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1. Lovesick (1k)

  • Published: 2014-11-17T03:13:09Z
  • By Origamik
Lovesick (1k)

Something i cooked up at 3am on a sunday. :) [best heard through headphones]

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2. STAY (1K)


nothing at of , which is

3. FOrEveR 1k

  • Published: 2017-09-10T20:49:37Z
  • By Capo1k
FOrEveR 1k

Follow all my social media Twitter: @Capo1k__ Snapchat: @tallernutz

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4. love [1K]

  • Published: 2015-09-14T01:00:30Z
  • By ntourage
love [1K]

salute! Download for free on The Artist Union

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5. Everything 1k

Everything 1k

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6. Everything 1K

Everything 1K

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7. visão. [1k]

  • Published: 2017-03-01T09:36:03Z
  • By .enzo
visão. [1k]

visão & iniciativa - foto pela: - só, obrigado em breve tem coisa nova ♥ Download for free on The Artist Union

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8. Spirale (1k)

Spirale (1k)

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9. Aurora. [1K]

  • Published: 2016-08-19T15:42:59Z
  • By Synthonix
Aurora. [1K]

4 digits. I fucking hit 4 digits. It feels fucking surreal... /// At the start of 2014, I didn't exactly make a promise to anyone, but I wanted to hit 100 followers so badly. I wanted the attention so i could make friends with people, rather than having anyone notice my music. Over time, I noticed that I was making loads more friends and before I knew it I was mashing up a bunch of presets together to whip up a 200 track. I've also been trying to catch alex since we were at around 200, with us maintaining a constant 40-60 follower gap, giving me a clear goal whilst allowing me to have a shitload of fun on here. But now i'm at 1k and i'm still in shock. All of my prese- i mean effort paid off and a milestone that was utterly unimaginable to me back in 2014 has been hit. I love you guys. You give me a reason to wake up looking forward to my day. /// hvd, I understand everything you have told me and what you were trying to achieve. I don't know if you will see this message but I just want to apologise for what i did. Not talking back to you, but simply taking what you told me too lightly and allowing people to give you shit for that, I'm sorry dude. /// Some of you may notice that I haven't made anything for my 900. I do indeed have a couple of drafts ready but I will publish them later along with some other failed drafts in an album like lux did or something idk xD /// by the way feel free to remix the shit outta this fucking ass napkin (simon remix this u fucc) /// On a lighter note, Enjoy that last chord, as usual /// I love you guys

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10. Bharris - 1k

Bharris - 1k

nothing at of , which is

11. Intention (1k)

  • Published: 2016-08-26T16:19:34Z
  • By Himmel
Intention (1k)

Thanks for 1k

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13. glow [1k]

glow [1k]

s/o to the ppl who feel me on the regular sp404

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14. Everything 1k

  • Published: 2017-07-22T23:34:57Z
  • By Heady Boi
Everything 1k

This goes out to Everyone who has been so supportive by Liking/Reposting/Following my soundcloud!!! PLS CONTINUE TO DO SO! This release is to show thanks for helping me reach a milestone of 1,000 followers on here! Please Enjoy this all new, original Heady Boi Sound! Stay tuned for more coming soon!!! #Everything1K THANK YOU ALL :)

nothing at of , which is

15. Poema 1K

Poema 1K

Baixo, guitarra, piano/teclado, bateria, dois percussionistas, violino, tenor e trombone : meu ideal de banda faz tempo.

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16. famous [1k]

famous [1k]

thank you all for 1k! holy crap it feels unreal. i literally didn't think i would ever get here but i did. thank you for all of you that listen to my tracks and you all mean so much to me

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17. FnsZxp 1k

FnsZxp 1k

nothing at of , which is

18. SkeezoMaf - 1K

SkeezoMaf - 1K

nothing at of , which is

19. ??? (prod. 1K)

??? (prod. 1K)

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20. Sumnlikethis [1k]

  • Published: 2018-07-13T19:46:46Z
  • By jrd.
Sumnlikethis [1k]

Thanks for 1k yall

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