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1. J-Flo-22MAY16-LeavinLasVegas Mix-59m

J-Flo-22MAY16-LeavinLasVegas Mix-59m

Non-stop workout mix

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2. Vidi 2014 - 08 - 23 22 - 12 - 59m

  • Published: 2014-11-05T11:53:06Z
  • By Igor Neb
Vidi 2014 - 08 - 23 22 - 12 - 59m

Concert audio sample

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4. PROGRAMA SENTIDO SUR 19 - 12 - 15 (59m)

PROGRAMA SENTIDO SUR 19 - 12 - 15 (59m)

Escucha aquí!

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6. 2018 - 03 - 30 22h:59m:56s SALSA EN CALIENTE 2018 CON EL CORAZÓN

2018 - 03 - 30 22h:59m:56s SALSA EN CALIENTE 2018 CON EL CORAZÓN

Cuando me lo dijeron lo tomé en serio! La Salsa se escucha se escucha y se siente con el corazón!!!!

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7. Ph3nØm_Stronger And Improved

  • Published: 2018-05-21T19:47:26Z
  • By Ph3nØm
Ph3nØm_Stronger And Improved

Mixed and Recorded at Balneário Camboriú - Santa Catarina - Brazil Date: 21/05/2018 124 to 138 BPM Lenght: 59m'05" >>>Here Go Again! Stronger and Improved

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8. Die Betreuer - Hai in den Mai Festival 2018

Die Betreuer - Hai in den Mai Festival 2018

Hallo ! Grob haben wir 3 Musikgenre abgefeiert... 1. Orange 0m - 16m 2. Electro Swing - 39m 3. diversen Techno, Progressive House, Deep House... - 2h 59m Last Track. Rainer von Vielen - Tanz deine Revolution Wir wünschen allen viel Vergnügen auf der musikalischen Reise. Eine wunderschöne Zeit war es mit Euch im Club :) :)

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9. Nonstop - Thỏa Sức Bay Lắc - Sự Kết Hợp Hoàn Hảo - DJ Phú Quý FT DJ Lương Tôm Mix

Nonstop - Thỏa Sức Bay Lắc - Sự Kết Hợp Hoàn Hảo - DJ Phú Quý FT DJ Lương Tôm Mix

Bit rate 320kb Size 136MB Duration 59m 40s ---DJ Phú Quý--- 1: Secret 2: Glad you came 3: I like to move 4: Beautiful Day 5: Super Star 6: I like It ---DJ Lương Tôm--- 7: Timber 8: Wanna See You Dance 9: Stereo Love 10: Taking Back My Love 11: Pina Colada Boy 12: Thu Cuối ---Chúc Các Bạn Nghe Nhạc Vui Vẻ---

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10. Red Velvet - 나쁜 소년 (8654RMX)

Red Velvet - 나쁜 소년 (8654RMX)

PEACE! What is up, my people?! Long time, no release.. First off, let me apologize yet again for my absence. Almost seems these releases are getting further & further apart, huh? My bad. Life’s got me spread thin these days, but as said by the great philosophizer Christopher Wallace himself, ‘believe me sweetie, I got enough to feed the needy..’ haha.. So yeauh, I’m aware of the timing, and I sincerely am sorry, friends. Because of your patience, and because I have a lot of making up to do, I’m bringin’ a couple tracks back-to-back, no less than a week apart, starting with K-Pop sensation, Red Velvet’s “나쁜 소년” (“Bad Boy”). Now, for those that’ve been with me for a while know I’m no stranger to K-Pop. I’m actually very much into the genre, and it’s probably obvious at this point. Also, oddly enough, this is the second Korean song I’ve messed with titled “Bad Boy”, which’ll probably make things confusing in the future, but that’s cool. However, those are the only connections between the two songs- outside of which, they couldn’t be anymore different. The original record is performed by a girl-group (5 members), based in Seoul, named 레드벨벳 (Red Velvet). This song in particular is the single off their latest album “The Perfect Red Velvet”, which is actually a re-packaged release of their previous album “Perfect Velvet”. They’ve been #1 on the Billboard World Charts a few times, and the music video to this single has reached over 59M views since it’s release on 1/29. Needless to say, these girls are the definition of BiG TiME, even by the American pop standard. They have every element of what pop stars are made of. Don’t believe me, see for yourself: From when I was younger, and even currently, music from different parts of the world intrigued me. My logic was, and still is, the world is too vast for good music to only exist in English- let alone American English. ‘Cause even then, we were being fed so much garbage through the radio, the songs that were “less garbage” were more or less considered “hits”. My classmates like to think that our era (‘90s-2000s) was the greatest era for Hip-Hop, but on the contrary, that time is literally the father of the trash (my opinion) we hear today. On the other hand, there are GREATS/LEGENDS that stood out amongst the lesser, of course. Though, that fact carries through- probably as far back as Jazz goes (don’t quote me). It is as they say though, and I’m paraphrasing here, but you know a tree is good by the fruit that it bares. This is my own humble opinion, the ‘90s-2000s’ tree was more a bad tree than good. Not to say that there are no good fruit, of course. There are definitely exceptions to this rule, like any other. Let’s just not overlook too much of the trash, I guess is all I’m sayin’. But yeauh, I think having an open mind to all kinds of music really developed my palette. Setting aside that most (if not, ALL) modern day music is heavily influenced by American culture- more specifically, African-American culture. It’s a wonderful thing to hear musicians from different backgrounds provide their own take on the art form. It’s even more fascinating that the internet enables us to take it all in at the rate we do. I’ve gone on quite a bit, as I typically do. If you’ve made it this far, you’re the reason I write these captions. But please, don’t buy too much into what I write, as I tend to rant and say things that may or may not be of much substance- though I try. Really, I should just write a book- and I probably could with all these captions, but I’ll look into that later. What I need to do is make more music at a faster rate, huh? I think I’ve found just the thing, but I’ll reveal that next week, with the release of “Done” featuring my dude Sefa M. In the mean time, I’ll go ahead and leave it at that. My best regards, friends & fam. MORE TiNGS comin’ soon- TRUST & BELiEVE.

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11. Foxy Summer Mix

Foxy Summer Mix

59m 48s | 128 kbps | June 2010 | 54,8 MB | Mixed by Henri Matisse Tracklist: Intro 1. Willbefine - Basti Grub 2. Beachball (Joris Voorn Remix) - Nalin & Kane 3. Poupea (Emerson Todd remix) - Mendo, Danny Serrano 4. Tarantula - Pleasurekraft 5. Didschn - Super Flu 6. Funkest Star (Marshall Remix) - NDKj 7. No Worries - Butch 8. Burundi - Stefano Noferini 9. Aguju - Kaiserdisco 10.Addictive - Nick & Danny Chatelain 11.Beach Kisses (Joris Voorn Remix) - Dosem

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12. Episode 3 - Go Home, Mr.Church on the USS Shark

Episode 3 - Go Home, Mr.Church on the USS Shark

The boys discuss Religion and Race! Sort of.... Frights, water terrors and Raw talent are viewed. -Join Us- trailer 1 - 7m:40sec trailer 2- 25m:45sec Trailer 3- 59m:40sec Trailer 4- 1hr 16min

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13. Kiff ein und chill

Kiff ein und chill

Link: Propiedades* Tempo de duração: 59M:49S Batidas por minuto: 122bpm Tipo: deep/tech-house/minimal/prog/e etc... Indicações: O uso é indicado para pessoas que queiram abrir a mente, relaxar, fazer amor com a namorada, acordar devagar pro trabalho, beber umas com os amigos antes de enfiar o pé na cachaça, fXxXx mXxXXxX, e outros... Modo de Usar: Som ambiente em situações sociais e Som alto em caso de aprofundamento ou reflexão. Contra indicações: Portadores de sentimentos relacionados a: Fritação, chacotagem, ET, nave da xuxa, babas, e etc...podem ser gravemente afetado pela sonoridade, levando em estágios avançados a loucura temporária. Efeitos colaterais: Ansia de movimentação pelvicular, cabeça leve, empulso aos vicíos (como beber, fumar e etc). Overdose: Não existe overdose comprovada. Criticas e sugestões serão bem-vindas! Agradecimentos a Felipe "Gominho" inspirador deste produto e auxilio na escolha do repertorio.

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14. Episode 1-3 (Student Life Abroad)

Episode 1-3 (Student Life Abroad)

رادیو شب شد با ارژنگ مهمان های این برنامه : نازنین و پدر و مادر همراه با قسمت اول مصاحبه با خواننده و آهنگساز راک هومن اژدری Interview w Hooman Ajdari at 00h:05m:45s & 00h:33m:05s Appetizer at 00h:15m:19s Last episode’s contest results: 00h:25m:52s This episode’s song contest: 00h:59m:40s Daregooshihaa at 00h:46m:18s

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15. Episode 78 - Seoirse & Gerald have a pint with Seaniebee

Episode 78 - Seoirse & Gerald have a pint with Seaniebee

Seaniebee’s father has been one of Ireland’s pre-eminent ventriloquists for the past six decades. On the occasion of his 82nd birthday, Seoirse (George Boyle) joins the pod with his sidekick Gerald to share their adventure stories down the years. We discuss what it was like growing up in Dublin during the War and how his love for ventriloquism bloomed, as he made his fist dummies from papier-mâché and daub. Seoirse and Gerald represented Ireland and reached the final on The Original Gong Show with Ted Mack, and were the opening act when Ireland’s TV station RTE launched in 1961. George dovetailed his ventriloquism with a successful career in engineering and shares his wisdom on the current state of the world and ideas on how we might get back on course. Oh, and we mostly discuss how amazing it must feel to have fathered Seaniebee! A Pint With Seaniebee Audible Feast’s list of Best Podcast Series of 2017: Top 12 Best New Podcast Series of 2016: 50 Best Podcast Episodes list 2017: 50 Best Podcast Episodes list 2016: Release date: March 1st 2018 Runtime: 59m Recorded: Dublin

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Stop... hammertime!! ▲▲▲▲ OBEY THE PYRAMID ▲▲▲▲ 00m : DiskJokke - Flott Flyt // Full Pupp 07m : Green Velvet - Bigger Than Prince // Circus Recordings 12m : Kris Menace ft Chelonis R Jones - Voodoo Dilate (Spirit Catcher Remix) // Compuphonic 17m : Ninetoes - Finder (Kraver Remix) // Kling Klong 22m : Ali Love ft Kali - Emperor (Maceo Plex Disco Remix) // Crosstown Rebels 28m : Mirror People - Kaleidoscope (Psychemagik Remix) // Discotexas 33m : Kaos ft Snax – Feel Like I Feel (Glimmers Balearic House Dub) // Studio !K7 40m : James Zabiela - The Healing (Zabielas 85 Remix) // Born Electric 44m : Kerri Chandler - Bar A Thym (Supernova Remix) // King Street Sounds 50m : Kim Carnes - Bette Davis Eyes (Cau Lopez Edit) 54m : Purple Disco Machine - My House // Off Recordings 59m : Walker & Royce - Connected // Off Recordings 64m : Einmusik - Pate Mo Tou Vae // Einmusika Recordings 71m : Steve Silk Hurley - Jack Your Body (Doorly Club Rub) // Toolroom Records 77m : Edu Imbernon & Triumph ft Sutja Gutierrez – Mystery Inside (Oliver Koletzki Remix) // Stil Vor Talent 83m : Majestique - Must Get There // Eskimo Recordings 87m : Monte - True // JEUDI Records 92m : Rachel Row - Follow The Step (FCL's Gentil Mix) // Defected 99m : Bryan Ferry - Don't Stop The Dance (Special 12" Remix SOS edit)

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17. Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive

:: Lumumba . Sing with the Birds (US, 1974) :: 5m 35s . Cakedog ‎. Ow (US, 2014) :: 7m 30s . Mr. Len w/ Juggaknots . This Morning (US, 1999) :: 11m 5s . Rhonda Clark . State of Attraction (US, 1989) :: 14m 40s . Dj Sacred . It's Tha Bump (US, 2015) :: 16m 45s . Kelman Duran . 1984, Primero, Ultimo (US, 2017) :: 22m 10s . Ed Lincoln . Eu Não Vou Mais (Brasil, 1966) :: 25m 25s . Susan Cadogan . Do it Baby (Jamaica, 1975) :: 28m 30s . Ken Boothe . Sandie (Jamaica, 1974) :: 31m 40s . Ti Celeste . Population Basse-Terrienne aux Abois (Guadeloupe, 1976) :: 36m 05s . Kelman Duran . 6 De La Mañana (US, 2017) :: 40m 15s . Connie Francis . Siboney (US, 1960) :: 43m 0s . Doris . You Never Come Closer (Sweden, 1970) :: 47m 0s . Slim Ali & The Hodi Boys . Gimme Something Love (Kenya, 1977) :: 51m 10s . Peter Abdul . Don't You Know? (Nigeria, 1984) :: 54m 40s . Fyah Flames . What Would You Say About Me (US, 2013) :: 59m 29s . Cresa Watson . Dead (US, 1969) performed live @ Standards, Milano . 16/12/17

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18. ▶THE MEMoRiES! (250618)

▶THE MEMoRiES! (250618)

⭐ Dj Set/Mix ⭐ °•°•°~°•🔹️•°~°•°•° 🔴RECORDED: 25th June 18 📤UPLOADED: 25th June 18 (Soundcloud) 🕑LENGTH: 59m 33s ▶PLAYS: 193 (on 17/10/18) 🎵GENRE: Harddance Hardcore Happy Hardcore Remixes Vocal UK 🎵ARTIST: Dj SyLambert 🎵TITLE: THE MEMoRiES!          🎤Mixed & Recorded® LiVE on🎤              📱Galaxy S6 Mobile Phone📱 📌NOTES: ⿻ 🌟PLEASE DO SHARE IF YOU LISTEN & LIKE ❤ 🌟Thanks!         🎈🎈 Hope you Enjoy! 😉🎉   🎵TRACK LIST🎵 °•°•°~°•🔹️•°~°•°•°♦°•°•°~°•🔹️•°~°•°•° 01: 7 Years (Outforce & Starkiss Remix) ➥ Lukas Graham 02: Sheltered In The Air (Olly P Mashup) ➥ Al Storm, JTS & Technikore vs TV Rock & Rudy 03: Facebook Mum ➥ Auscore ft. Mc Age-O 04: Eye Opener (Insight Remix) ➥ Brisk & Trixxy 05: Outta My Head (Olly P Remix) ➥ Darren Styles & Manian 06: Shooting Star (Falcore Remix) ➥ Bang! 07: Guitar Hero vs Through The Darkness (Technikore Remix) ➥ Dougal & Gammer 08: If I Were You (Al Storm Remix) ➥ Candiee Jay 09: Pretty Green Eyes (Hoodzie Remix) ➥ Ultrabeat 10: Can't Get Over (Sy & Al Storm Remix) ➥ September 11: Flashlight ➥ Rob IYF & Nobody ft. Roxie 12: What Do You Want (IYF Remx) ➥ Cascada 13: Stereo Love (Olly P Hardcore Remix) ➥ Edward Maya & Vika Jigulna 14: Party Rock Anthem (JTS Bootleg) ➥ LMFAO 15: Raindrops ➥ Inverse & Evolution °•°•°~°•🔹️•°~°•°•°♦°•°•°~°•🔹️•°~°•°•° 🎵PLAY LINK: ▶️ ⚠️ FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: 📲    🚫 Currently Unavailable 🚫

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19. radiO+ Episode 32: NEW MUSIC FROM OLD FRIENDS 2016 [PART 2]

radiO+ Episode 32: NEW MUSIC FROM OLD FRIENDS 2016 [PART 2]

radiO+ (pronounced "radiopositive") is the official radio show of the O+ Festival. The purpose of radiO+ is to promote the O+ Festival through interviews and music from O+ participants past and present. This is the thirty-second episode of radiO+. radiO+ is broadcast on All Over The Place Internet Radio. Hosted and produced by Rob Galgano. This episode features the music of bands and musicians that have taken part in past O+ Festivals and have released new music. Released 4 October 2016. Duration: 59m 15s. (00:00) Introduction (00:52) AND THE KIDS "Kick rocks" (03:15) AND THE KIDS interview (05:02) BURNELL PINES "Blue skies shelter me" (09:08) THE SWEET CLEMENTINES "You don't have to go to Brooklyn" (13:27) ELIJAH "The great northern" (17:25) YOUNG MAGIC "Default memory" (22:00) THE GOLD HOPE DUO "Tough lover" (live) (24:13) THE BONES OF J.R. JONES "Bless your soul" (27:36) JONATHON LINABERRY interview [THE BONES OF J.R. JONES] (31:06) BELLA'S BARTOK "Ramona" (35:07) STELLAR YOUNG "Love is free" (39:05) STELLAR YOUNG interview (44:26) STELLAR YOUNG "Keep up" (live) (49:57) IT'S NOT NIGHT: IT'S SPACE "Across the luster of the desert into the polychrome hills" (57:34) Outroduction WEBSITES: O+ FESTIVAL: ALL OVER THE PLACE INTERNET RADIO: O+ FESTIVAL FACEBOOK: RADIO+ FACEBOOK: AOTP FACEBOOK: AND THE KIDS: BURNELL PINES: THE SWEET CLEMENTINES: ELIJAH: YOUNG MAGIC: THE GOLD HOPE DUO: THE BONES OF J.R. JONES: BELLA'S BARTOK: STELLAR YOUNG: IT'S NOT NIGHT: IT'S SPACE:

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