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1. #JSMminute Ep. 002 | Lash Extensions, Best Red Lipstick & Skin Primer

#JSMminute Ep. 002 | Lash Extensions, Best Red Lipstick & Skin Primer

Episode 002 of the JSMminute! Today, I answer the question, whether or not lash extensions are for me (or you)? What is the best red lipstick for your skin type and why you need to put on skin primer. But wait! There's a catch, if you're going to wear skin primer, find out when you need to apply it in your makeup regimen. --- Jennifer Duvall is professional makeup artist with over 15 years of experience. She took her hobby of painting faces for extra money on the weekends to creating her own LLC after the birth of her second child. She also started her beauty blog,, as a way to showcase her talent and expertise, which has now turned into an additional part of her business. In addition to being a mom of three, freelance makeup artist and small business owner, she aims to take the confusion out of makeup and teach real women, real beauty techniques, tips, and tricks they can use in their everyday lives. The #JSMminute is Jennifer's way of providing as much value as possible by taking your questions about makeup, beauty products, social media, how pop culture influences our style, entrepreneurship, even motherhood. She does so by giving you her answers and advice based on a lifetime of building her business by making women feel like more beautiful versions of their natural selves. Find Jennifer Here : Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest : SNAPCHAT too! Just search: jennysuemakeup, of course! Music: The music heard in this episode was created by the amazing Birocratic. Purchase his "Beets" (pun intended). Track Info: “Round Two" by Birocratic (

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