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1. Foolish Heart by Steve Perry - Diadem Cover

Foolish Heart by Steve Perry - Diadem Cover

"You might have been wrong before in choosing the person you loved, but God puts everything in the right place... even people to their right match." ~Ron Diadem:
 Vocals / Guitars: Ron Barrameda
 2nd Vocals / Kahon: Kit Pineda
 3rd Vocals / Bass: Jay Pineda
 4th Vocals / PIano: Nong Macapagal

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2. All Of Me by John Legend - Diadem Cover

All Of Me by John Legend - Diadem Cover

Diadem Main Vocals - Jay Pineda Keyboards / Strings - Nong Macapagal 2nd Vocals - Ron Barrameda

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3. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman - Diadem Cover

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman - Diadem Cover

"For we sing for the Lord..."~Jay Diadem 
Vocals / Bass - Jay Pineda
 2nd Vocals / Kahon - Kit Pineda
 3rd Voice / Guitars - Ron Barrameda
 4th Voice / Piano - Nong Macapagal

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6. KURKUS Diadem


Band: KURKUS Song: Diadem Album: Ocatmeron Subalbum: De Luxe

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7. Diadem - Queen (Matt Sparkle Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Diadem - Queen (Matt Sparkle Remix)  [FREE DOWNLOAD]

This is my remix of "Diadem - Queen" the track made for the remix contest of the Diadem band. SC link: Listen and send me your feedback here pls. YO M ps. checkout my social & follow:

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8. Ep 023 - Dunedin Brewery - Diadem

Ep 023 - Dunedin Brewery - Diadem

Our original guest Kevin is back again and this time he's brought us to Dunedin Brewery over near Tampa, Florida. Will in between band sets we get to try their DIPA called Diadem. Give it a listen.

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9. Diadem of Gold - Yorkshire Imps 2018

Diadem of Gold - Yorkshire Imps 2018

Yorkshire Imperial Metals Urqhart Travel Band in rehearsal with Jack Capstaff on Balay's (arr. Wright) Diadem of Gold toward the British Open Spring Festival Senior Cup tier 2018. The band were awarded a very creditable 6th place.

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10. Skelmanthorpe

  • Published: 2018-04-29T19:58:59Z
  • By Rob Brown

Holme Valley Brass Band Contest - 29th april 2018 - Skelmanthorpe Band - Diadem of Gold -

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11. Sabbath Assembly: In The Time Of Abaddon II

Sabbath Assembly: In The Time Of Abaddon II

Sabbath Assembly returns with their second album, Ye Are Gods, set for release on September 21 through The Ajna Offensive (for North America) and Svart Records (for Europe and the UK). As on the critically acclaimed Restored to One debut, Ye Are Gods presents the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a religious movement that emerged in the late 1960s as an apocalyptic shadow-side to the flower power and New Age movements. Reaching beyond the scope of Restored to One, Ye Are Gods incorporates the ritual text and structure of the Process Church’s highest and holiest mass, the “Sabbath Assembly” liturgy from which the band is named. Ye Are Gods is led by vocalist Jamie Myers, a veteran of Hammers of Misfortune (The Locust Years) and Wolves in the Throne Room (Diadem of 12 Stars, Malevolent Grain).Dave “Christian” Nuss remains drummer and co-producer. The album features Genesis P-Orridge serving the role of High Priest(ess), aka “Sacrifist,” Eyvind Kang plays viola for the liturgical “Declaration of the Gods,” and guitarist/vocalist Imaad Wasif offers a chilling rendition of the hymn “We Give Our Lives.” In addition, Timothy Wyllie, an original Process Church member, provides a homily from Process Church founder Robert DeGrimston’s Gods on War. Mr. Wyllie is the author of Feral House’s LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH, which offers an insider’s perspective of the Church and its true leadership. The album offers a first-ever glimpse into the Process’s most sacred liturgical text, taking the astute listener through the mysterious Gnostic journey of the unification of Christ and Satan; the bliss of total submission to the gods Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan, and Christ; the wilds of the Apocalypse and a face-to-face encounter with the Angel of Death; and finally the moment of spiritual renewal in which the Process’s “Law of the Universe” is revealed.

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12. 4 Lieder, Op. 12: No. 1. Fruhgang

4 Lieder, Op. 12: No. 1. Fruhgang

A phenomenally beautiful song in German, written in the 20th Century and gloriously sung by the celebrated British baritone par excellence, KONRAD JARNOT I cannot imagine ANYTHING more beautiful than this!!! ROBERT WHITE HERE'S THE TEXT IN GERMAN AND IN ENGLISH TO HERMANN ZILCHER'S "FRUHGANG" Frühgang Hermann Zilcher (1881 – 1948) Detlev von Liliencron (1844 – 1909) Wir wandeln durch die stumme Nacht, Der Tamtam ist verklungen, Du schmiegst an meine Brust dich an, Ich halte dich umschlungen. Und wo die dunklen Ypern stehn, Ernst wie ein schwarz Gerüste, Da fand ich deinen kleinen Mund, Die rothe Perlenküste. Und langsam sind wir weiter dann Weiss ich, wohin gegangen, Ein hellblau Band im Morgen hing, Der Tag hat angefangen. Um Ostern war's, Der Frühling will den letzten Frost entthronen, Du pflücktest einen Kranz für mich Von weissen Anemonen. Den legtest du mir um die Stirn – Die Sonne kam gezogen Und hat dir blended Um dein Haupt ein Diadem gebogen. Du lehntest dich auf meinen Arm, Wir träumten ohn' Ermessen, Die Menschen all im Lärm der Welt, Die hatten wir vergessen. Morning Walk Translation: Naomi O’Connell We wander through the silent night, The fuss of the day has faded away, You nestled into my chest, I hold you encircled in my arms, And where the dark yew trees stand, Grim, like a black scaffold, There I found your small mouth, The red pearl kiss. And slowly we continued on, I know, where we went, A bright blue ribbon was draped across the morning, The day had begun. It was at Eastertime, The Spring wants to throw the last frost from its throne, You picked a crown of flowers for me, Of white anemonies. You placed it on my head – The sun came out And round your head A tiara blindingly shone. You leaned on my arm, We dreamed without limits, The people and the noise of the world, We had forgotten.

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