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1. T | Bookworms | L.I.E.S. / Confused House | Brooklyn • EUA

T | Bookworms | L.I.E.S. / Confused House | Brooklyn • EUA

I made this mix by layering ambient recordings/sketches of me playing synths/samplers/effects with some environmental recordings of my natural habitat. I sequenced/arranged it in one long sitting during the "thanksgiving" night going into black friday morning 2015. Track list is just all things I made piled on top of each other with the sound my electric heater makes. Shout out to Entro for hooking up the electric heater. It creates this beautiful metallic droney sound. That sound is featured heavily in this mix. bookworms-black Friday morning 4245527744664 photo by Erez Avissar

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2. T | Jack Murphy | Reference / DBA Special Editions | San Francisco • EUA

T | Jack Murphy | Reference / DBA Special Editions | San Francisco • EUA

All new material written between March and November 2015. A lot of trying: trying to make the kind of party music that I like, trying out new rules when I make music, trying to trust myself, trying to write more emails, trying to read more books, trying to not spend all of my pennies on records, trying to love better. TRACKLIST: 1. Intro: Jean-Luc & Claire @ EGS 2. Toolbox Wishlist 3. Adapted 4. An It 5. (Still Untitled) 6. Him Number 7. Non_Petit 8. Interlude: 9. Stick D.E. 10. An Interview 11. Tomorrow, Sunday Night 12. Outro

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3. T | Nie Ma Opcji | Anòmia / The Death Of Rave / Where To Now? / Diagonal | Berlin • DE

T | Nie Ma Opcji  | Anòmia / The Death Of Rave / Where To Now? / Diagonal | Berlin • DE

Nie Ma Opcji is a transatlantic assemblage of previously published material, unreleased recordings and fragments of upcoming releases combined with nine massive oranges and promotional text to speech. N.M.O. is an acronym serving to frame the work of a rolling computerized ceremonial aerobics unit that operates in a hybrid territory between club music, performance and inventive forms of sound spatialisation. What they call ‘Military Danceable Space Music and/or Fluxus Techno' is a unique blend of repetitive percussive patterns and synthetic sounds that combined with performative aspects explodes during their live shows.

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4. T | Cian | Umor Rex / Phinery | Mexico City

T | Cian | Umor Rex / Phinery | Mexico City

This mix is a collection of tracks that have informed my creative process for the past year. Lately, I have come to think of musical practice as a medium to express something that cannot be expressed any other way. Recorded music is a documentation of human articulations and gestures, where sophisticated electronic sounds have the same expressive power as human vocalizations, where improvisation and composition stem from the same urge to bypass any formal constraints and tap into the subconscious. TRACKLIST: 1. Fratres – Arvo Part 2. Tephra – Elena Gough 3. Bayāt Esfahān (Homāyun) - Seyyed Hoseyn Tāherzādeh , Habibollāh Moshir-Homāyun 4. Glinkamix – Graham Lambkin 5. Interlude II – Ilhan Mimaroglu 6. [Untitled] – Nuno Canavarro 7. Requiem: Epistola – Johannes Ockeghem 8. Microkoan – Guillermo Galindo 9. Reviens – Ghedalia Tazartes 10. Listen – Mario de Vega 11. It’s An Experiment – William S. Burroughs 12. La Distanza – Valerio Tricoli 13. Always Say Your Name – Matana Roberts 14. Para Espacios Abiertos – Antonio Russek 15. Jagadishwar – Alice Coltrane

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5. D2 | Beau Wanzer | Nation / L.I.E.S / Rush Hour | Chicago • US

D2 | Beau Wanzer | Nation / L.I.E.S / Rush Hour | Chicago • US

I don't know what to say about this mix. It's all over the place..... sloppy synth noodlings, drunk punk hillbillies, dancing boogeymen, jesus freaks, girls on motorcycles, political perverts, melting bums, and just your general tom foolery. Basically just a collection of records I’ve listened to over and over again at home. Enjoy!

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6. D1 | Peder Mannerfelt | Archives Intérieures / Peder Mannerfelt / Avian | Stockholm • SE

D1 | Peder Mannerfelt | Archives Intérieures / Peder Mannerfelt / Avian | Stockholm • SE

Quality is not an act, it is a habit. TRACKLIST: 1. Eliane Radigue - Adnos III 2. Nadia Khan - Slight Drift 3. Shelley Parker - Restrictions 4. Hypnotower - Tracymartin 5. Peaches - Diddle My Skittle 6. Monya - I Played With Your Diaries 7. Avalon Emerson - Hurdy Gurdy DJ Tool 8. Pharmakon - Pitted 9. Vanity 6 - Drive Me Wild 10. Machine Woman - Liquid Metal 11. Sister Nancy - Bam Bam 12. Mira Calix - Clement 13. Sandrien - I Left My Girlfriend At The Club 14. Nisennenmondai - Souzousuru Neji 15. Paula Temple - Colonized 16. Laurel Halo - Throw 17. Klara Lewis - Clearing 18. Maryanne Amacher - Synaptic Island 19. Beatrice Dillon - Longing 20. Nancy Sinatra - Bang Bang

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7. D5 | Shawn O’Sullivan | Avian / L.I.E.S. / The Corner | NY • US

D5 | Shawn O’Sullivan | Avian / L.I.E.S. / The Corner | NY • US

It's almost trite to say, but I like to approach DJing as an act of storytelling. The narrative unfolds forward in real-time, guiding the listeners and dancers through sonic peaks and valleys, but simultaneously backwards, or perhaps downwards, unearthing historic artifacts, revealing or even forging new connections between sounds and movements separated both temporally and geographically. OK, that doesn't *almost* sound trite, it DOES sound trite. But it's also the most straightforward and honest way I can explain the act of making a mix. This mix itself was also intended to be (relatively) straightforward and honest. It's simply a selection of records (and digital files) presented in a way that I might normally DJ at a bar or club. It begins with deeper spacey techno, moves into acid, then into some heavier EBM-inflected material, and ends with some prime brutal Slovakian stuff. It was recorded in one take at Bossa Nova Civic Club. I went in with little in the way of a track order, and let spontaneity and tequila be my guides. A DJ that makes no mistakes is doing something wrong, certainly! The material presented spans over 20 years, and quite a few styles, but hopefully coheres in a compelling fashion. It seems a shame to only draw on contemporary material when we have such a rich history of underexplored dance music at our fingertips. That said, the presence of older material should serve to highlight the vitality of our present moment and the enduring versatility of techno. TRACKLIST: falsetto's bridge – b2 ron morelli – cross waters leo annibaldi – darkness dj spider & phil moffa – shock waves porter ricks – trident pvre matrix – hyper object rich oddie – bloodstream essit muzique – de theorie van de machinale monotomie blue hour – falling lines dimi angeles & jeroen search – a2 (limited 002) h – a1 (pathfinder EP) anthony vieira – a1 (merino EP) broken english club – glass l'estassi delloro – iscariotic lips knarz – tanzmaschine monolith – near crash dj boss – a1 (kombucha EP) takaaki itoh – we are the attack rumenige – b1 (numb 05) millsart – inner life (5 to 9) falsetto's bridge – a

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8. D6 | Scientific Dreamz of U | Tabernacle / R-Zone / 1080p | Magnetic Vortex Core

D6 | Scientific Dreamz of U | Tabernacle / R-Zone / 1080p | Magnetic Vortex Core

This recording is an attempt 2 share a certain mindstate with you, the listener. Music has been described as abstracted emotion, given physical form for the convenience of sharing between persons. An empathic aid, condensed first into the spin-states of nanoscale magnetic domains then conveyed via atmospheric perturbations to its ultimate destination: a time-varying field of undulating electro-chemical impulses, resplendent against the canvas of the listener’s ever-shifting neural network. If you can find some time to relax, clear your mind and listen to this recording continuously (resisting the ever-present temptation to skip through) then we believe there is a good chance you will successfully receive our empathic transmission and enjoy a series of emotions similar to ours when this mix was recorded. If you feel that this process has been successful in any way, we invite you to marvel at the ability of music to transmit emotion between total strangers, across vast distances and through great spans of time. This aspect of music is somewhat rarely considered and of one its most fascinating properties. Many thanks to Oscar for inviting us to participate in the Dimensions series, the other mixes are of a consistently high quality and contributing to it has been a great experience. TRACKLIST: Hedge Maze – Untitled Cosey Fanni Tutti – Time To Tell Robert Rich – Terraced Fields Invincible Spirit – Extramrtial Escapade Queens of The Stone Age – You Can't Quit Me Baby Junior Loves – Husk Discarnate Scientific Dreamz of u – Dreamz of A Psychic Europe 「unreleased」 In-D – Virgin In-D Sky's Black Merlin – Ice House Beta Evers – Confusion An-i – Save Us Abfahrt – Alone (It's Me) [Breathless] Streetwalker – Ooze (Silent Servant Remix) Scientific Dreamz of U – Precision Monolithics Front 242 – Rhythm of Time (Victor The Cleaner Mix) Orphyx – ??? In Aeternam Vale – Valium Water (SDOU's Goapella) 「unreleased」 Junior loves – Of Distant 「unreleased」 SDOU – Mist Shrine (Bell Appraisal) 「unreleased」 Junior Loves – Ignacio's Daydream

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9. D5 || Intergalactic Gary || Viewlexx || The Hague • NL

D5 || Intergalactic Gary || Viewlexx || The Hague • NL

Carina Nebula Making a mix, using music from different era's, old, new and upcoming releases, all with different vibes, atmospheres, mood and energy. DWLD:

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10. D7 | Lerosa & Kenny Hanlon | Apartment Records | Dublin • IE

D7 | Lerosa & Kenny Hanlon | Apartment Records | Dublin • IE

The thing of playing with music with Kenny is that we buzz off similar records and situations so we rarely need to discuss what to play, we just sort of let it happen. Similarly in this instance we agreed not to plan anything in advance, Kenny just showed up with some records, we then did a quick selection from what we had there and recorded it; in between mixes we had to run after the cat in the garden who had no intention of coming in for the night, the rascal. I don’t think we've dj'd for less than 3hrs in a club together —longest was around 7-8hrs so it was different to us recording something like this— it’s always different playing at home to being in a club, so I guess it’s like a "snippet" of a set I might play with Leo. Imagine yourself wandering around the countryside of a central European country in the mid ‘80s after taking a heavy dosage of debilitating narcotics, looking for a rave that you can hear in the distance but are too inebriated to find, until the very end of it. Enjoy! TRACKLIST: The Timelords - Gary In The Tardis (Minimal) (KLF Communications) Chris Carter - Interloop (Optimo Music) TM 404 - Ununge (Skudge White) Jagdstaffel 66 - Alle Piloten Mit In Den Tod (Creme Organization) Samaan - Contra (One Electronica) Marco Passarani - Statostasi (Pigna Records) B.W.H. - Livin' Up [Putsch '79 Remix] (Radius Records) Yazz - Bad House Music (Blow Up) LFO - Brainstorm (Global Satellite) Vernon - Plastic Illusion (Apartment Records) Nick Berlin & Max Erotic - It Began in Belgium (We Play House Recordings) Boot & Tax - Acido (Optimo Trax) Donnacha Costello - Cocoa A (Minimise) A Guy Called Gerald - Hot Lemonade (Rham!) Hieroglyphic Being - A Time Warp Synthesizer (Mathematics Recordings) Terrence Dixon - Room 310 (Meakusma) Dj Guy - 20 1996 (All Caps) Africans With Mainframes - Faso (Creme Organization) The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord [Remix] (Radius Records) Two of China - Los Niños Del Parque (ZYX Records) Tyson - After You're Gone [Dimitri from Paris Remix] (Back Yard Recordings)

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11. D5 | 51717 | Jealous God / Anòmia / Opal Tapes | NY • US

D5 | 51717 | Jealous God / Anòmia / Opal Tapes | NY • US

Constructed at home and on the road, Autumn 2015. The specific time period known as "High Holy Days" according to the ✡ calendar~some sounds vaguely, some sounds clearly correspond with rituals associated. An intuitive narrative from my world to yours. TRACKLIST: Ashkelon 060315 - Air Raid Siren Dave Phillips - Walled Wail Adrien Rew - 141011 Sean McCann & Matthew Sullivan - Pt. 1 Luc Ferrari - Petite Symphonie Intuitive Pour Un Paysage de Primtemps Asmus Tietchens - Rasch Und Mässig Bewegt Ryuichi Sakamoto - A Carved Stone Dave Philiips - Trunk Drum Rashad Becker - Dances III DJ Robot - 01 2455 Gene Pick - Anomia 1 Bookworms - Modes of Transportation A Ligature - The Inevitable Drift Rudolf - t. h. i. e. r. 2 Luminous All Kudler - Untitled Ryuichi Sakamoto - A Rain Song Unknown - Private Hello Harold Budd - The Kiss Throbbing Gristle - Almost A Kiss Eric Frye - Abyssal Folding 005 Sergei Prokofiev - Alexander Nevsky, op.78 - I die Reihe - From Minna Monoton - 16 Hz. Waltzer Helm - Often Destroyed Vladislav Delay - Henki Men of Bissau - To Heal In Paradisó Yellow Tears - Frank Libretto Yellow Tears - Garg Aria Steve Reich - Tehillim, Part 1 Kara-Lis Coverdale - Nu_Chanic Dave Phillips - Walled Wail (Reprise) GRIM - Māyā Song Orgonon Pit - OSMIC FRQNCY Antenes - Live Excerpt 20150715 Éliane Radigue - Koumé Muslimgauze - Azzazin Untitled 5 Coil vs. ELpH - Anything That Flies 51717 - Tzion Ashkelon 060315 - Air Raid Siren (Reprise) ??? - Selichot At The Western Wall Chaos of the Night - Conscious Luminous All Kudler - Untitled 2

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12. D3 || Patrick Russell & Nihal Ramchandani || Interdimensional Transmissions || Brooklyn • US

D3 || Patrick Russell & Nihal Ramchandani || Interdimensional Transmissions || Brooklyn • US

Crab Nebula Nihal: Patrick and I talk about records frequently and have a deep familiarity with each other’s tastes. I took a stack of records over to his home studio one night, records that have held some significance for us through years of listening and discussion. He dug the pool of tracks I brought to the table, and we spent the following days tweaking the selections before he mixed and recorded the final result. The records on this mix signpost some of the different zones we love, woven together in a meaningful way for us. We hope it sticks with you, and thanks for taking the time to listen. Patrick: Nihal and I have been excited to collaborate on a mix for some time now, as our tastes align quite often but so far only have a handful of DJ sets to show for it. This podcast was the perfect opportunity to flesh out some mutual ideas that wouldn't normally work on a dance floor, and taking inspiration from a cassette/mixtape style we gravitated toward a particular aesthetic and approach, aiming for a final product that's cohesive and unfolds over time. I hope you like the outcome. Cheers! Tracklist: Tonto - Building the Pyramid Art Alfie - Mariasahara Dome - Airmail Asmus Tietchens - Betablocker Monoton - Batacuda79 Ra.H - Spacepops Laurie Spiegel - Drums Disjecta - Vistic Jeff Mills - Allen Salò Mentale - The Widow Drexciya - Living on The Edge Adonis Presents Hieroglyphic Being - Residue Suicide - Tough Guy Mo - Whisper Not 5x0D - Negativ Terminal Data Carlos Peron - Et BFC - Static Friendly Traktor - Traktor Artists Mint - Edeltrance Stephen Mallinder - Cool Down DWLD:

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13. D4 | Ital | Planet Mu / Lovers Rock / Gang Of Ducks | NY • US

D4 | Ital | Planet Mu / Lovers Rock / Gang Of Ducks | NY • US

This mix is built on a foundation of some tracks which have been in heavy rotation in my sets recently and some recently released / soon-to-be released tracks from the Lovers Rock posse. I don’t have much to add in the way of commentary, but I’m grateful for the opportunity to present this in the Dimension Series. TRACKLIST: Horatius Bonar - The Night of Weeping (Youtube) Echospace - Liumin Bonus Track 3 (Modern Love) Basic Channel - Q12 (Basic Channel) Rrose - Purge (Eaux) Robert Hood - Parade (M-Plant) Jeff Mills - The Dancer (Purpose Maker) Regis - Keep Planning (Downwards) V/A from Music from the Morning of the World - Sekehe Gambuh: Sekar Leret (Nonesuch Explorer Series) Bill Youngman - HH3 (Sandwell District Remix) (Killekill) Sleeper Cell - Quality of Life (Lovers Rock) Joey Beltram - Game Form (Tresor) John Cale - Stainless Steel Gamelan (Table of the Elements) Pharmakon - Vacuum (Sacred Bones) Madteo - Vox Yr Nu Yr Resolution (Sähkö) Moodymann - Liveinla 1998 (Peacefrog) Freestyle Orchestra - I’m Ready Beats (MAW) Damon Eliza Palermo - Unreleased Amigos DJs - Anthem Para La Club (Lovers Rock) Deadbeat - Acid Dub Jack (Visionquest) Pete Swanson - Life Ends at 30 (Mexican Summer) Radio Slave - Werk (DJ Richard Remix) (Work Them) Container - Treatment (Morphine) Ital & Halal - Accapella excerpt (Unreleased) Tony Conrad - May (Table of the Elements) Teste - The Wipe (5am Synaptic Mix) (Probe) Surgeon - A2 (Dynamic Tension) Galcher Lustwerk - Kaint (Lustwerk Music) Ital & Halal - Unreleased (Unreleased) Substance & Vainqueur - Libration (Scion Versions) Breaker 1 2 - 2 (Forbidden Planet) Terre Thaemlitz - Meditation on Wage Labor and the Death of the Album (Sprinkles’ Unpaid Overtime Mix) (Comatonse) Joey Anderson - Attitude (Latency) Plastikman - Helikopter (NovaMute) M. Geddes Gengras - Passage (Leaving) HTRK - Give It Up (Ghostly Intl.) Earthen Sea - Unseen Life (Lovers Rock) Kosme - Deep Function (Thema) Ital - Digi Dub (Planet Mu) Parris Mitchell Project feat. Wax Master - Ghetto Shout Out!! (Dance Mania) Roscoe Mitchell - Nonaah Ital - Last Track (Unreleased) Soul II Soul - Back to Life Accapella (10 Records)

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14. D2 | Volte - Face | BleeD | London • UK

D2 | Volte - Face | BleeD | London • UK

When I was asked to provide a mix for Dimension Series, I decided right away that I should try to do something more conceptual than a usual ‘club’ mix. Arguably more so than ever, it’s worth asking ourselves what function a DJ mix serves. Is it to entertain? To transport? To provoke or challenge? Is it simply a meddlesome obligation on the path towards that elusive goal of a raised profile or status? I find myself listening to DJ mixes less and less these days, not so much out of choice, but more because my every waking minute is already spent researching, compiling, making or otherwise consuming music. It tends to be those quiet moments travelling between some A and B that I afford myself the time to listen to another DJ’s endeavours. Usually, I’ll close my eyes and immerse myself in the music as best I can. With a bit of luck, my mind soon shifts to an alpha rhythm, and a liminal state between waking and sleeping is achieved. This for me is when music is best appreciated, and I feel most at peace. Even those times when I slip into a deep sleep, and drift in and out of consciousness, I find the repetitive beat somehow relaxing; reassuring even. I wanted to, as best I can, induce that mental state over the course of this mix. Despite a near ever-present 4/4 kickdrum, it’s a dreamy, soporific journey, mixed live in one take. Far be it for me to tell you how best to listen, but I’ll be saving this one for the next ride. Enjoy the trip! TRACKLIST: ‘My Nocturne - Riding The Alpha Wave’ David Bowie – Sense Of Doubt Beatrice Dillon – My Nocturne Laraaji – Trance Celestial Movement 4 Acronym – Isolated From The Land Heinrich Dressel – Vocal Intro Mohlao – Luminescent BLNDR – The Untitleds (Svreca Remix) Vester Koza – OPT_iCAL_IN Exos – Eastwood Tin Man – Riders Mono Junk – Channel B (Remix) Mod21 – Skyline Plastikman – Consumed Peter Van Hoesen – Attack On The Reality Principle (Sigha Remix) Sensorama – Exil Traumprinz – I Gave My Life STL – Lost Satellite Substance & Vainquer – Emerge0 Eduardo De La Calle – Guita Dharma Ruhig – Alba (Luigi Tozzi Reshape) D.A.R.F.D.H.S – Shoot! Rob! Abdulla Rashim – Path Inwards D’Marc Cantu – Black Tears Wolfgang Voigt – Kafkatrax 2 Strategy – Lovely Loop Rebekah Del Rio – Llorando (Crying)

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15. D7 | Nick Craddock | Gateway To Zen | London • UK

D7 | Nick Craddock | Gateway To Zen | London • UK

This mix was recorded at a bit of a difficult time for me. I'm comfortable with dark moods in mixes - in fact I often prefer it, but in this case my frame of mind meant the process was quite stressful. It took me a while to get something that I was happy with, and it's not usually my method to hammer a selection into place. But I had faith in the music itself, and I'm happy with how it turned out, even if my memory of recording it is a bit tainted! Musically, I think it probably flips between light/dark. There's a tough core, but a redemptive finish! I hope people enjoy it. TRACKLIST: 01. Global Communication '0:54' (Discotheque) 02. Antigone 'Anna Livia' (Token) 03. Jetone 'Thousand Oaks' (Force Inc. Music Works) 04. The Exaltics 'IMOEH' (Solar One Music) 05. Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN 'Untitled (B2)' (Kontra-Musik) 06. Paperclip People 'Parking Garage Politics' (Planet E) 07. Thor 'Zorglubb (Sol Mix)' (Strobelight Network) 08. Chancellor 'Untitled' (Fear Of Music) 09. LIIT '1717' (Deep Moves) 10. Stanislav Tolkachev 'I'm Not a Number' (Plector) 11. Jacob Korn 'Komputermukke' (Shtum) 12. Jay Denham 'Down Size' (Drought) 13. Staffan Linzatti 'On Who's Behalf?' (Searchlights) 14. Mike Storm 'Radiation Beams' (Belief System) 15. Jeff Mills 'Stellar Black Connector' (Axis) 16. Pris 'Reef' (Resin) 17. Dorisburg '128' (Bossmuzik) 18. Jeff Mills 'Precision' (Axis) 19. As One 'Meridian' (New Electronica) 20. Vince Watson 'Fragment V' (Delsin)

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16. D7 || Karl Meier || Talker // Downwards || Berlin • DE

D7 || Karl Meier || Talker // Downwards || Berlin • DE

Ghost Head Nebula Since I knew that I was going to be releasing a live mix of mine recorded this summer comprised almost entirely of peak-hour techno and electro, I wanted the Dimension Series mix to go in a different direction. I was interested in doing a studio mix more along the lines of the podcast I had done for the Appal series a while back, which focused on music not so much aimed at the dance floor with a tempo somewhere below 120 bpm. I really liked this transition I'd come up with earlier with the Nurse With Wound and Demdike Stare tracks, so I chose some music in a similar vein/tempo range that I thought might work together and everything else more or less fell into place. I'm not sure that the approach I've taken here is all that different to how I DJ techno and dance music in general—in that I try to avoid using too many "tool" tracks, play a mixture of older and newer tracks, create some sort of narrative arc —to me, those are the most important things, really. I'm fairly pleased with the end result here and I hope you enjoy it as well. Thanks for listening! Tracklist: 1. NON "Millstones" (Mute, 1997) 2. DAPHNE ORAM "Are You There? (Live From The Roundhouse) - Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle Rework" (Aperture, 2011) 3. TOBIAS. "Nucleon" (Ostgut Ton, 2016) 4. DINOS CHAPMAN "Luftbobler" (The Vinyl Factory, 2013) 5. DEEPBASS & NAX ACID "IM:02" (Planet Rhythm, 2015) 6. PAN SONIC "Atomin Paluu - Pt. 1" (Blast First Petite, 2016) 7. SCORN "Falling - Autechre 'FR 13' Mix" (Scorn Recordings, 1995) 8. ANDREA PARKER "Invasion" (Quatermass, 2001) 9. VC-118A "Vapor" (Radio Matrix, 2016) 10. PAUL TRAFFORD "808 Echoes" (Soundcloud) 11. ALEX SMOKE "Manacles - Alex Smoke Dub" (R&S, 2016) 12. EOMAC "Gather To Move, Gather To Live, Gather To Be" (Bedouin Records, 2016) 13. NURSE WITH WOUND "Funeral Music For Perez Prado" (United Dairies, 1995) 14. DEMDIKE STARE "Bardo Thodol" (Modern Love, 2010) 15. THE HAXAN CLOAK "...The Men Parted The Sea To Devour The Water" (Latitudes, 2012) 16. RANDOMER "Bell Jam" (L.I.E.S., 2015) 17. STL "Foggy Beats" (Something, 2007) 18. MG "Europa Hymn - Andy Stott Mix" (Mute, 2015) 19. SHED "Keep Time" (Ostgut Ton, 2010) 20. AUTOCREATION "Caught Short" (Op-Art, 1996) 21. SOFT BALLET "Jail Of Freedom - Autechre's Jailtilsli Remix" (SSR, 1995) 22. GESETZ DER OKTAVEN "Sensor" (Third Ear, 2016) 23. IKE "The Mojo" (Philpot, 2011) 24. CLARO INTELECTO "New Dawn" (Modern Love, 2006) 25. DORISBURG & EFRAIM KENT "Bubbelbad" (Tikita, 2016) 26. MARCOS CABRAL "Tio Rico" (L.I.E.S., 2012) 27. SAMUEL KERRIDGE "Membranous Labyrinth" (Horizontal Ground, 2012) 28. KOBOSIL "To See Land" (Ostgut Ton, 2016) 29. FELIX K & BASS DEE "Untitled - Stone Edge Remix" (Hidden Hawaii, 2016) 30. BORED YOUNG ADULTS "Shy Dancers On Bungalowdorf Beach" (The Trilogy Tapes, 2016) 31. KILLAWATT "Livewire - Ossia Remix" (Derelicht, 2016) 32. BRONZE TEETH "Accidental Myiasis" (Bakk, 2016) 33. CHARLES MANIER "Auctoritas" (Bopside, 2015) 34. LIAISONS DANGEREUSES "Avant Apres Mars - DJ Qu Rework" (Reiterate Music Group, 2014) 35. TRAXX "Decay Dubb-It Tape" (Macadam Mambo, 2014) DWLD:

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17. D1 | Best Available Technology (Astro:Dynamics / (left_blank) / Further Records) | Dimension Mix

D1 | Best Available Technology (Astro:Dynamics / (left_blank) / Further Records) | Dimension Mix

Outer Dark "Once in the night she a heard a horse coming along the country road, a burning horse beneath the pale moonlight that trailed a wake of pale and drifting dust. She could hear the labored breaths and harness creak and the clink of its iron caparisons and then the hoofs exploded over the planking of the bridge. Dust and fine gravel sifted down upon her and hissed in the water. The pounding faded down the road to the faintest sound of heartbeat and the heartbeat was in her own thin chest." - Cormac McCarthy TRACKLIST: 1. DC – Slept Badly 2. Ovis Aurum – Remover 3. BNJMN – Hydrofoil 4. Best Available Technology – D4OG 5. Monrella – Studio 4 6. White Peak – It's Something I Feel 7. Starfish Pool – Submerge 8. LABIIBAT – Decilinear 9. Best Available Technology – Twisted Ladder (Bantam Lions sidestep mix) 10. LOKP – MTG.001 11. BOA – Lunar Dope 12. LABIIBAT - Window

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18. D6 | Schem | Static Discos / Indian Gold | Mexicali • MX

D6 | Schem | Static Discos / Indian Gold | Mexicali • MX

This is a mixtape of textures and atmospheres, I created it thinking of a dense and dark space. I wanted experimental sounds and melodies full of stress. I wanted from start to finish to create tension, to challenge the listener to stay until the end while wishing for some happier and lighter sounds to filter through. TRACKLIST: Pharmakon – Intent Or Instinct Autechre – Osla for n Vaccine – Nurse Ben Frost – Venter (Dutch E Germ Remix) Brett Naucke – Seed Circuit Rider UK – Minimal Form Deru – Three Cheers for Existence Kassel Jaeger – Toxic Cosmopolitanism

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19. D4 | Rivet | Skudge / Kontra-Musik | Malmö • SE

D4 | Rivet | Skudge / Kontra-Musik | Malmö • SE

When Oscar asked me to do something different, I was a bit perplexed as to what to do since I had a lot of "different" gigs happen lately. However I realized that there are two of my all-time favourite songs that I never played out because of odd BPM; 'Recoil - Shunt' and 'Speedy J - Amoco Cadiz'. So I thought why not make a mix based on those two songs? Said and done I started compiling tracks for a few weeks that were 150-170BPM. The actual mix planning was a lot shorter than usual, as I tried to play the songs just once before recording. Normally I spend many days setting the track order for a podcast, but somehow these songs just worked from the first take. It was quite a different experience to play this music, as I went from a hypnotic state into really fast dancing. One hour later I was drenched in sweat and you're listening to the result now. Funnily neither of the inspirational tracks made it into the final take, so I heartily recommend you search them out. TRACKLIST: Eugene Ward – Printed Matter (Duet 1) (Where To Now?) LFO – Nurture (Surgeon Remix) (Warp) Isolat Pattern – Twinning (Kvitnu) De Leon – 09 (Aught) + Rivet loop Eugene Ward – Printed Matter (Solo) (Where To Now?) + Rivet loop Iskeletor – Gossamer Web (Boomarm Nation) The Durian Brothers – Girigiri (Diskant) ASC – Axis Shift (Samurai Red Seal) + Rivet loop Dalhous – Success is Her Sensuality (Blackest Ever Black) Mohn – Saturn (Kompakt) MG – Creeper (Mute) Donald Fraser – Locomotion (DLR reMMix by Mordant Music) (Mordant Music) Container – Calibrate (Spectrum Spools) Mauri – Monyo (Kvitnu) Sturqen – Zfo (Kvitnu) + Rivet loop Amit – Human Warfare (AMAR) Charles Cohen – Sacred Mountain (Morphine) Ekoplekz – Tantrikz (Planet Mu) The Durian Brothers – Angstbirne (Diskant) Container – Remover (Spectrum Spools) + Rivet loop Heart Drive – Sindicate (Pleasure District) NHK'Koyxe? – 587 (PAN) The Fear Ratio – FRT3 (Kasm)

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20. D5 || Bake || All Caps || Glasgow • UK

D5 || Bake || All Caps || Glasgow • UK

The Bubble Nebula in a world filled with obstacles, music is more than a lifeline for me - it is everything. it’s shaped who i am as a human and led me down a path that i want to stay on for the rest of my life. for me, this mix marks something of a personal milestone, it represents moving into the next stage of your life when paranoia and self-doubt have been holding you back from realising who you are and being completely content with yourself. that being said, this is an hour long mix filled with a gang of avant-garde shit that was recorded in my bedroom… “some music you listen to with your ears. some with your mind; others with your body rythm. this music you will feel rather than listen to. it’s not ethnic, jazz, rock, concrete improvised or new age. it’s a cry.” Tracklist: anthony manning - lipp four monolake - offline pub - in the meantime world standard & haruomi hosono - montage: lonesome hobo-land japan blues - 10,000 forgotten ghost stories luis delgado - las reflexiones del califa (tabla) john surman & jack dejohnette - mysterium dva (hi:emotions) - shutdowncentral (3.0) parallax beat brothers - acoustically digital vladislav delay - nesso w/ babyfather & dj escrow DWLD:

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