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3. How to get rid of acne

  • Published: 2016-12-07T03:57:48Z
How to get rid of acne

Very useful.

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4. How to get rid of ticks

  • Published: 2016-12-07T04:18:06Z
How to get rid of ticks

Yet another useful 13 second track.

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5. Under Eye Elixir - How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes

Under Eye Elixir - How To Remove Dark Circles Under Eyes How to remove dark circles under eyes with Inventia's under eye cream. A advanced skin care collagen under eye elixir designed specially to remove fine lines, prevent bags under eyes and to get rid of dark circles from under eyes. Also find out what causes dark circles under eyes

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6. 01 The Arrival (Intro)

  • Published: 2013-04-20T12:42:48Z
  • By SkinnyAce
01 The Arrival (Intro)

THE ARRIVAL (INTRO) The Prophet (Nedla) The Gods of Rap, angered, have had enough of all the so called rappers, talking only about fake bullshit such as swag, stacks and their dicks. They couldn't stand this: Rap, Their Creation, has been desecrated. Disgusted and enraged by what it's become, what they've made of it, these ignorant, illiterate, fake motherfuckers, They had to take action. By combining lightning, fire, ice and Hennessy, They've created the Holy Emissary, a soul so great it needed two vessels, two flows, that strikes twice as hard, in order to restore Rap, to its former glory... Verse 1 (Turbulence) The Gods of Rap kind of hate this situation, You see they kind of lost their patience Cause wackness sweeping the nation So the game needs maintenance Send forth their ancient agents Able to kick in some changes Lightning strikes as the sky gets split Heads tilt, a dirk fire is lit Out of it they come and they cloaked in flames Untamed and they ready to straight choke the game Be very wary cause here comes the emissary Kinda scary how we paint the earth the color of dark cherries The arbiters, no bargains sir, we're death's own harbinger Our speed a blur, and verbally massacre any poser curs And curse the sorry state of hip hop's current fate No debate we're here to penetrate and regulate, Shut down the youth's candidates, then celebrate and as we elevate You try to contemplate, if we came from hell's fiery gates More like forged in the, Gerila smithy Words cut sharper than broadswords we about to get-get-get gritty Our backlash, equivalent to backslash, take your back and I back slam This is something that no rapper on this earth can parry Bar your fortress gates and scream your prayers like "Hail Marry!" Careers cut short fear The Arrival of Emissaries, what? The Prophet And as the Holy Emissary walks out of the fire, the thundering sky shows the divine approval of the Gods. Rap is about to be shaken. This world isn't ready for The Arrival of The Emissary... Verse 2 (Skinny Ace) Yeah bitch, fear The Arrival Cause the Rap Gods sent me, I don't need a rifle I don't need a bible, with you as my rival All I need's my right arm for shit to get spinal To get your neck twisted, in a fucking spiral, I write my own shit, fuck a ghost writer I ride my own cars, fuck a private driver I'm fuckin' productive, you're just being idle I don't have a hero, thunder is my idol I fight for the holy, my quest is vital To take you bitches out, and send you to the primal Nine circles of hell, you mothafuckin' liar! You about as made up, as Halloween and Michael So I came with the spirits, to bring back the title, Battle commences, the music gets tribal, My voice is the final, thing in your recital; Funeral recital... The Prophet Here starts the great quest. The journey to the Holy Temple of Rap. The mission to kill the fakeness, and rid this divine music of the bullshit. Godspeed to you noble man, and may the spirits be with you.

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