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1. I Am Ice

  • Published: 2012-10-19T14:22:05Z
  • By All Sons
I Am Ice

'I Am Ice' by All Sons

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3. Who I Am

  • Published: 2015-09-19T08:49:39Z
  • By real__pcy
Who I Am

Who I Am Song by CY Instrumental by Tech N9ne-Hard 꼭 꼭 숨 어 knock knock 열 어 편견 덕택 생각 어택 귀를 보태 내 랩은 모태부터 가졌어 다줬어 날 따르는 Fan들은 맞았어 포텐셜은 이미 터졌어내 타고난 목소리 넘치는 매력에 빠졌어 내가 박자를 절어 ? 따른애들 딴지에 난치를 떨어 모두 편견을 버려 내가 확신이 없으면 애초에 가사 들을 써내지 않았어 이걸 듣고선 몇몇은 비웃겠지 하지만 니네들빼고 모두 식겁했지 수군대지 어머 너 혹시 긴장했니 눈에불을키고 이어폰을끼고 나를 까내려가는 hater다모두잘들어 이제 빈틈없지 아직 시작도 안했어 집중해 잘들어봐

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4. NO7iCE - Neon Lights

NO7iCE - Neon Lights

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5. Logic - I Am The Greatest

Logic - I Am The Greatest

Purchase "The Incredible True Story" on iTunes now! VMG store:

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6. - Feelin' Myself feat. Miley Cyrus, French Montana & Wiz Khalifa (Deen Creed Twerk Edit) - Feelin' Myself feat. Miley Cyrus, French Montana & Wiz Khalifa (Deen Creed Twerk Edit)

The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy (Remix) here : "All Down" New single here : iTunes : Spotify : Follow me on:

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8. Chance The Rapper & Social Experiment - I Am Very Very Lonely

Chance The Rapper & Social Experiment - I Am Very Very Lonely

I am very very lonely - Chance The Rapper Prod. by Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox and Nico "Donnie Trumpet" Segal for Social Experiment its just me and la cucaracha

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9. Ice

  • Published: 2013-09-02T10:12:39Z

I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] debut album OUT NOW! iTunes UK: iTunes US: iTunes AUS: iTunes NZ: Beatport: Spotify: CD: Amazon (UK): Amazon (DE): (NL): The album will be available very soon in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. See I Am Legion live at the following shows. (Tickets: September 26.09.2013 Electric, London, UK 27.09.2013 Bedlam @ O2, Bournemouth, UK 28.09.2013 UKF @ Motion Bristol, UK October 01.10.2013 Rockhal, Luxembourg 03.10.2013 Apolo, Barcelona, Spain 04.10.2013 Transbordeur, Lyon, France 05.10.2013 Bootshaus, Cologne, Germany 07.10.2013 Forty Kleparz, Krakow, Poland 08.10.2013 Basen, Warsaw, Poland 10.10.2013 Roxy, Prague, Czech Rep 11.10.2013 Arena, Vienna, Austria 12.10.2013 Corvinteto, Budapest, Hungary 13.10.2013 Cvetlicarna, Ljubljana, Slovenia 15.10.2013 Magazzini Generali, Milan, Italy 17.10.2013 Cabaret Sauvage, Paris, France 18.10.2013 AB, Brussels, Belgium 19.10.2013 ADE @ Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL 20.10.2013 De Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL November and December 30.11.2013 Stereosonic, Perth, Australia 01.12.2013 Stereosonic, Sydney, Australia 07.12.2013 Stereosonic, Adelaide, Australia 07.12.2013 Stereosonic, Melbourne, Australia 08.12.2013 Stereosonic, Brisbane, Australia Website: Like: Follow: Listen: Watch: Press Release: Collaborations between musicians may not be a totally new idea, but when the heavy-weight skills of two of Europe’s premiere acts collide like this, you just have to take a step back and plug yourself in. Made up of the incisive award-winning production skills of Noisia and the skilful swagger of UK rap crew Foreign Beggars, I AM LEGION’s much anticipated self-titled, 16 track, debut album has now been unleashed through Division Recordings / Par Excellence (OWSLA in the US). Keep your eyes well and truly peeled for the new The music video for new single ‘Choosing For You’ was premiered to rapturous response on Rolling Stone and it was directed by Tony Truand who has previously been responsible for highly viewed music videos for Noisia, Foreign Beggars and Skrillex. Led by the debut single ‘Make Those Move’ (that was streamed over 330,000 times in just 3 weeks), this unified front takes Hip Hop and Bass to a seriously new level. Noisia’s high profile studios in Groningen, Holland were put to the test over many strategic hours to complete the final cut since 2008. As Noisia explain: “The album was made during countless sessions (no more than 40 full studio days max) over the last five years. Many passes of production and scrutiny reached every track, alongside a plethora of feedback spread sheets and whiteboard summaries. We never set a deadline for ourselves; the whole idea of a full album only took shape later in the process when we realized how much material we had generated and how cool it could be to put it out as one big thing.” It’s a special bond between the two crews who have previous history. Noisia and Foreign Beggars first realised their joint potential after collaborating on the 2009 track ‘Contact’ that was released on the ‘United Colours of Beggatron’ album by Foreign Beggars’ label Dented Records. This tune blew up dance floors worldwide and set a precedent for where I Am Legion is today. Its 8.5 million plays on YouTube opened up a worldwide fan base wanting more, and leaving the artists realising that they can do it alone. Working on further material post-Contact and its otherworldly cousin tunes ‘Shellshock and ‘Soul Purge’, both crews decided to fully release themselves from trying to format anything to fit in with industry expectations or norms at all. “This freed us further from trying to fit into any genre or writing for mainstream radio play purposes etc. We (Noisia & Foreign Beggars) come from two different places and there is a mutual curiosity and admiration that makes us want to make the coolest shit we can. The style and approach to this album has given the lyrics more breathing space and room for exploration, hence it resulting in something more of a rap album with an electronic edge, as opposed to "Dance Music" with raps on it.” Foreign Beggars & Noisia have collaborated in the live spectrum before with high octane effects but doing a full album as a show is new territory so the dates in Sept / Oct are sure to bring something different: “We want it to be an experience, to be dramatic and almost theatrical, and for people to walk away and feel they've really been included in the process of this album, to have been inducted into the hivemind so to speak. Our respective live shows are already better than everybody else's. You do the math...” I Am Legion nods to rap’s erstwhile forays into electronica, absorbing elements of its present whilst laying out a reassuringly disturbed vision of what’s to come. Miss this collaboration at your own peril. I Am Legion is Orifice Vulgatron, Nik Roos, Metropolis, Thijs de Vlieger, and Martijn van Sonderen.

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10. Someday w/ eBlue [I AM SO HIGH .Recs Premiere]

  • Published: 2016-07-03T21:26:30Z
  • By NO7iCE
Someday w/  eBlue  [I AM SO HIGH .Recs Premiere]

Here's a sick collabo with @eBlueband on the guitar =) hope you dig it and hit Free Donload ! Follow : Follow : Follow : Download for free on The Artist Union

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12. NO7ICE - Hey Girl

NO7ICE - Hey Girl

Spotify : JunoDownload : Follow I AM SO HIGH .Recs @amsohigh Follow NO7ICE @no7ice Download for free on The Artist Union

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14. NO7iCE - Holla Boi

NO7iCE - Holla Boi

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15. I AM! (Snippet)

I AM! (Snippet)


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16. Ice (Instrumental)

  • Published: 2013-12-02T19:29:55Z
Ice (Instrumental)

The instrumental version of our album is out now! Get all 16 tracks on Beatport for $5 / €3.67 - big discount as part of Cyber Monday: Beatport: Spotify: iTunes US: iTunes UK: Order the original album via our website:

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17. Here I Am (feat. Rebelution)

  • Published: 2011-05-04T21:38:54Z
  • By SOJAmusic
Here I Am (feat. Rebelution)

SOJA - Here I Am | iTunes: | Spotify: | | #SOJA

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19. 02 As I Am (Prod. By Red Vision Of The Midi Mafia)

  • Published: 2014-08-26T20:55:39Z
  • By Kehlani
02 As I Am (Prod. By Red Vision Of The Midi Mafia)

CLOUD 19 Mixtape by Kehlani

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