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1. Who You Are - Jessie J

Who You Are - Jessie J

EXPLANATION AS TO WHY I'M UPLOADING THIS. (This is NOT a cover and NOT a remix either) I am in no way, claiming this song as my own. On Youtube, I have found that all of the versions are either really badly recorded, are of poor quality or even been edited too much, so I have polished this into a decent sounding song for YOUR use. Have fun listening to her amazing talent!

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6. Who You Are Cover :')

Who You Are Cover :')

This is what I get upto when I'm sick :)

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7. Halo - rianamarie

Halo - rianamarie

this was made purely from excitement; i hope it's not too bad. using an iphone 'microphone' + a free program :) they're both me, it's just harmonizing and double sync :3

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8. A Team Cover (:

A Team Cover (:

a one take cover ! thought i'd do something a little different. surpriseeeeeeee (:

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9. Lucky Duet :3

Lucky Duet :3

It's really rough, and by far not the best but lucky is exactly what i feel about it :') Something a little different this time, a cute cover with Gabriel! Lucky - originally by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat.

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