Gold) Prince Fari - 354 Skank + Dub (Silver & Gold) Max Romeo - One Step Forward (Best of) U-Roy - Natty Don't Fear (Dread Inna Babylon) Oku Onuora & King Alpha - Today, Tomorrow, Yesterday + Dub (7" Akashic) Fred Locks & Sizzla - Black Starliner Rebirth + Dub (7" 2016 Akashic) Sizzla - Kings of the Earth + Dub (Kings of the Earth) Midnite ft. Pressure - Same I Ah One (Beauty for Ashes) Akae Beka - Simplest Long (Portals) Fikir Amlak - Starlight + Dub (Roots And Dub 2016) Christopher Martin - Mama (request) Pressure - Marketplace (Marketplace Riddim 2016 IGrade) Glen Washington - Too Much Religion (Marketplace Riddim 2016 IGrade) Akae Beka - Described Peculiar (Marketplace Riddim 2016 IGrade) Lutan Fyah - Binghi Man A Call (Marketplace Riddim 2016 IGrade) Lutan Fyah - All Is Well (Kick Up Riddim) Richie Spice - Mirror Mirror (Kick Up Riddim) Righteous Youth - Jah Jah Never Fail I Yet (Kick Up Riddim) Lymie Murray - Food For Life (Kick Up Riddim) Mikey General - Jah A Wipe Out (Kick Up Riddim) Warrior King - Greater (The Rootz Warrior) Sizzla - Babylon Judgement (Daily Devotion Riddim) Gappy Ranks - Pool of Lava (Daily Devotion Riddim)

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16. RasTafari Elder Ras Igie Interview w/ Elder Ras Flako :: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio :: October 30th, 2014

RasTafari Elder Ras Igie Interview w/ Elder Ras Flako :: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio :: October 30th, 2014

This interview was conducted and recorded by RasTafari Elder Ras Flako Tafari in Montego Bay, Jamaica on October 28th, 2014. The basic questions were written by King Toby of Roots'n'Kulcha Radio/I-nification Movement (Eugene, Oregon, USA)- Ras Flako created the intro and welcome as well as follow up questions. InI give I-tinual thanks for the works of the Elders in Jamaica and particular to Ras Flako for his untiring works to uphold the mandate of the Nyahbinghi Creed that the "Aged be Protected" through his works with Wise Mind Publications and the Word Sound Power Collective. Itinual thanks for Ras Igie sharing with InI his time and wisemind. Make me tell you, this reasoning is I-werful! Glory to word. Glory to sound. Glory to Power. RasTafari Lives in the Hearts of All Flesh. ONE PERFECT LOVE.

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17. John Holt Interview 2014-05-29

John Holt Interview 2014-05-29

The Living Legend John Holt joins InI for a candid reasoning on his story, how the reggae music industry has changed (or not), RasTafari, his upcoming performance at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and much more. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1 FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement: facebook: inificationmovement instagram: rootsnkulcharadio soundcloud: inification-movement

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18. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio ::: New Music Mix ::: December 11th, 2014

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio ::: New Music Mix ::: December 11th, 2014

Roots'n'Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement live every Thursday 8-10pm PST on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local ::: and TuneIn app worldwide instagram: rootsnkulcharadio Playlist: Roots'n'Kulcha Rado Intro ft. Mikey Dread Jah9 & Puraman ft. ATiiBa - Revolution Lullaby/Showers of Blessings (Lost Ark Music) Dezarie - Love in Your Meditation (Love in Your Meditation) Midnite - Worry Free (Ride Tru) Harry Mo - His Majesty's Palace (Roots & Lovers) Dezarie - African Heart Lionheart (Love in Your Meditation) Midnite - Ride Tru (Ride Tru) Midnite - Conquering Lion (Ride Tru) Prince Malachi - Jah Fire Jason 'Todah' O'Neil - Guntown (Life Giver Riddim) Matthew Greenidge - Spiritual War (Life Giver RIddim) Deon Thomas ft. Zion - One Life (Life Giver RIddim) Nesbeth - Taste Victory (Victory EP) Cali P - Carry the Load (Healing of the Nation) Righteous ft. King Solomon - Read It (Decisions Riddim) Mention - Serious Times (Decisions Riddim) Gentleman, Daddy RIngs & Mark WOnder - Jah High Way (Jah High Way Riddim) Chezidek - Give THanks (Jah Highway Riddim) Luciano - Don't SEll Out(Jah Highway Riddim) Etana - Stepping Out of Babylon (I Rise) Runkus - Victim Busy Signal - Today 4U TOmorrow 4Me (Amazing Grace Riddim) Colli Collie - Hold a Medi (Amazing Grace Riddim) Kananga - Treat The People Right (Amazing Grace RIddim) Busy Signal - Mi Gi Dem (Amazing Grace Riddim) General Jah Mikey - Cut and Clear (Jah Mission Is Timeless) General Jah Mikey - Cut and Dub (Jah Mission Is Timeless) Dwayne Fyah - What We Need (Cornerstone Riddim) Mr. Maestro - Hard Road Fi Travel (Cornerstone Riddim) Suz-Eye - Solid Foundation (Cornerstone Riddim) T'Shana aka Sister Linie - Mi Nuh Fear (Cornerstone Riddim) Etana - Jamaica Woman (I Rise) Sevana - Bit Too Shy Garnet Jr. Silk - Jah Chosen Few (Promises CDS) Luciano ft. Lutan Fyah - Satta Mass Ghanna (Zion Awake) Maranto - War (Rock Weh Riddim) Kemar - Can't Find Peace (Rock Weh Riddim) The Banyans - Education (Rock Weh Riddim) Steph Eyi - Got To Find It (Rock We Riddim) Koro Fyah - New Day Mr. Vegas - Love Yourself (Reggae Euphoria) Skarra Mucci - Marhuana (Greater Than Great) Luciano - Slavery (Zion Awake) Cali P - Bed of Roses (Healing of the Nation) Fame Stylez - No MOre (True Melody Riddim) Jah Vinci - Enemies A Walk (True Melody Riddim) Munga - Hungry Days (True Melody Riddim) Bugle - Real Soldier/I Want JAH (Black List RIddim) Papa Michigan - Dance Nice All The Time (DJ Legend) Skarra Mucci - Greater THan Great (Greater Than Great) Mr. Vegas - Real Don (Reggae Euphoria) Agent Sasco aka Assassin - Mi Give Thanks (Galang Riddim) Gappy Ranks - Mama Africa (Galang Riddim) Tarrus Riley - Jah Jah Run THings (7th Heaven Riddim)

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19. Marla Brown Interview ::: UK/JA Reggae ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: June 8th, 2017

Marla Brown Interview ::: UK/JA Reggae ::: Roots'n'Kulcha Radio ::: June 8th, 2017

Marla B, daughter of the crown prince of reggae, Dennis Brown, joins us on the wire from London to talk about her music, her mission, family, love, unity, RasTafari, her new EP Survivor and her upcoming performance at Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. Forwardground music: "Dennis Brown in Dub" Roots'n'Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby (of the I-nification Movement) live every Thursday 8-10pm PDT on KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local ::: worldwide Follow the movement:

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20. Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio ::: August 28th, 2014 ::: New Music Mix

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio ::: August 28th, 2014 ::: New Music Mix

Roots 'n' Kulcha Radio hosted by King Toby of the I-nification Movement Live every Thursday 8-10pm PST KWVA - Eugene, Oregon 88.1FM local :: worldwide follow the movment: archvies: Playlsit: George Nooks - World Is In Trouble (Evening News Riddim) Sizzla, Original Thriller & Brigadier Jerry - Bring The Sensi Come(Evening News Riddim) Kush I Krown - No Wata (Evening News Riddim) Ernest Wilson - Feel Alright (Evening News Riddim) Txar-Lee - Melodica Times (Basque Times Riddim) Ras MacBean - BIngiman (Basque Times Riddim) Ranking Joe - Don't See Your Soul (Basque Times Riddim) Sena - Rebel Woman - Revolutionary Brothers dubplate (Basque Times Riddim) Marina P - Moonlight (Basque Times Riddim) Niyorah - Here To Serve (Worries & Trouble Riddim) Yami Bolo - Stop The Violence (Worries & Trouble Riddim) Avaran - Church & State (Worries & Trouble Riddim) Mungo's Hifi ft. Shanti D (Jahtarian Dubbers Vol4) Duane Stephenson - Nature Boy (Higher Priest Riddim) Glen Washington - In The beginning (Higher Priest Riddim) Teflon - Gangsta (Higher Priest Riddim) Luciano ft. Chuckle Berry - Real Life (Pick Up The Pieces Riddim) Anthony Malvo ft. Sizzla - Cyaan Draw Wi Out (Pick Up The Pieces Riddim) Chatta - Ganja Tea (Pick Up The Pieces Riddim) Delly Ranx - Highest Grades(Pick Up The Pieces Riddim) Pressure, Damian Marley & Tarrus Riley - Mental Disturbance (African Redemption) Exco Levi - World Wide (Rebel Rock Riddim) Ras Ghandi - Most I First (Rebel Rock Riddim) Delly Ranx - One More Dead (Rebel Rock Riddim) Capital D - Lion (Rebel Rock Riddim) Nesbeth - Ole Gangalee (Rebel Rock Riddim) Glen Washington - No Jestering (Tun It Up Of The 4th King Riddim) Kashief Lindo - Glad To See You Again (Tun It Up Of The 4th King Riddim) Ambelique - You Got Me Swearing (Tun It Up Of The 4th King Riddim) Beres Hammond ft. Delly Rankx - Siren (single) Jahdan Blakkamoore - Cool Like The Breeze (Lion Inna Den Riddim) Sizzla - Jah Jah Solve Dem (Lion Inna Den Riddim) Lutan Fyah - Hard To Stay Alive (Lion Inna Den Riddim) Fyakin - Gideon Time (Lion Inna Den Riddim) Teflon - Must Rise (Lion Inna Den Riddim) Natural Black, Gottyo & Kananga - No Order (Reggae Capital Riddim) Protect My Soul - Jah Be (Reggae Capital Riddim) Queen Omega - Woman

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