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1. 035 - Flabbergast - The R.O.T.N. Podcast ROTN

035 - Flabbergast - The R.O.T.N. Podcast ROTN

Alan Rickman, Galaxy Quest, Die Hard, CBGB, Cheetah Chrome, Lou Reed, Legs McNeil, Cry Havoc, Star Trek 6, Dogs of War, Love Actually, Walking Dead, Dogma, Chaos Comics, G.I. Joe, Alpine, Avalanche, Stalker 2, Iceberg Goes South, Art Ops, Mike Allred, Last Gang in Town, Punk, British, Black Canary, Deadly Class #18, The Beauty #6, Ghostbusters International #1, Dark Gem, IDW, Sophie Campbell, Darth Merangue, Darth Brooks, Dustin Diamond, Making the Band, Mythbusters, Face-Off, Suck Lord, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Faith #1, the Blob, Big Bertha, Inceptor #2, Vamp Blade #1, Zombie Tramp, X-Files, Talk Soup, Lifeline, Roadblock, Bazooka, Outback, Snow Job, Ice Pirates, Sound Wave, Brian Wood, MST3K, Jonah Ray, #whereisrey, Bloodshot, Foil Covers, Ray Palmer, The Flash, Mirror Master, Heatwave, Bill Hader, Lords of Light, Meltdown Comics, Pink Flamingoes, John Waters, Female Troubles, Hairspray, Polyester, Tracy Morgan, Bruce Willis, Death Becomes Her, Moonlighting, Zelda

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