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2. Capleton x Bosco - Bun Out Di Chi Chi Remake (Puma Riddim By Dj Blackdem'Z)

Capleton x Bosco - Bun Out Di Chi Chi Remake (Puma Riddim By Dj Blackdem'Z)

Voici " PUMA RIDDIM " de Dj Blackdem'Z les anciens savent que ce nom leur est familier Remake leger sur " Bun out di chi chi " #Capleton Allume ton caissons on est bientôt de retour... #NoTest #InnaDiMix

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  • Published: 2017-09-15T17:50:39Z


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8. Capleton _bun out di chi chi feat DJ JEEZ & Gary J

  • Published: 2013-01-13T21:40:06Z
Capleton _bun out di chi chi feat DJ JEEZ & Gary J

Capleton bun out di chi chi feat DJ JEEZ & Gary J

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10. MVAVAS feat CAPLETON Bun Out Di Chi Chi

MVAVAS feat CAPLETON Bun Out Di Chi Chi

i just put the accapella on one off my sound .........Nice!!!!

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12. DJ WHYNE (MAGMA SOUND°) bun out di chi chi (whyne and kotch)

DJ WHYNE (MAGMA SOUND°) bun out di chi chi (whyne and kotch)

(Dj whyne) ^^ Bun out ah chi chi, Blood out ah chi chi, Batty dem ah fuck and ah suck too much pussy, Blood out ah chi chi, Bun out ah chi chi, Dem ah deal with too much inequity :p

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15. DJ Pheno - Kraze Kay Session (la rentrée des fesses)

  • Published: 2015-10-11T18:41:26Z
  • By DJ Pheno
DJ Pheno - Kraze Kay Session (la rentrée des fesses)

DJ Pheno ouvre sa rentrée des fesses avec la Kraze kay session, en mode shatting dance hall ;). Bonne écoute a tous :) Tracklist: intro de folie-Les Choristes Mr Vegas-Adamis (tetris riddim) Paille-coucou freestyle (tetris riddim) X Man-pété tete (tetris riddim) Capleton- Bun out di chi chi Mad General- Pussy sweet Paille-coucou freestyle 2 (ay koké riddim) I Octane x DJ Tokinou- Gona do (ay koké riddim) Vybz Kartel x DJ Straik- Shendou pussy dem (ay koké riddim) Vybz Kartel- Dance hall (Vybz is king) Suku- Cya do Nuttn I Octane- Clock tik Vallet Icey- Don Dada (dubplate) Def J- Hold up (dubplate) Def J- Buggé (dubplate on OTG riddim) MR SM- Dommage (OTG riddim) T.S x Mr Sm- En vérité (OTG riddim) T.S- fenm ka fey tou (dubplate) Major Lazer- Lean On Vybz Kartel- Ignite the world (flammable riddim) Slimatic- love you (flammable riddim) Mr Sm- Hey gyal (moombathon remix) Gage- Throat Kalash- Wine Up Coco- Danm Danm T.S- Pa fè sa bouga J-T-Et pourtant DJ Skunk x Vybz Kartel- Beat up the cat (projectile riddim) Mr SM- 2 minutes kraze kay (dubplate) Nathalie Storm- Beat That Cheast Seiz- Pa fè sa DJ JO x Cham- Heading to the top remix Capleton x DJ Wiwix- Don Yuh remix DJ Skunk x Bounty Killer- Murderer M.T- explosion Coco- 2 rounds DJ JO x Alkaline- Bruck out remix DJ Glad x Elephant Man- Shatta dem remix DJ Pheno x TS- Ni sainte ni touche remix (dubplate version,bois dréssé riddim) DJ Glad x Timberlee- Bubble like soup (bois dréssé riddim) M.T- W.F.M.B (bois dréssé riddim) Crocadile- Pussycat part 2 Crocadile- Pussycat (badda dan riddim) Pewee- Sit Dong (platin and cassav riddim) Mad General- Love di woman (platin and cassav riddim) DJ Cue- Wole it deh (platin and cassav riddim) DJ Cue- Bumper clap and position

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16. Reggae Wild Session

  • Published: 2018-01-10T04:48:19Z
  • By Dj Dirran
Reggae Wild Session

1-T.O.K-Chi Chi Man 2-T.O.k-Curfew 3-Capleton-Call Me On The Phone 4-Capleton Bun Out Di Chi CHi 5-T.O.K-Die For My Crew 6-Famine Riddim Versión 7-Beenie Man -Rockin it 8-Lexxus- Good hole 9-Sizzla - No time Gaze (True Love Remix) 10-Innocent Crew-Not Guilty 11-Baddis Riddim Chico-Goofy 12-Lady Saw ft T.o.k - Hardcore Lover 13-Red rat - Me Can’t Sleep 14-Beenie Man- Blackboard 15-General B- Nicky 16-Beenie Man- Ole Dog 17-Baby Cham- The Mass 18-Spragga Benz- She Nuh Ready Yet 19-Lady Saw- Easy Off Breeze Off 20-Beenie Man-Let Him Go 21-Beenie Man- Underage Sweet 22-T.O.K- Dem Boy Deh 23-T.O.K - Falla We 24-T.O.K- Eagles Cry 25-Mad Cobra-War 26-Chico & Goofy- Nah Stoop 27-Bennie man- Bookshelf 28-Sean Paul- Deport Them 29-Beenie Man- Sim Sima 30-Sean Paul- Infiltrate 31-Frisco Kid- Juvenille 32-Versión Sniper Riddim 33-Scare Dem Crew- Bad Man Nuh Dress Like Girl 34-Versión Eléctric Riddim 35-Sizzla- Haunted & Nervous 36-Anthony B- Swarm Me 37-T.O.K- Man Ah Bad 38-Mad Cobra- Anything 39-Chico- Mek Noise 40-General Degree- Lotoya 41-Buccaneer- How Can She Forget 42-Buju Banton ft Red Rat- Love Dem Bad 43-Lil Vicious- Guetto People 44-Red Rat- Tight Up Skirt 45-Versión God Alone Riddim 46-Merciless, Little Hero & Action Fire - God Alone 47-Barrington Levy & Jigsy King- Work 48-Beenie Man & Lil vicious Single 49-General Degree- Mr Do it Nice 50-General Degree-Nah surrender 51-General Degree- Boom BooM 52-Red Rat & Goofy- Big Man Little Yute 53-General Degree- Cartoon Character 54-Elephant Man- Log On 55-Tanto Metro & Devonte- Give it to Her 56-Sherwin Gardner- One Way 57-Lady Saw &Lexxus- Call You 58-Mad Cobra- Fraid a Wi 59-Versión Fuzzy Riddim 60-Goofy- Nuff A Dem Bad Mind 61-Capleton - In Or Out 62-Beenie Man- Nothing Gonna Change 63-Versión Nothing Gonna Change 64-Beenie Man-Bad Girl 65-Vybz Kartel Ft Debby Nova- One Rythm

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17. I Love The 90s | King Dave Promo Mix

I Love The 90s | King Dave Promo Mix

1. Mr Vegas Ft Jackie: What A Night (King Dave Remix/Volume riddim) 2. Beenie Man: Roll Deep (Volume Riddim) 3, Capleton: Who Dem (Bellyas RIddim) 4. Elephant Man: Watchie Pum (Bellyas Riddim) 5. Capleton: More Prophet (Dirty Money Riddim) 6. Lexxus: Ring Mi Cellie (DIrty Money Riddim) 7. Capleton: Phone Line (Boom Blast Riddim) 8. Capleton: Bun Out Di Chi Chi (Boom Blast Riddim) 9. Capleton: Caan Hold We Dung (Virus Riddim) 10. Lexxus: Monkeys Out (Virus Riddim) 11. Mr. Vegas: Itsy Bisty (Virus Riddim) 12. Mad Cobra: Gal To Man (Virus Riddim) 13. Mad Cobra: Tek Dat (Grass Cyaat Riddim 14. Mr. Vegas: Grass Cyaat (Grass Cyaat Riddim) 15. Tanya Stevens: Serious Thing (Grass Cyaat Riddim) 16. Lady Saw: No Pay (Grass Cyaat Riddim) 17. Red Rat: Talk Up (Itch Riddim) 18. Future Fambo: Shake (Itch Riddim) 19. Mr. Vegas: Too Much (Itch Riddim) 20. TOK: Straight As An Arrow (Itch Riddim) 21. Alias: Slurp (Showtime Riddim) 22. Beenie Man: Hypocrite 23. Spragga Benz: We Nuh Like (Showtime Riddim) 24. Bounty Killer: Eagle And Di Hawk (Showtime Riddim) 25. Baby Cham: Gallong Yah Gal (Showtime RIddim) 26. Shaggy: Hot Gal (Showtime Riddim) 27. Sean Paul & Mr. Vegas: Hot Gal (Punaany Riddim) 28. Shabba Ranks: Caan Done (Punanny Riddim) 29. Beenie Man: Girls Dem Sugar (Punaany Riddim) 30. Beenie Man ft Mya: Girls Dem Sugar Remix 31. Terror Fabolous & Nadine Sutherland: Action (Action Riddim) 32. Buju Banton & Carol Gonzales: No Second Class Love (Action Riddim) 33. Buju Banton: Love How The Gal Flex (Action Riddim) 32. Beenie Man: World Dance (Corduroy Riddim) 33. Beenie Man: Foundation 34. Beenie Man: Tell Me (Taranchyla riddim) 35. Beenie Man: Romie 36. Red Rat: Dwayne (Fig Leaf Riddim) 37. Red Rat: Tight Up Skirt (Mad Lion Riddim) 38. General Degree: Traffic Blocking (FIlthy Riddim) 39. Lady Saw: Don't Even Strees Dat: Filthy Riddim) 40. Beenie Man: Let Him Go (Filthy Riddim) 41. Mr. Vegas: Heads High (Filthy Riddim) 42. Mr. Vegas: Yu Sure (Faith Riddim) 43. Mr. Vegas: Di Position (Bada Bada Riddim) 44. Zebra: Selassie Warning (Bada Bada Riddim) 45. Shaba Ranks: Ting A Ling 46. Sasha: Kill The Bi*ch (Mama Riddim) 47. Simpleton: Coca Cola Shape (Mama Riddim) 48. Lexxus: Good Hole (Famine Riddim) 49. Elephant Man: Approach (Famine Riddim) 50. Lexxus: No Problem (Ice Pick Riddim)

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18. Federation 3... The Hard Way (Jugglin', Remixes & Culture)

Federation 3... The Hard Way (Jugglin', Remixes & Culture)

Federation 3 is a definite classic with nuff dubs (Sean Paul, Baby Cham, Red Rat, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Elephant Man and more), Rice & Peas riddim, Buy Out riddim, Liquid riddim, crazy remixes and one drop tunes. (Originally released on CD late 2001 / early 2002) 01. Intro (Federation 3)-Federation 02. Calling My Name (Dub)-Sean Paul 03. Pound Fi Di Pound (Dub)-Sean Paul 04. Tight Up Skirt (Dub)-Red Rat 05. Dwayne (Dub)-Red Rat 06. Bad Man (Dub)-Red Rat 07. Double Jeopardy (Dub)-Tanto Metro & Devonte 08. Parasite (Dub)-Mega Banton 09. Warrior Cause-Elephant Man & Spragga Benz 10. Mystery Is The Man-Bounty Killer 11. She's All I Got (Remix)-Jimmy Cozier & Sean Paul 12. Like Glue-Sean Paul 13. Real Niggaz-Spragga Benz & Twyce 14. Drive Me Crazy-Mr. easy 15. Money To Burn-T.O.K. 16. Player Haters-T.O.K. 17. Which One-Bounty Killer 18. Restaurant-Bounty Killer 19. Who Is Gonna Save You-Capleton 20. Last Night-Ward 21 21. Try Stop It-Elephant Man & Delly Ranks 22. Victory-Beenie Man 23. Keep It Blazing-T.O.K. 24. Can You Do The Work-Ce'Cile & Sean Paul 25. Give It To Her-Tanto Metro & Devonte 26. Blazing Hot-Capleton 27. Straight Forward-Sizzla 28. Blaze Dem Up-Capleton 29. Legendary-Sizzla 30. Bun Out Di Chi Chi-Capleton 31. Gunshot-Sizzla 32. Man And Man (Remix)-Baby Cham 33. Can I Get A.../Heading To The Top (Dub)-Baby Cham 34. Tables Will Turn (Remix)-Foxy Brown & Baby Cham 35. Hit 'Em Up Style... Ooops (Remix)-Blu Cantrell & Foxy Brown 36. One Minute Man (Remix)-Missy Elliot 37. Nuh Pet Gal (Dub)-Alozade 38. Chi Chi Man (Remix)-T.O.K. 39. Sound Killer (Dub)-Elephant Man 40. Blood A Run (Remix)-Sizzla 41. Woman Alone (Dub)-Sean paul 42. Stush War (Remix)-Bounty Killer 43. By His Deeds-V.C. 44. Virtuous Woman-Warrior King 45. Fire Pon A Deadas-Bushman 46. Black History-Sizzla 47. Push E. Fire-Jr. Kelly 48. Nuh Shot Nah Bust-Beres Hammond & Buju Banton 49. God Is Standing By-George Nooks 50. Just Friends-Swade & Tony Rebel 51. What Love Is-Ghost 52. By Your Side-Ghost

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  • Published: 2014-10-05T20:06:54Z
  • By PERKZ

#OPEN4BIZNESS MIXTAPE Mixed by @POPAPERKZ | OUTTABOX | Download Single Version:[email protected]_[OUTTABOX].mp3 Download Tracked Version: Visit: Follow Popaperkz: Bookings: [email protected] TRACKLIST: 1.intro 2.Blank-Lexxus 3.This Means War-Ward 21 4.More Gun - Mr. Vegas 5.Cool Bwoy - Beenie Man 6.One -Elephant Man 7. Wo Dem Send - Hawkeye 8. Heard of Dem - Sizzila 9. No One Cares - Bounty Killa 10.Bust It - Capleton 11. Cooyah - Capleton 12.Who God Bless - Elephant 13. Set An Example - T.O.K 14. Who God Bless - Elephant Man 15. Divine Reasoning - Lexxus 16. Judgement Day - Ward 21 17.Naa Naa - Red Rat 18.Robbery - Blind Dawg 19.How Dem So Hype - Capleton 20.Scladie - Elephant Man 21.Get Machine Now - Elephant Man 22.Bun Out Di Chi Chi - Capleton 23.Big Up MI Frien Dem - Lexxus 24.Die For My Crew - T.O.K 25.Eagle’s Cry - T.O.K 26.Informers - Wayne Wonder 27.Anytime - Bounty Killa 28.Can’t Believe Mi Eyes - Bounty Killa 29.Can I Get A**** - Baby Cham 30.Boom -Baby Cham 31.War - Mad Cobra 32.INTTERLUDE 33.Live Mi Life - Alkaline 34.Where We Come From - Popcaan 35.Ghetto (Tired Of Crying)- Popcaan 36.Keep Blazing - Mavado 37.Ordinary Servant - Vybz Kartel 38.Celebrate - Agent Sasco 39.Divine Intervention - Bugle 40. Gone Away - Alkaline 41.Only Jah Know - Popcaan 42.Weh We Ago Do - Alkaline 43.On and On - Alkaline 44.Mek Di Money - Alkaline 45.Dying Today- FantonDundeal ft. Blo Smallz & Sluggy 46.Without Money - Vybz Kartel 47.Hero - PG13 [Little Vybz] 48.Ignite the World - Vybz Kartel 49.Sick Inna Mi Head - Vybz Kartel 50.INTERLUDE 51.Rambo Kanambo - Vybz Kartel 52.Pretty Gyal Wine - Vyb Kartel 53.Trust Them - Busy Signal 54.Nuh Trust Friend - Mavado 55.Empty Di Clip - Elephant Man 56.Dem Love Sweets - Bugle 57.Don’t Give A F*** - I-Octane 58.Too Much Talk - Agent Sasco 59.Make Di Star Shine - Vybz Kartel 60.Nuh Play Wid Fyah - Vybz Kartel 61.What A Way We Shatting - I-Octane 62.Duh Weh Yuh Waan - Mavado 63.Wul De Pussy Dem - Alkaline 64.Grave Dem Ago - Alkaline 65.Never Scared - Elephant Man ft. Nitty Kutchie 66.Real Steppa - I-Octane 67.Ready - Alkaline 68.Bound Fi Dead - Versatile 69.Dark and Evil - Merital 70.Living Evil - Deva Bratt 71.No Regard - Bugle 72.Dem a Fool - I-Octane 73. Levels - Meek Mill 74.Don’t Panic - French Montana 75.Errbosdy - Yo Gotti 76.Tf Out My Face - Rich Homie Quan 77.About The Money - T.I ft Young Thug 78.Lifestyle - Rich Gang NB: This mix is only intended for promotional purposes NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! Enjoy!

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20. Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Junior Rico's latest mixtape. Foundation, Rub-A-Dub, Reggae Revival, Golden Era Dancehall, Hardcore Dancehall, Modern Days Dancehall and more... Tracklist: 0) AmoreOdio 1) Dennis Brown - Here I come 2) Dennis Brown - Wolf and leopard 3) Dennis Brown - Stop the fussing and fighting 4) Dennis Brown - To the foundation 5) Dennis Brown - Your love got a hold on me 6) Tristan Palmer - Entertainment 7) Don Carlos - I'm not crazy 8) Ranking Toyan - Spar wid me 9) Ringo - Flash it inna E 10)Yellowman - Zungguzungguguzungguzeng 11) Shinehead - Rough and rugged 12) Shinehead - Know fi chat 13) Bunny General - Hackle dem body 14) Super Man and Method Cat - Scalp dem 15) Top Chat - Push up yu lighta 16) Fugees - Fu-Gee-La remix 17) Fugees - Ready or not remix 18) Baby Cham - Man and man remix 19)T.O.K. - Rep 4 ya block 20) Keith and Tex featuring Shabba Ranks - Dukku dukku remix 21) Shaggy - Ruba dub wi want 22) Shaggy - Long time 23) Vybz Kartel - Slow motion 24) Gappy Ranks - Heaven in her eyes 25) Jah Bouks - Angola 26) Chronixx - Here comes trouble 27) Jesse Royal - Modern day Judas 28) Protoje - Who knows (feat. Chronixx) 29) Chronixx - Capture land 30) Chronixx - Play some roots 31) Shaggy - Don't stop 32) Sara Lugo - Really like you (feat. Protoje) 33) Notis and Iba Mahr - Diamond sox 34) Aidonia - 80s dancehall style 35) Kabaka Pyramid - Well done 36) Mystic Revealers - Herb must legalize now (feat. Chronixx) 37) Toian - Love it 38) Carly Simon - Why 39) Super Cat - Come down 40) Super Cat - Nuff don dead ya 41) Capleton - Bumbo red 42) Selvie Wonder - Bomboya 43) Ninja Man - Ninja Man mega mix 44) Capleton - No. 1 pon the look good chart 45) Apachi Indian - Chok there 46) Nardo Ranks - Brrrup 47) Admiral Bailey - Meck wi dance di gungoo 48) Dirtsman - Hot dis year 49) Papa San - Run the route 50) Super Cat - Don dada 51) Super Cat and Heavy D - Dem no worry we 52) Super Cat - Ghetto red hot 53) Major Mackeral - Hot 54) Terror Fabulous - Position 55) Captain Barkey - Please (let me put it in) 56) Goofy - I don't give a damn 57) General Degree - Boom boom 58) Buccaneer - Bruk out 59) Red Rat - Bizzi blazzi 60) Bounty Killer - Psycho med (Ward 21 mega bash) 61) Ward 21 - Blood stain 62) Sizzla - To the point 63) Capleton - New way (Woah!) 64) Capleton - Bun out di chi chi 65) Goofy - Old Crook 66) Wickerman - Girls gungo walk 67) Danny English and Egg Nog - Party time 68) T.O.K. - Galang gal 69) Degree - Inna 70) Ms. Thing - Regular 71) Lady Saw - Man is the least 72) Cham - Vitamin S 73) Vybz Kartel - Tight pussy gal dem 74) Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Beautiful 75) Mavado - Weh dem a seh 76) Aidonia - Ukku 77) Future Troubles - Fambo 78) Beenie Man - Bullet proof vest 79) Bounty Killer - Bullet proof skin 80) Ne Yo - Miss Indipendent 81) Vybz Kartel - Romping shop (feat. Spice) 82) Vybz Kartel - Dollar sign 83) Vybz Kartel - Something ah go happen 84) Mavado - Final destination 85) Vybz Kartel - Summertime 86) Popcaan - Ravin 87) Popcaan - Party shot 88) Yellow Man - Champion (feat. Burru Banton...) 89) Mad Cobra - Di baddest 90) Gully Bop - My God dem nuh bad like me 91) Gully Bop - Body specialist 92) Vybz Kartel - Dancehall 93) Mavado - Goodbye to my haters

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