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1. Christianson

  • Published: 2015-05-12T03:33:50Z
  • By NIRS News

AFL - North Melbourne forward Lindsay Thomas has been cleared by the Match Review Panel for a head clash with Collingwood's Ben Reid that left the Magpie defender concussed.The incident occurred during the third quarter of the Pies 16-point win over the Kangaroos at Docklands on Sunday.Reid was unable to return to the field, but… Original article here:

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2. 2: 6 Lessons Learned from Sending Over 50,000 Cold Emails w/ Justin Christianson

2: 6 Lessons Learned from Sending Over 50,000 Cold Emails w/ Justin Christianson

When most people send cold emails, they immediately vomit their sales pitch. But without establishing a relationship, they have almost no hope of getting conversions. In this episode, Justin Christianson, bestselling author of Conversion Fanatic, shares the hard lessons he’s learned from sending thousands of cold emails—from defining his target market to treating people like people.

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3. 28 Dr. Alan Christianson - Going with the Grain

28 Dr. Alan Christianson - Going with the Grain

“Grains have gotten a bad rap, but the data is strong that they are health promoting.” - Dr. Alan Christianson Join Dr. Aviva Romm as she dishes up a weekly dose of the whole truth on health and medicine. To learn more about this episode of Natural MD Radio go to

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4. Botanic District (Nov. 2017)

Botanic District (Nov. 2017)

1 Modd: Edem 2 Alfa State: Symphony of Courage 3 Navar: A Trip Through Canggu 4 Pole Folder: Woodstock Sunset 5 Matias Chilano: Sorry I Am Late 
6 Matthias Meyer, Ryan Davis: Hope 7 Paul Deep (AR): Shakti - Eran Aviner Remix
 8 John Cosani: Cooling You 
 9 Beckers, D-Nox: Forbidden History

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5. Sundiver (July 2018)

Sundiver (July 2018)

1 Dio S: Lydia 2 Tim Green: Her Future Ghost 3 Darlyn Vlys: Learned To Hide - Chaim Remix 4 Nukreative: NightFalls 5 Nick Warren, Nicolas Rada: Serengeti 6 Banco De Gaia: Heliopolis - Framewerk Rewerk 7 Danny Bonnici: The Heavens - Luke Chable Remix 8 Robert Babicz: The Dream Machine

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6. Reactor II (Mar. 2018)

Reactor II (Mar. 2018)

1 Tone Depth, Ampish: Palmyra 2 Dan Buri: Himalaya - Danito & Athina Intro Version 3 Way Out West: A Sheltered Place - Phaeleh Extended Mix 4 Navar: Moonstruck 5 Henry Saiz, Tentacle: The Prophetess - Brian Cid Remix 6 Terje Saether: Angular Momentum 7 Tripswitch, GMJ: Open Doors 8 Estroe: Borderline - D.Diggler Remix 9 Garry Todd: Wait For Me - Dubspeeka Remix

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7. Urban Selection (Apr. 2018)

Urban Selection (Apr. 2018)

1 Mark Alow: Tzemin 2 Spuri: Khaleesi - Framewerk Dub 3 George X: Nahuati 4 Mononoid: Ballina 5 Weisses Licht: Deep Down Below 6 Matias Chilano: Micron - 4am Mix 7 Stiven Rivic, Michael & Levan: Nostalgia - Plus Thirty Remix 8 Terr: Have You Ever - Dub 9 Oliver Lieb: Epoxi

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8. Outland II (Sep. 2018)

Outland II (Sep. 2018)

1 Jimmy Van M, Ernesto Romeo, Juan Hansen: Kobalt (Synthwork) 2 Oliver Koletzki, Niko Schwind: Camps Bay 3 Juliane Wolf: Adventure - Kieran J Remix 4 Hermanez: Bullish Divergence 5 Alec Araujo, Goraieb: Oli in Two Destinations - Matias Chilano Remix 6 Eli & Fur: Parfume - Extended Mix 7 Jobe: Serein 8 Hernan Cattaneo, Soundexile: Astron - Davi Remix 9 Matan Caspi: Fresh New Life 10 Chicola: Could Heaven Be – Ruede Hagelstein Remix 11 M.A.N.D.Y., Jimmy Vallance: Tomorrow Is Another Night feat. Jimmy Vallance - Stereocalypse Remix

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9. Lullaby


Xairo 2012 of Nampa Christian Schools Directed by Anna Simpson

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10. Soirée Animée (July 2017)

Soirée Animée (July 2017)

1 Luc Angenehm: Kaiserkraft - Retza's Day Dream Mix 2 Lee Burridge, Lost Desert: K Bug - Street Talk Mix 3 Tone Depth, Ampish: On A Boat – Extended Mix 
4 Verche: Anywhere Else but Here 5 Thomas Gandey, Alex Kaspersky: To Find Reason 6 Saints & Sinners: Pushin Too Hard - Guy Mantzur Remix 7 Stelios Vassiloudis, Nils Nuernberg: Chair In Orbit - Dub Mix 8 Tone Depth: Bhutan 
 9 David Garcet, M.Jane: Lumpini - Juan Deminicis Remix 
 10 Yousef: Life Is Too Short - Habischman Remix

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14. Techno Park (Aug. 2017)

Techno Park (Aug. 2017)

1 Roger Martinez: Aether 2 Memory
: Dysnomia 3 Dan Sieg: Sidewinder - Mononoid Remix 4 dreamAwaken, Kurtz: D.S.S. 5 Budakid: Confused 6 Antrim: The Beginning Of The Dawn - Kobb Remix 7 Ezequiel Arias: Corrupted 8 Supacooks: Aftermath 9 Mira J, Galestian: Tell Me (Feat. Mira J) - Ezequiel Arias Space Mix 10 Tone Depth, Simply City: Polaris 11 TVA: Sarri

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15. Humans Being/ Van Halen Tribute

Humans Being/ Van Halen  Tribute

Rick Christianson Vocals/Bruce maclean Guitar/Ted Koti Bass/ Jaret Hunchak Drums/ produced and Mixed by Rick Christianson

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17. Night Train (Sep. 2017)

Night Train (Sep. 2017)

: Marquis 2 Matter: Pronoia - Trilucid Remix 
3 Hoj, Modd, Amega: Telefade feat. Amega - Bedouin Remix 4 Diego Poblets: Inmortal - Juan Deminicis Remix 5 Tash: TaMiLands - Danito & Athina Remix 6 Marino Canal: The Midnight Sun 7 Patrice Baumel, Audiofly: Atacama 8 Way Out West: Tuesday Maybe - Guy J Remix 9 Carlos Pires: Dynamic

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18. Space Tramps (Oct. 2016)

Space Tramps (Oct. 2016)

1 Lee Burridge, Junior, Lost Desert: Lingala feat. Junior - Gorje Hewek & 
Izhevski Remix
 2 Eli Nissan: Frames - Roy Rosenfeld Remix 
 3 Superlounge
: Rotwelch 
 4 Dave Seaman: Nightfalls - Chymera Remix
 5 Energy 52: Cafe Del Mar - Dale Middleton Remix 
 6 Kasper Koman: Trail 
 7 Guy Gerber: Secret Encounters 
 8 Phil Martyn: Come On - Kastis Torrau Remix

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19. Aaron Christianson - KCACTF - Sound Design Workshop Remix

Aaron Christianson - KCACTF - Sound Design Workshop Remix

At a sound design workshop this year we recorded some audio and had a challenge to see who could make what with it, so far this is the only entry.

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20. Dave Christianson - Let Me Move You

Dave Christianson - Let Me Move You

From Dave Christianson's "'Splode Package" 2 disc set ©2013Macrobop Recordings with dave Christianson, voice, drums, piano; Pete Richards, bass; Danny Bresett, guitars; Scott Doyle, electric pianos, organ, piano

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