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1. AMP044: 6,399,322 Ways To Get More Social Media Engagement With Nathan Ellering From CoSchedule

AMP044: 6,399,322 Ways To Get More Social Media Engagement With Nathan Ellering From CoSchedule

Have you had the frustrating experience of sending out social media posts only to receive no engagement whatsoever? Most marketers have had this happen, and some have it happen frequently. Today we’re going to be talking to CoSchedule’s own Nathan Ellering. He’s the head of demand generation here at CoSchedule, and he has conducted a study that allows him to predict how well a particular post will do on any social media platform. Do you want to increase your social media engagement? If so, you won’t want to miss today’s show. Some of the highlights of this episode include: The scoop on CoSchedule and what it is Nathan does here as the head of demand generation. Nathan also shares how big the demand generation team is. Why Nathan took on his research project on which social media posts tend to do well on which platforms and how he evaluated different standards of performance. How the demand generation team uses data to do what works, over and over again. How Nathan went from having massive pile of data to putting it all into motion to work for CoSchedule. Why marketers should focus on content before mechanics. Hints on where to get the inspiration needed to create great content. Nathan explains methods such as PAS (problem-agitate-solve), bridge after bridge, AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action), and the 4 Cs (clear, concise, compelling, credibility). How to use closed-ended questions, controversy, anecdotes, and quotes on social media for maximum engagement. Specific strategies for finding success on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+. Nathan’s very best advice on leveling up your social media skills. Links: CoSchedule Best Times to Post on Social Media Best Times to Send Email CoSchedule Social Message Optimizer

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