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1. Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 41 (Best of 2016)

Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 41 (Best of 2016)

Inferno Part 41 DJ Total Package Best of 2015- 2016 Dancehall Reggae Music. 1)Cant Hold Me Down (Hello Remix)-I-Octane 2)Weh You Did Deh -Alkaline (Dancehall Sings Riddim) 3)Bad Man Heart-Konshens 4)Kill Dem Slowly-Mavado 5)Never Stay Around (Money Love Song)-Vybz Kartel 6)Mad Me -Popcaan 7)Where we come From-Popcaan 8)History-Kranium 9)Gain The World-Jahmiel 10)Unruly Prayer -Popcaan 11)Shabba Madda Pot -Dexta Daps 12)Draw Me Out- Kranium 13)Born To Win -Alaine (All Inclusive Riddim) 14)You Can Do It Too-Jahmiel 15)Give Thanks For Life-Sean Paul 16)Wine It -Sean Paul 17)Felling High-Vershon 18)One More Time - Alkaline 19)Big Bumpa Gal - Mavado 20)Slap One Round Deh-Popcaan (After Party Riddim) 21)Inna Yuh Belly - Popcaan 22)Cherish My Love-Mavado 23)Living It Up - Alkaline 24)No Man To Mi Spliff - Aidonia 25)Never Sober-Popcaan 26)Drunk Love -Demarco (Pink Eye Riddim) 27)Oh La La La-Mr. Vegas 28)Tic Toc Tic - Aidonia ft. Chucky Serious(Ratchet Riddim) 29)Nuh Boring Gyal (Buddy Bruka) 30)Nuh Boring Gyal (Remix) -Aidonia Ft Sean Paul & Bunji 31)Needle Eye - Spice 32)Kill Eh - Spice (The Champ Riddim) 33)The Champ - Tifa 34)Like You- Masicka 35)Pree Money - Konshens 36)Piranha - Aidonia 37)A Me Thing (Pound A Rice)-Vybz Kartel 38)CareZero - Masicka 39)To Di Top - Masicka (Pile Up Riddim) 40)Money Pile Up- Jahvinci 41)Conquer-Jahmiel 42)Full Mi Cup- I-Octane 43)Dat A Di Ting -Aidonia 44)Set The Trend-Mavado 45)Wine Like A Go Go -Chris Martin (Zen Riddim) 46)Protect Me-Konshens 47)Company -Alkaline 48)Kill Badmind -Popcaan 49)Bad A Road-Popcaan (Aysica Riddim) 50)Rup Rup- Popcaan 51)Weed Is My Best Friend- Popcaan (Life Support Riddim) 52)True -Mavado 53)Good Bye To My Haters -Mavado (Jambe-An Riddim) 54)Party Animal -Charly Black 55)Non Stop -Pternsky 56)Way Up Popcaan (Mildew Riddim) 57)Junction -Popcaan 58)Waist A Move- VoiceMail (Moskato Riddim) 59)Hoist & Wine-Charly Black 60)Barbie Doll-Vershon 61)Bruk Off Mi Cock - Konshens 62)Tie Mi - Vershon (Cure Pain Riddim) 63)Where Were You-Jahmiel 64)Priority-Bugle 65)My Side Of The Story -Alkaline 66)Big League - Mavado 67)I'll Take U There -Vybz Kartel 68)Dancehall -Vybz Kartel 69)Party - Vybz Kartel (Liquor Riddim) 70)Up - Alkaline 71)My League - Mavado 72)Bicycle Ride -Vybz Kartel 73)Up Like 7 -Mavado (Wrangla Riddim) 74)Whey Yuh Have - Alkaline 75)Champion Boy-Alkaline (Fire Starta Riddim) 76)Champion- Dwayne DJ Bravo 77)Top Killer -Aidonia (4th Generation Riddim) 78)Tell A Gyal - Aidonia 79)50 Caliber - Aidonia (50 Cal Riddim) 80)90s Gangsta Town - Aidonia (Bawd Broad Riddim) 81)Above Dem -Mavado, I -Octane & Alkaline 82)Money Pon Me Brain Ct Scan-Vybz Kartel(Purge 2K Riddim) 83)Road -Ding Dong 84)Dem Ago Dead -Masicka 85)Dem Ago Dead -Alkaline (Fix Up Riddim) 86)Bad Man Laws-I Octane 87)Slap One -Popcaan 88)Bad Anytime- Mavado 89)Fix Up -Vybz Kartel 90)Which League -Vybz Kartel 91)Speedometer Bunup-Vybz Kartel (Speedometer Riddim) 92)Bob Marly & The High Trees -Vybz Kartel 93)Any Bwoy -I Octane 94)Evil Friend-Di Genius, Jahmiel & DJ Total Package HD A DJ For All Your Musical Needs. Email- [email protected], Instagram/Facebook/ Youtube, DJ Total Package HD,

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2. Mavado Gangsta Life Vol 1 (2008 Mix)

Mavado Gangsta Life Vol 1 (2008 Mix)

Best of Mavada Cd Made in 2008 and Now uploading it to soundcloud. 1)Bad Man Place Mavado & Busy Signal 2)Full Clip Mavado & Busy Signal 3)Real Mccoy Mavado 4)Gansta 4 Life Mavado 5)Bawl Dem A Bawl Mavado 6)Last Night Mavado 7)Dont Mess Around Mavado 8)Me & My Dogs Mavado 9)Even If Dey Kill Me Mavado 10)Top Shotta Nuh Miss Mavado Songwritter Mavado New Name Fi Informa Mavado Dreaming On 1000 Bill Mavado Dying Mavado Born & Raise Mavado Fear Me Mavado Bad Mind Mavado Changing Times Mavado Dont Worry Mavado Money Changer Mavado Dem Bwoy Nuh Bad Mavado Guns Out Mavado Dutty Gun Mavado Gangsta Life Mavado Brown Bottle Mavado Blood Run Like Hennesy Mavado Talk To Much Mavado Squeeze trigga Mavado Gully Side Mavado Touch Di Road Mavado Squeeze Breast Mavado Fuck Her Twice A Day Mavado Bleach With Cream Mavado Amazing Grace Mavado Car Back Mavado Force It Up Mavado So Special Mavado On The Go Mavado On The Rock Mavado Over Come Mavado Let It Go G Unit Mavado

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3. Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 42 (Best of 2016)

Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 42 (Best of 2016)

DJ Total Package HD Presents Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 42 (Best Of 2016) 1)One Phone Call-Vybz Kartel(Crown Love Riddim) 2)My Own - Konshens, 3)Waiting-Jahmiel 4)Things Take Time-Jahmiel(Money Boss Riddim) 5)No Shaky Link-I Octane 6)Progress-Mavado 7)Conquer The World - Alkaline 8)True Colour-Jahmiel (True Colour Riddim) 9)Feel Like-Mavado 10)Nahh Sell Out-Bugle (Day Off Riddim) 11)Jealously-I Octane 12)Live The Dream-Vershon 13)Dont Judge Me (Bless- Demarco 14)Chinese Jordan -Dexta Daps 15)Chinese Jordan Counteraction-Macka Diamond 16)Can't Say No-Vybz Kartel ft. MonCherie 17)Back To Sleep Refix-Konshens 18)WORK INSTAMIX -Beniton Di Menance 19)Work- Rihanna feat. Drake 20)Controlla -DrakeFt Popcaan 21)So Lie-Popcaan 22)Love Issues- Tarrus Riley & Fambo(Toll Road Riddim) 23)Hot No Lie-Kes 24)The Party Wild-Demarco 25)Money Girls & Fun-Mavado 26)Block & Delete-Alkaline 27)Training Wheel -Vybz Kartel 28)Bitch Better Have My Money Remix-Rihanna & Beenie Man & Bounty Killer 29)Too Good- Drake Ft Rihanna 30)Hey Addi-Vybz Kartel 31)Side Chick-Alkaline 32)Cheers-Demarco (Summa 16 Riddim) 33)Vybz Kartel -Summa 16 34)Lipstick-Vybz Kartel 35)Fever-Vybz Kartel 36)City-Alkaline 37)Told U I Was Right-Alkaline 38)Colouring This Life- Vybz Kartel 38)All I Wanna Do (Sorry Refix)-Vybz Kartel 39)Upside Down (Jugglerz Remix)-Popcaan 40)ATM-Alkaline 41)Wait Yuh Turn -Alkaline 42)Formula -Alkaline 43)Gal Gov-Konshens 44)Gal Farm-Popcaan 45)Ova Dweet -Popcaan(Ova Dweet Riddim) 46)Call Often - Charly Black 47)7 Days - Vershon 48)Remix-Demarco 49)Wine like that One Dance-Beniton Di Menance 50)One Dance -Drake feat. Wizkid & Kyla 51)Timaya- I Like The Way 52)Wine It Slow -Demarco ft Bunji Garlin 53)Rock And Come In -Linky Da First 54)Goodas From Birth-Vybz Kartel(Tropical Punch Riddim) 55)Yuh Good Yuh Good-Demarco 56)Clean -Spice 57)Up Fi Di Ride-I-Octane 58)Bring It Come -Charly Black 59)Right De Suh Charly Black 60)Coolest Summer- DingDong Ft Dexta Daps (Success Riddim) 61)Save Something- Konshens 62)Yuh Find It -Demarco 63)Who Trouble Dem-Vybz Kartel 64)Like Google-Vybz Kartel ft. Demarco 65)Every Girl-Vybz Kartel ft. Gaza Tussani 66)Don't Know Someone-Vybz Kartel 67)Good Body Gal Dem-Popcaan 68)World Cup (Still A Win)-Popcaan 69)Shabba ft. Ayo Jay x Kerwin Dubois x Konshens x Timaya 70)Direction -Alkaline 71)Tight Pussy Wine-Popcaan 72)Wicked Man Thing Popcaan 73)Western Union -Vybz Kartel 74)Real Link -Tommy Lee & Masicka 75)Any Weh -Masicka (Gold Finga Riddim) 76)Burnna- I Octane 77)Money Man a Pree-Konshens 78)Winner -Pternsky 79)Wild Bwoy-Demarco 80)Strong - Vybz Kartel 81)Ball A Fire - Aidonia(Phantom Of The Dancehall Riddim) 82)I'm That Nigga - Konshens 83)Badmind Mi Don't-Masicka 84)Tom Taam-Alkaline 85)Enemy Zone-Vybz Kartel 86)Way Out -Popcaan & Sizzla 87)Wish Bad-Popcaan & Sizzla 87)High All Day-Popcaan 88)Somebody Great-Alkaline 89)Preserve My Life-Popcaan 90)Warrior-Popcaan 91)God Alone-Popcaan 92)Try Again- Alkaline 93)My Dreams- Nesbit DJ Total Package HD A DJ For All Your Musical Needs. Email- [email protected], Instagram/Facebook/ Youtube, DJ Total Package HD,

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4. 01 90's Dancehall Mix

01 90's Dancehall Mix

1) Duga Duga Riddim 1) Baby Cham-duga Duga, 2)Frisco Kid-Think we Nice, 3)Degree- Criss Moter Car,4) Wayne Wonder-Glamour Gyal,5)Beenie Man- New Suzuki, 6)Oyster & Conch Riddim Lady Saw- Hice It Up, 7)Tanya Stephens- Goggle 8)Beenie Man- Oyster & Conch, 9)Benz & Bimma Riddim- Beenie man- Gyal Dem Way, 10)Spragga Benz- No Funny Guy Thing, 11)Bounty Killer-Benz & Bimma, 12)Bounty & Barrington Levy- Living Dangerously, 13)Stink Riddim- Tony Curtis- Do You Wanna, 14)Captain Barkey- Go Go Wine, 15)Mercilles- Gyal Dem Gizzada, 16)Cham-Girls Anthem, 17)Alley Cat-Hot Gyal, 18)Spragga Benz- Girls Watchers, 19)Frisco Kid & Wayne Wonder -Dreamland, 20)Cham- Girls Anthem 21)Beenie man- Ole Dawg, 22)Damsel Pandemodium Lady Saw-Ole Wukker, 23)Lady Saw- No Long Talking, 24)Beenie Man- Girls I See, 25)Beenie Man-Damsal Ship, 26)Beenie Man-tell Me, 27)Red Rat-Dwayne, 28)Red Rat-Tight Up Skirt, 29)Now A Days Riddim- Beenie Man-Romie, 30)Girls Dem Sugar, 31)Beenie Man- Middle Of The Night, 32)PowerMan- Panic, 33)Beenie- Si Me Yah, 34)Corduroy Riddim Beenie Blessed, 35)Beenie Man- World Dance, 36)Urkle Riddim- Beenie Man- Big Up & Trust, 37) Beenie man- Tear Off Me Garment, 38)Lady Saw-Sweet For My Sweet, 39)Pepper Seed Riddim Buju-Nuff man a Look U, 40)Spragga Benz- Things a Gwaan, 41)Terror Fabolous- Kotch, 42)Terror Fabolous- Number 2, 43)Arab Attack- Beenie Man- Slam, 44)Beenie Man-Certain Gyal, 45)Beenie Man- Wicked Slam, 46)Buju-only man

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5. Best Of Tribe Called Quest

Best Of Tribe Called Quest

DJ Total Package HD Presents The Best Of A Tribe Called Quest. 1)Bonita Applebum 2)Bonita Applebum (remix) 3)Jazz (We've Got) 4)Find A Way 5)Stressed Out (Featuring Faith Evans) 6)Once Again Ft Tammy Lucas 7)God Lives Through 8)Oh My God 9)Check The Rhime 10)Excursions 11)Buggin' Out 12)Lyrics to Go 13)Electric Relaxation 14)Can I Kick It? 15)Award Tour 16)Hot Sex [*] 17)De La Soul feat. A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Queen Latifah & Monie Love - Buddy (12'' Remix) 18)Vivrant Thing 19)Breath & Stop 20)The Chase, Pt. 2 21)Scenario Feat. The Leaders Of The New School 22)Scenario (Remix) Feat. The Leaders Of The New School 23)Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts) 24)Mr. Muhammad 25)Luck of Lucien 26)Footprints 27)I Left My Wallet in El Segundo 28)Sucka Nigga 29)Butter 30)We The People 31)Black Spasmodic 32)Dis Generation 33)The Donald 34)The Space Program

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6. Carnival Again Mix Official 2016 Mix By DJ Total Package HD

Carnival Again Mix Official 2016 Mix By DJ Total Package HD

Caribbean Nations Presents Carnival Again Official Mix For Caribbean Nation Mix by DJ Total Package HD. Track List 1)Human [Ti Punch Riddim]-Machel Montano HD 2)Mon Bon Ami -Angela Hunte 3)Road Trip (Road Trip Riddim)-Machel Montano 4)Pretty-Advokit 6)Find Meh -Dale Ryan 7)Allez-Teddyson John 8)Allez (Remix)- Teddyson John feat. Bunji Garlin 9)Take Over Town-Bunji Garlin 10)Turn Up (Gold Medal Riddim)-Preedy 11)Pressure -Sekon Sta 12)Doh Hold Meh Back-Shradah 13)Tuh Night -5 Star Akil 14)Seasonally-Olatunji Yearwood 15)Soaring -Osei 16)Up Under Yuh (Tumba Riddim)-Silva 17)Company -GBM Nutron 18)Beast -Mical Teja 19)Cheers To Life [Precision Road Mix]-Voice 20)Unforgettable -Kerwin Du Bois ft. Patrice Roberts 21)Anyway-Jaiga 22)Bubbulah-Young Voice 23)This Carnival (Sugar Apple Riddim)-Yankey Boy 24)Dip & Roll-Lyrikal 25)Unlimited Vibes- Kes the Band & Lyrikal 26)Bad Rule (She Bad Riddim) -Fay-Ann Lyons & Mavado 27)She Bad (She Bad Riddim)-Suit Of Black 28)Party-Shal Marshall 29)I.A.M. (The Action Man)-Jaiga TC 30)Scene -Nutron 31)Scene Remix-Nutron ft Fay Ann Lyons 32)Scene (The Ropemix)-The Writer 33)Feterholic- De Postman 34)Intentions-Erphaan Alves 35)Soakin'-Kerlz feat. Erphaan Alves 36)Like So -Angela Hunte & Machel Montano 37)Soca Virus (Orchestra Riddim)-Destra Garcia 38)With Meh (Orchestra Riddim)-Olatunji 39)Action (Orchestra Riddim ) -M1 (Menace) 40)Full Hundred (All de way) (Orchestra Riddim)-Skinny Fabulous 41)Big Business-Olatunji Yearwood 42)Zig Zag-Chai 43)Numb-Benjai 44)Temperature- Machel Montano HD 45)People-KES the Band 46)Soca Religion-K. Rich 47)OLTL (One Life To Live)-Olatunji x System32 48)Oh Yay-Olatunji 49)Where I'm From-Machel Montano & Olatunji 50)Level Up- Kris Kennedy 51)Under Meh-Syo 52)Dismantle (Come Wine Riddim)-Denise Belfon 53)Body Language -Sekon Sta 54)My Gyal -Nutron 55)Surrender-Lyrikal 56)No Reminder (Railroad Riddim)-Lyrikal 57)Carnival-A-Holic-Kerwin Dubois 58)Old & Grey-Patrice Roberts 59)Freedom -Lyrikal 60)Meet Trouble- Farmer Nappy 61)Rental-Farmer Nappy 62)Champagne & Soca -Sekon Sta 63)Carnival Groupie-Machel Montano HD 64)Born For This -Skinny Fabolous 65)Go Hard-Machel Montano & Skinny Fabulous 66)Pumper (Euphoria Riddim)-Kerwin Du Bois 67)Sleep Doh Know Me-Teddyson John 68)Breath Of Fresh Air -Lyrikal 69)Party Hard (Zuk Bounce Riddim)-Mr. Palmer 70)More (The Cause)-Flipo 71)Body on Fire -Erphaan Alves 72)Ah Bachanal -Olatunji 73)Hotter -B2B 74)Carnival Today-Bunji Garlin 75)Magic -Sekon Sta & Nadia Batson 76)Time Of Life-Shal Marshall 77)Bam Bilam-Farmer Nappy 78)Start D Jam-T-Rock Again 79)BET(Scorch Hybrid Refix)-Ricardo Drue feat Roy Cape All-stars 80)All Kinda Kind- Kerwin Du Bois 81)Arrogrant -Kerwin Du Bois 82)Carnival Is Here- Kes the Band 83)So Blessed (Shake Down Riddim)-GBM Nutron 84)Blush (Shake Down Riddim)-Patrice Roberts 85)I Am D One (Shake Down Riddim)-Kerwin Du Bois 86)Go Down Low -Mysta Lyon 87)Invasion (Jumbie Jab Riddim)-Cloud 5 88)Party Bad-Mr Killa & Mr Legz 89)Straight Off The Jumbo Jet-Bunji Gariln 90)We Dirty -Tallpree 91)Muhammad Ali (Jab Master)-Pumpa 92)More Jab (Sick Jab Riddim)-Skinny Fabulous 93)Whole Heap Of Land -Problem Child 94)Fete Jab -Hypa 4000 95)Africa Inna We- Skinny Banton 96)Sugar Cane (D Boss Riddim)-Tall Pree FT Psycho 97)Head Or Tail -Lava Man Ft Mr Legs 98)We Pumping (Juju Riddim)-Skinny Banton & Mr Killa 99)Mas or Liquor -Coolman & Kevin Dodds 100)Whole Day-Third Bass 101)Waiting On The Stage-Machel Montano ft. Badjohn Republic 102)My Attention -Kes The Band 103)Colours-Blaxx 104)Drop Bombs-Tizzy 105)In We Blood-Machel Montano 106)Swap It-Swappi 107)Touch The Stage -Bunji Garlin 108)Show Me -Soca Shaq Bonus -Mash Up P Goodz ft Nutron DJ Total Package HD A DJ For All Your Musical Needs. Email- [email protected], Instagram/Facebook/ Youtube, DJ Total Package HD,

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7. R&B Slow Jams Mix Vol 1

R&B Slow Jams Mix Vol 1

DJ Total Package R&B Slow Jams Mix Vol 1 1)Naked-R. Kelly 2)If I Ever Fall In Love- Shai 3)Can You Stand The Rain- New Edition 4)Ill Make Love to You- Boyz II Men 5)Freek N' You-Jodeci 6)Feenin'-Jodeci 7)I'd Die Without You - PM Dawn 8)Your Body's Callin'- R. Kelly 9)When Can I See You Again-Baby Face 10)Lady- D'Angelo 11)Before You Walk Out Of My Life -Monica 12)Come And Talk To Me-Jodeci 13)Can We Talk-Tevin Campbell 14)Cupid-112 15)Nobody Knows -Tony Rich Project 16)Twisted -Keith Sweat 17)Water Runs Dry- Boyz II Men 18)Knockin' Da Boots -H Town 19)It Seems Like You're Ready-R. Kelly 20)Sex Me-R Kelly 21)Sex Me Part 2-R Kelly 22)You Remind Me Of Something -R Kelly 23)Nice & Slow-Usher 24)On Bended Knee-Boyz II Men 25)In My Bed -Dru Hill 26)Never Make A Promise - Dru Hill 27)We're Not Making Love No More- Dru Hill 28)5 Steps- Dru Hill 29)Down Low -R Kelly 30)I Gotta Be- Jagged Edge 31)Not Gon Cry -Mary J Blige 32)Nobody- Keith Sweat 33)Stroke You Up- Changing Faces Ft Keith Sweat 34)They Dont Know- Jon B 35)Weak in The Knees- SWV 36)Promise -Jagged Edge 37)Someone To Love-Jon B 38)Rain- SWV 39)I Wanna Know -Joe 40)All The Thing-Joe 41)Sweet Lady-Tyrese 42)Signs Of Love Makin-Tyrese 43)Walked Out Of Heaven-Jagged Edge 44)Brokenhearted -Brandy And Wanya Morris 45)Cruisin'-D'Angelo 46)Brown Sugar-D'Angelo 47)You Make Me Wanna-Usher 48)Can't Get Enough-Tamia 49)Spend my life with you - Tamia Ft Eric Benet 50)Making good love-Avant 51)Put That Woman First-Jahiem 52)Let's Stay Home Tonight-Joe 53)You Know That I Love You-Donell Jones 54)Where I Wanna Be- Donell Jones 55)Just In Case -Jahiem 56)Wifey-Next 57)Too Close- Next 58)Love- Musiq Soulchild

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8. The Best OF Buju Vol 1

The Best OF Buju Vol 1

The Best Of Buju Banton Vol 1 This Mixtapes Features Some of Buju more Concious Music with a mixture of Life Experience and Love with its happiness and Heartaches. This Cds also features some of his collabos with Wayne Wonder and Beres Hammond and others as well as classics songs like Boom bye Bye and Love Sponge. Dont forget to check out Volume 2 as well. Untold Stories Not An Easy Road Crying Over Me Till I'm Laid To Rest Destiny Hills and Valleys How Could You Ain't It Good To Know Why Buju Love Unu A So Lovers Choice Wanna Be Loved Good Lookin' Gal Browning Love Black Woman Buju Love You To The Max The Grudge Mandy Size Move you body Buju Movin' Women Nuh Fret Body Young I Wish Too Young RMX I Dont Love You Who Say Bonafide Love Operation Ardent Hey Lorna I'm Lonely For You Only Sensemelia Persecution Driver Weed Medley (Live) - Freedom Blues Riddim God Of My Salvation Massa God Mr Nine Murderer Mass Murderer Boom Bye Bye

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10. Welcome 2 Di Jab World

Welcome 2 Di Jab World

DJ Total Package HD & Carribean Nations Presents "Welcome 2 The Jab World Spice Mas Mix 2016" loose cannon spice mass Intro- Loose Cannon 1)Power Mandella Linkz 2)No Owner Lava Man 3)Jab Forever (Road Mix) Skinny Banton 4)Jab Forever Skinny Banton 5)All Day Skinny Banton 6)Is De Rum (Day Dream Riddim) Valene 7)OTNO (Day Dream Riddim) Lil Vaughn & Sand Man 8)Drinking Partner (Rebel Panda Riddim) Hance 9)All i Know (Rebel Panda Riddim) Problem Child 10)Make it Rain (Rebel Panda Riddim) Skinny Fabolous 11)Good Morning (Breaking Dawn Riddim) Marcus 12)Dutty Behavior (Breaking Dawn Riddim) One Voice 13)Waist Loose (Breaking Dawn Riddim) Kuttit 14)Picture Perfect (Breaking Dawn Riddim) Lyrikal 15)Bend Dung Remix Refix Motto Ft Problem Child & Mr. Legz 16)Backitive (Monkey Band Riddim) Problem Child 17)Tallawah (Monkey Band Riddim) Skinny Fabolous & Tall Pree 18)Drunk Like Rum (Monkey Band Riddim) Lava Man 19)Welcome To Jouvert [Brazillian Jab Riddim) Tall Pree 20)Fire Fi Dat (Brazillian Jab Riddim) Keith Currency 21)Whole Heap Ah Mas [Brazillian Jab Riddim) Luni Spark & Electrify 22)Take It To Dem Lil Natty & Thunda 23)Just So (Stink Behavior Riddim) Lil Natty & Thunda 24)Ah Have It Laaang (Stink Behavior Riddim) Shortpree 25)Mafia Jab (Stink Behavior Riddim) Slatta 26)Doh Look At We (Stink Behavior Riddim) Lavaman 27)Jab Behavior Skinny Banton 28)Dinner [Pink Panther Riddim Pt 2.0] Skinny Banton 29)I Love Jouvert (Pink Panther Riddim Pt 2.0) Luni Spark & Electrify 30)Greenz (Pink Panther 2.0 Riddim) Inspector 31)Respect D Jab (Pozeee Riddim) Terra D 32)Cuckus Bag (Pozee Riddim) Lava Man 33)I Doh Mind (Pozee Riddim) Uncle Ellis 34)Ray Tay Tay (D Boss Riddim) Mya 35)Sugar Cane (D Boss Riddim) Tall Pree FT Psycho 36)Head Or Tail (De Boss Riddim) Lava Man Ft Mr Legs 37)Lumber Man (Gateway Riddim) Killer T 38)Troublemaker (Gateway Riddim) Rina 39)Jab Chain (Jab Chain Riddim) Mr Walkie 40)Mad Blood Luni Spark & Electrify 41)No Behavior Hypa 4000 42)Rum Jumbie (Kick With No Shadow Riddim) Problem Child 43)Godzilla Skinny Fabulous 44)The Call (Power Riddim) Dash 45)Have To Mash Up (Break Out Riddim) Squeeze Head 46)Maniac (Break Out Riddim) Muddy 47)Suicide Terra D Governor 48)Titans Lil Vaughn 49)Rum Head (Boss Wuk Riddim) Blama 50)Smurf So Cocky (Boss Wuk Riddim) Stamina 51)Unknown (Boss Wuk Riddim) Lava Man 52)Jab Givin Horn (Afro Jab Riddim) Keisha K 53)Mass Ah Playing (Afro Jab Riddim) Tall Pree & Little John 54)House On D Prairie (Afro Jab Riddim) Valene 55)In Me Head (Congo Riddim) Mushman 56)No Company [Rebel Riddim] Dash 57)Trouble Boyzie 58)De Weekend (Crystal Riddim) Rayzor 59)Bequia [For the Weekend] Skinny Fabolous 60)Watch Thing Skinny Fabulous 61)Jab Take Over [Prestigious Jab Riddim] Dash Ft Kino 62)My Time (Scrap Paper Riddim) Blaka Dan 63)31st (Tutie First) Chain 64)They Don't Want Us To Fete Yannick Hooper 65)Pressers (Clear Skies Riddim) Bonified 66)Rise (Clear Skies Riddim) Lil Vaughn 67)Way The Jab Come From (Spooky Jab Riddim) Cloud 5 68)Doh Bother Me (Spooky Jab Riddim) D' Regulars Ft. Smallz 69)Donkey in de Cane (Meter Riddim) Sandman 70)Party Habit [Rum Chaser Riddim] Dash 71)Dont Give It Away Skinny Fabolous 72)Throw Back Bumpa Otis 73)The Bull (Under World Riddim) Loose Cannon 74)Bazode Lil Vaughn 75)Ah Feel Like Dancing (Spring Water Riddim) Lloydie Ft Superstar 76)Abuse Me (Spring Water Riddim) Mandela Linkz 77)Set The Mood Short Pree 78)Mas Well Played [Bad Juke Riddim] Shortpree 79)Rum Party (Bad Juke Riddim) Lavaman

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11. Dancehall Reggae Inferno 43 The Best Of 2017

Dancehall Reggae Inferno 43 The Best Of 2017

DJ Total Package HD Presents Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 43 Best 0f 2017 1)The Writer-Ah Build ah Spliff in Arima 2)Pternsky-Enjoy Yourself (World Fete Riddim) 3)Masicka-Brace on You 4)Konshens-Turn Me On 5)Charly Black-You're Perfect 6)Vybz Kartel -Wine To Di Top 7)Vybz Kartel Ft Wiz Kid-Wine To Di Top Remix 8)Demarco-Party Tonight (Party Hangover Riddim) 9)Konshens-Whine Up On Me 10)Charly Black & Machel Montano-VIP Girl 11)Charly Black-My Girl Now (Humbug Riddim) 12)Mavado-Carless Gal 13)Vybz Kartel-So What 14)Beenie Man Ft Voicemail & Ding Dong Skank & Rave 15)Yaneek Curvy Diva-Lifestyle (Money Mix Riddim) 16)Shenseea & Boom Boom-Wine 17)I Octane ft Ding Dong- Stop Wild Out 18)Marvin & Nickeisha- Clean & Fresh 19)Masicka-10 Outta 10 20Mavado-Fresh Cash 21)Vybz Kartel- Poco Man Skank 22) Mikeylous -Mixup Song (Pele Riddim) 23)D' Angel-Look Pon Mi 24)Demarco-Pick Up & Buss 25)Konshens-Gyal Experience 26)Konshens-Gal Tan Up 27)Konshens, Vybz Kartel & Sean Paul-Power Move 28)Vybz Kartel-Catch A Fire 29)King Kong Ft Konshens & Shenseea -Best Nana 30)Aidonia-IG Girls 31)Alkaline-Spoil You 32)Alkaline-Fast 33)Mavado-Touch & Leggo (Crazy Glue Riddim) 34)Charly Black-Compliments 35)Alkaline & Sean Paul-Gyalis Pro 36)Vybz Kartel-Your Little Shorts 37)Vybz Kartel-Likkle More (New Game Riddim) 38)La-Ren Got You (Raw)-Obsession Riddim 39)Mavado-Memory (Raw) 40)DJ Frass feat.Shaggy-Waist Line (Street Light Riddim) 41)Jahmeil-Dear Frass (I Just Don't Know) 42)Mavado-Lowe Mi 43)Mavado-Beat & Teach (Club Life Riddim) 44)NeeQua-Good Friend 45)Jahmiel-Different Level 46)Alkaline-After All 47)Vybz Kartel- Highest Level 48)Vybz Kartel Ft Masicka-Infrared 49)Vybz Kartel-What Nex? 50)Vybz Kartel Ft Demarco & Keda Miracle 51)Vybz Kartel-Yuh Body Perfect 52)Vybz Kartel-Heart Beat 53)Vybz Kartel-Portmore City To Uptown (Black Peppa Riddim) 54)Vybz Kartel-Fall Ina Love 55)Vybz Kartel-Half Way Tree (Red Plate Riddim) 56)I Octane -Gal Yuh Body Good 57)Vershon-More Money 58)Masicka -Weak Fence 59)Mavado -What U Gonna Do 60)Mavado-Still Love U (Side Chick) 61)Popcaan-In Love (Top Story Riddim) 62)Vybz Kartel-Loodi 63)Vybz Kartel-Loodi (feat. Shenseea) (Loodi Riddim) 64)Konshens-It's All Good 65)Vybz Kartel-Taxi Ft Likkle Miss (Taxi Riddim 2017) 66)Vybz Kartel-Keep Him 67) Popcaan-Addictive 68)Popcaan-Mi Unruly 69)Popcaan-Stronger Now 70)Mavado-Ride All Night (My Kinda Girl) 71)Alkaline-Extra Lesson 72)Alkaline-Son Of A Queen (Money House Riddim) 73)Jahmiel-Strongest Soldier 74)Konshens-Do Di Work 75)Mavado-Belt Buckle 76)Mavado-Forever (Forever Riddim) 77)Ocg -Nuh Fall In Love 78)I-Octane-Long Time 79)Kranium-Give Thanks 80)Alkaline-Pretty Girl Team 81)Charly Black-Nah Let You Go (Caliente Riddim) 82)Konshens-Dat Yuh Luv 83)Ding Dong & Konshens-Tunnel Vision 84)Jahmiel-Love Ones 85)Masicka-Hold Mi Tight 86)Vybz Kartel-It Nuh Hard 87)I Octane-Ting Dem Land (Gum & Grabba Riddim) 88)Sean Paul-Phone Flash 89)Demarco-Flow Control 90)Vybz Kartel-Love It 91)Alkaline-Nice & Easy 92)Sean Paul Ft Migos-Body 93)Sean Kingston Ft. Vybz Kartel-Chance 94)Vybz Kartel-Hold It 95)Vybz Kartel-Reverb No Delay (6.3 Riddim) 96)Mr G Ft Aidonia & Razor-Waistline Roll 97)Konshens-Right Back (Happy Juk Riddim) 98)Ding Dong-Diggy Diggy 99)Charly Black-Show Me 100)Spice -Sheet 101)Beenie Man & Ninja Man -Buss 102)Vybz Kartel ft Ky-Mani Marley-Cool And Deadly (Ghetto Rock Riddim) 103)Popcaan-Stay Alive 104)Popcaan Ft.Versatile-Gwaan Out Deh (11 Eleven Riddim) 105)Vershon-Tree Stump 106)Charly Black-Speaking Out

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12. Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 44 War Edition

Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 44 War Edition

DJ Total Package HD Presents Dancehall Reggae Inferno Part 44 The War Edition 1)Noah Powa Equal Rights Joke Dancehall 2017 2)Ishawna -Equal Rights (Shape Of You Riddim) 3(Prince Pin-Justice (Ishawna Diss) 4)Masicka & Bounty Killa-Top Rank (Dancehall Bully Riddim) 5(Busy Signal-Dem Nuh Bad 6)Demarco-Walking Dead 7)Konshens-Mayweather 8)Jahmiel-Next Move 9)Aidonia-Trigger Work It 10)Mavado -Dem Run EEn (Popcaan Diss) 11)Demarco -King Kong (Mavado Diss) 12)Popcaan-Dutty Dread (Mavado Diss) 13)Mavado -Funeral (Popcaan Diss) 14)Popcaan-Born Ready Mavado Diss 15(Popcaan-RPG (Mavado Diss) 16)Popcaan-Slaughter House (Mavado Diss) 17(Mavado -Dem Dead A Ready (Popcaan Diss) 18)Demarco-Dem Fraid [Mavado Diss] 19)Jahmiel-Instant Disaster 20)Vybz Kartel-Step (Mavado Diss) 21(Mavado -Mr Dead (Vybz Kartel Diss) 22)Vybz Kartel-Round Corna (Mavado Diss) 23)Mavado -Brawla (Vybz Kartel Diss) 24)Vybz Kartel-Mercy (Mavado Diss) 25)Vybz Kartel-Last One (Mavado & Alkaline Diss) 26)Aidonia-Fat 40 (Masicka Diss) 27)Masicka-Shoot Up Di Place (MTR Riddim) (Aidonia Diss) 28)Aidonia-Banga (2 Face Riddim) (Masicka Diss) 29)Masicka-Wicked Heart (Aidonia Diss) 30)Alkaline-Microwave (Popcaan Diss) 31(Mavado- Nuh Friend Fire 32)Alkaline-Badness It Name (Double Murda Riddim ) 33(Mavado-Triple Murda 34)Cobra -Call To Kill 35)Cobra & Govana-Sky A Drop (Krazay Riddim) 36)Aidonia-Krayzay 37)Alkaline-Richochet (Vybz Kartel Diss) 38)Alkaline-12 PM 39)Popcaan & Jafrass & Quada-Unruly Camp (Henging Tree Riddim) 40)Popcaan-Stray Dog (Alkaline Diss) 41(Vershon & Versatile-Buss It Out 42(Vybz Kartel-Closed Casket (Mavado & Alkaline Diss) 43)Mad Cobra -Fi Dem Head (Vybz Kartel Diss) 44)Demarco-Dead Dawg 45)Mavado-Lowe Mi (Street Light Riddim) 46(Mavado-Beat & Teach (Club Life Riddim) 47)Alkaline-After All 48)Vybz Kartel Ft Masicka-Infrared 49)Vybz Kartel-Highest Level 50)Vybz Kartel- 9X (Pile Up Riddim) 51)Vybz Kartel- Eagle 52)Vybz Kartel-Win (Yeng Yeng Riddim) 53)Vershon-Too Young (Connection Riddim ) 54)Jahmeil-Too Dumb (Vershon Diss) 55)Popcaan-Unruly King 56)Jahmeil-Never Drop Guard (Vershon Diss) 57)Vershon -Chihuhah (Jahmiel Diss) (The Beast Riddim) 58)Jahmeil-Bad Dawg (Vershon Diss) 59)Mavado- Gangsta Nuh Play {Throwback War Vybz Kartel Diss) 60)Vybz Kartel-Kill Dem All & Done {Throwback War Mavado Diss) 61)Vershon -Guard Dawg (Jahmiel Diss) 62)Vershon -Power Drill (Jahmiel Diss) 63)Vershon -24 Hr Violation (Jahmiel Diss) 64)Jahmiel-1 Shot 2 Kill (Vershon Diss) 65)Vershon-Talking Parrot (Jahmiel Diss) 66)Mavado-Dirt Nap 67)Spice-Who Sing It (Alkaline & Fabian Diss) 68)Spice-Beef Patty (Whateva Riddim) 69)Vybz Kartel- Honour Mama 70)Vybz Kartel Ft Shotta G-Take Lead

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13. Tall Pree Bday Fete Promo CD

Tall Pree Bday Fete Promo CD

DJ Total Package HD Presents Tall Pree 7th Annual Birthday Bash Ultimate All White Boatride Promo CD. 1)Old Women Alone-Tallpree 2)The Grave-Tallpree 3)Wave- Tall Pree 4)Jab Jab Nation (Vintage Riddim)-Tall Pree 5)Come Out To Play (Vintage Riddim)-Benjai 6)Life Time Tabanka -Skinny Banton 7)Invasion (Jumbie Jab Riddim)-Cloud 5 8)Party Bad (Jumbie Jab Riddim)-Mr Killa & Mr Legz 9)Straight Off The Jumbo Jet (Jumbie Jab Riddim)-Bunji Gariln 10)We Dirty (Jumbie Jab Riddim)-Tallpree 11)No Worries -Mr Legz & Yung Image 12)Back Fi Bend (Crazy Jab Riddim)-Slida & Swipe 13)You Fraid (Crazy Jab Riddim)-G-Ants 14)Jab Creator (Crazy Jab Riddim) Slida 15)Ola Refix on (Crazy Jab Riddim) Olatunji Yearwood 16)No Behavior (Shell Down) Crazy Jab Riddim) Cloud 5 17)No Company [Rebel Riddim]-Dash 18)Don't Test We (Carbon Copy Riddim)-Lavaman 19)It's The Weekend -Skinny Fabulous 20)The Last One (Blaze It Up) - Lead Pipe & Saddis 21)All Is Rum-Lil Rick 22)Rum King (Ah Just Start)-King Bubba FM 23)Come Out To Win (June Bomb Riddim) -King Bubba FM 24)Great Day- Lil Rick 25)Push Up On It -Patrice Roberts 26)Anywhere Dat We Step -Skinny Fabulous 27)We Nah Change -Lavaman 28)Power-Mandella Linkz 29)Jab Forever -Skinny Banton 30)No Owner-Lava Man 31)Rum Party (Bad Juke Riddim)-Lavaman 32)Mas Well Played -Shortpree 33)Jab World (Spoil Jab Riddim)-Loose Cannon 34)Jab Acalogy -Terra Kid 35)Figure It Out (Pitshift Riddim)-Loose Cannon 36)Sick Jab (Sick Jab Riddim)-Loose Cannon 37)More Jab - Skinny Fabulous 38)Whole Heap Of Land - Problem Child 39)Touch Me Dey- Boogie Bling 40)Doh Touch Me- Tall Pree 41)Africa Inna We -Skinny Banton 42)Hip Hip Hooray [Jab Birthday] (Straight Outta D Oil Riddim)-PPM & Smallz 43)Sugar Cane (D Boss Riddim)-Tall Pree FT Psycho 44)Head Or Tail - Lava Man Ft Mr Legz 45)Doh Look At We (Stink Behavior Riddim)-Lavaman 46)Mafia Jab- Slatta 47)Ah Have It Laaang- Shortpree 48)Just So- Lil Natty & Thunda 49)Born Mad- Tallpree & Slammer Cutter 50)We Pumping (Juju Riddim)- Skinny Banton & Mr Killa 51)De Sickness- Loose Cannon 52) Whole Heap Ah Mas [Brazillian Jab Riddim)-Luni Spark & Electrify 53Welcome To Jouvert -Tall Pree 54)Tallawah (Monkey Band Riddim)-Skinny Fabolous & Tall Pree 55)Backitive- Problem Child 56)Drunk Like Rum- Lava Man 57)Dinner [Pink Panther Riddim Pt 2.0] -Skinny Banton 58)I Love Jouvert-Luni Spark & Electrify 59)Proper Thing- Loose Cannon 60)Wicked Jab (Gutter Riddim)-Tallpree 61)Oil Down-Tall Pree 62)Jab All Over-Tallpree 63)What is Jab (Grenville CU Riddim)-Tall Pree 64)Bad Like We (Muddy Jab Riddim)-Tall Pree & Bunji Garlin 65)Gyal Alone - Lava Man 66)Mas Like Rain- Lavaman ft Mr Legs 67)Jab Jab Business (Jab Jab Riddim)-Tall Pree 68)Mad Mas (Mad Mass Riddim)-Muddy 69)Turbo Charge- Squeeze Head 70)Take That -Muddy/ Squeeze Head 71)Take That pt. 2 -Muddy ft. Squeeze Head 72)Born Troublesome-Boyzie 73)Jammin On De Road-Jay Ft. Mr. Killa 74)More Horn-Lavaman & Von 75)Tornado -Otis 76)Jab Doh Care Lava Man 77)Jab UnRuly Lava Man 78)Mad Man Doh Dance (Cole Steel Riddim) Lavaman 79)Ah Wukin (Wine On You Riddim)-Lavaman 80)At Wuk (Like Ah Boss) (Anti Social Riddim)-Lavaman 81)Keep Calm & Wuk Her (Remix) -Deva Ft Lavaman 82)So We Dey- Lava Man 83)Child Of Mas (Jab Heart Riddim) -Muddy 84)You Have It - Squeeze Head 85)Must Get Work-Terror Kid 86)Lumber Man (Gateway Riddim) Killer T 87)Troublemaker -Rina 88)Sando Sando-(Mountain Frog Riddim)-Valene 89)Doggy Style (Mountain Frog Riddim)-Lavaman 90)Not Ah Virgin (Angry Jab Riddim)-Lavaman 91)Respect D Jab (Pozeee Riddim)-Terra D 92)Cuckus Bag -Lava Man 93)Unknown (Boss Wuk Riddim)-Lava Man 94)Smurf So Cocky-Stamina 95)Rum Head -Blama DJ Total Package HD A DJ For All Your Musical Needs. Email- [email protected], Instagram/Facebook/ Youtube, DJ Total Package HD

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14. Soca Warrior 30 Best Of 2017

Soca Warrior 30 Best Of 2017

Soca 2017 ALL Islands All Hits 1)Top Striker Lil Natty & Thunda2)Dash It (Bowl Ou)-Lil Natty & Thunda3)Ah Doh Know-Lava Man4)Never Bow Neither Me (Zaboca)-Problem Child5)Wild Out The Bush-Fireman Hooper6)Burn (Dutty Jab)-Skinny Fab7)Pace-Dash8)Bi Polar-Lavaman9)Call ItGeorge(Cauziters)-Wuss Ways10)Rhythm Section-Hypa 400011)Sock It Already-Ambi ft Bruno12)Party Drama-Wuss Ways & Lil Kerry13)Playing Bad Ah Playing Jab Jab-Lil Natty & Thunda & Lavaman14)Dynamite -Lil Kerry15)King (Start 2 Finish)-Blazer ft Snakey16)Remember-Sheldon Douglas17)I En Dun-Lavaman18)Mavis-Stiffy19)Energy-Lil Rick20)Sully-Ricky T21)Push It Back-Freezy22)Kawong (Megabite)-Blackboy & GBR23)Daysan Ba-Freezy24)Split-In-De-Middle-Freezy25)Bend De Banana (Local Drum)-Freezy26)Bad in BumBum-Mighty ft. Subance27)Fire Fighter-Blackboy28)Workout-Kes & Nailah 29)Single -Orlando Octave30)Like Nike (Side Piece)-Lavaman & Kerwin Du Bois31)No Personal (Sweet Wink)-Lavaman32)Ride It -Valene33)Do It Already-Pupa Leendi34)Sweetest Whiner-Shortpree35)Buss Head-Machel& Bunji 36)D Venom Jab -Libra37)Do Road-Loose Cannon38)Chip-Boyzie39)All Night (Bad Dent)-Shortpree40)Jouvert Jam-Skinny Banton41)Sausage-Mason42)Last Horn (New Day)-Blaka Dan43)Hit After Hit-Dash44)Brave-Dynamite45)Dip-Hypasounds46)Ride (Split Like A Pea Roadmix-Jagwa 47)Bumpa Control (Dubai)-Scrilla48)Bubble & Guh Down-Jagwa49)Wukkest-Stabby50)DIrty Harry(Back Ben)-SK ftNatlee51)Money Talks-Stiffy52)All Kinda Girls (Ramen & Bread)-Lil Rick53)Hop In De Bar -Porgie & Murda54)Tip & Ben Ova (Ben Like A Pringle)-Stiffy55)Gas It Up (Whistle and Drum)-Marzville56)Wood -Scrilla57)Boat Ride-Red Plastic Bag 58)Hit(Bank)-Jagwa59)Bruk It -Marzville , Stabby & Alison Hinds60)Get In Dey-XCEL 24661)Gal Still Pattin-Peter Ram62)Point You Out (Cock It Up)-Lava63)Drunk Day -King Bubba Fm 64)Drinka-Jagwa De Champ65)Memory-Peter Ram66)Blessing-Lil Rick67)Jammin Sake -Lyrikal 68)Life Good-Ultimate Rejects feat. Kerwin Du Bois69)Incredible-Kes The Band70)Dfrent Success-Mason71)Stage Gawd -Mx Prime72)Full Extreme-Ultimate Rejects Ft Mx Prime73)Road Rage (Ginga)-Patrice Roberts74)Beng Beng-Swappi75)Badang!-Freezy76)Guttah (Jab Kweyol)-Motto 77)Jab Wuk-Fantom Dundeal 78)Reverse It Press Gas-Hypa 400079)Clap (Mannequin Riddim)-Freezy80)I Am Lion (Truck Stop)-Terri Lyons81)Take Ah Bathe-Iwer George82)Calypso-Nutron83)Tipsy (Happy Days)- Rupee84)When The Lights Go Down-Skinny Fabulous85)Antidøte Marvay86)D'Journey (Make It) Ring The Bell-Ella Andall & Devon Matthews87)Leave Me Alone -Calypso Rose Ft Machel88)Baila Mami(Parallel Riddim) -Nailah Blackman 89)Say Yeah -Preedy90)Far From Finished-Voice91)Give It To Ya-Marzville92)Give It To Ya Remix -Marzville Ft Skinny Fab 93)De Tribute (Jook and Jook)(Waistline Riddim)-iTron 94)Ride-Skinny Fabulous95)Bubbaling (Visa)-King Bubba FM 96)She Bad -Turner97)Fast Wine-Machel Montano98)SOLD (Soca On Lockdown)-Nutron99)Rock You Out (Lip Service)-Nutron 100)Lip Service-Machel Montano101)Is Jam (Outlaw)-Dev102)Boom-Mata ft Freezy103)Bend Down-D-Boy104)Fire Fighter -Blackboy105)Badish-Nailah Blackman ft Shenseea106)Cyah Wait-Erphaan Alves107)Get Up And Move-Hypasounds108)Fete After Fete (Super Kat)-Jagwa De Champ 109)Bend Ya Back-Marz Ville & Verseewild110)Welcome Home (Jack Frost) King Bubba Fm 111)Advantage Of Me-Lil Rck112)Break Up-Ricardo Drue113)Bad Man-Skinny Fabolous114)Only Good Vibes (Vicey)-Nutron115)Famous-Shal Marshall116)Sick Wid It-Skinny Fabulous 117)Big Bad Soca-Bunji Garlin118)Waves -Machel Montano 119)Rankin Ting (Rankin Ting)-Blaxx120)Rum Friend-Asten Isaac121)Big Girl Now-Patrice Roberts122)Stars Align-Marvay123)Life Over Death-Blaxx124)Free Up Yuhself -Salty 125)No Name-Rupee x Ricardo Drue126)Bacchanal-Nutron127)Hero -5 Star Akil 128)Wake Up (V13)-Machel Montano129)We Dey-Skinny Fabulous 130)Dis Iz D Band-Kerwin Du Bois131)Soca Made Me Do It-King Bubba FM & Lil Rick132)No Sober(Wizards)-King Bubba 133)Never Idle -Lava134)True Colours -Terra D + Moreeeeee

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15. DJ Total Package & Caribbean Nations Presents Carnival Again Carricou Spice Island Soca

DJ Total Package & Caribbean Nations Presents Carnival Again Carricou Spice Island Soca

DJ Total Package & Caribbean Nations Presents Carnival Again Carricou 2016 with Spice Mas 2015 1)Invasion (Jumbie Jab Riddim)-Cloud 5 2)Party Bad-Mr Killa & Mr Legz 3)Straight Off The Jumbo Jet -Bunji Gariln 4)We Dirty-Tallpree 5)Muhammad Ali (Jab Master)-Pumpa 6)Dis Mas (Middle Passage Riddim)-Shortpree 7)You DO Me- Terra Kid & Muddy 8)No Shame-Ricardo Drue 9)De Flow-Lava Man 10)Jab Of The Century (The Monsta Riddim) Muddy 11)Rum Party (Bad Juke Riddim) Lavaman 12)Mas Well Played -Shortpree 13)Troublesome-Pupa Leendi 14)Forget Business (Spoil Jab Riddim) Pupa Leendi 15)Jab Acalogy-Terra Kid 16)Fete Jab (Sick Jab Riddim) Hypa 4000 17)More Jab-Skinny Fabulous 18)Whole Heap Of Land (Sick Jab Riddim) Problem Child 19)Africa Inna We Skinny Banton 20)Jab Conviction (Jab Conviction Riddim) Travis 21)D Car(ing Ging)-BEAH 22)Saltfish -Bakes an Crash 23)Front Yard Wet (Chook It UP Riddim)-Skinny Banton 24)Dutty Dancing -Hypa 4000 25)High Influence-Lava Man 26)Hip Hip Hooray [Jab Birthday] (Straight Outta D Oil Riddim)-PPM & Smallz 27)Straight Outta D Oil -Fragile Ft. Smallz 28)Doh Test D Jab (Straight Outta D Oil Riddim) Warlord 29)Sugar Cane (D Boss Riddim)-Tall Pree FT Psycho 30)Head Or Tail -Lava Man Ft Mr Legs 31)Doh Look At We (Stink Behavior Riddim)- LavaMan 32)Mafia Jab -Slatta 33)Ah Have It Laaang-Shortpree 34)Just So -Lil Natty & Thunda 35)Old Oil & Rum (4' O Clock Riddim)-Lava Man 36)Show Me -Soca Shaq 37)Jab On Sesame Street -Synnah 38)Born Mad-Tallpree & Slammer Cutter 39)We Pumping (Juju Riddim)-Skinny Banton & Mr Killa 40)Call The Police (Brain Disease Riddim)-Squeeze Head 41)Cranial Disease (Brain Disease Riddim)-Muddy 42)Jab Nuh Thug-Lava Man 43)Doh play with Jab (Pink Panther Riddim) -Lava Man 44)Wrong To Give We Rum-Luni Spark & Electrify 45)Dey in Dat-Mystky 46)D Jab (Jab in Oil Riddim)-Lava Man 47)Ah Good -Pupa L'eendi 48)Jab Riot-Shortpree 49)Make it Clap -Tall Pree 50)Naughty Gal (Screwface Riddim)-Luni Spark & Electrify 51)Mad Again -Deva 52)Mayhem -Lava Man 53)Jungle (Make Ah Mess) (Isis Riddim)-Problem Child 54)Ignorant-Skinny Fabulous 55)Charlie Charlie-Luta 56)That Moment-Jamesy P 57)Garlic (Garlic Riddim)-Valene Nedd 58)Set Me Free -Shanda 59)6 SIGN -Pupa leendi 60)Mass We Come 2 Play-Black Blingerz 61)Shake DE Barricade-LuniSpark X Electrify 62)What Would You Do (Pop Off Riddim)-Big Dawg 63)Bring Drinks -Slida 64)Welcome To Jab -Bramma 65)You Know -Jab King 66)10 Load of Jab Jab (Represent Riddim)-Boogie B 67)Bad Company (Accordion Riddim)-Problem Child 68)Loud -Mr Legz 69)Hobby-Luni Spark & Electrify 70)D Date -Lava Man 71)Till D Sunrise -Fadda Fox & Problem Child 72)In Yuh Panty-Mason 73)For Key-Pumpa 74)Sacaye-Travis 75)Unruly-Menance DJ Total Package HD A DJ For All Your Musical Needs. Email- [email protected], Instagram/Facebook/ Youtube, DJ Total Package HD,

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16. Soca Warrior 31

Soca Warrior 31

Soca Warrior 31 The Best Of Trinidad Carnival Season Soca 2018 Big Songs and Riddims from Folklore Hello from Kes to Big Anthes Like Hulk by Blaxx and Roadmarch Big chunes like Soca Kingdom By Machel &Super Blue 1)Year For Love (Upendo Riddim)-Voice 2)Champions -Turner 3)Ups & Downs -M1 4)Take It Slow- Machel Montano 5)Show Me Remix -Abdiel Ft Machel Montano 6)SOLD (Soca On Lockdown)-GBM Nutron 7)Waist & Bucket-One Voice 8)Where Would I Be (Body Talk Riddim)-Kes 9)Like It Like That (2am Project Riddim)-Kes & Patrice Roberts 10)Middle Of Something-Problem Child 11)Splinters- Shal Marshall 12)Give It To Ya (Gummy Bear Riddim)-Marz Ville & Patrice Roberts Ft Skinny Fabulous 13)Overdue -Erphaan Alves 14)Hello (Marcus Williams Master Roadmix)-Kes x Marcus Williams(Folklore Riddim) 15)Holding On-Turner 16)Aye Yo -Sekon Sta 17)Catching Feelings-Nadia Batson 18)Love Off-Sasha Melody 19)Take Over- Kerwin Du Bois 20)Feteland (Dr Dominic Roadmix- Kerwin Du Bois & Kes 21)Gimme Dat (Haze Riddim) -Teddyson John 22)Full Of Vibe (Marcus Williams Roadmix)-Voice x Marcus Blackman 23)Sweet Fuh Days Roadmix- Patrice Roberts 24)Pop Down Clean (Benna Bounce Riddim) Ricardo Drue 25)Stand Up DohFit Yuh Refix (Mayok Riddim)-Problem Child 26)Yuh Have It-Shal Marshall 27)AYE (Gwada Riddim)-Skinny Banton 28)Must Wet-Mr.Legz 29)Fog Up-Marzville & Stabby 30)Go Ask Yuh Mudda-Bunji Garlin 31)Shell Down Dat-Motto & Fadda Fox 32)Di Party Lit Road Mix (Pim Pim Riddim)-Motto & Lyrikal 33)Push It-Skinny Fabulous 34)Showtime-Machel Montano 35)Doh Play Dat Road Mix-Machel Montano 36)NOW- Nadia &Destra 37)Savannah-Iwer George 38)Soca Kingdom (Intro) Machel Montano & Super Blue 39)Soca Kingdom (Dr Dominic Stage Mix & Re-Work) Machel Montano 40)Top Striker (Steel Pan Intro)-Lil Natty & Thunda 41)Top Striker (Remix)-Lil Natty & Thundah FT Machel Montano 42)Church Gyal-Orlando Octave 43)Love You So (Vas Riddim)-Orlando Octave 44)Keep Up- Marlon Asher 45)Good For Nothing Kerwin Du Bois 46)Berlin Mas Orlando Octave 47)Brave Rmx Dynamite Ft RDX 48)Dip Hypasounds 49)Waistline Peltin Erphaan Alves & Destra 50)Criminal Wine Lyrikal & Patrice Roberts & Millbeatz 51)Me Myself I (Fete Island Riddim) Kerlz 52)Drop That (Fete Island Riddim) Preedy & Sedale 53)Andale (Fete Island Riddim) LFS Music 54)No Weapon (De People Dem Intro)-LFS Music 55)Rude Wayz (Precision Road Mix)-Lyrikal 56)Sokah -Nailah Blackman ft Len Boogsie Sharpe & Mungal Patasar 57)Drip-Kerlz 58)Feelin' Young- Ultimate Rejects & Bad Royale 59)Share It-Preedy x Bunji Garlin 60)Heavy Fetein-Pternsky & Travis World 61)I Shall Return -Kes 62)Hulk-Blaxx 63)Bend De Banana (Local Drum Riddim)-Freezy 64)Bad in BumBum -Mighty ft. Subance 65)Back Bend (Remix) Ft. Uncle Ellis-Subance 66)Nutz N Rum The Writer 67)Wood (Whistle and Drum Riddim)-Scrilla 68)Gas It Up-Marzville 69)Touch Down-Kerwin Du Bois 70)Touchdown (Remix)-Kerwin Du Bois ft Busy Signal 71)Unacceptable (District 7 Riddim)-Kerwin Du Bois 72)Glory-Kes 73)Inside The Festival (Marcus Williams Roadmix)-Ultimate Rejects 74)Lightning Flash-Ultimate Rejects 75)Brimstone-Ultimate Rejects 76)For The People-Ultimate Rejects 77)Vex Ultimate Rejects 78)Best Part (Stationary Riddim)-Shortpree 79)A Next Man- Alma Boy 80)Sparrow-Prince 81)The Promise Song- Yung Image 82)If Jab Was A Yardie-Lava Man 83)TPM ( The People Man ) Sick Jab Riddim-Kisha Ft Mata 84)We Wet -Bubbles 85)Go Down -Jo Jo 86)Dominate -Jadel 87)Foot Apart Sick-Big Red 88)Party Start (Gillo Bois Bande Riddim)-Skinny Fabulous 89)Bad-Swappi 90)Wining School (Physique Riddim)-Preedy 91)Rough Wine -Machel Montano 92)O'Lawd Oye Nailah Blackman 93)Big Bad Soca (Remix) Bunji Garlin ft. Shenseea 94)Play Di Soca (Jamette Riddim) Shenseea 95)Lorraine (Jamette Riddim) Nailah Blackman 96)Blue Soap (Blue Soap Riddim) Olatunji, Asten Isaac, Orlando Octave, Rikki Jai, Yankey Boy 97)Immortal Fete (Blue Soap Riddim) Postman 98)How Can I (Blue Soap Riddim) Benjai 99)Glitter And Feathers (Blue Soap Riddim) Rayzor

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17. Soca Warrior 26

Soca Warrior 26

Soca Warrior 26 1)Walk Out (Set Good Riddim) Preedy 2)Wine Up On U-Nutron 3)Night Shift -Sekon Sta 4)Dip & Ride- Destra Garcia 5)This Island Is Mine- Skinny Fabulous Ft Rodney Small 6)Argument Done (Belafonte Riddim)-Skinny Fabulous 7)Normal -Destra Garcia 8)Soca Format- Lead Pipe & Saddis 9)Maintenance Man (Sweet Sweet Riddim-Stiffy 10)Major Disaster (Wild Riddim)-Porgie & Murda 11)Squat -Swiffy 12)Hit After Hit- Lil Rick 13)How Yuh Want It (Primetime Riddim)-King Bubba FM 14)Superior- Salt 15)Different Halle Berry- Problem Child 16)Cant Tie Yuh Down- Verseewild 17)Balance Pon It-Stiffy 18)Dah Ain Bad -Porgie & Murda 19)FLY -Lead Pipe & Saddis 20)Ready To Chip (Loud Riddim)-Skinny Banton 21)In My Dreams (Loud Riddim)-Valene 22)Wuk (Zulu Tribe Riddim)-Fadda Fox & Preedy 23)Spotlight- Mikey 24)Nobody- Lyrikal 25)Tequila -Nikita Ft King Bubba 26)Plenty (Boom Boom Riddim)-Skinny Fabulous 27)Tornado (Supersonic)-Versewild 28)Boom Boom Jump -Lil Rick 29)Up Down (Nutmeg Riddim) -Scrilla 30)Eyelid -Stiffy 31)Nut Vendor -Versewild 32)Move Ya Body (Raving Riddim)- Mr Rocca & King Bubba 33)Last Time -Holla Bak 34)Drinking & Feting -Lead Pipe & Saddis 35)Spontaneous-Red Plastic Bag 36)Sweet Type Of Wine (Groove Theory Riddim) -Biggie Irie 37)On De Low -Patrice Roberts 38)Proffesional -Ricardo Drue 39)Gym Instructor -Lil Rick 40)Sugar Rush -Hypasounds 41)Fetting Problems-Fadda Fox 42)All Night (Fete Life Riddim)-King Bubba FM 43)Hangover -Mr Legz 44)Money Done -Patrice Roberts 45)For All Ah Dem -Problem Child 46)So Amazing (Supersonic Riddim)-Problem Child 47)Pum Pum Shorts -Skinny Fabulous 48)It's The Weekend (Carbon Copy Riddim)- Skinny Fabulous 49)Don't Test We -Lavaman 50)Put We Out -Sekon Sta 51)The Last One (Blaze It Up)-Leadpipe & Saddis 52)All Is Rum-Lil Rick 53)Rum King (Ah Just Start)- King Bubba FM 54)Touch Down Jazz Version King Bubba FM ft Arturro Tappin 55)Mashup "When Ah Touchdown" - King Bubba Fm 56)Back Fi Bend (Crazy Jab Riddim)-Slida & Swipe 57)You Fraid- G-Ants 58)Jab Creator - Slida 59)Ola Refix on (Crazy Jab Riddim) Olatunji Yearwood 60)No Behavior (Shell Down) -Cloud 5 61)Warn Dem-Leonce 62)Gyal Drop Dat-Rayzor 63)All Ah We-Peter Ram 64)How She Like It-Hypasounds 65)Chronic Disorder -Jamesy P 66)Carnival Child -Lead Pipe & Saddis 67)D Date (Accordion Riddim) Lava Man 68)Hobby - Luni Spark & Electrify 69)Loud -Mr Legz 70)Bad Company - Problem Child 71)Dis Mas -Shortpree 72)You DO Me -Terra Kid & Muddy 73)No Shame - Ricardo Drue 74)De Flow -Lava Man 75)Dutty Dancing (Chook It Up Riddim) Hypa 4000 76)High Influence - Lava Man 77)Front Yard Wet - Skinny Banton 78)That Moment -Jamesy P 79)Charlie Charlie -Luta 80)Jungle (Make Ah Mess) (Isis Riddim) Problem Child 81)Ignorant - Skinny Fabulous This Is Just A Preview will be deleted by Saturday August 1. You can Follow me on Instagram at DJTotalPackageHD

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18. Soca Warrior 29 Best 0f 2017

Soca Warrior 29 Best 0f 2017

1)Buss Head-Machel Montano & Bunji Garlin 2)Dutty Behavior -One Voice 3)Picture Perfect-Lyrikal, 4)Waves -Machel Montano 5)Rankin Ting-Blaxx6)Rum Friend -Asten Isaac,7)Drink KingKerry John 8)Passion-Ballantyne 9)Abundance-Farmer Nappy 10)Big Girl Now-Patrice Roberts 11)Know The Face-Marvay 12)Technically-Farmer Nappy & Destra 13)X Man -Farmer Nappy, 14)Iron-Ricardo Drue 15)Damage-Drue & Bunji16)New Day-Kerwin Du Bois Ft Teddyson John 17)Wine Up -Kes the Band, 18)Budget -Ravi B 19)Balkisson F.Raymond Ramnarine-Mr. Ringbang 20)Incredible-Kes The Band 21Full Extreme-Ultimate Rejects Ft Mx Prime 21)Stage Gawd -Mx Prime22)Life Good- Kerwin Du Bois 23)Jammin Sake -Lyrikal 24)De Weekend -Rayzor 25)Bequia -Skinny Fabolous26)Watch Thing-Skinny Fabulous 27)Calling In Sick-King Bubba Fm 28)So Good -Problem Child 29)Tek Off Something-Stiffy 30)Bang Bim -Marz Ville Feat Snap Brady 31)Free Up Yuhself -Salty 32)No Name-Rupee x Ricardo Drue 33)No Company –Dash 34)Trouble -Boyzie 35)Life Over Death-Blaxx, 36)Take It Down -Dloxx & Machel Montano 37)Bacchanal-Nutron 38)Non Stop -Nutron 39)Workout-Kes & Nailah Blackman 40)No Code -Teddyson John41)Carnival Good Morning -Peter Ram 41)Hello (D' Avenue Riddim)-Lyrikal,42)Who I Am -Patrice Roberts 43)Coming Over –Blaxx,44)Oh Meh Darlin -Olatunji 45)Tun Fo Meh-Olatunji46)Single -Orlando Octave 47)Freaky Girl-Ricky T 48)I.D. (Stamp Yuh Name)-Drue 49)Pompous -Skinny 50)Way Up -Lil Rick, 51)Bachannalist -Lil Rck 52)Hero -5 Star Akil,53) De Tribute (Jook and Jook)-iTron 54) Ride-Skinny Fabulous,55)Wine Up Yuh Body -Bunji Gariln 56)D'Journey Ring The Bell-Ella Andall & Devon Matthews 57)Leave Me Alone -Calypso Rose Ft Machel Montano 58)Rock And Come In-Linky Da First 59)VIP Girl-Charly Black & Machel Montano 60)Far From Finished -Voice 61)Get Away-Voice x Bad Royale 62)Calypso-Nutron, 63)Bang Bang -Timaya 64)Fast Wine-Machel Montano 65)Middle-Shal Marshall 66)Rock You Out (Lip Service Riddim)-Nutron 67)Lip Service-Machel Montano 68)Get Up And Move (Bubble) -Hypasounds 69)Woman Is Boss-Kenyba 70)Gal Drop -Scrilla 71)Only Good Vibes (Vicey Riddim) Nutron 72)Vicey -M1, 73)Famous -Shal Marshall73)Bend Bac-Salty & Preedy 74)Jump Out (SSquad UP)-Sekon Sta Ft. Prince Pronto & Mega Mick 75)Good (Bashey Vybz)-Makamillion 76)WaistLine Killer (Destra Garcia77)Deaf-Kerwin Du Bois x Skinny Fabulous 78)Stank-Patrice Roberts 79)No Owner-Lava Man 80)Dirty Habbits-Fadda Fox 81)Unstoppable Give Thanks -King Bubba Fm 82)Doing De Dog-Lil Rick 83)Rum Again Drink Up -Ricardo Drue & King Bubba FM 84)VIP [Vibration Riddim]-Kerwin DuBois85)Outside -Voice 86) Wake Up (V13 Riddim) -Machel Montano 87)We Dey (V13 Riddim) Skinny Fabulous 88)Kings & Queens -Sekon Sta 89)Dis Iz D Band-Kerwin Du Bois 90)Misfits-Kerwin Du Bois 91)We Doh Play-Voice X Kerwin DuBois 92)Ramsingh -Omardath Maharaj feat. Raymond Ramnarine 93)Get Thru-Lil Rck 94)Counting My Blessings-Rupee 95)Bam Bam Back-Hypasounds96)Destra VS Lucy-Destra Garcia 97)1995-Bunji Gariln98)Beng Dong Refix (Revolt Riddim)-Motto Ft Problem Child & Mr. Legz99)Pelt That -Problem Child, 100)Bend Over-Mr Legz 101)All As One Patrice,102)That Work-Problem Child 103)Tic Toc -Marzville & Problem Child 104)Dip -Shal Marshall 105)Force It Up -Motto Ft Lavaman, Hypa 4000 & Loose Cannon 106)My Duty-Hypa 4000 107)Don't Know Me Self -Skinny Fabulous 108)ZimBam -Olatunji ,109)BAZU!-Olatunji 110)I'Z A BAJAN-Lil Rick111)Cuckus Bag -Lava Man 112)I Doh Mind-Uncle Ellis113)Ray Tay Tay [Remix]-Mya Ft Uncle Ellis 114)Sugar Cane Tall Pree FT Psycho115)Head Or Tail -Lava Man Ft Mr Legs 116)Take Ah Bathe-Iwer George, 117)Recruit-Terry Lyons & Skinny Fabulous 118)I Am Lion-Terri Lyons119)Madda Dan Dat -Miss Alysha 120)Talk To We -Nadia Batson121)Ramp Up-Kes 122)Born Ready-Aaron Duncan 123)Beat It -Machel Montano, 124)Your Time Now-Machel Montano 125)Days & Days-Ravi B X Kerwin Du Bois 126)Is We-Kerwin Du Bois

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19. Best Of Buju Vol 2

Best Of Buju Vol 2

The Best Of Buju Banton Vol 2 This Cd is some of his Uptempo Dancehall Buss a shot in the dance and Grind up on your Lady kind of music with Big riddims from the 90s to 2000's. A few collabos with the Great Fadda Beres and Queen Nadine as well as others. 1)Pull Up Your Vibes 2)No Rebel In Disguise 3)No Respect 4)Do Dem Supm (Do Dem Summin) 5)Sound Fi Dead (W/Intro) 6)How It A GO 7)Only Man 8)Stamina Daddy 9)Bring You Body Come 10)Mumma Long And Tongue 11)Louw Di Buddy 12)General 13)Tell Me Who 14)Champion 15)Walk Like A Champion 16)Man fi dead 17)Petty Thief 18)Heartbreak Lover 19)Second Class (Pepperseed Riddim) 20)Man A look You (Pepperseed Riddim) 21)Love How The Girls Dem Flex 22)Dickie 23)Wicked Dickie 24)Deportee 25)Hotness 26)All Over Me 27)Paid not played 28)Waterman 29)It's All Over 30)Too Bad 31)Rampage 32)Your Love 33)Up Close And Personal 34)Oppurtunity 35)A who 36)Zoom Zoom 37)Gold Spoon 38)Have To Get You Tonight 39)Batty Rider 40)Rider 99 Remix 41)Big It Up (Bogle Riddim) 42)Bogle (Bogle Riddim) 43)Women Dem Phat 44)Sha La La 45)G.A.L 46)No Tek Check 47)Bonus Track Refix

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20. Icons CD

Icons CD

Icons 2015 Dynasty Promotions Tracklist includes Artist from the show and other Cropover 2015 and Spice mas and Trinidad Carnival 2015 and 2014 and Various Hits from the artist on the Show. 1)Icons Commercial 2)Lead Pipe Carnival Addiction (Sour Sop Riddim) 3)Saddis Take Away Mi Stress (Sour Sop Riddim) 4)Hypasounds Sunrise 5)Hypasounds Roll It Gyal (Roll Yuh Bumpa) 6)Hypasounds Feeling To (Palm Tree Riddim) 7)Hypasounds So Good 8)Hypasounds Dutti 9)Mikey I In Dat 10)Mikey ft. Destra We Loose (Remix) 11)Porgie & Murda Rabbit (Master Blaster Riddim) 12)Porgie & Murda Benup 13)Porgie & Murda Dah Ain Bad (Primetime Riddim) 14)Lead Pipe & Saddis FLY 15)Skinny Banton Ready To Chip (Loud Riddim) 16)Skinny Banton Passion Fruit 17)Icons Lead Pipe & Saddies Commercial 18)Mr Vegas Icons Commercial 19)Fadda Fox Ducking 20)Preedy Away 21)Sekon Sta The Best (Kan Kan Riddim) 22)Benjai Phenominal (Kan Kan Riddim) 23)Olatunji Yearwood Ola (Kan Kan Riddim) 24)King Bubba FM ft. Leadpipe Don't Bother We (Kan Kan Riddim) 25)Kerwin Du Bois Circles 26)Icons Commercial 27)Nikita Ft King Bubba Tequila (Zulu Tribe Riddim) 28)Mikey Spotlight (Zulu Tribe Riddim) 29)Lyrikal Nobody (Zulu Tribe Riddim) 30)Lyrikal Loner 31)Blaxx Place In Life 32)Mr Rocca & King Bubba FM Move Ya Body (Raving Riddim) 33)Lead Pipe & Saddis Drinking & Feting (Raving Riddim) 34)Skinny Fabulous Plenty (Boom Boom Riddim) 35)Lil Rick Boom Boom Jump (Boom Boom Riddim) 36)Mikey Freedom 37)Hypasounds Sugar Rush V1.0 38)Red Plastic Bag Spontaneous 39)Marvay Survive The Weekend 40)Biggie Irie Sweet Type Of Wine (Groove Theory Riddim) 41)Patrice Roberts On De Low (Groove Theory Riddim) 42)Ricardo Drue Proffesional (Groove Theory Riddim) 43)Lil Rick Gym Instructor (Groove Theory Riddim) 44)Icons Commercial 45)King Bubba FM All Night (Fete Life Riddim) 46)Problem Child For All Ah Dem (Fete Life Riddim) 47)Problem Child So Amazing (Supersonic Riddim) 48)Skinny Fabulous Pum Pum Shorts (Supersonic Riddim) 49)Skinny Fabulous It's The Weekend (Carbon Copy Riddim) 50)Lavaman Don't Test We (Carbon Copy Riddim) 51)Leadpipe & Saddis The Last One (Blaze It Up) (Carbon Copy Riddim) 52)Lil Rick All Is Rum (Carbon Copy Riddim) 53)King Bubba FM Rum King (Ah Just Start) (Carbon Copy Riddim) 54)King Bubba FM Mashup "When Ah Touchdown" 55)Slida & Swipe Back Fi Bend (Crazy Jab Riddim) 56)Olatunji Yearwood Ola Refix on (Crazy Jab Riddim) 57)Big Red & Melo No Behavior (Shell Down) Crazy Jab Riddim) 58)Machel Montano Pop Ah Bottle Roadmix (Patrol Riddim) 59)Angela Hunte & Machel Montano Party Done 60)Icons Commercial 61)Lead Pipe Drink Till Morning 62)Icons Lead Pipe 63)Lead Pipe & Saddis Ah Feeling (Axiom Riddim) 64)Lil Rick Last Man To Leave (All Inclusive Riddim) 65)Lil Rick Great Day (June Bomb Riddim) 66)Patrice Roberts Push Up On It (June Bomb Riddim) 67)Skinny Fabulous Anywhere Dat We Step (June Bomb Riddim) 68)Lavaman We Nah Change (June Bomb Riddim) 69)King Bubba FM Come Out To Win (June Bomb Riddim) 70)Peter Ram All Ah We 71)Lyrikal Cloud 9 72)Erphaan Alves Come From Bumper (Jam Band Riddim) 73)Machel Montano Like Ah Boss 74)Hypasounds How She Like It 75)Hypa 4000 Dutty Dancing (Chook It Up Riddim) 76)Lava Man High Influence (Chook It Up Riddim) 77)Skinny Banton Front Yard Wet (Chook It UP Riddim) 78)Mr Vegas Road (MadaHouse x Walshy Fire Remix) 79)Mr Vegas Tek Weh Yuhself 80)Mr Vegas Gallis 81)Mr Vegas Whine Fi De Money 82)Mr Vegas Bruk It Down 83)Mr Vegas- Party Tun Up Look out for Icons 2016 Labor Day Saturday 2016

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