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1. Angry Doge

Angry Doge

doge angry

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2. #49 PlayStation 5 2018 Release - Why Are People Angry?; CD Projekt Red's Prank Job Posting

#49 PlayStation 5 2018 Release - Why Are People Angry?; CD Projekt Red's Prank Job Posting

A PlayStation 5 leak has some gamers feeling salty (and we don't fully understand why); CD Projekt Red is looking to hire a "Designer of Game Environments"; real-time ray tracing technology comes to graphics cards this year; Steam Machines have been pulled from the Steam store; Sea of Thieves is still pulling in players despite lackluster reviews. EXCITING CYBERPUNK 2077 STUFF ► Augmented Reality is a video game news, gaming fan & nerd info podcast. Each week, we take a critical and humorous look at the latest in gaming news, technology and nerdy pop culture stuff. See our full video library (game guides, comedy, reviews & more) on YouTube! Theme music: Hellcat (NCS Release - by Desmeon (

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3. Urban Doge

  • Published: 2016-02-23T17:47:52Z
  • By Aekyth
Urban Doge

angry doge is angry

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4. CORNELIA PAUN HEINZEL : Povestea mastilor venetiene

CORNELIA PAUN HEINZEL : Povestea mastilor venetiene

PH. D. Cornelia Păun Heinzel: THE STORY OF VENICE MASK Translated by : Sorana Avramescu Once Cornelia steped into the city of pools, of romance, of supreme love and of the cruelest betrayals in love, Venice, the land rise of water, she had the feeling that she lives in an amazing world, where time seems to have stopped from its natural course, that she floats in an atmosphere permeated by the medieval spirit, where knights and ladies gave life to the most grandiose castles and palaces, which seemed to be swallowed by the water that passes through them unhindered, from one end to the other. The incredibil combination of water and light, gave magic and fairy to the place. And the mirage of Venice, city of light but also of dark made that every moment lived in that miraculous salted water of Adriatic Sea, to be felt the most. Her parents chosed this fascinating place as destination for the semestrial holiday from February, lured of the faime and magic history of the city. And of course they fell in love with it at first sight ... ... the walls shriveled facades of buildings, fallen ... but at the same time proud and stately, nobly bearing the imprint of time. In this legendary city which seemed that never gets tired and never sleeps, Cornelia had the impresion that the houses that mirror in the water are telling their own stories, which seemed to hide incredible secrets and the own history, in another time. She was excited about the gondola tour, but, at the same time, tired of travel, she fell asleep. Suddenly Cornelia felt like something is gentle touching on her shoulder. ” What are you doing here, in gondola, beautiful lady? I am Andrea, Duke Torino’s son. Did you came for the carnival?” Cornelia rubbed her eyes with her palms and when she opened them, she saw a beautiful teenager, with brown hair, tall, in a medieval prince costume, with a golden mask, with sparkles and peacock feathers, in his hand. ”yes, but where are my parents? Asked perxpled the girl.” ” you’ve lost them? No problem. I’ll accompany you to find them. The city’s streets, narrow and dark are like a maze, where is difficult to find their end. I know them very well. And you’ll sure enjoy the walk. What can be more romantic then a gondola tour on the Grande Channel, between palaces, churches, luxurious houses, with the sky above us, accompany by a gondolier that sings us. ”What a beautiful mask you have! Exclaim the girl. ” ”Do you like it? I am glad to give it to you! ” said the Duke’s son. Cornelia was glad about the gondola tour, between wonderfull buidlings belonging to other times, between the narrow streets of the city. The route got them at the kilometer 0 of Venice: San Marino market. ”Let’s stop here for a minute, told Cornelia and took from her pocket a croisasnt. She fragmented it and feed with it a few pigeons Tell me about carnival. From when is this lavish fest celebrated in town? asked the girl. ”Since ten years ago, our century thirteenth, marks the start of the Carnival, told the teenager.” ”But we are in 2015! Exclaimed the girl.” ”You might be kidding me. Venice was always famous in the actual era, the medieval one, for its lavish proms and full of charm, with princesses and ducheses of a rare beautiful.” But the most wonderfull was doge’s daughter. When she turned sixteen, the doge thinked that she may can come for the first time at the prom. He ordered her a delicate lace dress and a wonderfull hat from Paris And there came the expected day. When the duke’s daughter entered in the dance hall, everyone was speechless by her beauty. Princes, Dukes, they all wanted to dance with her. Then all the women present at the ceremony got really angry. All of them get whiten besides Rosina’s beauty, the Duke’s girl. But the most thing that hurt them was that they had not dance.

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