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1. oh what happy days were those

oh what happy days were those

living in the past gives me no hope for the future having no hope for the future makes me want to live in the past --- dog boy & the "d" - "warrior's theme" [sm:)e '95] dj dara - "discipline" [sm:)e '98] dj rap - "hard step" [proper talent '96] dj hype - "we must unite" [g-line '96] a-zone (aphrotide) - "calling all the people" [aphrodite '94] city connection - "impact" [urban gorilla '96] ming + fs - "face down part i" [jungle sky '99] dj datcyde & mc blaise - "naughty ride (dj odi remix)" [jungle sky '97] tribe of issachar - "tribal natty ('97)" [congo natty '97] safari sounds - "free your mind" [droppin' science '95] dj flash - "pulp fiction" [jungle warfare (bootleg) '95] blunderground massive - "u know my steez" [digital konfusion '99] pish posh - "ny undercover" [rawkus primitive '98] danny breaks - "for the thinking positive crew" [droppin' science '93] n.w.a. - "dopeman (prisoners of technology mix)" [priority '99] the dream team - "public enemy" [joker '98] the shooter - "9mm" [jungle sky '96] rude bwoy monty - "rukas" [frontline '94] pooch + hursee - "baby baby" [cut & run '94] london massive - "rough ryder" [strictly undergound '97] dj zinc vs. lord tariq & peter gunz - title unkown - [aphrodite bootleg] yellow note - "happily" [jungle sky '99] murderbot - "my streets" [dead homies '07] ----- mixed from vinyl on 2x1200s with M44-7s and a 2-channel pioneer mixer encoded directly from mixer output and as 16-bit 44.1KHz stereo wav converted to mp3 using lame (cbr 320Kbps) certified organic with no additives or artificial ingredients (K)3179 hacked together recordings, ltd. ALL RIGHTS REVERSED music belongs to the massive

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2. g.f.y. (chaos '80 mix)

g.f.y. (chaos '80 mix)

(k)3180 hacked together recordings, ltd. all rights reversed GO FUCK YOURSELF - recorded {pp.I-44\80}, approx 3am est tribe of issachar - wardance millenium dj rap - good to be alive (ganja kru remix) pascal - pressure a-sides - crazy ewun - faceoff digital - watch it eve - scenario 2000 (dogs remix) the original gangsta - still drum n bass bajja jedd - legalize it dj panik - dread or alive malfoy - lucky number (angsty middle-school throwback dub) murderbot vs amerie - one thing (remix) dj zinc vs fugees - ?ugees or not? ('96 mix) 187 vs stardust - music sounds better with bass (oh no i di'n't gfy edition) 100% of the music came from original vinyl at least 50% bootlegs/promos/whitelabels suck my v-peen, laptopfags

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3. come in your eyes (part 1)

come in your eyes (part 1)

feel the sting, you cheap ass-hoe DJ SNUFKINS ZARADAY 3180 LOUD AND ANGRY JUMP-UP MIX pendulum - slam vs. taxman - badboy danger dirty harry - fuck headquarters original sin - skank nasty unknown vs ygidorp - wake the fuck up (remix) dj target - heavy duty j majik & wickaman - swallow ya soul the militia - bad move dj hype - true playaz vibe dj panik - dread or alive distorted minds f. mc foxy - fire in the hole tommy knocker - crowd rocker (distorted minds remix) cooh f. burro banton - ganja lighter g dub - tink ya bad dj hype - the big 30h ed rush & optical - pacman cabbie - waiting for unknown vs prodigy - poison (remix) dj panik - the red pill dj wickaman & j majik - u disgust me (vip) vs. pendulum - another planet --- conceived, mixed, and recorded on the fly on Bureaucracy 5, YOLD 3180. all vinyl, 1200s, etc. fuck you. download in tasty flac and share it with people you hate or love or love to hate. --- (K)3180 hacked together recordings, ltd. ALL RIGHTS REVERSED

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