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1. How To Know When To Quit Your Job

How To Know When To Quit Your Job

Quitting your job can be a scary experience, and I'm speaking from personal experience. If you're currently in a job that you genuinely hate or you've been considering switching careers, then it would be to your advantage to learn these 3 tell-tale signs that it might be time for you and your current place of employment to part ways. DISCLAIMER: I assume no responsibility for any advice that you take from this video. Whatever you decide to do, it's your call. I can only lead a horse to water, I can't force it to drink. Here's the link to the original video:

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2. 061 | When to Quit Your Job - How to know when it's the right time to quit and find something new

061 | When to Quit Your Job - How to know when it's the right time to quit and find something new

We're back for another SEASON of the Career Coaching with Jessness Podcast, wooo! I couldn't be more excited. This season has some awesome stuff in store for you. For the first time ever I'm going to have guests on the show. Not every week, but here and there I will bring someone on who specializes in a particular work-related area. I, of course, will still be the coolest one on the show BUT it will be great to get some new perspectives as well. ;) In today’s episode I share with you a simple strategy for assessing your unhappiness at work. Without knowing what specifically is making you unhappy, guess what? You’re going to stay unhappy. I also share how to use the information so you can make the tough choice: whether to stay or quit and find something new. This is no easy question to answer and today’s show will give you a solid process for figuring out what you should do. The best part about this strategy is that when you take yourself through each of the steps, by the end you will know with 100% confidence what to do next. This strategy gives you a process to follow so you know when you decide to quit you made the decision from a thoughtful and logical place. Here’s a mini overview of the four steps we’ll dive into during the show: 1. Assess the situation - first we’ll figure out what specifically is making you unhappy 2. Determine the owner - then we’ll figure out who is responsible for the things causing you unhappiness 3. Take action - there are two roads of action to take, we’ll look at how to take action in both and how you can start TODAY 1. Either make changes yourself 2. OR ask for what you need form your boss/company/etc. 4. Make a decision Making a tough decision like this takes time. The reason it takes time is because we have to move out of our head and center into our body. When we make decisions from that kind of place, we know we’re making the best possible choices for ourselves. Continue the discussion in the Career Café FB group: The café is yours to ask questions, share your experiences, and get the support you need to be successful in your career. PODCAST PROPS - Jennifer Todd from the Women Who Podcast FB Group - Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman, from the podcast and Fb group: “She Podcasts” SIGN UP TO ACCESS MY {free} CAREER SUCCESS RESOURCE HUB - Join the Wellness Squad FB group: The Well'ness SQUAD is a safe judgement-free online community to connect, support, & uplift one another. A virtual home for exploring mind body + spirit wellness. SUGGEST A POD TOPIC - Send me a note: - Send me a snap: DO YOU HAVE A SECOND? LEAVE THE POD A REVIEW! This helps more people find the show, and in turn, I get to help more people like YOU. SUBSCRIBE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON YOUR FAV APP: Subscribe and review the show on Facebook: Subscribe and review the show on iTunes: Subscribe and review the show on Stitcher: ttp:// Subscribe to the show another way:

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3. How do you know when its time to quit your job to start your own business?

  • Published: 2018-04-15T15:09:02Z
  • By MiyandaK
How do you know when its time to quit your job to start your own business?

How do you know when to quit your job? Manage your expectations, if you do have capital start low cost and then grow with time.

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4. Community Connection #34: How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job?

Community Connection #34: How Do You Know When to Quit Your Job?

Community Connection is a weekly public affairs program for Sandhill Radio that helps raise awareness of events/issues in your community. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Greg Marcus, former workaholic to teach you about when to move on from your current job.

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5. Clarity on Fire Blog: How to know when to quit (a job, or anything else)

Clarity on Fire Blog: How to know when to quit (a job, or anything else)

Rachel of Clarity on Fire talks about something she needs to quit right now, how she knew it was time, and how you can know when it's time to quit a job (or anything else).

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6. O4H Live! #2 - When To Quit Your Job And How To Get Started With Your First Business

O4H Live! #2 - When To Quit Your Job And How To Get Started With Your First Business

In this week's episode we talk about finding the right timing to quit your job and how to get started with your first business. Show notes and links discussed can be found here: - Did you have any savings when you quit your job? - Vine (now Twitter) co-founder Rus Yusupov joined the discussion - Everyone is an entrepreneur, they’re just procrastinating. - Have you worked in the corporate world before starting your own business - An apprenticeship is a great way to learn from a master - How to find your first clients and ensure a constant stream of fresh work - The importance of networking and creating your own networking events - How to make people remember you - Ask people for their challenges and problems - Working remotely and mixing skiing and kitesurfing into your daily work routine - How to position yourself to make money online - 7 Activities You Need To Do Before Quitting Your Job To Start A Business! - How to learn a completely new skill that is in high demand and base your business on top of that - The secret to success: hard work, focus and discipline - How to travel and work the same time and when not to do it - The Digital Nomad Cruise from Spain to Brazil - Why you sometimes need to go offline to work on your ideas - Should you start your business alone or with a partner - What kind of business to start: product vs service business - How to find your audience - Don’t aim for perfection. Just get started. - How to resolve your struggles and overcome your fears - How much to charge your clients when starting a business and how to increase that rate - How to find the sweet spot for your product pricing - How to find patience and motivation every day - How to deal with doubts and crises - Why talking to people is important and why you should join a mastermind group - How to deal with competition - Why paying it forward is crucial to starting a business - How to hire the right people for your business and build a kick-ass team - How to make sure your employees care about your business, not only you - How a blog post about moving the company to Thailand for a month went viral - What is the role that you should you fulfil as the CEO of your company - How to establish a company culture that works - Why you should fail quickly and iterate on your ideas - How to find a niche and why partnering up with someone who has domain knowledge is important - The difference between an idea and a business - The importance of having a backup plan - Why this generation has so many opportunities in life - How to become financially independent by renting out your flat on Airbnb and travel the world - How much risk you should take to get your business off ground - How you could combine freelance work with building a business - How an ebook can be a fun and low-risk way to test out the market - Why you should complete your MIT (Most Important Task) before lunch - “Throw everything against the wall and see what sticks” - How to outsource and why you shouldn’t do it too early - Why you should make commitments to someone else other than yourself - Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about charging for your products and services - Why every new generation is a new opportunity for your business - How to set up daily routines and optimize your life - - - How to make every day a great day in your life - Why you should with small goals and not too many things at the same time

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7. MBA955 Q&A Wednesday: How did you know it was time to quit your job?

MBA955 Q&A Wednesday: How did you know it was time to quit your job? - Entrepreneurship: how long should you look before you leap? It’s Q&A Wednesday, and we’ve got a great question for everyone on the verge of leaving their day job behind: how do you know when it’s time? Our host Omar was an educator for many years before he finally decided to trade in all that security for a shot at independent success. But he didn’t just drop his chalk and walk out — he created an action plan based on solid information and rational goals. Tune in, and learn when — and how — to quit your day job. We discuss exactly what steps to take, review the deciding factors, and give you the framework for a smooth transition from the 9 to 5. Click Play! Subscribe for FREE Lessons on iTunes: For more on The $100 MBA, visit

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8. AP 0982: How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Quit My Job?

  • Published: 2017-10-27T18:57:30Z
  • By AskPat
AP 0982: How Do I Know When I’m Ready to Quit My Job?

Monica has a big question today: How does she know when she’s ready to quit her job? Do you have a question about online business? Record it at Today’s sponsor is FreshBooks. Go to and enter “Ask Pat” in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section for more information.

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9. How To Quit Your Job When You Are Married

How To Quit Your Job When You Are Married

How To Quit Your Job When You Are Married This is a very sensitive topic, but I feel obligated to address this issue, not only because I am married and quit my job, but to advocate quitting a job can be very productive. Yes, I know it may sound counter intuitive, but hear me out.

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10. #53 Boris VvZ of The Next Web: How To Know When To Quit Your Startup

#53 Boris VvZ of The Next Web: How To Know When To Quit Your Startup

Today we chat with Boris VvZ about the latest redesign of The Next Web, and the real story of how TNW came to be. Boris also shares some excellent advice for startups, including the one test he recommends you use to determine whether you should keep working on your startup, or pivot to something else.

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11. 1003: How to know when it's time to quit with Barrett Brooks

  • Published: 2015-07-21T07:33:27Z
  • By EOFire
1003: How to know when it's time to quit with Barrett Brooks

Barrett is 1/3 of the trio from, a community of entrepreneurs building businesses they believe in. Fizzle provides training, community, and coaching for anyone building an online business. Press and hold link to visit the page Show Notes Page Resource: Death to stock photo, The Great Discontent Book: Linchpin, Mastery Barrett’s Page Below are two free resources to IGNITE your Entrepreneurial journey! A free 15-day course that will teach you how to create, grow, and monetize YOUR Podcast! A free 10-day course that will teach you how to create and present Webinars that convert! Show Sponsors Host Gator: Host Gator offers site hosting AND design and marketing services all in one place! Visit and the number thirty for a thirty percent discount today!   Zip Recruiter: With Zip Recruiter you can post to fifty plus job sites, including social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, all with a single click. Post a job free at

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12. Ep 46: Q&As - How to know when it’s time to quit, The most efficient way to market your side hustle & more

Ep 46: Q&As - How to know when it’s time to quit, The most efficient way to market your side hustle & more

I’m answering your questions on all things side hustle. On this episode I get into: What are good resources for researching your target market effectively, to include in your business plan? What are the other measures to use aside from profit to know when it's time to leave your full time job? How do you recharge when you hit a wall in your side hustle, full time job, or life in general? + much more I’m going to try to do more of these, maybe like once a month. If you find it helpful let me know and that honestly is what will determine if I keep ‘em up. This episode is brought to you by Freshbooks. To get your free, unrestricted 30 day trial of Freshbooks, just go to ​and enter SIDE HUSTLE PRO ​in the “How Did You Hear About Us?” section Listen on Apple Podcast, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Google Play Click here to subscribe via RSS feed (non-iTunes feed): Announcements Important Announcements: Side Hustle Pro is almost 2000 members strong and the group is growing by hundreds each week. If you’re looking for a community of supportive side hustlers who are all working to take our businesses to the next level, join us here: Social Media Info Connect on Instagram: Side Hustle Pro – @sidehustlepro #SideHustlePro

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13. Shannon Algeo: How to know it's time to quit (feat. Patrick Cragin)

Shannon Algeo: How to know it's time to quit (feat. Patrick Cragin)

Do you want to quit? your job... smoking... a toxic relationship? It might be time to cut the cord. In this week's episode, Alex and Shannon's friend Patrick Cragin reveals an old addiction + how and why he quit.  You'll learn 1) how to know when it's time to quit and 2) what to focus on as you move forward. These tools will give you clarity and perspective on how to proceed with power.  To sign-up for Patrick's daily dose of Dope Notes, go to Shannon and Alex want to hear from you! E-mail your questions for Q&A to [email protected] For more free inspiration from Shannon and Alex, go to and 

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14. Quit Your Job And How To Say No

Quit Your Job And How To Say No

Sign Up for the GEBBS VIP List Here- Jemma Johnson- Check out the Jumpstarter at GEBBS JUICE Episode 100 LINK- - TRANSCRIPT - Alright, alright, alright. Alright, alright, alright. Hey everybody! Michael Gebben here and I'm super excited to be with you on another rockin' Wednesday. So first off today, I wanna give a big shoutout to all my Jumpstarter members. These guys and girls are crushing it. I'm just so excited to see these people from all over the world literally coming together in a supportive community and achieving their dreams, achieving things they once thought weren't possible and starting to make these things come true. There are people in there who are people who want to do Youtube stuff, there are photographers, videographers, there are designers, there are amazing artists, and then finally, there are even musicians in there. One I wanna point out right now is Jemma Johnson. She just released her EP. You guys have to check her out. You can click right here and go over to her channel for Jemma Johnson. She's just outstanding. What's great is she was quiet for a month and a half. We didn't even know she existed in the group. Then, she spoke up and well, awesome things are happening now. She is fired up. That's what the Jumpstarters is all about. It's getting people to get out of their shells, break free and start being able to go after those things that they really wanna go after when before they were scared and didn't know what to do. So that's all I wanna say about that right now. I'm super proud of her and I'm super proud of everybody else in the group. Exciting things are happening over there. If you wanna check out and learn more when we announce more about the Jumpstarters and how you can get involved, you can go to GEBBS VIP right there and check that out. Let's get into today's topic. Quit your job. Why say No? Why is it important to say No to things as opposed to saying Yes. Which yes, I might add, for a long, long time, was one of my absolute favorite words. I don't even know that I knew what No was. I didn't think No was in my vocabulary at all. We think that when we're wanting to start our own business or do our own thing that everything's an opportunity. We never want to miss an opportunity and heck, even for you guys and people listening who don't have your own business and have no desire, you still say Yes to everything all the time. We think everything's an opportunity we're gonna miss out or we're gonna upset someone if we don't say Yes. Here's what I'm gonna tell you. There's one caveat at this. I do believe that in entrepreneurship and starting your own business and doing your own thing, there's a lot in the beginning that you do need to say Yes to. You do need to be taking these different opportunities. You do need to be doing these different things because you gotta get yourself out there. You have got to get yourself out there. It's kinda like the video I said before (The Supply and Demand). It's kinda difficult to demand a premium for your work and the things that you're doing if there's nodbody asking for your work. Nobody knows who you are. It's better to get more upfront and start getting that word of mouth out there, getting people to talk about you, doing great work for people bbut there comes a time when less is truly more, that the way to achieve more is not by more. It's not by doing more and saying Yes to more things and think "Oh my gosh, if I say No to something, I'll lose. Here's the thing for me, that when I've achieved the most success... it's from a two-letter word not the three-letter word. It's by less. It's by removing that letters. It's by removing things in my life. So it's not all about saying No to people and saying I can't do that. It's actually about and doing it gracefully. It's actually about removing things out of your life. The quicker way to achievement isn't by adding, adding, adding, adding, doing more, doing more, doing more, doing more all the time, Yes to everybody, fill up every second of every single day because what that causes is mass overwhelm and stress. It's not sustainable for the average human being. So you start removing things, removing things. In the beginning, you do a lot, you try a lot of things, you figure out what it is that you wanna do, what you like and then you start removing. Don't keep doing everything. I was reading somewhere, I can't remember who said it but it said, "The quickest way to achieve more is by removing these different things that even you've started by ending something, stopping something." You might have 25 things that you're doing and pursuing right now. I can pretty much promise you, they will not all become successful ever as long as you keep doing them all, unless you're just a master delegator and you have all these people helping you and you're like a Richard Branson which not many of us are or know how to do that. For us, we need to remove things. We need to try a lot of things and then remove things and go on focus on the things that light us up the most. For me, it's just a really powerful thing to say No and remove now and not just keep adding to my plate. If they don't fit. The way for me to know, if it doesn't fit in line with the things I'm really, really wanting to do and move forward on, then I just don't do it. I have to say No. I've been doing that a lot lately and before, I would feel bad about it but now I feel great about it. I feel better than I did saying Yes to everything and Yes to everybody because honestly, if you're stressed out and being driven crazy, you’re not actually helping people. You think by saying Yes to everybody, you’re helping people. The reality is you’re not. You’re actually disservicing a lot of people because it’s almost impossible for any individual to fulfill all the needs of every single person that they say Yes to all the time. That’s the thing. Start shifting your mindset as you’re actually gonna make a lot more people happier by referring them to people who can help them at that moment in time when you’re not the right fit as opposed to thinking you’re superman and you can do everything and help everyone. I hope that part helps. Let’s go to quitting your job part. Let’s get to that part of things. Some of you may have already quit your job and you have a business but maybe you’ve created a cage, maybe you’ve created a job for yourself, something you don’t enjoy. This will apply to you. For those of you who are going, “Man, I’d love to live my dream. I’d love to do the thing that I think about all the time for a living as opposed to doing this thing which is what I get paid for but I don’t really love and I don’t really enjoy.” Let’s talk about that for a second because what’s gonna happen is every single one of us out there is going to find an excuse at any point in our life as to why we can’t do that. You’re too young, you don’t have the resources, you don’t have the money, you don’t have this, you don’t have that. Then you get older. You’re like, “I’m too old, I have these kids, I have this, I have that and I just can’t do it.” Anywhere in between, anything you will find the excuse as to why we shouldn’t do it or why we can’t. I’m gonna give you a few different scenarios of the people and the scenarios like the ways that I think that you can really look at things depending on scenarios you’re in, how to achieve, how to quit your job, how to really do what you love. For me, if you live at home still, if you’re in school and you’re younger, you’re in a prime position. For me, I’ve said this before, the biggest stuff for me at 19, 18 years old, and 28 now, right here and not the way I look. Before, I used to say, well people won’t take me seriously. People won’t pay me premium rates. People won’t this, people won’t that. It was all the wrong language coming out of my mouth, just reinforcing what I actually thought. I can’t do this… but I did. I did. Something broke through to me to actually start my business. At that point in time, I lived at home which is a perfect scenario. If you live at home, you don’t have a lot of obligations when it comes to money. You can really go (as I always joke), falls the walls on your idea, on your thing. Give it all you got. Make your parents proud. Prove them wrong if they don’t believe in you and do it when you don’t have all these financial obligations. It’s a perfect time. Once you believe,(I talk about it all the time), you can start achieving things. If you don’t think it’s possible, it can still be possible but it’s much more difficult but I’m telling you right now, it’s possible. That’s my story. I started when I lived in my parents basement back when I was 19 years old. If you already have a job and you have more obligations or you have kids or you have these things, this is where the No, this is where the removing things come really important. The reality is, if there’s something you really want, if you really want to go for your dream, if you really wanna go for this thing and get out of this thing you hate, you will have to make sacrifices somewhere. I’m not the person who says, “Just go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go and never stop and never enjoy yourself. I will say, if you’re not willing to make some sacrifices and say No to some things and take that time while you’re at work doing what you gotta there, leave that and spend that extra bonus time somewhere by the things you need to remove to work on the thing that you really wanna do or start trying things. You’re in the position then, when again you don’t necessarily need the money. So you can work on this in your spare time. I think that’s a great situation for people who have jobs because when you don’t have your job and you have nothing, you’ve got to some degree (which we’ll get to the third one), be making money as quick as possible. Whereas, it’s better to build those relationships, do those different things which is gonna bring in my third one, save up money so that the third scenario, you save up a chunk of money, you’ve been building your business at the backend when you didn’t need to worry about money or making any money and then you’re able to quit with this, maybe three, four, five months. People give you a million different scenarios of what it is and how much you need. That’s up to you and your discipline level. You can quit and you’ve got this built up. Hopefully, you’re not quitting, you’ve never done anything and you don’t even know at all. Some people do that. Depends on your level of risk that you’re willing to take. You save it up, you’ve been working on it, you’ve got some clients, you’ve got some things rolling. What I tell people is, what would you do with the extra 200 hours a month that you would have available? Do the math. If you have a 50-60 hours a week, let’s say 60 ‘coz you’re driving with everything. 60 hours a week for that job. What’s that times four? That’s 240 hours in a month for you to pursue this thing that you’re only being able to put a little bit of time into. 240 hours, disciplined hours, you can gain a lot of momentum in a couple of months if you’ve already built up some connections and some relationships and you’re already making some money and getting some things rolling and you have that little bit of money saved up. For me, those are some great options. Anybody at any stage of their life can do that. You just have to start reprogramming your mind to see things a little bit differently and start to learn that you might have to make some sacrifices. You might have to say No to some things. You might have to remove some things from your life to be able to make this happen. Even if you’re already making things happen and you’re freakin’ overwhelmed out of your mind and you’re thinking, “How can I add more?” “How can I charge more?” “How can I do more?” “How can I find more time?” It’s not by taking on more things. It’s not by saying Yes to more things. Even sometimes when they might seem like great opportunities. You will be able to achieve more, help more people and do more things by actually saying No to more things, by actually doing less because when you focus on just those few things, those few critical things, it can move the needle. As my man, Paul Reddick says, “Move the chains.” If you just can keep moving the chains but it’s hard to move the chains, it’s hard to move the needle on 90 different things all the time. I know, you know when you think about it, how hard it is to keep up with everything, everything in life. So what can you become great at? What can you become great at by focusing on just a few things. That doesn’t mean boxing you in, you can never do anything else. It just means, what are those few critical things you can focus on? After you’ve tried a lot of things, done a lot of things, you’re overwhelmed, you’re stressed out, remove, remove, remove. It’ll be okay. I can go on, and on, and on about this. I just really, like I said, I’m excited for all my Jumpstarters. It’s a community that we’re building now to make this stuff a reality. We’re really diving deeper than I’m able to do on these Wednesday videos every single week and there are people talking, supporting each other. I just love that because finding a community of likeminded people as an entrepreneur, people wanting to quit their jobs or just achieve more in business and the things they’re doing right now, it’s difficult to find awesome people that can support you. That’s what it’s all about for me. That’s what I want for you guys. Whether you join or not, that’s up to you guys but what I want more than anything from these videos is for you guys to be achieving your dreams and knowing (as my channel says), anything is possible. It really is when you believe and it doesn’t matter. I could bring out a book on the case studies of all the human beings that are in every walk of life, from little kids to old, old, old people. They may be 80s or 90s who are doing crazy things and achieving crazy things because they believe, because they tried, because they go for it. You know what, I commend them. I know you, you have it inside of you to achieve amazing things, to whatever capacity that means for you, because sometimes we start looking at everybody else and we think we don’t have that. It doesn’t matter what everybody else has. It’s what you have. And that my friends is what matters and you, every single one of you has greatness inside of you that you can achieve anything. Start putting your mind to it. Start making it happen. Start removing those things. Start removing the clutter. Start saying No just a little bit more. Just try it a few times. I promise you when you start removing and that also includes people. We’ve talked about that in the past as well - removing toxic people. When you start doing all these, the weight will start to lift off your shoulders. The stress will start to go away. You feel more free. Rock and roll my friends. I truly appreciate you being here each and every single Wednesday. If you’re new here, be sure to subscribe to the channel. You can subscribe right here and we have a new video each and every single Wednesday. Again, you guys rock. If you wanna check more of the Jumpstarters, and be sure to check out Jemma Johnson as well. You’ll love her music. She’s absolutely outstanding. Till next time, keep rockin’ and we will see you next Wednesday. Bam! - End of Transcript - Connect with me on Social Media E-Mail List-

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15. Ep. 036: Why You Should Quit Your Job Now, with Tess Vigeland

Ep. 036: Why You Should Quit Your Job Now, with Tess Vigeland

Ever think about quitting your job? A vast majority of people do. One survey cited by CBS News found that 84% of Americans want to switch employers. Yet most of us show up for work every Monday even when we want to be somewhere else. There are many reasons we don’t quit our job--even jobs that make us unhappy. Top concerns people cite include: family, money and opportunity.   But what if you walked out of your office today without lining up your next job? Does that sound crazy? This week on Find Your Dream Job, we speak to author Tess Vigeland, who makes a case for why you should quit your job now - even if you don’t have a “Plan B.” In this 34-minute episode you will learn: Why leaving a dream job might be the best move you can possibly make How to know when it’s time to quit your job How to review, understand, and present your employable skills How to discover who you are outside of your traditional career role This week’s guest: Tess Vigeland (Twitter | LinkedIn) Author, Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want SE Asia Listener question of the week: “How does one brand themselves in the midst of a career / industry transition?” - Chris Be sure to leave a comment on our Facebook page to be entered to win a special prize!  If you have a question you’d like us to answer on a future episode, please contact Jenna Forstrom, Mac’s List Community Manager at [email protected] Resources from this week’s show: Weekend Resume Kit Bureau of Labor Statistics Career Outlook Leap: Leaving a Job with No Plan B to Find the Career and Life You Really Want Land Your Dream Job in Portland (and Beyond) – On sale through June 15! If you have a job-hunting or career development resource you’d like to share, please contact Ben Forstag, Mac’s List Managing Director at [email protected] — Thank you for listening to Find Your Dream Job. If you like this show, please help us by rating and reviewing our podcast on iTunes. We appreciate your support! Opening and closing music for Find Your Dream Job provided by Freddy Trujillo,

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16. TBLS 002: Starting on the Side and Finding Your Tribe with Jessica Semaan of The Passion Company

TBLS 002: Starting on the Side and Finding Your Tribe with Jessica Semaan of The Passion Company

Welcome to our second episode of The Big Leap Show!  Our next guest is someone who is near and dear to my heart, because without her and her company's support, this podcast may not exist. Jessica Semaan is the founder of the Passion Company - a company full-heartedly dedicated to helping others reconnect with their passion and incorporate it back into their everyday lives. For show notes and links to resources visit In this episode, she'll be sharing: How being lost in the corporate world, lead her to start interviewing others regarding how they made a living doing work they love and posting it on her blog. How that blog eventually turned into a full company, and at what point she felt ready to take the big leap and leave a steady paycheck How she overcame voices of doubt from herself and family, and where she found support through her tribe and practicing self-love. Jessica’s advice for big dreamers: If you are looking to start a business, you don’t need to quit your job to begin. It is okay to wait till you feel ready.  Make sure you know your business can cover your basic needs at least for 6 months, and that it is a product people want. Find people who will support you when you begin to doubt yourself.  Jessica confesses that starting a business on your own is hard, and it really does takes a village. Both in life and in business, do not beat yourself up and practice forgiveness.  A practice Jessica has is writing down 3 things she forgives herself for everyday. Go on dates with yourself to get to know yourself.  Have the honest conversations with what you like and what you don’t like in your life and what you want in the future. Links and Resources Mentioned: The Passion Company - Escalation of commitment - The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work -

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17. 251: Useful Business Insights (Part 2/5)

251: Useful Business Insights (Part 2/5)

Last week I discussed five of the fifteen lessons I learned while I ran the largest of the companies I’ve owned. This week I have five more lessons to share. There is a difference between creating a job for yourself and creating a business. A business or organization is characterized by the following attributes. It solves a problem for the consumer. It has systems and processes by which it operates. It has employees who work in and assist with the running of the business. It has a strong leader. It pays its bills including payroll, owner’s draw and vendor payments and still has a profit of some level. If you are creating a job for yourself, you are the person in charge of the bulk of the work (80%). You solve a problem for the consumer and you generally get paid for showing up to actually solve that problem for the consumer personally (i.e. you fix their computer, you write a press release for them, you plan an event for them, you sell something, etc.)  If you don’t show up to your business, the business will not operate. There is nothing wrong with one or the other, but having that defined is important. Bigger isn’t always better. In our more is better consumerist societies we always equate more to being superior. If you have four really nice pairs of jeans having a fifth pair is even better. If you have a newer car, having the newest version of the car is better. If you have a 1,200 square foot house, having a 3,600 square foot house is better. If you have 2 employees having 10 is better. If you sell two different services, selling 10 is better. It’s just not always the case. Having more will cost more and if you aren’t really on top of your numbers hiring more people, producing more products and just in general doing more isn’t always better. Know when to hire and when to move into that new building. Know when to add on to your product or service offerings. My recommendations is to look at cash flow. If you hire a new person will the company really make more money or even enough to cover the cost of that hire. Marketing is key to success in business. Your customers have to know who you are or they aren’t going to buy from you. If you’ve not done a S.W.O.T. analysis on your business now is the time.  S.W.O.T. means strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Use this information to form a strong marketing strategy. Know when a partner is a help in your business, when they are a crutch and when they are detracting from your company. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the most phenomenal partners two of which are my husband and best friend. However, don’t rely on someone else to “help” you grow your business. Find the strength within yourself to be the best you can be. Know too when having a partner will not hinder the business but double or quadruple your value as an organization.  Be very selective when choosing a partner. Make sure that your life values are in line. If you have very different values in life you aren’t going to succeed with them as a partner. Have crystal clear goals and a vision for your company. Know what you are doing, how you’re going to do it when you’re going to complete this goal and how much it will produce. Having goals is imperative to your success. How to Quit Working is here to help you Quit Your Job and Start a Business. Click for more information and to subscribe. Click to join the How to Quit Working Circle, for free training videos, live training and a private Facebook community of your peers.

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18. Marketing Your Podcast - How Long Does it Take?

Marketing Your Podcast - How Long Does it Take?

Understand Before Being Understood About a month ago I left a comment on the Spreaker Live show, and this comment resulted in a response from the host that in a conversation he had with me was "Disproportional." So after we both hissed at each I set up a time when we could talk about this and see how we pushed each other's buttons. We did and it was a great interview. The bad news is my SD Card ran out of room, and my backup (mp3 skype recorder) didn't get it either. I could call Alex back on, but at this point, so much water is under the bridge, I thought I would just paraphrase what really happened. In my comment, there were times when I used ALL CAPS to make a point. Alex is used to dealing with comments from YouTube which are much crueler, and personal that the average podcast comment This was the first time he had been challenged on the podcast side of this content (vs the YouTube side) and it caught him off guard. He apologized for calling me a schmuck, and I explained that when he made a joke about me not having any listeners (because I don't use Spreaker), and that I wasn't up front with people about the fact that I work for Libsyn, and we chatted about that. I explained how I wasn't trying to push his buttons, and then we did something that most people miss out on. We had some cool conversation about topics we have in common. For example, Chris Cornell had just died. Neither one of use quite gets while World Trade Center Tower Number 7 went down. In the end, I look forward to meeting Alex at Podcast Movement. If I had not taken a second to step back, and wonder if there was something I DID to create such a reaction (instead of just condemning the other person) then I would've lost out on an opportunity to learn something (be careful using caps in comments), and Alex wouldn't have been able to see his reaction. Lastly, I think we both gained a new friend. So instead of being so set on proving somebody wrong, instead maybe ask, "Why did you say that?" or "What were you feeling when you said that?" and try to understand before being understood (Which is a lesson I learned from the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) Seriously, How Do I Grow My Audience? Devlin Wilder posted in a Facebook Group, "Please, for the love of all that's good and pure, someone please help me WITH REAL INFO on how I get the numbers. I don't want to hear I need to have my show out for years or I need to get to 200 episodes or what not. And I've had no luck with Fiverr. I need to know the real deal" This is like saying, "I want to know about making a baby, but I don't want to hear about ovaries, sperm, or having to wait 9 months." THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS  In her book Beyond Powerful Radio Radio Consultant Vallerie Geller states, "in my experience, with few exceptions it takes about three years to build a talk station." She points out that the original Star Trek Series was canceled after three seasons and it was re-runs where the audience found the show. Jerry Seinfeld has framed a memo stating that his show has a poor supporting cast, and most people who saw the test pilot would not watch it again. Gary Vaynrchuck says nobody watched his show for the first 19 months Rand Fishkin tells about his wife, Geraldine, and her travel blog, Everywhereist. For two years she never broke 100 visitors a day (she does a blog). Five years later she gets 1000,000 visitors a month. Source Success comes from feedback, and the ability to look at yourself and ask "Can I Improve This?" Growing up I had a basketball hoop in my backyard. Every time I shot a basket and it bounced off the rim and back at me.... that was feedback.  I watched Kareem Abdul Jabar and his sky hooks shot. It was unblockable. I practiced my skyhook over and over and over. Eventually, I could shoot it with my eyes shut. That took time. If you want to quit your job in six weeks, I would recommend that you not even start podcasting. This is like someone wanting to lose 40...

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19. Electrical Bullets

  • Published: 2014-12-02T10:25:45Z
  • By Sceltic
Electrical Bullets

I guess this song was about me being pissed off about being rejected. I got rejected SO much and still am to this date! Lyrics: Electrical Bullets By: Sceltic Instrumentals: Hip Hop Beat 10 (Stefan Padden - Soundcloud). Chorus: “It’s about time everyone realizes. I’m full of many faces; and multiple disguises. Like an arcade game filled with unlimited prizes. Why is it my brain is so fuckin’ fried then? I’ve tried and tried; I yield no results. It’s just stride upon stride; a life full of insults. I’ve cried and I’ve cried; my soul takes jolts all around. Of electrical bullets, shooting my future down.” Verse 1: “Y’all have heard me bitch, you see my complaints. Being rejected makes my eye twitch; I’m going insane. I’ve come to see that my pathway is weak. There’s streaks of blood, painted all up on the street. My life is stuck in hell, it’s never ending repeating, Of those tyrant bastards, rejecting so discretely. It’s the same old same old, all the haters tell me. That I rinse and reuse my words; y’all can just bite me. Eat the dust, kicked off of my shoe. I’ll bust a screw from laughter, when I’m done with you. But this ain’t about them, surprisingly though. I’m focusing on the scum; the ones who said no. Ain’t it surprising how easy the word falls? They think I’m done rising, and I’ll trip to make the fall. The joke’s on you bitch, I’m just barely startin’. I’ll make your fuckin’ eyes twitch, push ya out; you’re cartin’. You better back down now, I’m done granting pardons. When I make it big, you’ll be pushin’ daisies in my gardens.” Chorus: “It’s about time everyone realizes. I’m full of many faces; and multiple disguises. Like an arcade game filled with unlimited prizes. Why is it my brain is so fuckin’ fried then? I’ve tried and tried; I yield no results. It’s just stride upon stride; a life full of insults. I’ve cried and I’ve cried; my soul takes jolts all around. Of electrical bullets, shooting my future down.” Verse 2: “Electricity flows throughout my body. You’ve flipped the switch; am I still a nobody? But I got a barrier, and you ain’t penetrating it. You want me to quit; spew my career like shit! I’m not kickin’ the can, until I see your job die. I want you proverbially strapped; just fry an dry. I fucking dare you to slit my throat. Choke me until I faint; coat me in oil. Hang me to drain then watch my turmoil. I saw you ignite the match; you want me to coil. Flop all around, and watch my pants soil. I’m done toying with this fantasy of yours. I’ve been walkin’ this hallway, being hit with slammed doors. I’m amazed my nose hasn’t broken, from the wooden corruptions. SNAP, SNAP, SNAP; just a mental disruption. I can see the darkness, it quakes to eruption. I’m accepting it like a friend; so you can stop with the assumptions! You think I’m a goner, that I’m lost in this void. I’m just merely traveling; I’ve made this choice. I will carry on, with my fans and my voice. To denounce your companies, and help all you’ve destroyed! You better damn well beg us to stop, before you pop off. You’ll be sent to no return; but it won’t be enough. (Maniacal laughter). We’ll break you piece by piece just cuz we’re rough!” Chorus: “It’s about time everyone realizes. I’m full of many faces; and multiple disguises. Like an arcade game filled with unlimited prizes. Why is it my brain is so fuckin’ fried then? I’ve tried and tried; I yield no results. It’s just stride upon stride; a life full of insults. I’ve cried and I’ve cried; my soul takes jolts all around. Of electrical bullets, shooting my future down.” Verse 3: “Now that you get us straight, don’t go and hate. You’ve got enough shit on your plate; don’t be irate. It’s the paths we take that guide our goals. You’ve turned down the last guy, you ass fucked trolls. It’s gonna take a toll, that payroll you’re so used too. It’ll go up in flames, with either one way or two. The truth is out, don‘t have a cow. No mother fucker, there ain’t no backing off now. You’ve bled your last sow; it seems now it’s our turn. The lesson will be learned when you feel the burn. Of all those victims you denied and scorned. Of all who felt hurt; their souls are all torn. Like Children of the Corn, we’ll sacrifice ya. Cut ya open with a blade, it’s nice of us huh? Drip, drip, blood paints the tiles. Stay for a while, it may take time my child. I’m speaking to my pupils, who felt your pain. Those who’s necks you forced to crane. Smacking all of us down, like an endless train. All of us who you shot, like Old Yeller. You felt it best that we’d never tell em’. That our shot was passed, not even given. I’m done with this rap, listen up close. There’s one last thing I want you to know. Before I untie you and let you go. Physicality ain’t intended, just part of the flow.” Chorus: “It’s about time everyone realizes. I’m full of many faces; and multiple disguises. Like an arcade game filled with unlimited prizes. Why is it my brain is so fuckin’ fried then? I’ve tried and tried; I yield no results. It’s just stride upon stride; a life full of insults. I’ve cried and I’ve cried; my soul takes jolts all around. Of electrical bullets, shooting my future down."

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20. 242: How to Write a Business Plan

242: How to Write a Business Plan

As a coach, I hear the same things over and over again. I commonly receive questions about writing a business plan. Why should I write I business plan? How should I write a business plan? Who will see my business plan? When should it be written or reviewed?   Let’s go ahead and dispel the fear and worry surrounding your business plan. First off, should you actually go to the trouble of writing a business plan? My answer to this is a resounding yes! It’s important to write a business plan for a variety of reasons, but first and foremost, write a business plan for yourself. Write a business plan to take all of the moving pieces out of your brain and fit them together. You are the visionary of your company and you need a vision that is tangible. Taking  all of your ideas out of the mental realm and putting them on paper closes any gaps. You’re able to see where there are issues with your ideas, or how things don’t line up. Seeing the good and bad is important. It also gives you great direction. It adds a level of clarity that is unmatched. Your business plan will allow you to flush out your idea and make it real. Is this a business that will actually work? A good business plan will show you this.   Next, let’s talk about how you should write your business plan. I recommend that you start with a one-page business plan. The reason for this is it’s relatively easy. The one-page business plan is a total overview of your ideas and concepts. It allows you to see where there may be holes. If you have a good strategy for products, but do not have a marketing strategy, that will be an issue. If you have a great sales strategy, but aren’t able to decide who your target market is, or the people who will purchase your product, that will be an issue. This one-page business plan gives you a snapshot of your ideas.   After, you’ve completed the one-page business plan you next dive into a full blown business plan. This is a plan that should be full of details. It’s the in depth true look at what you’re creating. Think of the one page business plan as a completed meal. If someone were to ask you what you were eating, you’d say, “I’m eating Chicken Parmesan.”  The full length business plan is the recipe for that meal. If someone tells you what they are eating a picture will instantly come to mind of that meal. However, if someone gives you a recipe for making that dish you will have a true understanding of exactly what they are eating. This full length business plan is your business recipe. It’s everything that you’ll need to think about and do to start a successful business.   To get started with this plan, I recommend doing a web search for one-page business plan templates, and next business plan templates. There are some wonderful resources online for free. These business plan templates will ask you questions and step by step you complete the vision for your organization. If you get stumped and aren’t sure how to answer a question, you can do one of two things. You could realize that you don’t know everything there is to know about starting a business and do a subsequent web search for the answer, or you could decide that you don’t need to know that information, or that it’s not pertinent to your business and skip it. Either option could be the correct choice for you.   Once you’ve written your business plan what do you do with it. If you are attempting to get financing to start your business a business plan will be a necessity. A bank or investor is going to want to see that you’ve fully thought through the process of running this business, who you will service and how you will profit prior to giving you money. If you aren’t attempting to secure financing then the only person who needs to see the business plan is you. My recommendation is to write the plan and then review it every two weeks for the first three months and then move to reviewing monthly for the first year of your business. You then can move to every six months and then to annually as your business grows. When you review your plan, if something has changed, make that change to your plan. The constant focus on vision will allow you to be the true CEO of your organization. You’re the one who has the concept for this business, it is your brain child and it should be treated as such by you.   Writing a business plan can seem overwhelming, but I firmly believe part of the reason businesses fail so frequently is the owner fails to plan. The failure to create a roadmap that will be a guiding force for their organization leaves it directionless and straining. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Jump in! It’s not nearly as difficult as you think and it will help you immensely as you startup your business. How to Quit Working is here to help you Quit Your Job and Start a Business. Click for more information and to subscribe. Click to join the How to Quit Working Circle, for free training videos, live training and a private Facebook community of your peers.

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