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1. BSN Posse Feat Foyone - F*ck Them [CLIP] - SLM138

BSN Posse Feat Foyone - F*ck Them [CLIP] - SLM138

BSN Posse 'Forever' Slime Recordings (SLM138) Release Date : 13/07/2015 Slime is proud to present ‘Forever’, the debut album from Malaga production masterminds BSN Posse. Since the inception of the label, the Spanish duo have been a core member of the global family that makes up the imprint’s roster. Across the past five years they have been prolific in their craft, creating music that defied classification which has seen their star rise both in their homeland and abroad. Tearing up festivals and nightclubs alike with their frenetic mix of styles, they have conquered Sonar, featured on the pages of Red Bull, XLR8R and Thump, and provided mixes for the legendary Ashes57. Over this time they have cultivated a unique niche in cutting-edge electronic music that they call ‘Iberian Juke’, a blissful mutation of the Chicago sound that has now become something else in its own right entirely. A year ago we asked them to distil their unique sound into an album. Fast forward to the present day and the resulting body of work exceeded all our expectations. With a cavalcade of guest stars along for the ride, they process the pioneering spirit of rave music through the Iberian Juke filter – elements of house, jungle, garage, dubstep, breaks, hip hop and electro are all present and correct but twisted into startling new shapes. This remarkable collection will secure their place as one of the leading lights in the new wave of global producers tearing up the genre rulebook. 01. BSN Posse - For Real 02. BSN Posse - Ayer 03. BSN Posse ft. Colorhythm - Bringing it Back 04. BSN Posse ft. Buddy Leezle & Sarah Burns – Comin’ Home 05. BSN Posse - In Your Eyes 06. BSN Posse ft. Ginko & JAYEEM - Never Be Apart 07. BSN Posse ft. The End Of The Human Race - Effervescence 08. BSN Posse ft. Clima - Too Far 09. BSN Posse - F.U.F.M (Interlude) 10. BSN Posse ft. Amati - Break Down 11. BSN Posse - November 12. BSN Posse - After the Rain 13. BSN Posse ft. Foyone - F*ck Them 14. BSN Posse ft. Moondoctor & Pablo Dread - All This Work 15. BSN Posse - Do What U Want 16. BSN Posse - Light Warrior 17. BSN Posse ft. DJ Der - Spaced Out

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