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3. Electric Style Pickup - Messy

  • Published: 2012-02-20T18:33:37Z
  • By scyntl
Electric Style Pickup - Messy

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5. Electric Style Pickup - Clean

  • Published: 2012-02-20T18:48:18Z
  • By scyntl
Electric Style Pickup - Clean

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6. Know your game - Demo

Know your game - Demo

This song was recorded as a test of simplicity. Just 4 tracks, unedited and with only minimal processing. Everything was recorded using a Rode K2 tube microphone through a JLM Audio BA4 1073 style preamp. There's no EQ apart from low cuts on the guitars, there's only a small amount of compression on the vocals and obviously some reverb. Acoustic guitar is a Maton ECW80C. Electric guitars are a PRS 245 (neck pickup) through a Peavey Classic 20.

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7. Zadowcaster 3

  • Published: 2017-11-28T09:56:21Z
  • By mzadow
Zadowcaster 3

An improvised electric slide guitar meditation. This is a 2017 "Zadowcaster" telecaster custom guitar that I built in Brussels, Belgium, on the model of Ry Cooder's favourite slide guitar. The Zadowcaster uses a Lollar Oahu/Valco reproduction bridge pickup and a Lollar P-90 pole piece alnico pickup in the middle position. It is played through an EHX reverb pedal on the "spring" setting, depth set at around 9 o'clock, into a 5-watt Fender Champ style amplifier, with the volume set at 2/12 and tone at 5/12.

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