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1. Atish - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2014

Atish - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2014

The thing I love most about Burning Man is no matter how much you think you've prepared, you still never really know what to expect. The uncertainty, the excitement, the apprehension, and sometimes even the fear of what's just around the corner is what keeps so many of us coming back every year with a renewed childlike wonder - a feeling that seems to slip away as we get older. Sometimes everything goes right, and sometimes things just go wrong. 2014 was a mixed bag for me with some high highs (spending time with amazing people, getting to DJ in the best place in the world, seeing some incredible forms of expression) and low lows (namely falling hard on my back off of a see-saw putting me in constant pain for the entire week - it even hurt to laugh!)...but at the end of the day, I got exactly what I bargained for and couldn't ask for anything more: I experienced the unexpected. In contrast to the previous two years on the bus, this year I played first on Friday night and took a little sonic stroll around different sounds and moods to open the night before Bedouin beautifully escalated the night into proper party mode...Pardon any sloppy mixing, we can just blame that on my aching back :) Thanks to everyone who was there early in the night to catch my set, and thanks to everyone listening at home, Robot Heart, and Dr Burridge for the continued support over the years...Having the opportunity to do what I do is such a great gift from all of you. Facebook: Soundcloud: Tracklist: Timelapse - Heaven Midas 104 - Impuls Nick Curly - Mayas Soukie & Windish - Hero (Canson Remix) Jonasclean - Hu (Rhodes Mix) Dole & Kom - Phara Oh Midas 104 - Eos Patrick Zigon - Ich See (Pablo Bolivar Rework) Big Al - Fever (Deep Active Sound Remix) Kevin Yost - A Little Too Much Santiago Deep - Bonsoca (Mollono.Bass Remix) Gardens Of God - Voices From The Past Spirit Catcher, 72 Soul - Black Pitch feat. 72 Soul Borka & The Gang - Fly (schNee Remix) Few Nolder - Clouds (Boso Reversion) Jonas Woehl - The Place Pt. 2 feat. Locoto Marshall Jefferson, Noosa Heads - Mushrooms - Justin Martin Mix David Kassi - Everybody Renato Ratier - Miss Stereo (Ian Pooley Remix) Gabriel Ananda - Tale Of The Oblivious Llama BarBQ - Myself (Marc Poppcke Remix) Edgar Peng - Barbecue Bob Photo/image of "Eternal Return" with permission of the artist Peter Hudson, Photo Credit: Duncan Rawlinson

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2. Atish & Slee - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016

Atish & Slee - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2016

Every year on the Playa brings new lessons. Some are complex, some are simple reminders. For the two of us this past year, the message was "back to basics." As hyper-analytical DJs, we're prone to focusing on performance from a critical viewpoint: did we gauge the energy level correctly, were our transitions dialed in? But this year, playing after the sunrise on Friday, seeing so many friends and campmates out for a morning dance reminded that the point of all this is a simple one: coming together and sharing moments of joy. A wonderful and welcome wake-up call. Thanks to Robot Heart for setting the stage! Soundcloud: @atish, @mcslee Art: Let Go - Darrell Ansted Let go is a 15ft-tall steel form crafted from wire mesh. It invites reflection on the baggage we carry that is no longer needed. Photo credit: Amy Kunkel

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3. Atish & Hoj - Deep House Amsterdam Mixtape #153

Atish & Hoj - Deep House Amsterdam Mixtape #153

♫ Download + Tracklist ♫: While these two long time friends have shared a residency with listed productions and respected each others' prowess behind the decks over a span of many years, it wasn’t until Burning Man 2014 that they were asked to play B2B for the first time. Today, we present an exclusive mix from the combined forces of Atish & Hoj. Expect deep, dark house sprinkled with psychedelia and cosmic grooves in this one. Atish & Hoj will be bringing their West Coast flavoured sounds throughout Europe this summer with stops in London, Amsterdam, Zurich, and Istanbul throughout July.

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4. Atish and Mark Slee - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2013

Atish and Mark Slee - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2013

Friday night and the bus is rolling into the deep playa. Atish and Mark Slee are weaving the magic, guiding us towards an unforgettable sunrise. It's just beginning! Atish: Slee: Track list: (0:00:00) Bearight - Buoyant [Pets] (0:04:30) Rufus - Desert Night (Jesse Rose Remix) [Sweat It Out!] (0:09:26) Nico Lahs - Symptoms [Poker Flat] (0:14:26) Jesus Pablo, Adam Brass - Jet Lag (Patrick Podage Remix) [I Records] (0:18:45) Beckwith - Craymal [Anjunadeep] (0:24:06) Raxon - Just Like [Akbal] (0:28:32) Miss Disk - White Obsession (Zach DeVincent Remix) [5 and Dime] (0:33:32) Sahin Meyer - Spread Love [Sccucci Manucci] (0:39:14) J.Wiltshire - Closer [Hypercolour] (0:43:55) Pol_On - Mousse's Dreams [DeepClass] (0:48:52) Bourne - Can't Stop Raving [I Records] (0:51:59) Oxia, Nicolas Masseyeff - You Know [Noir] (0:57:11) David Kassi - Everybody [Quantized] (1:01:21) Jay Tripwire - Treat Him Like [Modern Electrics] (1:08:07) Tapesh, Maximiljan - You Make Me Feel [Get Digital] (1:12:16) Jaded, James Petrou - Toni's Pain (Inxec's Morphine Mashup) [BEEF] (1:18:20) Aidan Lavelle - Get Yourself [Rebellion] (1:23:26) Gregory S, Dandy aka Peter Makto - Nightvision (Mario Aureo Remix) [Cyclic] (1:29:19) Qbeck feat. Julia Govor - Alice [Visionquest] (1:33:26) Jay Tripwire - Vhuyani (1:40:29) Chaim - Ur Around Me [Bpitch Control] (1:45:03) M.A.N.D.Y., Lopazz feat. Nick Maurer - Feel It In Your Brain (Adriatique Remix) [Cityfox] (1:51:16) Aki Bergen - Corn Flakes For Dinner [Kittball] (1:55:26) Buraq, Patrick Podage - Don't You [FLASH] (2:01:32) Switchbox feat. Natz - Pirates Poetry (Jupiter Jazz Remix) [Ellum] (2:05:19) Ost & Kjex - We Got Ticket To Moon [Diynamic] (2:10:56) Saarid feat. Javi - Future Lately (Walker & Royce Remix) [Nurvous] (2:15:53) Safeword - You Can You Will [Dessous] (2:20:34) Tyson - Mr. Rain (Mano Le Tough Remix) [Back Yard] (2:23:41) Djordje aka Satori - In A Blink Of An Eye [Clarisse]

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5. Atish - Mayan Warrior - Monday Night - Burning Man 2016

Atish - Mayan Warrior - Monday Night - Burning Man 2016

Half through the night (of what we considered our best night at Burning Man)... Atish takes over the decks with his expressive melodic deep house that sings to the soul while moving the dance floor, communicating the joy of love, the depths of darkness, and intensity of a spiritual dance music journey for himself and our guests. Enjoy Also watch the full set on Video: Follow Atish: Cover Photo by: Cover Design by: Esteban Armendariz Mayan Warrior

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6. Atish & Mark Slee - Manjumasi Mix: When We Dip 062

Atish & Mark Slee - Manjumasi Mix: When We Dip 062

Interview: Esteemed selectors and long-time friends Mark Slee and Atish Mehta come together to launch an exciting new project this month. The pair are collaborating around their very own label Manjumasi and if the debut release (featuring Slee himself, Patlac and Tim Green) is anything to go by, the imprint will fast be a major influence not only on the the west coast of the USA but also much further afield. Carrying a clear vision, an ensemble of impressive experiences and a whole tonne of exuberance, the boys are ready to set the future in motion. We caught up with them this week as they shared the story behind their next step and an exclusive hour-long recording showcasing the label’s tastes. Follow: // // Connect: When We Dip on Spotify - YT >>> FB >>> IN >>> TW >>> Download for free on The Artist Union

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7. atish - [056] - live @ burning man 2015 kalliope art car

  • Published: 2015-11-24T18:27:36Z
  • By atish
atish - [056] - live @ burning man 2015 kalliope art car

Burning Man 2015, What a week. What a challenge. What a breeze. What a great time. What an awful time. At times, I wished it wouldn't end. At times, I wanted to go home...REAL home. This was my 6th burn, and what I walked away with was largely a reinforcement of what I learned the year before: Burning Man is complicated. There are lots of ups and downs. It's unpredictable. Is this conclusion I've reached the same conclusion all experienced burners eventually come to? Or did I happen to have 2 challenging years in a row? Will I ever have an Innocent Burn just like my first one where everything was amazing all the time? I would like to. This is my set from the Kalliope art car, recorded Wednesday night at 2am. The Kalliope crew was nice enough to let me host my own night and invite my dear friends to play on their amazing bus, which was a new and exciting thing for me to do that I'm super grateful for. One thing that was consistently awesome in my experience was the crew's unwavering positivity, enthusiasm, and humility - it was inspiring to work with them. The night was blisteringly cold: my fingers, ears, feet, and nipples nearly froze off, so you'll hear some rawness (sloppiness) in this recording...but it does have its moments too. I suppose the ups and downs you'll hear in the recording are a metaphor for the ups and downs I experienced at the burn. So from that perspective, this is the perfect way for me to communicate my personal experience to you. I hope you enjoy it, and hope to see you in 2016. Thanks to Emma Trim for the photo. Upcoming gigs: I'm on FB: My mailer where I talk about things:

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8. atish - [063] - october 2016 - live at stereobar, montreal

  • Published: 2016-10-12T16:04:41Z
  • By atish
atish - [063] - october 2016 - live at stereobar, montreal

I'm happy to finally release my first extended set with you, recorded at StereoBar in Montreal. StereoBar is a club that's quickly jumped onto my shortlist of favorite venues in the world. Beyond the nailing the club fundamentals (sound system, layout, lighting, staff), they feature the "All Night" series where one DJ plays as opener, headliner, and closer. I love this format since it gives me the opportunity to build the energy from scratch and take the night in any direction without constraints. But more importantly, I get to play for one of the most enthusiastic, supportive crowds that I've ever encountered. The energy from this night was the strongest I've felt in quite some time, certainly my best gig of the last year. Almost everything I threw out there worked, which actually makes me think that I might not have worked hard enough. There are many more sonic landscapes I'd love to explore, so hopefully I can come back again soon and we can take another journey in that special room... Recorded October 1, 2016 Special thanks to Kora for scrambling to record my set at the last minute! tracklist in comments here: upcoming gigs: me on fb:

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9. atish - LIVE at The Kazbah, Burning Man 2017

atish - LIVE at The Kazbah, Burning Man 2017

Burning Man has always been my favorite place to DJ in the world. There's a certain feeling of freedom I experience playing music on the playa, and this feeling arises from the beauty of the physical surroundings, the enthusiasm of the people who wander onto the dance floor, and my own attitude that shapes how I approach my sets in the desert. Thank you to the entire Kazbah crew for gifting me a timeslot. Such a beautiful group of people who created a spectacular platform to artists to share music. I hope you enjoy the recording! -atish Tracklist:

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10. Atish - Robot Heart Burning Man 2012

Atish - Robot Heart Burning Man 2012

Atish leading off Robot Heart's blissful Friday night/ Saturday morning journey at Burning Man, 2012 in perfect style! Check out more of Atish's music:

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11. Ganesha Namah

Ganesha Namah

ful track

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12. atish - [070] - august 2017 - mused and bemused

  • Published: 2017-08-01T14:36:36Z
  • By atish
atish - [070] - august 2017 - mused and bemused

These last few months, I've spent a fair amount of time musing over my own artistic identity and my place within the bigger space. What does it meant to be a "deep house DJ"..."progressive DJ"..."tech-house DJ"..."Burner DJ" [cringe]...and so on? Does it even matter? Artistically, no, not in the slightest. But practically, I've come to believe that it does, evidenced by the constrained expectations and sometimes bemusement of promoters who book me. Unfortunately, being perceived and labeled on a singular dimension isn't such a great thing. But the good news is that the solution is to just keep doing what I love to do: releasing mixes that weave in and out of moods and feelings, taking you to a destination hopefully different than where you started. Hope you enjoy the ride... Tracklist here: Upcoming gigs: My mailing list: FB: IG:

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13. atish - [062] - august 2016 - waves

  • Published: 2016-08-09T11:10:09Z
  • By atish
atish - [062] - august 2016 - waves

Everything comes in waves. Personal waves of good times, bad times, luck, love, fear, joy... in the physical world, water waves, sound waves, electromagnetic waves, radio waves...Trends, eras, and dynasties also come in waves, just over a longer span of time. Things come and go with crests and troughs, crests and troughs. Here's one more... Tracklist: Upcoming gigs: FB:

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14. Atish - LIVE at The Cityfox Den (April 2015)

  • Published: 2015-05-07T18:45:50Z
Atish - LIVE at The Cityfox Den (April 2015)

Hi everyone, @atish here. Those who follow me closely know I rarely release live recordings, sharing mostly studio mixes. For live recordings I have released, there's an internal debate weighing my discomfort with putting out something I'm not totally happy with against requests or promotional value of having it in the wild. But everything about the night of The Den put me in the zone: I could DJ without thinking since tracks I chose sounded pristine on the KV2 Audio sound system, the incredible vibe from a 2000 person floor of dance music enthusiasts energized me as performer, a 1-3am timeslot between Mark Slee and Martin Buttrich meant I could musically toe the line between deep and driving. And I was wearing my favorite shirt (it's funny how these little things matter). For this recording, there wasn't the typical internal debate. I'm excited for you to hear it, and I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did playing. Video from The Den: Photo: Oliver Correa

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15. The Anjunadeep Edition 97 With Atish

The Anjunadeep Edition 97 With Atish

The Anjunadeep Edition 97 With Atish Subscribe on iTunes: A rising star from San Francisco joins us on this week’s Deep Edition, taking us on a journey through deep melodic house. Atish on Soundcloud: Atish on Facebook: Full Tracklist: For more information, head to

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16. Live @ Desert Hearts - atish - 072

Live @ Desert Hearts - atish - 072

Tracklist: Our Live @ Desert Hearts mix this week comes from one of the fastest rising DH all-stars in the game, the inimitable atish. atish has been with us since our 1 Year Anniversary Festival and to watch his growth as an artist and a DJ has been incredibly inspiring. Armed with an unmatched passion for music and the most infectious energy behind the decks, it makes our heart sing watching him having all the success in the world. And just when our love for the dude couldn't get any larger, atish finally released his long-awaited debut EP on his newly minted label Manjumasi, and it's been blowing our minds ever since. If you haven't listened to it yet, do yourself a favor and go grab a copy at Now sit back and enjoy the ride.

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17. Atish - SXM Festival Podcast

Atish - SXM Festival Podcast

♫ Download ♫: ^tracklist available at the link above^

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18. The Anjunadeep Edition 186 with Atish

The Anjunadeep Edition 186 with Atish

Follow Anjunadeep New Releases on Spotify: Pre-order Tuesday Maybe (Remixed): San Francisco’s Atish returns to the Deep Edition and debuts his first ever remix; a stripped back take of Way Out West’s ‘Tuesday Maybe, out tomorrow. Follow Atish: Soundcloud: @atish Facebook: Follow Anjunadeep: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Spotify: Instagram: SoundCloud: @anjunadeep

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19. Download: Atish - Live at Return to Rio 2015

  • Published: 2016-02-03T17:18:45Z
  • By XLR8R
Download: Atish - Live at Return to Rio 2015

Download: Tracklisting: @atish @return-to-rio

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20. Table No 21 - Man Mera (MisterxXeal Remix)

Table No 21 - Man Mera (MisterxXeal Remix)

► Like !!! Comment !!! Download !!! Dance !!! ◄ And ENJOY ;) Download using : Hope u like it ;) Join Our Group For More Good Music : MisterxXeal : Music Production : ► The Cool Guys Studio ◄ Software used : Fl Studio

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